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​Alexandria Tanaka

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Alexandria= Al-ex-ann-dree-ah

Tanaka= Tah-nah-kah

Name Origin Edit

Being a history teacher, Alex's mother thought it would be precious to have a daughter named after the city in Egypt,Alexandria, founded by Alexander The Great.

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  • Blond, long, wavy hair
  • Green Eyes
  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 132

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Energy Within

Zodiac Edit

Taurus - 148809 blonde hair hitoto hoshii miki idolmaster sleeping


  • Dependable
  • Persistent
  • Loyal
  • Patient
  • Generous


  • Stubborn
  • Laziness
  • Possessive
  • Materialistic
  • Self-indulging

Personal Characteristics Edit

Birth Date: May 20th, 2019

Birth Place: Japan

Reputation: "The Bitch"

Fighting Style Edit

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Signature attack:


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Desired Voice Actor:

Inspiration: Hoshii Miki from IdolMaster and Bo from Lost Girl

Physiology Edit

At the age of 6, Alex lived in a small cottage with her mother and father.  

Painter ori succubus98


She has the power to absorb the life force (the "chi") of humans and mutants by drawing it out through their mouths. She feeds from chi intake; and heals from the absorption of chi and from the energy that flows throughout the person. Just like any other hunger, she can not feed more than two times a day or she will get sick or possibly die from the energy intake. She does not have to feed each day, as well. Every week she must feed at least once or she will wither away and die. After feeding, her eyes flash a deep yellow. Without having control over her power, she can leave a human comatose or dead.


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Prefight : You really do have a death wish, don't you?

Post fight: Thanks for dinner, it was a blast.

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