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\“BEEP!BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” Crimson red eyes shot open, all be with with a groggy haze to them that seemed to become more common as the days went on. The boy brought his hand to his forhead covering his eyes and listnening to the alarm clock ring for a second. Exhaling heavily through his mouth in frustration as he uncovered his eyes and looked out of the window the sun beginning to rise. The time. His eyes shot to the clock and met it with a glare. “7:00 A.M.” He murmured to himself. He’d sit up, his black hair shaggy by all means of the word, as one of his eyes was more open than the other showing he stil wasn’t anywhere close to the word “awake” than a sloth would be. He’d inhale loudly and long as if all were around to hear him before exhaling it in a yawn, stretching his toned arms over his head and tilting his head as he did it, strechiing his neck to both sides, left and right, before turning his body and letting his feet flop the floor. The music from the alarm clock blared,and became his morning anthem. It was always different. Some different artist that didn’t even exsist in this time period anymore, hell artist that weren’t even japanese. He didn’t really like japanese music, for some reason it contained less feeling to him. the boy would stand up, stretching his arms above his head one more time before placing them on his hips. He was nude of course in his own personal dorm. He stood there, his member standing strong as the “morning wood” was prominent with this one. He’d look around at the exisistence that was his room. one bed, one dresser, a computer desk with an all in on desk top, that had a picture of a pornstar as his back ground, his favorite of course, a few posters of power rangers and saint seiya on his walls. The boy now to be known as Connor Ryoji would belch loudly while making his way over to his dresser, by which he’d grab a pair of Looney Toons boxers, littered with images of Wile E Cyote chasing after the Road Runner, and a white white wife beater. A pair of ankle socks, and his comb, in which he’d push the drawer closed with his shoulder and head to the shower. Wasting no time, he’d begin using one hand to comb his hair back, and the other hand to brush his teeth, while letting the water cascade over his body. He left the bathroom door ope not to scuff my floor. Pft. Fucking with the wrong one.” Connor would stuff his wallet into his suit and beign making his way out. ( ) Connor walked down the seemingly endless -c- to unlock the door. Students weren’t required to be there until 9, but as the janitor he had to get there early to make sure it was spic and span for the rest of the people in his age range. Sure he got shit for being a drop out and working at the place he’d left, but the principal was the one who even offered the job to connor in the first place. He needed the money so he could send it back to his mom and make her life less of a hell working in that damned steel mill. The thought of that place made Connor want to spit on the ground, but he knew here he’d have to immediately clean it up. he strutted iniside whistling a tune (the song playing) and making his way to the janitorial office. Not closet; office. A school this big required high power cleaning equipment. As such Connor quickly went to his favorite, the mop, wax, and dry machine as he called it. it had a complicated name,hell he’d read the instruction manual more times than he can count, but after a while he just kind of got the controls on his own time. It did exactly as it said moped, waxed, and dried the floors,but more so in an order that wouldn’t contradict the properties of what it did. Connor would drive the riding mower sized contraption through the hallways of Shiretsuna Academy. Bobbing his head back and forth the beat of his own tune, he’d have cleared every single hallway of the place in about an hour, putting it at about 8 o clock on the dot. He’d drive his machine back down the hallway and towards his office, swooping and whopping that bitch right in the same spot that it was in previously. Cutting it off, and taking the keys out he’d hop out and step down, clapping his hand together and sighing. “Job well done old Ryo.” He’d pat the machine and smile. “Good job old Bessie. You did good girl. See you same time tomorrow.” Connor would then grab what looked like a back pack leaf blower, but was actually a portable vaccum cleaner designed to clean dust, and shred up trashy materials, even pennies, and have them recycled. Strange as it was connor gave somewhat of a shit about the environment even though he’d never out right let that be known. Making his next rounds around the place, he’d begin sucking up dust and trash from the hallways curtousy of irresponsible teenagers not much older than himself who think the place is their trashcan. Connor never cared,as the principle was pretty advent about punishing people…As Connor made his round towards the estern part of the school it was around this section weired noises were reported to be advent. Connor usually just plugged his G-pod headphones in and completely ignored it. it creeped him the hell out when he’d first gotten here,but after having to be here for hours of the night and day, he kind of just gotten used to it.Hell sometimes he’d talk and whatever the hell was here seemed to be an advent listener if it was listening. It could’ve just said “fuck this guy’ and made it’s mary way. Something struck Connor as odd this morning though….and it was a reoccurring thing. The occasional moaning he’d heard today was louder…than normal. ( ) the wailing over the summer only seemed to get louder each time. Connor took notice ,but again he’d never been harmfully appproahced so he learned to tune it out…but today it sounded more ominous. More desperate…for attention. “Hmm….” Connor thought.. he’d turn off his device and hug a wall with his back. “Maybe it’s the day this thing finally mans up and approaches me…I wish it would.” Connor whispered to himself, he was scared but to damn stuborn to be cautious abouthis actions. He’d hug the wall and make his way over…hearing the wailing get louder and louder….keeping his steps as silent as he could…the wailing was right around the corner leading to the next hallway. “I’ve got you…preemptive strike…if make the first move I’ll have the advatange!”Connor thought, and with that he’d squat down. The wailing got louder, and LOUDER! Connor then realized it was coming for HIM!’ Connor’s eyes widened as the fear finally manifested itself! However being as stubborn as he was his fear turned into -c- bravery as he’d dart around the corner yelling out and screaming “BRING IT ON BITCH!” with a loud and thunderous “HUWAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Connor came from around the corner with a jump kick! His foot collided!....with an idiot. A fleshy idiot….with a now broken nose. “GHAK!” the student gurgled as his body tumbled back flat on his back. Connor landed with a squat and a raised brow. He’d tap his foot and fold his arms looking at the kid. He couldn’t have been any older than Connor what so ever. With his tight black shirt and skinny jeans, and fucking wallet chain…and pink backpack. These are the same guys who “brought real rap back.” (stop music if it hasn’t ended.) “You fucking!” the student stuttred and held his gushing nose. “Moron!”Connor would suck his teeth. “You call me a moron yet hear you are impersonating ghost. Get bent you little prick.” 2 more guys would come out and help their friend up all dressed in casual wear. Connor would shake his head and pull out a notepad. “Give me your names, I’m reporting all of you for being on school grounds and trespassing before the doors open. and for fucking up my floor, I LTIEALLY cleaned this shit an hour ago!” One of the other two guys spoke up and snarled. “Kick rocks you fucking dropout!” “Yeah why don’t you clean thisup!” one of the two new kids would snort and hack a lugi right onto Connor’s floor. Connor stared at it, and sucked on his bottom lip for a second before bitting it. the three guys would laugh but begin taking steps back. “hahaha fuck you guy!”the busted nose kid spoke through his hand which muffled his speech. Connor would’ve taken off his vaccum device and sat it on the floor. He’d stand up flicking his nose with his thumb, which is a sign that he’s about get hype. “Run.” “Eh?” all three of the kids spoke in unison. “I said….Run.” ( ) Connor would’ve darted forward, kicking off of the ball of his left foot and gripping the kid on the right by the throat! A fierce grip placed on It with his right hand as he’d rear the boys head back and slam it face first into the brick wall! Connor then began to wail, using his right fist to throw a series of shovel hook punches right into the boy’s gastic! Each hit a muffled “WHACK WHACK WHACK” he actualy manged to get a good 10 punches in, before the other kid would’ve gripped Connor’s punching arm and decked him right in the jaw, in the same spot he’d had the bruise! Connor took this punch,sucking on his lip, and he’d lunge his head forward, opening his mouth to bite a chunk of flesh from the top of the kid’s head and some hair along with it. ‘GAAAAH WHAT THE FUCK!” He’d curdle out stumbling backwards and holding his head, as blood made it’s way down and trickled down his cheek. Connor kept the flesh in his mouth, hair exiting his lips as he’d kept his grip on his first victims throat, and began to wail on his stomach again going back to his left handed shovel hook punches. Connor made it to twenty this time before the boy blew chunks on the floor, and Connor was interrupted again! the broken nose kid hoped a ride on connor’s back and began driving his elbow into the top of his skull! “fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Connor groane as he staggered around for a bit, feeling the dizziness kicking in! he’d growl before throwing his back against the brick, knocking the breath out of the broken nose kid and then gripping his legs only to then drop to his back side,making sure to do so while the kid hadn’t yet taken a breath in! the sound of gasping could be heard through the hall as connor would kick himself up to his feet only to see the puke boy come in and try to take his head off with a mop!...his FAVORITE mop so to speak! ( ) Connor’s body would dip back in a matrix like fashion, as the very strands of the mop brushed against his nose! Connor would shoot back up, gripping the mop handle with his left hand, and shooting his right hand up, with a chop towards the puke kids throat! His mouth gapped open instantly, and Connor took the chance, hopping up off of a push from his right foot and bringing his left hand to rear backwards and deilever a terribly hard super man punch right to puke boys mouth!Connor made DAMN sure to push his -c- two front teeth back top AND bottom! The kid fell to his back literally crying as Connor would toss the mop to the side and begin cracking his knuckles. “Done already? You’re just in time for the bonus round bitch! Who ever cleans this mess up with their tongues gets to KEEP their tonstles. Sound like a fucking PLAN?!” Connor raged but like life, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Or in this case when you forget about one of the guys,and they come up from behind you and uppercut you in the balls.

( ) as the fist collided with Connor’s crotch his eyes shot open and his mouth dropped. He coudlnt even utter so much as a word as busted nose kid had clock him good where the sun don’t shine. He fell forward, his face hitting the floor first, as his durability was the only thing keeping him from passing the fuck out. “get this asshole!” the three kids would then proceed to punch, stomp, and kick connor every where they could manage to get a hit in. they continued for a while, and Connor had to curl up, his balls hurt to bad to try and defend himself. Instead his efforts went to cuddling them for dear life. One of the kids looked at the clock and cursed under their breathe. “shit! It’s 8:50! Let’s get cleaned up and get to homeroom!’ “yeah!” “Yea!” the three punks ran off and left Connor on the floor groaing. He’d had some new bruises to add to his repertoire of the ones he’d already had. A nice shiner on his lower left cleft, and a bump atop his head. Connor would lay there for a moment, before gritting his teeth and groaning some more. “Yeah you….you better run…”his voice raspy and an octive higher. School wasn’t long til opening and there was vomit on the floor, a spot of blood on the wall and dignity. Dignity spilled all over the floor that came from connor’s being. Dignity that he may never recover for all of his days to come. He’d still be laying in that same spot while school began to open and come into session…messaging his testicles tenderly from outside his jumpsuit.

Harley Hawthrorn</u>

A loud obnoxious ringing noise came from across the room. Her phone buzzed and rang like crazy. Blue hair stuck out from under the covers, her eyes peered up from the blanket, and she tugged her blanket down slowly revealing her brightly violet eyes. There was a row of guns on a shelf above her plus sized blue bed. On the vanity across her it had different types of bullets for each of her guns. (You’d think there would be makeup..)

Jinx ver 2 by ayyasap-d7plnlt

Her room was a mess of clothes all over the floor and shoes. She smiled big and jumped out of bed in her striped booty shorts with a small tight black tank top. Her bare feet hit the wooden floor of her apartment. She scampered quickly to grab her phone. “Hello? Yessssss. This is indeed Harley! How may I be of assistance?” She giggled as she walked out her room her long blue hair that hit her ass as she walked she yawned softly. The man on the phone began yelling and screaming at her. She blinked her violet eyes with a big grin she glanced down at her black nails picking at them as she walked to the bathroom. Her roommate Cynthia was in the bathtub relaxing. As Harley just barged in without knocking Cynthia groaned. “Come on! I thought we talked about this Harls. KNOCK FIRST.” Cynthia complained. Harley stuck her tongue out at her as she kept the phone to her ear listening to the man yelling. Cynthia sighed and continued to relax in the tub full of bubbles. Harley made “mhms” everyone once in a while as she pulled out a tooth brush to brush her teeth. She looked up with toothpaste in her mouth smiling as toothpaste filled her mouth she laughed at herself now spitting it out. Finally she turned around to lean against the sink. “Ok, so you’re done right?” The man continued to yell. Harley laughed softly. “I’m gonna say you’re done. Anyways. I’ll see ya in a second boss no worries.” She hung up immediately and looked to Cynthia with a big cheesy grin. Cynthia looked up at her. Cynthia had short blonde hair and unlike Harley she had big breasts bit not very wide hips. She was tanner than Harley and she met her through their job which was at a weapons store down the block. “What did you do this time Harley..?” Cynthia asked. Cynthia was also 25 years old so she “looked after” Harley… to the best of her abilities at least. “Sooooo… I borrowed a bit of gun powder… for you know. Reasons.” Harley turned around and looked up at the mirror. Cynthia face palmed. “By borrow you mean steal? God you’re gonna lose this job so quickly if you don’t get your act together. You’re so lucky I’m fucking the boss otherwise he would have lost you long ago.” She sighed. Harley giggled and ran over to her. “So you’ll talk to him for me! Oh you’re the best!” She poked at Cynthia’s boob and kissed her cheek running off. “H-Hey I didn’t say tha—“And Harley placed a finger to her lips. “Shhhh… No tears just dreams now...” She whispered. Cynthia raised a brow at her as she was interrupted with a finger. Cynthia moved her finger out of the way of her lips. “Jeez Harley. I also have been meaning to talk to you. You really need to move out, I’m too old to have a roommate.” Harley pouted her lips. “Whaaat! You’re only like 33!” She said casually. Cynthia sighed a bit. “Listen Harls I—I’M 25 DO I REALLY LOOK 33?!... A-Anyways that’s not the point… There’s this school that I think you’d like. Ah.. some guy came to the door the other day asking for you and he mentioned that he needed you specifically. Not sure what it was… but they have dorms there and it’s not that expensive.” Cynthia offered her as she smiled big hoping she’d kept her guns in her room. Harley stared at her. “Will there be a place to put my guns?” Cynthia nodded hesitantly. “Alright! Sign me up!” Cynthia looked up at her in disbelief. “Really? Wow that was easy… that was… too easy… Oh god what did you do.” Cynthia realized Harley couldn’t be this understanding she must have done something. “How come whenever I actually agree to something you think I did some---!” Cynthia raised a brow. Harley grumbled. “Ok… I need 230$..” Cynthia almost jumped out the tub. “WHAT DID YOU DO!” Harley giggled. “ I stole gun powder from the shop.” Cynthia sunk into the tub water. “Go get my wallet... and take it.” Harley smiled widely and smushed her cheeks. “Thanks love ya!” She ran off to get Cynthia’s wallet. She began to think of the school. She never really went to a school… with other people. If she was to go to school what would she study? Guns of course… but that shouldn’t be it. Maybe she could find another gang that would accept her but Cynthia would kill her since she had JUST got her out of her recent gang. She shrugged her shoulders as she took Cynthia’s wallet and took 300$ out of it. Smiled at the big money she walked back into her room to get dressed. ::Flashback Over:: Cynthia looked over at Harley smiling as she drove her off to the school. Harley’s stuff sat in the back as Harley looked up at the school she smiled. This was the start of something new for a first… They parked and Harley giggled running to the back of the car and taking all three of her rolling bags out Cynthia took one of the three and walked up to building. Just on time they walked into the school. She checked her dorm room number again and finally as they got to the second floor she walked to dorm room #16 she opened the door with the key they had mailed to her apartment and swung the door open. The empty room was bright blue and Harley looooved it. Her violet eyes glowed in excitement. She turned to Cynthia and hugged her. “Visit me sometime!” Cynthia teared up a bit. “I will don’t you worry kid…” Harley waved to her as she left her stuff in the room and exited. “Time to decorate!” She giggled pulling out an AK-47 from her backpack and aiming it out the window smiling. Cynthia walked downstairs she looked up at a man smiling. “She’ll be ok with us here. Don’t you worry. You her sister?” Cynthia smiled up at the man in glasses. “Sort of like that… please if anything happens call me. Got it?” She threatened. He simply nodded. “You got it Miss.” Cynthia walked off.

Kage Anoki:

( )-Tweet, tweet, tweet,- Were the sounds that Kage awoke to he snapped up like a zombie rising from the grave his back hair matted and frizzed and crust around his blurry hazed eyes. He raised his thin but lean, ripped arm up to his face as he whipped his eyes trying to git rid of the crust and blur. When he finally did he rolled to his right and out of bed hitting the floor with a loud thud before getting up. He was wearing some black shorts, running shoes, and a grey t-shirt. He looked around his rustic room, first to his single dresser and upon it rested a pair of boxing gloves, a rope, hand wraps, and a mouth guard and to his left in the corner of the room about five feet away from his bed and to the left of the dresser was a heavy punching bag, to his right lay his knife on his desk, the whet stone still next to it as well as his stained and oily knife rag, light from the window directly above the desk it was on falling upon it. His desk was a mess as it always was a number of tools on it from pliers to power saws strewn about, as well as a number of oil and many other unexplainable stains embedded into the dark cherry wood that was his work desk. He looked out to the neighbor hood and the birds in the near by tree who were chirping their good morning to him. He smiled as he put his hands on his hips and basked in the sun warmth, he took in a large breath before yelling-"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" (stop bird song.)-with that the scenery seemed to have fallen silent. Kage yawned and stretch his arms as well as arching his back causing his body to pop as if a steam roller were driving across bubble wrap.( ) Kage then looked to the small clock above his door seeing that it read 4:95 he grinned and began his work out routine. He walked to his desk, his sky blue eyes glaring with joy as he grabbed his white hand wraps and wrapped up his hands. He assumed a near perfect boxing stance and started of with fifty jabs for each arm before dropping to the ground and doing a rapid set of 400 crunches, he would then get back up and do one hundred jabs for each arm. He then did a set of three hundred mountain climbers for each leg. He got back up seeing it was 5: 23. He was sweating lightly but he went out the door of his house and went for four sprints around the block and returning drenched in sweat he looked at the clock 6:13 and he worked on the heavy bag until 6:45.(stop music.) ( Completely drenched in sweat he stripped out of his clothes carrying them with him to the washer before turning on the shower making. He looked at himself in the mirror-"Man I look like shit."-He though. Before reaching in the cabinet for his purple tooth brush and lined its bristles with Colgate. He turned off the tap and hopped in the shower brushing his teeth first. He sucked on his teeth taking in the wonderful clean feeling before grabbing a rag and washing up. He switched to cold water and stood in it about six minutes before turning off the shower and stepping out of bath tub. He would then dry him self off throw the towel over his shoulder going into his room and putting on a red t-shirt and beige colored cargo pants. He sat down on his still unfixed bed and put on some back socks that came to mid calf and then some white running shoes. He stood up and combed his hair through and grabbed his goggles and put them on. After which he grabbed his knife and put it on his left side with in its sheath ready for the draw if it were needed as was the case sometimes with in New Nagoya. Kage then got a new pair of hand wraps while the others washed and wrapped his left hand while putting a glove on the other for style points. He walked back into the bath room taking a look in the mirror."That's more like it."-He said grinning though it was interrupted by a yawn. He went to the toilet and took a leak and zipped up his pants after shaking his junk of any droplets. He turned off the light in the bath room and then the light in his room.-DING.- The washing machine had completed the cleaning of his work out clothes and he went over to it as he grabbed his keys from the left wall and slipped them in his back pocket. He moved the clothes into the dryer and set it on before saying good bye to his house as he would not be back for a little, he ended up leaving his house around 7:45. To begin his commute to school which would take about an hour and a half.-</p>

Yumi Ikeda


Yumi sat silently in the backseat of the silver Bentley GT, relaxing against the soft Corinthian leather as a slender legs crosses over the other in an almost empiric way a ruler sits on their throne. Well-manicured nails painted the purest of whites tapped lightly against the car door, a knuckle pressed in to the tinted bullet proof window glass, aqua eyes almost glowing with how dark the back </p>

of the vehicle was, the girl staring seemingly at the scenery of nothing but trees on trees on the only road that led to the secluded academy. “Lady Yumi, your father is on the line.” The driver dressed in a pressed chauffeur suit would speak clearly and respectively to his employers’ only daughter, keeping his hands always on the wheel as his faded brown eyes travelled to the rearview mirror just to make sure he was heard. The girl, dressed in a traditional Chinese dress of green and golden silk that hugged her rather impressively grown form, would allow a small annoyed sigh escape glossed pink lips. She nodded in response and pressed her finger in to a touch screen platform on the side of the car, her father’s face appearing on the small t.v that came down from its closed position on the ceiling. “Good morning, Sir.” She greeted, brushing long locks of ruby colored hair from the frame of her porcelain face. The man had a clean shaved face, slick back brunette hair and an intimidating beard which he stroked while inspecting his daughter. “Yumi, you left before we could see you off, what is the meaning of this?” His voice was strong and held every bit of a dignified tone but Yumi was not impressed, not anymore as her gaze travels back to the window to catch a glimpse of the academy not too far off now. “I did not wish to bother you from your meeting, mother was sleeping still and I did not want to be late for my first day back. I am not a child anymore.” Her tone had grown a little defiant but the man merely brushed it off as the girl being strong willed and let out a strong ‘hmph’. “Very well. Do well on your studies, we will be receiving your progress reports as usual. I will see you on the next break.” Yumi nodded to this and bid her father farewell, hanging up the call and giving out another sigh. Truth be told she was happy to leave that place her parents called a home….a useless gigantic mansion with servants waiting on you hand and foot. She felt suffocated even with all the space with how heavily her father watched over her and made sure she did not falter in her studies. None of it mattered now though, she was free or atleast as free as one could be going to an academy where one is looked upon as a cold stone prissy bitch of a rich girl. No matter where she goes, she can not escape her title. Lady Yumi of the Ikeda family a high class family that comes from old money and they weren’t afraid to flaunt it but she was nothing like that….still, appearances must be kept. “We are here, M’lady.” The driver parks the car on the curve of the parking lot just outside the campus and steps out to retrieve her bags from the trunk. Yumi uncrosses thick legs covered in tight pantyhose leggings and brushes against the dress that reached just past her thighs, giving the floor of the luxury car a somewhat thoughtful expression. Spring break was over and now she was back to the academy, she could be with Alex again. She enjoyed the blondes company, she was….something refreshing. She didn’t care about Yumis title or background and she was fun to be around. It put a small smile on the girls face but it instantly faded when the door is open and the sunlight of the morning comes crawling in, exposing the redhead as she elegantly exits the car, black closed toe slippers crunching the dirt under them, dainty hands adjusting her dress once more. “I shall have someone take your luggage to your dorm room, M’lady. Please have a pleasant day in your classes.” She nods slowly to Jihiro, the driver and accepts the expensive Dior messenger bag that held her school supplies, knowing her bags would be taken to the dorm and she would be able to see Alex after her first class. Most of the students had already returned the day before but her parents insisted she stay for as long as possible though they never really saw much of her because of their busy schedule. She ignores the students already walking about the campus since they did the same to her….after staring at her for a good five minutes, talking amongst themselves about Mistress Dragon. She pays it no mind and makes her way in to the academy halls, planning on going to her homeroom class so that she could grab a seat and be the ever obedient student…..fuck that! When she knew Jihiro was gone she couldn’t help the sharp smirk curling full lips and laughed softly. “Fucking finally! Holy shit that was the most boring shit of my life!!” A girl raises a brow at her judgingly which cause Yumi to snap at her. “What bitch? Say something. Fucking say something, make my fucking morning….” The girl flinches and turns away, not one for confrontation and Yumi sighs, not meaning to take it out on the poor girl but not being able to be ones self really gets to her, her parents were a pill!! “Ugh…” Suddenly she hears a commotion and blinks, holding her bag closer as she turns the corner only to see the custodian get a pretty good beating. She’d seen the boy around before cleaning up the academy but the place was so huge it wasn’t very often. There was vomit, blood and Connor himself on the floor and her eye twitches at the pathetic display in front of her. It was still early but classes would be starting very soon, she did not have time to associate with his kind but at the thought she stops and frowns deeply at her own thoughts. Who was she, her mother?! She was better than this….making her way over, she kneels down and places a hand on the boys shoulder, shaking him softly. “Oi, suck it up and accept the ass whooping you just got.” That wasn’t exactly very lady like of her to say but the hell did she care? Of course she could relate, she knew what it felt like to be on the ground in defeat even after giving it the good fight. “Unless you wanna lose your job for being found like this??”


Milisa stared blankly at all of her stuff outside of what was once her dorm room, with a note attached to the door. Taking it off the entrance she read it softly to herself. ‘There is no fucking way I’m sleeping in the same room as you anymore freak! I pulled some strings because my parents are important people and got
you switched to some other losers dorm! Bye freak!!’ Hm it seemed as if she’d be moving this morning….she stares down at all of her items and doesn’t move. She’d returned this morning from the break only to find this happening and she doesn’t make much deal of it, playing with her purple hair and wondering where she was supposed to go now?? She turned the page only to see the number of her new room and nodded. “Ah.” Thank you roomie named Alicia even though you snored and stole money from Milisas wallet you were still rather interesting to observe and do experiments on….with a shrug, she picks up her suitcase, planning on dragging the furniture along with her once she found the actual room and it didn’t take all too long….the pale girl hummed softly, examining all the room numbers before finding dorm 16 on the second floor and blinking curiously, opening the door only to lock eyes with a blue haired gal and she nodded. “Hello.” Her voice was rather calming and a bit empty as if it had no real emotion. “I’m Milisa, your new living partner.” She’d never seen the girl around before but this school was rather huge so perhaps she was either new or they just never bumped into the other until now. She seemed nice enough and maybe she wouldn’t mind being experimented on either, stepping inside and placing her suitcase of clothes down on the empty side of the room. “I must retrieve my things from my old room. It will take some time as I was recently evicted for being too much of a party animal.” She said with the most straight and deadpan face that could possibly come from the monotone girl. “I will return shortly so we may further get to know one another.” The girl had long purple hair kept up in a high ponytail and deep blue hues that though was in the direction of the other girl wasn’t really LOOKING at her per say just around her as if her attention was on something else. She wore a black shit with a black skirt with white trimmings around it and black leggings, white sandals covering her feet.

She goes to turn around but stops and gazes back at the girl, shrugging her shoulders. “Unless you wish to help your new living partner this could go much quicker but it is up to you but I will not turn away a helpful hand….though by the time we get to my old dorm most of my things may have already been stolen by our fellow girl students. I don’t blame them of course, it is rather nice furniture…and they may be a bit spiteful.” She finally turns away and leaves the room to go and grab more of her things if there was really anything left to grab that is. She wasn’t joking, bitches were nasty around here after all but she did not let it bother her….she tried not to anyway. She’d spend a lot of her time at this academy, even with spring break she didn’t actually go home since her parents were traveling out of japan at the time she stayed with an undertaker at the local cemetery….and though that does sound strange a 17 year old spending the week with some really disgusting old dude who hung around dead people, the guy was actually really hot, he’d recently gotten the job and didn’t mind the girl staying with him for the time being so long as she ‘entertained’ him……by telling him stories, holy shit what did you think?!? Hah jk they fucked too but that was in the past and now that the break was over she returned to the academy and it seemed like nothing much changed, bitches were still bitches around here.</p>

Meanwhile, the room remained dark; a cigar burned at an ashtray, but no one was there to claim it. Beside it, remained a warm seat but no one in it. The darkness of the room came off as foul play, a throw off. Maybe someone was there, someone who simply didn’t want to be disturbed, perhaps ? Or maybe someone wasn’t there at all. Or , better yet, there stood a man on this world that felt more ease in the comfort of his darkness. That, was proven correct, as he remained at the base of his knees. His hands planted at the center of his pants, he was topless. Muscles shot out from each position on his body that seemed fit. His chin formed knuckles, his forehead a shield at his own defense. Before him stood a wall, that was raided of different screens. It outstretched the room, lights of different alternating colors . The students on the screen all stood in different colors. A great amount of them on the screen came off as red, but a good amount of them one out of every ten, were yellow. The man began to chuckle to himself;one by one they walked into a place of their own ignorance. Ignorance; that may soon wind up leading to their deaths. The red being the basic normal children, the yellow being the “ specials “. “ Children, my lovely Children. Return to your father, so I can make your presence be known. Soon, my children soon my children, The world will know the , our stars and the worlds beyond ours will know.. the true birth-of Gods..among men. “ He chuckled at his own insanity. retrieving his jacket which held a bobby pin stating, “ Principle Shiretsuna. “

Akiko Yano

( As the music blared through the radio, her bright blue eyes popped open. Lifting up her feet she swung and kicked the comforter off of her body. As she laid there she looked up at the ceiling, wide awake from the good night sleep that she had experienced. She was always an early bird so waking up for the first day back to school after the break was no problem for her. Lifting herself up into a seated position, she reached up to scratch her head. She enjoyed the first couple days of break but soon she became bored, wanting to have some form of schedule. Unlike her friend Alex, she needed order. Alex and Akiko were polar opposites but that must have explained why they attracted each other. Swinging her legs over the edge of her bed she wiggled her toes into the shag carpet that covered her floor. Standing up her pajama’s clung to her form; she practically skipped out of her room and into the bathroom across the hall. Looking at herself in the mirror she leaned towards the glass and smiled. Taking hold of her brush, she let the bristles comb through her hair. Being an efficient student, Akiko learned to take her showers at night, didn’t take up time in the morning then. Once her straight locks were brushed out she placed the brush back in its spot. “There we go.” She squeezed the tooth paste onto her tooth brush, lifting it to her mouth she made sure she spent two minutes on her teeth. Akiko had to admit, she had a bit of an obsessive compulsive personality but was it her fault that she needed everything to be perfect. It’s not like she needed to twist the door knob three times or turn off the lights four times, she just liked everything to have its own spot and be organized. Running back out of the bathroom and into her room, she spun and moved over to her closet, taking out a teal dress and a leather jacket, she placed both down onto the bed gently. Undressing, she took the time to pick out a pair of matching undergarments. Getting dressed, she slipped her feet into her favorite black flats. “And you’re ready Miss.Yano!” Prancing out of her room, she made her way to the next room beside her room. “Goood Morning” Her mother turned around, two plates were in her hands. “I made us some eggs and cut fruit.” Taking her seat at the table Akiko looked down at the delicious meal. “Thank you Mother, you sure do know how to spoil me.” Taking the time to enjoy her food, she was going to miss her mother’s home cooking, the academy’s food was good but nothing compared to her mother’s cooking. Finishing her meal she leaned back and held her stomach. “Delicious meal” Taking both of their plates, Akiko washed both of them and placed them in the drying rack. “Are you sure you want to drive me, Alex offered to stop by and pick me up?” Standing up, her mother placed her hands on her hips. “No, I am taking you back to the academy. I want to send my baby girl off to school, like I use to when you were younger, please give me this small desire.” Smiling at her mother, she nodded. Grabbing her bag from the bench by the door she was ready to leave home yet again. “Ready to go?” Walking outside together, they both got into their beat up car. It would be a long drive to the school, but it would give them the chance to talk.


( “DING, DING DING” A hand reaches out from

under the blanket, feeling around for the source of the sound. “GOD DAMMIT!” The creature emerges out from under the blanket, her blonde locks sits on top of her head in a rats nest. Glaring at the phone across the room she hissed. “Why did I listen to Akiko’s suggestion?” Her roommate and best friend had suggested that she place her phone on the other side of the room so that she would have to get out of bed to turn it off. Ripping the covers off of her naked body, she rolled herself out of bed. “DING DING DING” “I hear you!” Placing her bare feet on the hard wood floor, she stomped over to the dresser that held her phone. Swiping her finger across the screen, the blasted dinging finally subsided. Stretching her arms up into the sky she could hear the pitter patter of her parents moving around in the small cottage that they lived in. They had moved back into the house a year ago, with Alex’s abilities her parents decided to move away from the village so that their name was not trashed. Now that time had passed, the family missed their home and thought that it was time to come back. Rubbing the back of her neck, Alex looked down at the time; the phone displayed 7:30. “This is too fuckin early” Walking into the bathroom that was connected to her room. Her feet tingled as she stepped onto the cold ceramic tile floor, walking across the floor she leaned into the shower and turned on the water. Going to the sink she prepared her tooth brush and began brushing her teeth, going back to the shower she reached in to test the water. Once the water was hot enough for her she put down the tooth brush and entered the shower. Washing down her body, she ran her fingers through her hair, getting all of the knots out. Pressing her head down on the wall of the shower she groaned, the warmth of the water relaxing her muscles. She could use another week away from school, not like she really enjoyed it anyway. Stomping her feet she turned off the water, acting like an upset child she moved around her room, grabbing bits and pieces of her outfit for the day. After getting dressed she looked at herself in her floor length mirror; dressed in a jean skirt, white tank top, and a blue quarter length sleeved blazer. Arching an eyebrow she couldn’t help by acknowledge the fact that she looked pretty good. Grabbing hold of the brush next to her bed, she combed out her long blonde locks. The finishing touches were done with and it was time for her to start heading out. She knew that Akiko would be at least 15 minutes early for class, she was annoying like that. Alex picked on the poor girl but she had to admit that she did love her. Alex and Akiko both lived in the same town; they were best friends at the age of 4 and never stopped being attached at the hip. Even when Alex was forced to move away from her home, they never stopped talking. Opening up the door, she exited her room, walking down the hallway to the kitchen she reached into the snack cabinet and grabbed a cereal bar. “I can make you some eggs hun?” “No thanks mom, I think I am just going to head out. I want to catch up with Akiko and Yumi. Those two really have to meet.” With a nod of her head, her mother agreed. “Those two would get along.” Alex was taken a hold of by her mother “Oh come on mom” “Just let me have my goodbye, I am going to miss you dear.” Hugging the woman back, Alex was glad that her mother was no longer afraid of her. “Love you mom” “Love you to dear”. Patting her back, Alex let go and walked out the front door. Jumping down the front stairs, she landed in the peddled driveway and walked towards her car. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out the keys to her 2020 Dodge Charger, the pearl paint job really made the car pop. Sliding into the vehicle she plumped the key into the ignition and started the car, it purred to life. Pulling out of the driveway she raced to the school, her Stevie Nicks CD blaring her favorite tones.

: Hour Later::

Sitting in the school parking lot, Akiko reached over and hugged her mother. “Thank you for driving me, I love you so much.” “I love you too my little Kitten.” Hearing the rumble of a familiar vehicle pull up beside her, she knew it was time to leave her mother and go back to her academic life at the academy. Stepping out of the car she leaned in to take hold of her bag “See you in a few weeks.” Walking away from the car she made her way over to the pearl car that sat a few cars away from her. Alex stepped out of the vehicle; lifting up her arm she waved “Hey Lady”. Alex’s arm wrapped around Akiko’s shoulders, in a tight side hug. “Ready to start back up?” “Of course I am, are you?” Akiko asked suspiciously, hoping that her best friend would take school a little more seriously. “Never sweetheart, never.” Letting go of Akiko, Alex’s curvy figure leaned against the hood of her car. “Now we wait for the doors to open”. Akiko looked down at her watch; they had about 15 minutes until the doors opened



( ) A serene peace was
a drift this morning. Spring break has ended, and the sun was beginning to rise. 6:00 A.M and the orange light was beginning to eclipse the ever present sky, to which in this man’sparitcular view was a beautiful sight. The light hit the old japanese style windows, and began to fill the room he’d been in. A young man, rather sultry in his looks, but calm in appearance none the less at in the middle of a dojo style room. not a single noise was heard, but the sounds of the fient wind blowing in through the open dojo doors. Sakura leaves….fluttered from the trees. It was spring and they blossomed beautifully, but ah as the wind changes so do the things caught within. The air was cool…the kind of cool that makes for great sleeping weather, but is still luke warm enough to remain perfectly still and shirtless in, in which case the raven haired male was in this case. Foot steps could be heard down the seemingly empty once home turned house, hallways. Heavy steps, symbolizing a man with large build and possible authority. The man would open the doors and see the younger male sitting in the center of the room. his shirt off, back muscles exposed, but shadowed as the light touched the very front of this young man’s body. His arms were folded and he sat indidan style. The elderlay man who’d walked iin would speak, with a gruff tone of voice that even a shogun of the fudel era would quake in fear and respect of. “Leon my son. The dawn has approached. You’ve been meditating for 8 hours now. I hope you are well rested. Leon’s face is revealed as his narrow, but staring green eyes were revealed to be looking towards the light of the ever rising sun. Leon would tilt his head up, blinking few times before responding. “Yes father. I’m well rested. I’m ready for morning exorcise.” Leon would stand himself up, a rather tall boy for a 17 year old, as he’d turn and look to his father. “I trust you rested well?” “Indeed. No nightmares this time.” Leon released a breath through his nostrils and looked at his father. “It’s about mom isn’t it.” Tetsu, Leon’s father would turn away and grumble. “I miss her Leon. Ever since the flood and the war…she hasn’t written me back. I know Connor is alive…that urchin. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran off and left her to that damned life working at steel mill.” Leon would walk towards his father and place a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay father. She was a strong woman even with all of her flaws. I’m sure her and Connor are fine.” “My only concern is her…” Tetsu replied harshly.”Now begin your chors. The fields need watering, and fertilizing. You have 1 hour.” Tetsu would shut the door behind him and leave Leon in the room by his lonesome. Leon would immediate begin walking down the long stone pathway. They lived in a rather large japanese old style complex, complete with at least 10 rooms, which is surprisingly basic. Leon traversed the walk way…taking a moment to look at the sakura tree. He and connor used to listen to stories from their mother beneath that tree. Every time Leon thought of Connor he could only feel resentment for this man, never anything positive. “Good for nothing, that he is.” Leon made his way to his room, sliding his doors open..he’d discard his black and white plaid pajama pants, and put on a pair of overalls, with a straw hat, stuffing a piece of straw in his mouth, from the weeds outside, and looking over the looming fields. The Ryoji family is notable for growing good corn and beats. Assuch, Leon was in charge every morning to go and make sure these crops were properly taken care of. They only owned 10 acres of land but it was big enough to where this was a work out in itself. Leon was required to roll 10 wheel barrels of water chained together in a row around these acres and spray them all evenly with water using the spcialized hose for the job. Leon was used to this task, and it helped keep him fit and gave him time to wake up for the day, no matter what kind of a night he’d previously had. ( )After doing this grueling task for an hour straight it was now 7;00 A.M. Leon would’ve now been positioned infront of his father holding a kendo stick, and his father was as well. Leon would twirl the stick around in his right hand for a moment before gripping the handle with both hands and charging his father head on! Leon swung the sword with precision and grace from left to right, vertically and horiizantally to try and land a solid hit on his father but his attempts were in vien as his father would duck left, duck right, side step to and fro, and completely wave every strike leon threw at him. Tetsu had yet to eve raise his blade to his son yet, as if he was merely testing the waters. Watching his son..looking for a hole in his offense, and with his mastery of swordsman ship he could very well find many holes in his sons patterns, and just so happens he did. As Leon came in with a vertical slash, he left his sword pointed downwards for a split second to long! Tetsu would then swing his sword form left to right with his left hand aiming to clock Leon right on the right side of his face, but AH! Leon with the same stern facial expression he’d kept since the start of the fight would lean his head back, not his whole body but just the head, to narrowly avoid the slice. It was so close, the wind from it fluttered the bangs infront of leon’s face. Leon’s father then went on the offensive, throwing strikes at a frieghteningly fast pace, making the attack his son did look like a 2 year olds flailing. Leon tried to mimic his fathers style of doding but found it difficult as he wasn’t in the samephysical conditioning his father was . Tetsu would slash at his feet forcing Leon to jump back (7d6b4cc43af6c78792afa04f1d8baceb.gif ) ,but when he did Leon would find his back against the wall.”….” Leon realized he was in a messed up situation. His father would come straight in with a drawn back slash using both of his hands on his sword -c-

and aiming to seemingly cut his son in half! Leon didn’t have much time to react and in defense threw his right arm up and as he did, the kendo stick collided with Leon’s arm and….broke? the wooden pieces of the stick flew in the air as Tetsu rode out the rest of his swing, and there would be a black metallic scarape spanning across the base of his forearm. Tetsu would stand and look at the broken kendo stick and let it flop to the ground. “You relied on what you had at your disposal as I taught you. However while your attachment is a bennifit it can also be a weaknesss. Don’t ever be over reliant on anything you have. Trust only your knowledge and your knowledge alone. “ Leon would nod and bow to his father. “Yes sir.” They continued to spar until the time frame of 8:30. At this point leon had multiple black and sleek gashes on his right arm. Ever since the incident when he was little, he’s had to adapt to many growing automail customizations to continue to adapt to problems he came across. It’s been hectic sometimes…only being able to experience touch with one hand and feeling more of a weight than a limb can burden anyone. ( ) After a long and steaming shower to relieve some physical stress Leon would pick up and shake a can of what seemed to be spray paint, but was actually a synthetic spray on skin that Leon applied to his arm every day. He wasn’t ashamed who knew about his arm, more so he didn’t want to go around flaunting to the entire world he had a prostetic limb. Applying the spray over all the damaged areas he’d fixed up as good as new. Sitting the can down, he’d then head to his closet, looking at the clothes hanging up inside of it. it was warm out, but even then he preferred long sleeve clothing, but he wasn’t about to burn himself up even IF he could take it. he’d put on a thin long sleeve gray shirt with a front pocket. It fit his from well, but still had enough slack to be considered somewhat wavey . rolling up the sleeves past his elbow he’d put on a pair of black slacks, with some black and rather spiffy dress shoes. Throwing a blazer on over all of this complete his outfit as a whole, and he’d walk over to his dresser to take a look at himself. He’d look to the corner of his eye seeing the glasses there. “I may as well. It’s only best.” Leon would place the glasses on his face, tilting them down a bit so they rested on his nose. Leon would play the words of his father over in his head taking them to heart. “Don’t ever be over reliant on anything you have. Trust only your knowledge and your knowledge alone. “ Leon spoke. “Hm. How right you are father.” Leon would begin packing his bags, getting ready for another semester at the academy. Taking only a few minutes to pack what was in his closet into one over grown suit case, he’d drag it by the wheels out to the bus stop. His father was very strict when it came to going back to the old ways, as such he didn’t use a car and would rather take public transportation. Installing the same beilefs into his son, Leon would walk up to his father and bow one more time before turning his back and taking the steps up the bus. Making his way towards the back, he’d sit down, sitting his back in his lap and looking back out at the farmlands one last time. It’d be months before he’d be able to see them again. the bus pulled off….smoke in it’s wake. As leon’s eyes never left his house once home. The trip was pretty long, as it always had been, and Leon couldn’t help but have wanted to fall asleep but of course he never would. He couldn’t help it. He could go quite a while without sleep if he needed to. After a few mintues he’d arrived late as he knew he would. Stepping off of the bus he’d get the same looks of admiration from guys and googly eyes from chicks alike. He walks past it all, taking in none of it as he’d seen it before. The postures of people, the demeanors. None of it changed much at all. Making his way to the admnstrator desk, he’d receive his room number this time around. As usual the room he eneded up with was dorm room 32.. if he was luck he’d get this one to himself, but he never douted the -c- possibility of having to get a roommate. Taking the key he’d nod to the lady behind the desk. “Thank you.” Leon made his way up the stair case, the long and grueling stair case to the floor he needed to be on, which was a decent height from the ground. Finding his room, and slipping the key in one transistion from his pocket to the keyhole, he’d open the door and step inside. 2 beds on opposite sides of the room with 2 closets, and 1 bathroom. Wasn’t that big, but then again it was just for sleeping. Nothing misc. Leon put his bag on the bed, unzipped it, and opened it up. he quickly began using the hangers left iin the closet for students to fold his clothes up and hang them neatly in what he deemed his closet. Class was starting soon, and he knew he couldn’t be to late for that event if anything else. Everyone should’ve gotten their schedueles by now so knowing where to go shouldn’t be any kind of issue. After unpacking, Leon would grab his empty backpack, waiting to be filled up with books from each of his classes. Making his way down the hall a few students roaming but most of them knowing where they should be and not caring. Probably still recovering from spring break more than likely. Leon kept his gaze forward heading down the hall for his first class…not knowing what all to expect. But expecting the unexpected was the best option. ///Elsewhere///Connor remained groaning on the this time many people had passed him by, laughed at him. a few students even stepped inn the mess and spread it down the friggin hallway. Great his morning routine ruined,though it was nothing he hadn’t been used to, he just wasn’t used to getting hit in the balls every so often. Hell it happens, but he was more so upset his moment of cool was ruined because of his own carelessness. “Fucking…kids..”Connor had an old soul and was quick to refer to people his own age as “children” just because his job required a responsibility that most people didn’t care about even thought he himself took great pride in it. As he lay there he was approached by a girl. Red head, great brest, nice looking body but something about the clothing screamed “Stuck up.” not like connor could read the girl, but it was nice having someone checkup on him….even if it wasn’t quite in the mannor he’d hoped or wanted for that matter. As she put a hand on his shoulder and spoke; “Oi, suck it up and accept the ass whooping you just got.” Connor furrowed his brow. The fuck? Do girls talk like this? She….she had the appearance that she might be a proper speaking nice girl but she literally told him to suck it up. SHE. A GIRL told Connor to SUCK it UP. Connor was nearly dumfounded by it all, but he’d have to just take it as it came as he’d turn his head to look at her with one closed eye and a raised brow. “Unless you wanna lose your job for being found like this??” Connor knew she was right. His facial expression changed form “I’m in pain” to “what the fuck ever’( ) “Yeah Yeah yeah. Seeing as how you MISSED the part where I was kicking ass I guess it’s fair to say.” Connor would stand himself up, dusting off his jumpsuit and looking back at the girl from behind his shoulder. “I do this often trust me. If they wanted to fire me by now they should’ve done so.” Connor would head to the near by janitorial closet and pull out a mop bucket he’d prepared earlier in the week and pull it out. Takng the mop he almost got his head taken off with he’d dip it in the pinesol sceneted water and begin mopping up the vomit and bloodspots. He’d pat the top of his head speaking aloud.”Yep. Another fucking lump. Lesson learned, don’t let people get your blindspots. Thanks for the hand girlie. You should probably head onto class….i’ll write you a late pass if you need it.” Connor would continue moppiing the floor weather she accepted or declined his request. Course if she took it, he’d pull out his notepad and jut it down handing it to her. Either or he’d turn away and begin putting the mop bucket away grabbing a cloth and a spray bottle and starting on the bloodstain along the wall. The bell would ring and Connor would continue along with his job as he wasn’t obligated to any classes anymore. If she was still there he’d glance at her a few times, but pretend he didn’t see her. not like he got company that wasn’t trying to lay him out anyway.</p>


As Harley glanced over at the empty bed beside her she had then just realized she would have a roommate. She smiled big happily and excited. She really loved meeting new people either they hated her or not she just liked to find new ways to demolish their feelings or find a way into them to find out their weaknesses or maybe she would befriend them in a rare case she finds them interesting enough. Harley reached out her stacks of guns and weaponry. She then glanced around. “Where.. can I put these.. where no one will touch or remove them??” She wondered as she glanced around the room. She grinned at the closet. She removed a few shelves on the side of her bed and hung them up in the closet placing her guns away and walking back to her suitcase to pull out her clothes and hang them up to cover up her weapons. She sighed in awe of the beauty of her guns all placed so nicely and neatly. That was one thing she had a bad habit for, she could keep her guns and weapons as clean as can be but her room was never clean and Cynthia would ALWAYS yell at her… Harley bit at her lip. She was gonna miss Cynthia… but she shook it off. “Another day another dead body!” She smiled big as that obviously didn’t make sense but to Harley… it did… (-Shiver-) She continued to unpack her belongings putting her empty suit cases under her bed when she heard someone unlock the door from behind her. She heard a voice and as she turned around there was a girl with purple hair. Harley stood there with a big cheshire grin. “Hi! Nice to meet ya, I’m Harley.” She kept looking at her as she spoke and Harley began to pull out the last of her clothing. “Oi! Okay party animals these days.” She could tell she was joking by the way she spoke but she couldn’t tell as well so she didn’t make it seem too obvious she was joking as well. She didn’t seem like she had much emotions but Harley liked that about her, too many emotions can be such a bore. Harley’s hair was in one braid as her long blue braid tail swayed behind her. “Well if they did take it I am very good at... getting stuff back… ” She offered, her smile never dropped, it was a creepy.. trait about her that she couldn’t help. She always looked excited except she rarely stayed excited for long. Harley’s black jeans had rips on her knees and she also wore a crop top that said “We’re all Mad here.” on it was showing her belly button a bit. She smiled as she followed after to help her new roommate. “I don’t mind helping! Plus I can see the bitches that lurk around so I know who to try my new weaponry toys with!” She giggled walking behind her as she eye balled the new school she was in. The academy was huge.. and so interesting to look at. Her unnaturally bright violet eyes flickered around the halls and rooms looking at people she had never seen in her life. So interesting… they all looked so fun to fuck with. Kage:-On long walks I usually put my head phones in to listen to some tunes, today was no exception. I was jamming on my way to the bus stop and on my way I could see about five guys all dressed in black hoodies, I easily recognized them as one of the small time gangs who patrol the area. Though I didn't pay them any mind they rarely bothered other people they mostly dealt in drugs so I figured I was alright. I reached in my pocket and popped in a stick of gum and began chew it. I put my hands back in my pockets and closed my eyes taking in a deep breath trying to forget that I was going back to school. When I opened my eyes how ever one of the guys at the bus stop tapped my shoulder and then his ear. So I did as asked and took out my head phones.-"Wh..."-"Give me everything in your pockets."-I paused and contemplated my next actions, but I didn't want to hit they guy unless he actually was robbing me like I figured so I asked.-"Are, are you robbing me?"-The reply I got back was a plane everyday.-"Yes"-"Oh I see."-I replied and slowly put my head phones in my pocket. I rumbled around my pocket until I grabbed my wallet. I pulled it out and held it up.-"Lets make a deal if you can take it from me you can have it."-I said a split second before tossing it up and rocking the guy in the jaw he went down but he was knocked out. I turned just in time to see a fist blaze past my face. As a felex I punch the owner of the fist in the gut then grabbed his head and slammed it down on the concrete. I wanted to do some trash talking but the guy from earlier was getting up and wiping his face, I turned to look at him and I saw his eyes were glazed over, he was already knocked out in a since so I let him stumble toward me. When he got in range I took my boxing stance, my feet were about two feet apart, and I had a slight bend to them leaning slightly on the balls of my feet as well as having my guard up and being turned to the side slightly closing off all openings. (Orthodox.) I threw a strait right and pushed through with my foot, turned my hip, back and rotated my wrist amplifying the force of the punch. The guys head snapped back so aggressively I though I might have broke something, but hey thats what happens when you go robbing people. I turned my out stretch arm over and opened my hand palm up to catch my wallet. It feel a foot away from me.-~Son of a bitch, I never get that shit right.~-I though walking over and picking it up. Still with my back turned to the other three guys I said in the most menacing voice I could muster.-"You, you want to run, you want to get far, far away, that is you do if you'd like to live."- I looked back glaring as the grabbed the friends and practically tripped over each other taking off. I held that gaze for a long time. I let out a breath and spoke out loud.-"God damn."-I started taking and deep breaths if they had not taken my bluff I would have got roughed up pretty bad, I mean im sure they wouldnt get out all clean and shit but I knew I would have gotten my ass kicked in the end, I had never been trained to fight more then one person, boxing was a one on one thing. I wiped the sweat from my upper lip and waited for the bus. When the bust finally came I paid my way and sat down listening to some jams. When my stop came along I went through an emergency window as it was more convenient. I grinned.-~Back in Jail, and I'm one of its inmates, lets get ready to run this shit.~-I thought to myself I both hated and loved this school. I hated being here but I loved being defiant to the authority here, this year I had big ass plans for school. I began walking on campus through the gates I already knew I wanted to start off on tier 1 dorms same as every year but this time Id go to the top and bring a few loyal subjects with me, it was time for my rebellion. See now while I was thinking these things I saw some red head in green storm onto campus from some fancy car and bite some ones head off. This completely ruined my train of through and there I stood on the emerald green grass contemplating my first move. Some kid brushed right past me and I realized that I had never tried living on the dorms and as a result had no idea where they were. So I followed the guy infront of me. He turned and stopped.-"Yo you following me nigga?"-I paused as well and replied.-"Yup." and added an extra "pop" to the p. Then I followed him for about another thirty minutes and he told me I had to go get a room assigned and I went to do that. Its took me another sixteen minutes to get my room number a key and instructions of where to go I ended up with room thirteen and I opened the door, not even taking a minute to look around it I simply jumped onto the bed and relaxed.


"I Wanna Rock! ROCK!" Akira would have been singing along to the song coming from the radio while pretending to play a guitar and dancing around the room like a idiot before pretending to trip over the leg of the hospital bed and falling to the ground with a loud "Thump" the whole time a little girl with brown hair and

hazel colored eyes dress in hospital gowns would have been laughing her ass off at him to the point where she was holding her stomach, and a gentle smile would appear on his face he was happy to see her laughing for once, and suddenly his face would change and go distance as his mind began to think about the past few year::Flashback::the little girls name was Riko, Riko Tetsusiaga, she was his little sister, when she was eight years old the doctors diagnosed her with lung cancer and because of this his family went bankrupt trying to pay for the medical treatments to save her and eventually they ended up in the slums, Akira was about 13 when he went working in the steel mills barely being pay enough to even feed himself let alone his mother and pay for doctor fees , so his mother go a job there as well but even them it wasn't enough so his mother resorted to other things after work she'd come home and make food for them but then she'd leave again saying she had overtime and she'd run out the house with a trench coat in close to 80 degree weather, t the time Akira didn't know exactly what his mother was doing but he found out soon enough when he went out late at night one day::Flashback ended::"Akira..Akira...Akira jeez hey idiot" Akira finally stepped out of it when his little sister threw one of her pillows at him"Huh oh sorry about that Riko" "why are you suddenly just spacing out like that baakaa" she'd say pouting because he wasn't paying attention to her, Akira would then take a seat next to her bed and place both his hands together"Sorry im just really tired works been pretty rough lately haha" he'd please his sister to forgive him and he was expecting his little sister to give him her cute little" okay ill forgive you just this once" like she usually does but when he looked up she as crying and she'd latch on to his hand "I'm sorry if I did t get sick you wouldn't have to work so hard and and mom would still mom would still" Akira would have wrapped his arms around his sister and pushed her head into his chest while she cried her little heart out"You don't ever need to be sorry what happened to mom wasn't your fault and don't worry about me either im just glad that you're okay and that I get to hold you like I do now and I promise one day you'll be healty again and you can go to school like normal kids so don't cry okay I need you to be strong.. You think you can dl that" Akira would say while still hugging her only for his sister to give him a few more sniffles before sucking it up and nodding her head"that's my girl I gotta go now but ill be back to check up on you later on today" with that said Akira got up to walk away though helis sister would grab his hand and next thing he knew she tied a little red string around his finger and said"just in case im not here when you come back" and when he heard those word ms his heart sank but he smiles anyway"you better be here otherwise Iyou wont get to have any of the candy I bring back" he'd say before walking out of the room and as soon as he did he'd be looking at a man in a black suit with his hair slicked back and a cigarette in his mouth(im not do e yet but I'm not done yet but cause im on my phone I have to break my post down) [2/8/2015 2:50:51 PM] Keizumai"The Trouble Maker" Oda: Akira's whole demeanor would change into a more serious one the complete opposite of a few moments ago he seemed...cold"the hell are you doing here I already handled that problem" the man then put his hands up"hey hey now don't get mad at me I just deliver the messages kid anyway he says he wants to leave a message his words exactly were when the cops go in there I want them to pick out their stomach I WA t them to see blood everywhere I want them to see arms, legs, fingers, toes I want them to see body parts everywhere it better look like a fucking horror movie" the man then handed Akira a piece of paper and with that dome Akira began to walk away though he stopped when the man kept talking"You know your like a totally different guy when you get around your sister" Akira would have stopped in his tracks and turned his head just enough so that he could see the man though he said nothing, the man then went on"You got yourself quite the rep kid I hear they call you the god of Death its pretty funny don't you think grown men fearing you like your some type of plague it made me curious to see you in person but the funny thing is your sister doesn't seem to be the least bit afraid of you so its makes me wonder rather or not she knows what you really do and if she were to ever find out I won-achk" the male found himself off of the ground with both of Akira's hand around his neck, Akira's facial expression would have been blank and his eyes even more they were void of all and any type of emotion, the male would then force himself to speak"go on tell her what you do how many people you agrhhh... Ha careful now.. Killing me...the boss...might take that as a sign of rebellion....and your depends on....him" Akira would have continued to squeeze the life out of the man for a few more seconds before tossing him roughly into the wall causing the male to hack and cough trying to get air again and Akira would stand over him looking down at the man his eyes peering into the very depths of the man"You bring up my sister again and Ill make sure to show you I live up to my title" he'd say before walking off and into the elevator going to the parking lot where he'd hopped onto a old rusted Harley Davis and drove out of the parking lot and into the steelmill district where he'd head over to a friend of his place and if he knew her he knew she'd be underneath the hood of a car, when he reached his destination, it's be a mechanic shop upon pulling up everyone would greet him and he'd look around for Cyan walking over to the car she was at(depending on if she's here) he'd tap the the hood before saying"lets go were already late for school and im going to ride with you that old bike looks like its at his limit" he'd say assuming again that Cyan was even there in which case if she wasn't then he'd jump back onto his bike and drive to school though itd pros ably break down any way, either way once he reached the school he'd get out/off his vechile and walk towards the building he'd have on a white shirt and a black vest over it with some all black jeans and a pair of white and a pair of black tennis shoes on his feet-


Cyan rose early to the usual clammer of cars being worked on by members of her dedicated but loving staff starting at 7 am in the morning as it was the usual practice of the Asagawa Auto body & Customs Shop before heading down the hall of the family’s home which was above the shop in the direction of her

mother’s room to make sure that she was awaken in order to attend to any needs she might have first then proceeding in the direction of the bathroom in order to get her own day started downstairs in the hopes of cashing in a stack before heading off back to school for another dull quarter of learning. Extending her right hand towards the shower knob she grips it as tightly as possibly giving it a quarter turn to the right in order for the hot water to turn on before during the same to the left for the cold then with ease turning to the left just a bit in order catch a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror only to see that she’d gone to bed again in her work uniform, something she knew her mother would be pissed about again if she discover oil stains in the sheets again which made the 18 year old mumble irritably to herself as motions her hands to the sides of the oiled stained jumper she wore and jerked it down over her tantalizing form. From there Cyan proceeded to remove the black tankini that head back her supple yet modest C sized breasts tossing it to the side as her moonlit blue orbs took immediate note of the care her mother had taken the night before to place a clean uniform and her school attire into the bathroom as well along side one another as the teenager did intend to be a tad bit forgetful at times once she went to bend down in order to remove the matching blank panties that she wore. Giving the items she had a gentle kick in a northern direction away from the bathroom rub she draws back the shower doors with ease using her left hand and steps in only to get lost in the waters life rejuvenating flow, her back length raven hair becoming wet and heavy in it as she proceeds to wash away the work from the previous day from her caramel brown skin. As she bathes Cyan could hear Ellis, one the workers and Jeanine, the shop’s secretary going at it while Kai did his best to stop their quarreling in front of the customers before ordering the pair to get back to work with Ricky, Kim, and Tao in the background snickering away at all three of them. At some point Cyan thought she’d hear her father enter the shop barking out orders in English with a very heavily laced Japanese accent before letting out a laugh to let them know that he wasn’t upset but alas it wouldn’t happen…but instead she’d hear Jeanine say that this is why she missed “The Boss” so much then proceeding to storm off back to the office. Cyan knew that to those of in the shop them it was their way of remembering the man that made this place such a success and all of his hard work and dedication to making sure that none of them sunk into the grounds of poverty that surrounded them daily in the streets of New Nagoya. That man of course was her own father, Akuma Asagawa who died during the great flood trying to save her and her mother White Dove from certain doom as he was the only one of them who could swim at the time. He was the kinda of guy who gave so much of his time to life yet when it was life’s turn to reward him, it slighted him off by ending his. A fact that his daughter never once was able to let go of hence why her mother said she would never be able to accept her full powers as a shamaness. But in truth Cyan didn’t care as she washes the soap away from her body and face then moving to turn the water off in the tub before emerging onto the rug in just her birthday suit. “Cheyenne…” she’d hear someone say from behind her in an ill tempered tone which causes the young girl to shrink down at half of her size due to the only person who called her by her given name was in fact her mother. “Hai Okaa-san.” She asks turning around to face the elder woman with a slight smile on her face knowing that she prolly just got busted for sleeping in her work gear again. “Hurry now or you be late for first day back from school break” White Dove tells her holding out a blue sweater, a bra, pair of black jeans with some panties, a pair of white socks, and her sneakers making sure that her own form was blocking the path to the dark blue jump suit that had her daughter’s name on it knowing full well that she’d rather play with the guys downstairs rather attend to her studies. Cyan couldn’t help but groan rolling her eyes some knowing she’d been cut off at the past by her mother as Kiva, her pet wolf nudges her own head past the two women to say hello once the teenager takes the clothes from her mom. “Arigato, Okaa-san.” She replies back leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek as she pats her leg in order to tell kiva to follow her so she could hurry up get to her room in order to change into her clothes and get out of the house as she could already tell that it was almost 8 through one of the kitchen windows. “Oooo I gotta hurry, Akira will be here soon.” The wolf humbly follows her course back down the hallway to her destination Cyan only stopping to enter her room to get change then shooting back out of it fully dressed with her back pack and a large suit case in hand pull it behind her as she makes a bolt for the stairs that lead down into the garage. “Mornin’ Miss Cyan.” She’d hear Jeanine an older woman of about 40 yrs with green eyes and red hair dressed in a white shirt and black skirt and pair of retro dated glasses on her face. “Hey, heard you and the old man at it again you’d think after pops dying you guys would stop that.” “Well the old coot started it.” Jeanine would huff. “Who you calling old, you bat!.” Ellis barks out from under the hood of a Rolls Royce. “Why you….” “Guys! Behave please.” Was all Cyan would bark out rushing out into the garage to check on the customers first before checking in on the staff to make sure that all was in working order. “Aye Boss the lifts in D shed are on the frizz again. And you ain’t hanging out today” Tao calls out. “Call Earl asap we need those fuckers to be up and running we gotta a game next weekend and the Cobras will be here to get their shit look at. Naw Mom’s busted me in the bathroom this time soooo you know what that means….off to school I go haha. Can somebody feed Kiva for me please?” “Roger that. Ooooh shiiitt Mrs. A is getting good now…and hell no you better off asking Jun when he gets here.” Tao tells her making her roll her eyes again knowing that everyone except Jun, her mother, and Akira is fucking scared of the wolf though for the life of her she didn’t know why. Kiva was a sweetheart. “Yo Cyan, Akira’s here” other dude shouted looking up from under the hood of one of her father’s most beloved customers. “He is….oh fuck. He's gonna kill me” she picks up her pace a bit more hearing this but also hearing the mechanic behind her say “Yea he damn near scared the shit outta me while I was under old man Johnson’s hood.” Laughing his tail out as she ran up to her long time friend and once upon a time crush.

“Uhuh I told yall she got the hots for’em look at her run.” Jeanine crooned over the shop’s PA system. “Mmmmmaaaannnn Jeanine shut you ol gossiping ass up!!” was all that anybody would hear inside from Ellis while the others moans and groaned not wanting to really hear that shit so early in the day from her. On the outside Cyan would raise her left hand up to give a wave and smile to her childhood bestie running up towards him with her bags in hand as she attempted to give him a hug with her right. “Yo Akira, sorry about that…mom cut me off at the pass so no car work for me today. Speaking of work how’s the rabbit?” she asks speaking of his sister who she knew wasn’t doing so hot.


Yumi would stay in her knelt position until the custodian finally said something in pain but when she told him to suck it the fuck up his attitude flipped entirely and it genuinely surprised her the tone he took and his demeanor changing. “Oh so you still got balls even after that.” She teases, standing up with him and crossing her arms to her chest, with a thoughtful head tilt. Now that he was straightened out she could take a better look at him. Yes, slick black hair, a defiant scowl to him and dark red eyes she’d seen that face before. He wasn’t much older than her actually if anything one would mistake him for a student here if it wasn’t for the jumpsuit. He was handsome, she would admit that as the girl had an appreciation for beautiful things. Though at another first glimpse he’d be labeled as a thug type…mmm…the complete opposite of her betrothed. Just thinking of that boring well brought up fool put her in a foul mood but she is shaken from those thoughts when the custodian speaks to her in regards to being late for class and if she needed a pass. No, her first class back was homeroom and that was not a much appreciated subject, if anything it was a waste of a class to have it so damn early with no homework or studying to do. Besides….the boy kept stealing glances over at her and it put a slow dangerous smirk to the high class fighters face…she could have some fun on the first day back. He took an ass beating that was for sure but he didn’t just take it, he could snap right back. Perhaps he was exactly what the redhead needed in regards to a partner of sorts…someone to spar with. Everyone in this messed up school either paid her no mind or were too afraid with confrontation…she didn’t want an enemy. No…..she needed a rival. She holds the Dior bag tightly to her frame, a fighting flame igniting inside of her as her smirk grows wider with this new development of thoughts. She makes her way over to the custodian boy and wraps slender fingers around the mop stick, tugging it away and eagerly snapping at him playfully. “Boy, what’s your name???” She wouldn’t even wait for him to answer as she continued, her eyes beaming with determination. “I am Yumi Ikeda or better known as Mistress Dragon! Though you did get an ass whooping I will not lie you handled yourself okay with those jerks and even though my better judgment is telling me this is a complete waste of time something else tells me to throw that to the wind…..from here on out, I choose you as my rival!!” She spoke as if this were of a great honor! But to her it was, to find someone with the same fighting spirit and challenge them no matter the time of day or place to throw down….this was after all the entire point of this school wasn’t it? To learn how to control ones ability and to progress further and become stronger. But she would do so with her own quirks thrown in…she needed a rival. And this boy was it! Now, looking to her all dressed formally with pretty painted nails, styled hair and not a mark on her no one would guess she was a pretty decent practitioner of tai-chi and titles aside she slept, breathed and lived Tai-chi everything about the art form was beautiful and it was all hers something she had control over….and she’d show who ever challenged her what she could do with it.

-Meanwhile back with Milisa-</p>

Milisa pauses walking out once more when the new girl says she will join her in rescuing her furniture and nods slowly. “Ah, so you will accompany me in this quest? Good girl, I see I’ve gained an ally today. Rare but I am grateful.” The blue haired girl was very outspoken and although she seemed happy enough….death reeked from her figure, something Milisa could see just by examining her….she was beautiful, just the new roommate she wanted! People like her only attracted trouble…Milisa rather enjoyed trouble in all of its tricky forms. Yes, this was a good match made in heaven. Of sorts anyway…. The two strange females leave the room to make their way back over to her older room only to see the same girl who had kicked her out now outside going through what was left of Milisa’s things. She leans over to Harley and speaks rather content like. “That is my old roommate. She isn’t as beautiful as you are mind you and she snores but she did the best she could as a living partner.” The blonde known as Alicia spotted Milisa and Harley and merely rolled her eyes annoyed like. “I’m not giving back your crap. It’s outside the room so technically speaking it belongs to whoever can get it first and though I consider you a fucking freak of nature you actually have nice things that I want. And when I want something, I get it.” She doesn’t bother waiting for Milisa to fight back on the matter, the girl never did it seemed as the purple haired student just stands there with a hand on her hip and a head tilt. “Hm…you are much more enjoyable to be around when you are asleep, Alicia. I will miss that silence from you.” The blonde ignores the weirdo and continues going through the dresser, finding a necklace and inspecting it happily before placing it in her pocket and she continues going through the girls things before noticing Harley and scoffing. “What do you just attract weird, Milisa? Looks like you finally found yourself a little friend. You crazy too??” She snaps at her to which Milisa does react, giving out a rather disturbing smile, fingers twitching. “Alicia, you must be respectful to new students. You know what happens when someone is heard making fun of girls on this floor….” Alicia freezes on the spot and turns to her, growing pale. “Don’t you fucking dare…” Milisa says nothing and her smile only grows bigger, pearly white teeth gleaming as the lights of the hallway the dorms are found in flicker on and off. “It isn’t me. I have no control over this…” She turns to Harley, smiling ever big. “This floor is haunted. Some girl who was always made fun of hung herself right in this hallway…all because of some mean bully of a girl called her strange. They say if you aren’t very nice to others she comes out and strings you right up. It’d be a shame if that happen to Alicia….” \The two watched as other students made their way to the school, some ready for the days to come and some appeared to be dreading that they had to come back so early. “Alright sweet cheeks, I know you are just itching to run for those doors and start your classes. I am going to have a smoke before I head in.” Alex patted Akiko on the back as she spoke. Scrunching up her nose, Akiko hated to hear that her friend was still smoking. “Alex?” Pinching her scrunched up nose, Alex huffed “Oh stop, you know smoking doesn’t affect it, in a week my body will just heal the damage that the cigarette caused.” Alex watched as her friend hugged her books to her chest and took off towards the open doors. Laughing to herself, Alex pulled out a pack of cigarettes, taking one of the rolled up addictions, she placed it between her lips. Lighting it, she pulled in a drag, taking in the flavor of the clover cigarette. Holding the cigarette with her hand, she used her other free hand to pull out her cell phone. Sliding through the recent text messages she came across the person she was looking for. --Hey Lady, just got to school, see you at the dorm room later. Hope your classes don’t suck ass.-- Hitting the send button, she wanted to check in with Yumi. They were unlikely friends, but she was glad that they were friends in the end. Slipping the phone back into her pocket, she took a few more puffs of the cigarette and threw it on the ground. Smashing it with her foot she took hold of her leather backpack and flung it onto her back. “Well let’s get this party started I guess.” Pushing away from her car she made her way over to the front doors of the school. Entering she made her way down the hall towards homeroom. She had promised Akiko that she would try harder this time around so I guess that meant even going to homeroom. Slipping into the room, she took her usual seat in the back, folding her arms she put her head down, at least this gave her a chance to catch up on some needed rest. As drool runs down her chin, Alex falls deeper into naptime, paying no attention to the world around her. //Akiko// As she walked away from Alex, Akiko couldn’t help but be worried about her friend. She seemed to be falling into something that Akiko couldn’t recognize. Not many people could see it but Akiko was able to see every slip that her friend made. Hugging her books to her chest she shook the thoughts from her head, she would worry about this after school. Walking through the halls, her homeroom was the third door on the left. Walking into the large room she found a seat next to her roommates. “Hey Lacey, how was your spring break?” Looking up from her book, the red headed girl smiled. “It was great, gave me some time to study and work o some extra credit projects.” Soon the girls smile faded “I am not doing so well in my classes, I am close to failing three of my classes and have no idea what to do Akiko. My parents are threatening to take me out of school and come back home. They said that maybe I would do better being home schooled by a professional. I don’t want that to happen, I won’t be with friends then. I will be stuck at home, being ignored by my parents. ” Reaching over, Akiko took the girls hand. “Everything will be alright, how about you and I take some time to study together in the evenings. We have about the same classes and at least I can be someone you relay the information to.” Akiko felt the girls hand laid on top of her own. “Thank you Akiko, I really appreciate that.” Pulling her hand back she opened up her backpack and pulled out her J.R.Ward book, opening up to page 165. Before reading about the Blind King, Akiko pulled out her cell phone as well and texted Alex real quickly --Wont be able to hang out after school, Lacey needs some help studying. Don’t forget to go to ALL of your classes.— Placing the phone down Akiko escaped from reality, diving into the world that J.R.Ward had created for her fans. Akiko enjoyed homeroom for that sole purpose; it gave her the chance to read a couple of chapters in her book and forget about the world around her

Lucifer Creed

Lucifers arrival was more than alerting;The sounds of cannons teared through the skies like the fourth of july. “ O-Ho there she go ! “ The pirates sang from the base of the ship with cups full of rum. The ship had stopped at the deck, Lucifer setting his blood gaze to Tokyo Bay, gave of a slithering snicker. Its been so long , since he’s been here. For some odd reason;he kind of missed this place. He was finally around people, who didn’t consider , competitions on whoever chugged down the most bottles of rum as a sport. Unlike, Brick Wall Fortress , Lucifer wasn’t welcomed by Hoorays and shouts of excitement on deck.More so, looks of disgust and dismay. By, the many different diverse backgrounds. There, such as Cowboys, Samurais ( .. and don’t get me started on the navy) Lucifer full of excitement, refused to wait till the ship had hit deck. Instead, he propped his feet upon the plank, and lunged off of it, to where he’d land then roll on the deck of Tokyo Bay. Lucifer, stood up dusting off his black coat, which held the same shading of his black jeans tucked into his ankle- high boots.

Lucifer let out a brief sigh before capturing quick glares by the students around him. The rich and snotty kids, they sucked there teeth and turned away. Whispering to each other, in a way they’d want him to listen in but they’d put a front as if they were really whispering. Lucifer molded his face into a disorientated smile, pressing his fingers together to where they’d have a sensual touch. He pressed his gaze upon one particular one, A girl who pouted her lips, turning her chin to the side. Her hair a bright-and early blonde; cut to where it barely met beneath her ear. She sealed her eyes shut, refusing to share Lucifers gaze. The rich blonde types; he hated those the most. They , held an eerie stench, There eyes lacked a comforting touch. Hell with a ginger, blondes soul was as black as ash. The blonde girl held With a frosty - de - lone , cone in her grasp, along with the round and thickness smoldering bringe of vanilla at it’s top. Spilling at it’s side, streaming and flowing gently at her fingertips. Creating an array of sticky between her fingertips , her ice cream showered in sprinkles. All with a “ Taste the rainbow, Feel the rainbow “ behind them.

Lucifer moved towards her he smiled, reaching into the mini-pocket within his jacket. He pulled out two artificial eyes. lodging them between his fingers, he reeled his head forward pressing his nose against hers. She , pushed back a bit. Startled, allowing Lucifer to drop the two artificial eyes in her ice cream cone. She screamed, tripping amongst her own feet. Her ice cream flipping and impaling her dress. “ Did I startle You ? I apologize.” He said gently bowing before her, before walking towards the stairs leading up to the academy. The stairs were showered with students all over the school. Making there way towards the gates whom just opened inviting the students for entry, Lucifer pulled his luggage , his shade covering his eyes which invited so much room for insults and denial. Lucifer reached for the map out of the place , gently pushing his shades down. Quickly, he was knocked forward, by a group of kids who continued to walk forward without looking back. “ Hey, guys ! you bumped me. I'm a quite forgive and forget type guy. But, with an apology. “ The group of kids turned back. “ heh.. you talkin to us ..freak ? “ The quite more brawns then brain type guy said soothing forward to Lucifer. “ Hey , now no need for name calling. “ Lucifer quickly responded, before quickly taking the full force of a hand to the shoulder. Lucifer gave off a light scoff, at that instance Lucifer quickly summoned his bone structured stings that looked like somewhat claws. But, a hand met his forearm quickly pulling it back. Forcing it to renter between his knuckles. Lucifer turned to have met the face of Principle Shiretsuna. He smiled, “ Now now kids cut it out, Lucifer Creed is it ? I’d be hurrying up to my room and settle your stuff so you can hurry up on to the assembly in the porch of the academy. “ He said, as for you boys, your classes will be starting soon. So, instead of terrorizing your fellow classmates I’d be getting ready. “ He added, Lucifer along with the three boys nodded their head and bowed. “ Yes, Sir. “ They all said in unison.

Fifteen minutes would have passed, If the “Exceed “ Students were to have settle their things, they’d then move towards the assembly, located in the academies porch. As soon as everyone were to meet that particular site. They’d meet the man himself, Principle Shiretsuna, alongside Vice Principal David Cruso, President Shiretsuna would have stood beside a cage with a red blanket concealing it’s appearance. Though the structure made out a cage. “ Hello and Welcome students, We have finally started our second semester in Shiretsuna Academy. I am so excited to see you all here, such gifted and talented students you are, which is indeed proven with you all appearing here today , Anyways, we're going to start this year off with a game. In here, is a… animal, and I’ve given you all the chance to chase this said animal into the garden of the Eden. To, retrieve it’s collar, In this collar is a key to the grandest suit in Shiretsuna academy ! If you catch this animal. The suite , is all yours. “ David Cruso, would have turned his head away pulling the blanket off the cage, then there it was the animal itself clawing at the cage. A “ Wolf-Dog” Once the value of Dog guard-pets had been realized, it was not long after the Dogs guard began experimenting with strains of Wolf DNA designed for combat. These were no longer household pets but superior war animals bred for ferocity and aggression. The students murmured in despair. Lucifer sighed in awe, “ Such despair .. in it’s eyes. “ Presient Shiretsuna opened the cage. Two guards who have stood before, the President and the Vice would have met the wrath of this said dog. As it quickly, tore the head off of one of the soldier from it’s shoulders pulling the head along with it’s spider only to have cut at the next guard with the spine of the said guard. The second guard impaled through the chest by his co-workers spine fell to his knees only to have had the Bat dog gash a whole into the guards neck with his teeth.

The students gasped, shielding there face. The , wolf dog growled with blood pouring down it’s lips with blood oozing from its teeth. The Wolf Dog growled and stared at the students, they quickly separated into two groups; allowing an opening lane, passageway for the Wolf Dog, “ Do not move students.. “ David Cruso whispered. One student in particular could not hold it in, taking off running he cried, The Bat-Dog caught sight of this boy and chased him into the Garden of Eden. President Shiretsuna snickered, “ You have 24 hours students ! Gooooooooooddd Luck !! “ Lucifer would have nodded, “ Aye, Princ ! “ Lucifer shouted sporting on all four, before charging forward. Some of the students would have followed, while

Narako Uta

: “You know, honey, it's okay to be afraid. Even just a little.” For all the seventeen years that he had been raising his daughter, Kieran Uta yet and still found it incredibly difficult to know what she was thinking, or even catch a hint of how she was feeling just from looking into her large, icy blue hues. It should have been

easy for a father to read his daughter, to know her better than any man ever could, but this child – his only child – proved to be something different. Something special. The mask this 17-year-old apple, fallen straight from the tree of mystery, wore on a daily basis was one that earned her quite a reputation around New Kanazawa for being rather strange. Strange because others simply could not understand her. But she was fine with that. Narako Uta enjoyed being the young girl who could not be figured out, the one who kept a continuous calm demeanor, one that nothing could falter or faze. In this state, she seemed untouchable, impenetrable with the knowledge that others could look into her piercing sapphire gaze and absolutely anything could be going through her mind that they would never know. And it would drive them to insanity trying to figure it out. Much like Kieran Uta, her father of seventeen tireless years, who stood before her in the living room of their traditional Japanese style home. Located on a peaceful grassland with a large welcoming pond in the backyard, the Uta's home had been suffering unhappiness and had been on the brink of breakage for years. Ever since Narako was an infant, to be precise. That is why Kieran, along with his wife, Noriko, had decided to send their daughter to a place where she would be happy. Or at least, where they thought she would be. Away from the constant fighting and bickering that tore them apart, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis where they once lived before relocating to New Kanazawa, away from anything opposite of peace and tranquility. So when they received a letter in the mail from Shiretsuna Academy inviting their child to attend, it seemed like a sign of how to make that happen. While Kieran was all for sending his child to an environment that was said to be safe and secure, Noriko had her doubts. “Well, if she is afraid, you're not making things any better for her, Ki.” She said. “Yes, they say Shiretsuna is the top academy in all of New Tokyo, but I'm worried that she'll be different from other students. This...virus...its taken a toll on our child if you haven't noticed.” Though in actuality, Narako was not the least bit bothered by what the Virus had done to her. The ability to manipulate Ethereal Energy into weapons of both offense and defense, to create shields, and even minor constructs was a skill that the girl had, in fact, learned to value. Learned to use to her advantage, but her parents, as dramatic as they both were, often saw this ability as more of a threat than a gift. “She's learned to control that, dear.” Kieran said with impatience in his voice. “You and I both know her abilities haven't caused us or the rest of this town any harm. And it won't be an issue when she leaves. What I want to know is whether or not we're making the right decision here. In terms of her happiness. Now, Narako,” Now looking at his daughter. “We know this will be a big move for you, but we want you to be happy. We think Shiretsuna Academy will be great for you and you'll make plenty of friends and discover lots of new things. You've always been a smart girl so I know your grades will look great. Think you can make us proud parents? Will you be happy there?” Narako's icy blue gaze pierced into her father's in silence for a moment before she responded in her feathery voice, “Father....I am always happy. It is you two who are not.”

Eyelids fluttered open slowly to reveal glacier blue orbs that soon lifted to stare up at the entrance of the Shiretsuna Academy campus. A cool breeze brought in the euphoric scent of the bay nearby, playing in short snow white tendrils which tickled the porcelain features of Narako Uta. Clutching the handle of her suitcase in front of her with both hands, golden rays of sunlight speckled across her icy hues as she stared at her new place of residence. It was a lot bigger than she had expected. And a lot more packed. Hundreds of students that had ridden the ferry to the academy like she did, poured from behind her, some evidently excited to start at the academy while others were either indifferent or straight up didn't want to be there. Narako was among those who were simply curious to know what this new life would bring. As a transfer student, she did not know what to expect, but hopefully it would be good things. 'I have to make friends.' She thought to herself. 'Like Father said. Lots of friends. The ones who paint nails and talk about cute boys and go shopping and force themselves to vomit after eating to maintain their toothpick figures. Yes, those kinds of friends.” She entered the campus, her silent feet seeming to glide across the walkway leading through the gate as icy hues looked about observantly, taking in brand new surroundings that she had a feeling would take a while to get used to, but she could do it. Just like she'd gotten used to moving from the city to New Kanazawa. This was another one of those big moves that should have come with a culture shock. The white-haired teenager soon found herself wandering the hallways of the dorm, searching for the room she had been assigned and it wasn't long before she found it. Sliding an electric ID card through a scanner, the door opened to reveal the simple, yet tidy room where she would be staying and she stepped inside, allowing the door to swing shut behind her. The curtains of the nearby windows had been pulled back by whoever had been in the room before her, allowing sunlight to brighten the room beautifully. Narako took a deep breath as she set her suitcase flat on the freshly made up bed, used a delicate hand to pin her short cut snow white hair behind her ear, then popped open the bag and began to unpack her belongings. “Well hello there, chica!” An excited high-pitched voice suddenly rang throughout the entire room, causing Narako to suck in a gasp as she whirled around to face the voice. The bathroom door was cracked open and a girl who looked to be around her age was leaning out, smiling at her with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth while one hand waved kindly. Narako stared at her. She stood a few inches taller with black hair that hung a little past her shoulders. Her enthusiastic amethyst eyes gleamed behind a pair of glasses. She was not as slender as Narako, but was actually quite curvy in places that Narako was sure the boys couldn't get enough of

“You must be new here!” The girl exclaimed. “Its always nice to see a fresh face after knowing the same annoying old douchebags for so long. Lucky for me that fresh face gets to be my roomie. The name's Ren. Ren Kotone if you wanna be nosy, also known as the life of the mother fucking party!. Who are you?” Narako blinked once. “I'm Narako.” She answered. “Narako! Such a pretty name!” Ren blurted. “Stick with me, Narako, and you're gonna have a damn good time here at the academy. If you want I can give you a personal tour. Show you all the stuff to love and stuff to hate about this place. And uh beware of the guys around here. They're fucking savages! Like, really, you wouldn't fucking believe it!” Narako arched an eyebrow. “Savages?” She asked. It was clear she had no idea what Ren had meant by that. “Uh, well shit never mind.” Ren laughed loudly. “Anywhore!” She flicked her wrist like one of those dramatic, over confident broads Narako had seen in high school drama flicks. “Sooner or later you're gonna meet the good ole dean. And..

: And boy is he a total ass hole! You gotta look out for that guy! Luckily if you ever get in trouble with him, all you gotta do is get the vice principal and he'll get ya off the hook. Now that's somebody you'd wanna be good friends with, ya hear?” Narako nodded quickly. “Now come on, darlin'! Let's get ya dolled up and ready to rock this mother fucking joint!

Connor : (( ) Connor would’ve been mopping the floor as casually as it gets when it comes with the territory of cleaning and his job in general. At least he would’ve been until his mop was oh so suddenly taken from him, surprisingly by the same chick who’d pep talked him into getting off of his ass earlier. Who the hell was this girl in the first place? Apparently more than a pretty face, and she was doing a damn good job of showing it, sarcasm may or may not be included. When she otook the mop she demanded a name. “Boy, what’s your name???” “Uh…Connor Ryo-“ he was swiftly interrupted as she quickly wet to continue her own sentence over his. “I am Yumi Ikeda or better known as Mistress Dragon! Though you did get an ass whooping I will not lie you handled yourself okay with those jerks and even though my better judgment is telling me this is a complete waste of time something else tells me to throw that to the wind…..from here on out, I choose you as my rival!!” Connor would look at her with a blank stare for a moment, only to blink twice for a second to really take in just what was going on at this moment. A girl from literally out of nowhere, with rich and wealthy attire not doubt, declares him her rival off spot. Connor’s blank expression then turned to a cock smirk, before he’d flick his nose with his thumb, quickly snatching the mop back from her hands in attempt, and if he’d managed to get it, Connor would take a few steps back, before spinning the mop in front of him, letting it spin in the air for a second, before turning towards his right side, using his left leg to kick the base of the mop, lifting it a bit more in the air, and furthering it’s windmill like spin, before throwing his left hand out to catch it, his back now turned to her as he’d hold the mop head down towards the ground, and look back at her from over his shoulder with that same smug delinquent smile on his face. ( ) “I’ll be your rival Yumi Ikeda. The full names Connor Ryoji…I’ll play your game. Just know I don’t fucks with squares, so if you’re weak sauce you may as well keep it moving toots.” Connor would salute her with his right hand. “Catch you round Yu-Yu. Assembly’s about to start.” Connor would finish cleaning up the mess on the floor, and the wall. He could afford to be late, or so he’d thought. As he was putting the stuff back into the closet he’d feel a hand touch his shoulder. ( ) Connor would look back to see a short bald man, about his height with a long and white beard of all things and a pair of sunglasses on his face. He’d have a subtle look to him and a smile on his face, one that symbolized this wasn’t the type of man to let just any and everything get him down and ruin his day by any means. Vice president cruso on the scene. He’d speak. “Connor mi’boy! How goes the day job eh young one?” if yumi was still there he’d look to yumi as well and wave. His orange colored martial arts type shirt and black contrasting pants with kung fu shoes might have looked a wee bit odd for this day and age but they were certainly stylish for his character. “Ah miss Ikeda, pleasure to meet ya lil lady. Oh you’ve grown quite a bit since I’ve last seent’cha hehhehhehhehheh” Cruso would lower his sunglasses just to take a peak at yumi’s bust and his nose would bleed a bit as he made no effort to remotely hide what he was peeping at.”You two better make way towards the assembly. Wouldn’t wanna be late for your back to school assignment. You exceeds have to keep in good spirits for days to come y’hear? Make me proud.” Connor would groan. “I don’t even attend the regular schooling old man Cruso. Just not sure why I’d even attend.” The vice principal would tilt his head up and sigh. “Well Connor. Just know, I gave you this job for a reason. You don’t wanna go with the flow of things. Yer an Exceed though and you still at least need to somewhat learn how to hone and harness that ability of yours. At least clean the walkways out and hear it out would ya sunny?” Connor would’ve sighed. “Fine. “ Connor would rub the back of his neck and start to walk towards the Assembly area, weather Yumi tagged along with him was her own accord, though a man being without company for a minute wouldn’t mind some form of company. Connor would’ve made his way there being one of the scattered people heading there when a familiar person would catch Connor’s eye. His brother Leon.

( ) Connor furrowed his brow and frowned quite obviously. “Tch….I sometimes forget he attends this school too.” Connor would keep his eyes fixated on his brother. As Leon would be making his way towards the assembly hall himself he’d get the feeling he was being watched. Turning his head back just on something as simple as a whim, he and Connor would lock eyes for only a single moment before they’d both look away from each other in resentment. “Pompous pig…” Leon would murmur under his breath and continue on towards the assembly. The brothers eventually made their way there. Leon of course, taking a seat towards the middle of 3 sections of chairs. Connor would’ve taken refuge towards the back of the assembly, folding his arms and leaning his back against the wall. As the assembly began, he’d look towards the front. Connor whether he liked it or not was indeed a part of a newer age group of exceeds. There were quite aa good many here, but not THAT many that out numbered the large number of Insigns.”Not a very big number this year….only makes me wonder where some of the last semester kids went to..” Being the janitor Connor over hears an awful lot, some things he shouldn’t know, and something’s he never particularly wanted to know. What he did know, is that something or nothing could come from the events this year. None the less Connor would lean against the wall and stare intensively at the dean listening to his words. Vice principal cruso in the background sheltering. He’d given the same speech he’d given before, and Connor would shrug it off. Hello and Welcome students, We have finally started our second semester in Shiretsuna Academy. I am so excited to see you all here, such gifted and talented students you are, which is indeed proven with you all appearing here today , Anyways, we're going to start this year off with a game. In here, is a… animal, and I’ve given you all the chance to chase this said animal into the garden of the Eden. To, retrieve it’s collar, In this collar is a key to the grandest suit in Shiretsuna academy ! If you catch this animal. The suite , is all yours. “ Connor’s eyebrows raised. “New suite? NEW SUITE?!” Connor perked up and started listening intensely! When the creature was revealed connor’s right eye twitched as he watched the brutal display that took place on stage…Connor swallowed hard and growled. “I’ve never seen something like that before. I’ve seen and heard of some creatures, but this is something out of the water..” Leon would lean on his hand, which was resting on the arm rest, simply looking at the situation. He’d already heard and seen about many creatures from being on the farm lands ,but this was something new in itself. When ever they were escorted to the starting point and Cruso told everyone to not move. Leon and Connor were on separate sides of the start line and one kid decided to be brave and take off into the garden of eden forest area. the beast chased after it with the most ferocious speed. One guy who looked pretty odd also took off on all fours. Connor would’ve furrowed his brow and cracked his knuckles. If yumi was still in his vicinity he’d yell out “BET I’LL CATCH THAT THING BEFORE YOU “RI-VAAAAAAAAAL!” Connor tempted before leaning forward and taking off in a full on sprint! Darting forward using every muscle in his legs and being to run as fast as he could , his steps pattering through the grass as he dove into the forest! Leon on the other hand would look at everyone else, before stuffing his hands into his pockets and walking forward. “Might as well. Less time wasted.” Leon would walk up the path leading to the forest. Taking his time the entire time knowing for a fact that it was going to be a minute before this thing was caught.

Harley: Harley snickered as she mentioned her being an ally, the girl seemed strange and Harley looooved it not to mention she had odd colored hair as well as Harley. Blue and purple do go very nicely together. Harley wasn’t the best at making friends, most of the time her ‘look’ didn’t attract people in the first place, I mean unless you think girls with bright blue hair and creepy bright violet eyes are cool then hell if you’re not scared of her please do talk to her... she’s a fun time, but most of the time it’s not how it went for Harley. Everytime she talked to someone she’d mention a bit of creepy ideas and she was pretty open about what she did and does now, especially when she gets upset but the worst part of it all was, her smile never stopped. She always had a smiled plastered on her face. She could tell this girl was going to not only be fun to be around but she gave her a creepy, eerie feelings being around her and it just made her want to learn more about this interesting girl. This pretty girl had so much hiding in her mind that she was dying to just dig into and hear all of her thoughts on things, but her most favorite thing she wanted to learn was how she dealt with morons… and just as she wished she was going to find out very soon. Harley followed behind her new ‘soul mate’ as they got to her new roommates old room to see some girl rummaging to what seemed to be Milisa’s belongings. Harley raised a brow as she kept on smiling as Milisa leaned in to tell her how she isn’t as beautiful as Harley is and she just giggled. “Oh don’t make me blush!” She teased and shrugged. “Maybe she snored because she had so many of your stuff down her throat…. Or not yet.” She said the last part subtly but she kept her eyes on that annoying girl. Harley was never bothered by what people said of her, for the most part people who made fun of other people for being a quote on quote “freak” are actually the freaks. Harley shook her head at the stupid naïve female standing before them. Harley could smell trouble already, she knew from the start Milisa was NOT to be messed with but that’s what kept her so interested! Harley looked to Milisa then back at the blonde who decided it was a good idea to call her crazy. Harley’s crazy violet eyes flickered as she stared at the girl, she just smiled creepily. “You don’t wanna know darling.” She snickered. She then noticed her freeze when Milisa mentioned bullying. The lights began to flicker and Harley just laughed in excitement. “Oooh, a show, and I get a front row seat!” She cheered softly as she mentioned the floor being haunted. Harley paused. “Oh… such a shame…” Harley laughed, it wasn’t loud but it was a calm maniacal laugh, she could tell she was going to love her time there and all she could do was thank Cynthia too bad she couldn’t see this now… The lights flickering, the room got cold it was so scary and it gave Harley chills but that only made her more excited. The weirdest things got Harley excited and this was cool, somehow she had a feeling Milisa was a part of this but she also had a feeling she wasn’t the one doing it. Harley peeked up at the clock noticing the time she glanced over at Milisa now. “Oh shit, Milisa we gotta go to the assembly.” Harley smiled looking at the blonde. “So listen doll, we gotta go. I’ll be expecting her stuff in front of our dorm room #16. If not I’ll deal with you personally later or you’ll deal with Milisa’s friends…” Harley walked up to the girl and pinched her cheeks. “Relax! You look so pale, breathe and don’t make a stupid mistake… again.” Harley didn’t even sound threatening she sounded calm and casual she then pulled away and took Milisa’s hand. “We outta here!!” She giggled tugging Milisa behind her as she hurried to the assembly. She spotted the principle and looked up at him listening to him speak and introduce a game. The dog that he released set off a bloody show. Harley clapped and giggled. “Bravo! Again again!” She cheered for the dog as it also now chased a boy running away. Harley had a huge grin on her face watching the wild animal. “I don’t wanna capture it I wanna cuddle it!” She giggled putting her hands on her cheeks acting as if it was a teddy bear. “I don’t want the suite, can I just have the puppy?!” She asked with a small giggle.

Kage: -I laid on the bed dipping in and out on consciousness boredom and sleep struggling to take over my body, though I stayed awake. I knew there must have been a reason for my body fighting so hard against the rest I wanted but I just could not put my mind on it at that very second. Then it hit me like a little girl who clocks you one good in the balls. I sat up suddenly hitting my head on the bunk above me- “Gah! Fuck.”-I yelled cursing the guy who had invented the bull shit called “bunk beds” more like “fuck your shit up from above bed.” while rubbing my sore dome. I stood up careful to not hit my head again. I paused stretching as I got ready to go to the assembly that I had gotten a message about in the welcome letter. I silently cursed the dean for taking from me what sleep I was going to gain by staying in bed. I thought to myself-~Ah fuck it I should carry my lazy ass back to bed.~-But I decided I should at least go to assembly on the first day.I made a silent note to be slightly late, so I took a leisure stroll through the halls taking the time to remember the layout of the dorm. ( ) Until I finally arrived to the spot where the assembly was being held. Despite my efforts I managed to be directly on time, I could see only a handful of people. A pompous looking fool stood on the stage his voice ranging out to me like a bad smoker.-“ Hello and Welcome students, We have finally started our second semester in Shiretsuna Academy. I am so excited to see you all here, such gifted and talented students you are, which is indeed proven with you all appearing here today , Anyways, we're going to start this year off with a game. In here, is a… animal, and I’ve given you all the chance to chase this said animal into the garden of the Eden. To, retrieve it’s collar, In this collar is a key to the grandest suit in Shiretsuna academy ! If you catch this animal. The suite , is all yours. “-I could clearly smell the rat on him the moment I laid my eyes on him as I walked over joining the others though not taking a seat. I looked around the group of students here with me and paused as I locked eyes with some guy. He had red eyes and a rather snake like face and short black hair, he had an air about him a dog ready to follow orders probibly a perfect student who sucked the nearist teachers dick for a good grade. He looked at me and I got the feeling he was getting a rebelios vibe from me as I glared. We struck at each other with silent focused, intence stares. I began to realize he was sizing me up and I cocked my head off to the side. I watched as the Janitor took off after it after some guy. I knew the janitor here infact every one did, he was the sort of guy who would sucker punch you for messing up the school with ANY sort of filth. For a while now I had been playing a little game of sorts leaving shit around in the hallway when he was on the other side of the building and Id switch over when he did and leave shit where he just cleaned. I knew I could start a fight but I was, kinda ok with that as long as I got a kick out of it I didn't care if he knocked me out in front of the entire school. Though of course if I ever was caught I didn't have plans to make that easy. I watched him take flight, a slight smirk creeping up upon my face I then turned my head to listen to some apparently demented girl talking about wanting the Bat-Dog and it gave me a thought.-~What if I caught that son of a bitch...somehow and gave it to her to let her see what it was like.~-I had only read a little on them but for their size which is still large, they could do un earthly things and they were unstoppable once they caught your trail if the could not hear you with their sonar they could sniff you out. With that I looked back to check on the guy who had sized me up but I turned my head to see him take off right past me.He had just taken off but he was nearly on the janitor’s heels. I paused and took a breath realizing that I was trying to get close to something that could bite me in half if it wanted to. I then with my nerves slightly calmed, took off running like my life depended on it hopping over a near by log as I pursued the animal and the others. I hurriedly decided to get up high, as the damn animal could ambush me and wreck my shit before I got a good chance. I followed the guy from earlier at a steady pace using what parkour I knew to get to tree to tree staying low as I did and keeping my distance. I also had some rudimentary tracking skills, again things I had read about, if you have not realized I read a damn lot, I didn't really know much about the Bat-Dog but I knew about people and I probably could hear/pick up on any scuffles someone may have with it and tell where it went from there. I ducked under a branch grabbing onto a another swinging my weight onto a large one and sprinting until I got close to the trunk of the tree, I then jumped forward past the trunk and kicked off sending me of to the left and into another tree. Though as I was trailing the guy, who for simplicities sake I had dubbed Ruby, for his eyes, he looked up and over his shoulder at me I swear I saw a grin burst on his face I blinked. BAM! I was falling out of the tree a harsh impact had stuck me dead center in the chest, and it threw me so violently I lost my wind. I slammed into a large branch with my lower back and rolled over it and hit the trunk of another tree when I then plummeted hitting another two branches on the way down. I hit the ground with a sickening thud and crunch knocking any wind I had left out-”GhaAAAaaaaaFUCK!”- I yelled as the pain set in. I black out for a split second only to look up and see Ruby standing above me.- “Whats your name kid?”- ( ) I concentrated on trying to catch my breath before I answered saying.- “You are gonna have to beat that shit out of me after what you just did.”- I tried to stand but found I may have broken a leg and one or two ribs, I knew for a fact I cracked one or more of my back bones. I pushed through it and stood narrowing my eyes and taking up the most perfect stance I could muster in my state.</p>

I was not going to let him take control of the fight or answer but just looking at him it seemed he wanted me to fight back. I took up a stance that was not boxing not any martial art I knew. 

) I threw a light jab to feel him out but his leg came up off the ground and then, slap! It was not a hard kick atleast I think it was a kick I’m not sure it happened too fast for me to see correctly. I think he may have been trying to feel me out, he grinned as if I had confirmed something to him.-”To slow.”-He said a split second before raising his leg and leaning off to his left side his leg directly in front of the sun as it came down blurring my vision as I tried to track it. Akira: Akira laughed as he heard Jennie voice come through the PA system throughout the shop and as usual she was saying something about how Cyan has feeling for him and right on cue was Ellis telling her to shut up gossiping and how its to early for that shit~This place never gets dull~ he thought to himself while smiling a bit. He'd turn his head slightly when his eyes caught sight of his childhood friend running straight for him waving with her free right hand while the other carried her bags, when she finally reached him she'd lean in for a hug though when she did he'd extend his left arm out towards her and attempt to flick her on the forehead"we're going to be late because of you, you know that right" he'd say with a little animated red nerve coming out the side of his head he then reach down a take her bags from her hand(assuming she let him),before he'd place hand on top her head pushing down a bit"Its good to see you Cyan" he'd say. he'd then walk over towards her car and would set them down inside the trunk of the vehicle, before making his way back towards the shop and whistling a few times only to be greeted by a rather large wolf who licked his hands a few times"all come on is that all the love I get after all these years" he'd say and the wolf would make a groaning like noise as to say yup, he'd smile and kneel down to rub the furry beast before standing back up right looking towards Cyan"im gonna ride with you since my bike is acting funny" with that said Akira would walk over to the car and get into the passenger side , reclining his seat so he was comfortable , if and when she got in the car to drive them to school as they rode he'd like the window down letting in the fresh smell of dirt, shit , piss, sweat, metal, blood, and illness fill his nostrils.... Yeah the slums smelled like that though growing up here he was used to the smell, in fact he probably would have never noticed the smell it if wasn't for the fact that he was staying outside of the slums during the school year once you were outside the slums when you came back in that smells the first thing that hits you. As they drove on the smell would slowly start to lose its smell and the air became more refreshing the further away they got from the steel mill. As they'd pull up towards the school Akira would wait for Cyan before walking into the building and almost immediately he was ushered to the theater room where he'd catch the ending of it and the sight of a creature running away with a few kids chasing it"The hells going on" he'd ask one of the students who looked back towards him and was about to speak but suddenly began tremble a but and freak out"the hell wrong with you" "Uhm nothing uhm apparently we're supposed to catch that thing and who ever does get the keys to a first class sweet" the kid said if Cyan was with him she would have been able to hear all of this, Akira would then walk away while the other kid would begin to talk amongst his friends"that guy was totally scary" "yeah I know that Akira Tetsusiaga the guy's a monster. I heard that his freshman year someone in the upper class tried to jump on him with like five guys and he still came out walking" Akira would have looked around seeing a few kids chase after it while others were to scared to even move as he looked around he spotted his brother leaning against the wall"hey how long are you planning on just standing there" he'd say as he locked eyes with his brother"been a while kid" he'd say before turning around and if Cyan at this point was still with Akira he'd introduce her to his younger brother"Yo this is Cyan a friend of mine" he'd say(again assuming she was still with him) before he started walking towards the exit following behind another the masses of students"come on I hungry the sooner we catch this thing the sooner i can eat" he'd say walking out with his hands behind head-Her large moon blue orbs only seemed to roll themselves inside of her head not really wanting to know what was going on back in the shop as the other moaned and groaned over something that Jeanine said over the loud speakers, taking a step back Cyan would have allowed herself to be thumped on the head by her long time almost only friend, Akira not wanting to weigh in on the formalities any further outside of the hug after hearing that she was gonna be the reason that they were late. “Psh who the fuck cares…” Cyan would retorted heavily allowing him to take the bags from her hands as Akira also would make note that his bike was busted and wanting to know if he could bum a ride to school with her. “Sure why not as a matter of fact….” She carefully lifts her right hand upwards some placing her thumb and index finger between her soft full lips, allowing her lungs to take in a breath of air before blowing the air out in order to let a sharp loud whistle into the air thus alerting one of the mechanics in the back who oddly enough was a Latina, by the name of Mercedes Gonzales. “Yea mami, what can do for ya?” “Take the chopper in back give a good looking over for me, Mercedes I want you to give it the works then have Ellis drop it off by the school on his way to tow those loaners back from the Red Eagles, the fucks got me twisted. I want my shit back, ya hear me.” She’d say with a laugh speaking very low key to the girl about her other occupation as general manager of the Shinjuku Enterprises DK Racing Circuit, New Nagoya’s leading underground racing league. Mercedes let out a laugh hearing the order to haul ass on the new custom rides their boss hooked the members of the leagues freshly de-throne champions with her attention turning to Akira and the bike in question that Cyan wanted her to have a look at. Which from what the pretty Latina could tell from just looking at it that she was gonna have really put in some work for this bad boy. “Ma you know that shits gonna take more than few hours.” “Si chica but I got faith in them hands, Ace of Miracles so make that shit happen okay.” She’d tell her allowing her employee to do her thing just Akira moves to push her head down with the palm of his head causing her smile once Mercedes ran off to handle things with bike. “It’s good to see you too Kira btw you still didn’t answer me about you’re sister either.” She reminds him following behind him towards the back of the shop where her customized blood red painted 1952 class Chevy awaited them all gassed up, hidden in middle of a scrap yard of mangled cars purposely so it wouldn’t get picked off for his silver and gold chrome finishes and wheels awaited them but fortunately the car wasn’t the only thing waiting for them either too. Sitting near the vehicle waiting to greet Akira and say goodbye to Cyan was her animal guide as her mother put it Kiva, a large grey wolf female who evidently was the Omega of her pack in the wilderness lands several miles off with the car keys in her mouth, dropping them at near the two friends as she licks Akira’s hand in order to show her affection before giving a whine and growl to his question about not getting any more love from her. Cyan could only laugh at the two bending down to pick the keys up from the dirt as she sensed it was Kiva’s way of actually saying that she was leaving her owner’s care in his capable hands, the animal being one of the very few who knew the truth of her feelings towards her best friend. “A- key-yeh (Thank you in Apache (Western) ) Kiva, be a good girl while I’m gone okay and take care of shimaa (mother) for us.” Cyan would say to the noble creature as she accepts her pets on the head from Akira before strolling over to her and without so much as a warning rear up onto her hind legs in order to place her front two paws on her chest nuzzling her muzzle into bosom before getting back down and heading towards god knows for the day until Jun arrived to fed her. “Yeah I know I’m gonna miss you too but if I need you or the others I’ll call for you.” Cyan would tell hugging her back affectionately allowing her to go where ever she pleased as she stuck the keys she’d gotten into the cars lock, turn it the left some, and pulling the handle of the door up in order to open it so she could help Akira load their things in before proceeding to get into the driver’s side of vehicle pressing the engine button and heading off towards the city limits once Akira was inside. Cyan herself mostly drove with the windows rolled up as the stench made her sick to her stomach but what could she say it was home though she knew it would only be a matter of time before she and her mom would finally be living it up good in the New Tokyo like her dad always dreamed that they would be. "Just another 20 stacks and we are outta here." she tells herself looking at the picture of her dad in the rear view mirror smiling as she could feel that he was some how with her right then and there at that very moment. It was weird too. And though it didn’t take long for them both to see the steel mill off in a distance the very last sign to both teenagers that New Nagoya was no longer Cyan couldn’t help but wonder if actually staying on campus this semester was really a good thing as she was very hypersensitive to shit around her these days and even worst being around Akira even more so than usual. Cyan: She had to admit that ideal scared her the most out of everything else in the world here at Shiretsuna Academy. Once on campus Cyan would pull the car into one of the awaiting parking spaces with ease her senses suddenly spiking at levels far higher than usual as she could feel that something or someone was in quiet the panic, practically fearing for their lives. “This can’t be happening.” She mutters to herself wishing to god that her abilities would have giving her some type of warning first before just completely going the fuck off like that as she literally has to force herself to get out the car the moment the engine was off in order to breath so she could try and focus in on just where the hell the panic was coming from before following Akira into the building the direction of the theatre which seemed to be the place were all the turmoil was coming from to begin with. Inside she would see a horde of students running around like maniacs appearing to be stalking the fuck outta something by the troves but the animal itself she herself had never seen before in her life! It look like a bat and wolf of sort and in her mental orbs she could hears its cries for help despite it having blood all over its mouth and snout sign that this beast was either defending itself or literally on a murderous rampage either way she had to find some way to stop it before it hurt or mauled anyone else to death….but the question Cyan ask was how? (This is show just how not in control she is over this power yall, so do save her if Uub decides other wise) It didn’t take long for the young woman to gain such an answer as the cries of the creature only began to get loudening with each passing second causing her to blank suddenly the energies of her spirit gathering itself in a blatant form about the females body causing her to walk towards the creature in calming strange manner as if in a trance just as Akira would move to introduce her to another who was in their mist, whom ever he was she knew him not her moon blue orbs appearing to glow like the blue corn moon. Cyan’s body would hold no fear for the beasts though it might be snarling and growling like fool before her if in fact the others hadn’t been successful in their attempts to snatch the beast yet and he was heading in her direction due to said chase. Kneeling low to the ground the 18 year old would place a hand on the ground with the other extended out towards the animal in attempt to befriend it or gain its trust in the middle of the chaos she speak softly almost eerily to the bat wolf, saying “Shhhh its alright you don’t have to be frighten…I’m a friend…common come to me boy…I’m not going to hurt you..” the whole time allowing the vibrate waves of her spiritual essence to pulsate out from the palm that lay against the earth near her feet to acting like a beckon or sonar on the bat aspect of the creature in an attempt lure it towards her while using her own voice to try and pierce through its chaotic thoughts as it is believed that shamans are once with all of nature this includes the animals as well. If this were to work the creature would have began to calm a bit more actually to begin using its reasoning rather than its rage/murderous intent to protect itself through skilled tactics and other maneuverings in order to evade capture all the while trying to find the source of the one who’s calling it to them unaware that the person who is, isn’t aware themselves of the festivities that are going on at the moment in regard’s the task giving by the schools principal and vice during the morning assembly ">Yumi: Yes, she picked the right one as her rival! She watches his display of showing off and couldn’t help the satisfied smirk at her choice. She hadn’t gotten in to a fight at all over spring break and she was eager to break the dry streak with a good throw down. “I’ll be your rival Yumi Ikeda. The full names Connor Ryoji…I’ll play your game. Just know I don’t fucks with squares, so if you’re weak sauce you may as well keep it moving toots.” Upon hearing his cocky attitude her knuckles crack as she begins to take a stance, blue eyes almost glowing with a fiery passion, smirk only growing wider and her gaze narrows dangerously. Fuck that assembly, this was much more interesting and if he were ready or not she was going to attack him especially after he just called her Yu-Yu…until the vice principal came around and she huffs, relaxing her body once more in to just a regular stand, arms crossed and a frown to her expression. “Damn it.” She curses under her breath softly, making her way over to the two as he waves over to her and greets her though he was being an obvious pervert about it and she simply smacks her teeth but remains respectful of the elder. “Good morning, Mr. Cruso.” Though if he’d ever coped a feel then it was game on…as nice as the old man seemed, there was something a bit….off. Yumi was good at reading people, something she’d learn to do and there was certainly something different about their vice principal but she’d never been able to figure out. Now listening to the two talking about the assembly and how Connor didn’t want to go she wondered why he would, he is after all the custodian but Cruso was insisting on it and she found out he was an exceed like herself which only made her want to fight him even more! But that’d have to wait as he begins to walk away and she locks eyes with Crusos or well his glasses anyway and she watches him. “Hm. Good day, Sir.” With that, she leaves behind Connor, not minding being found associating with a highschool drop out turned janitor it was something refreshing anyway and once they find themselves in the assembly hall where all the other students are she stands there and begins to look around for any familiar faces….so far she couldn’t spot Alex but there were a lot of students. It didn’t take long for Connor to see someone he knew because the moment he did, Yumi could feel a type of tension and it was thick as fuck. She rose a brow, tilting her head to the side but shrugged it off, giving the Dean all of her attention. He speaks and the more he talks the more Yumi is beginning to think this all a waste of time…..she had no need for a suit, she just left the grand mansion of her parents’ home she needed a break from that shit. Then when he pulls on the red blanket her thoughts were an instant ‘Nope nope nope.’ “A bat dog? That’s fucking double the rabies, the hell do I want rabies for? That’s a big nope on my part…” She turns to look at Connor but sweatdrops when all that is left is an outline of where the boy once was and a question mark blinking above it. “R-ryoji????” She asks, looking around before hearing a commotion all the way in the front. Some tatted the fuck up kid was running on all fours, along with some other guy and then…… ““BET I’LL CATCH THAT THING BEFORE YOU “RI-VAAAAAAAAAL!” Yumi gapes, realizing Connor was going for it!! And he was challenging her!! A giant smirk slaps on the girls face and she begins to get hyped, rolling her shoulders before shooting off in an impressive speed something that could only be blamed by the fighting spirit found in the redhead, following close behind the others. “YOU WONT BE ABLE TO CATCH IT WHEN I KNOCK YOU OUT!!” She shoved passed and pushed people out of her way, that included Milisa who had side stepped at the last second.

-Speaking Of Milisa- When Harley played along, Milisa would have been very happy to see the dead ghost of a suicidal girl string Alicia up but alas it’d have to wait as Harley grabbed on to her and told her they needed to get going to the assembly. “Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow.” She told the blonde before running off with her new living partner. “I’m not very sure this assembly will be worth attending but I suppose if you are new to the school it’d be helpful for you to see what our Dean is like.” It didn’t take them too long to make it to the outside assembly hall and just as Yumi had watched so did Milisa though the person she was standing next to didn’t vanish on her if anything she was falling in love with the beast of a creature. She turns her head and blinks at her reaction. “Would you want one, Harley? I suppose if we tried we could get that grand suit and it’d be big enough to fit in there.” If Harley wanted it then Milisa would do her best to capture it….she’d never done experiments on animals effected by the flood so cutting it open to see what was inside did tempt the girl….the only problem was she didn’t have her custom weapon on her but she did always carry a carving knife under her skirt for troublesome problems…..this was one of those moments. “I’ll participate if you will. Two heads are better than none…” She thinks a moment, tapping her chin. “Is that how the saying goes? “ She talks to herself before side stepping at the last second so a redhead could go flying past them! She watches in curiosity, the girl seemed very fired up. “I suppose it could be fun, watching the bat-dog in action tearing in to the students. It’d benefit my research….” She calmly reaches under her skirt and a student watches her with a little freaked out expression as to why this girl was touching herself but Milisa merely ignores it, wrapping slender fingers around the handle of the carving knife and pulling it out from underneath, the male student gaping at where the fuck that thing even came from. Milisa pulls her glasses out from the back pocket of the skirt and places them on, adjusting them calmly before playfully swinging the weapon. Speed was on her side for one thing….catching up to this thing wouldn’t be a problem, it’d be what would get in their way and then going face to face with the beast that the fun would begin.</p>

">//Alex// Still snoozing, dead to the world on her desk, Alex is woken up by someone pushing on her shoulder. “Yo, wake up; they are calling us all down to an assembly. Picking her head up, she wiped the drool from her chin. Squinting her eyes at the boy, she tried to comprehend what he was saying “What??” The boy shrugged his shoulders and took off with his friends. Looking around the room, Alex noticed that it was empty. “Oh shit!” Grabbing hold of her back bag she swung it over one shoulder and raced out the door. Taking a quick pause, she stopped –Why do I care about racing to some assembly, duh it is still school… nothing really interesting going to happen.—Taking her time down the hall towards the auditorium, she swung her arms as she walked leisurely. Bouncing her head from side to side, she hummed a lovely tune in her head as she walked towards the large room. Stepping into the room, she tried to scan for her friend, but knowing all too well that it would be impossible to find her in this crowed. Taking a seat, Alex kicked up her feet and rested them on the seat in front of her, when the person looked back to glare, she smiled from ear to ear and waved politely “Hi” But her feet stayed where they were. Looking beside her, Akiko was seated right next to her, shocked by the sight of her friend right next to her. “What the fuck, when? How? Don’t do that, it is scary as hell when you do things like that!” //Akiko// Sitting in class reading her book, Akiko didn’t pay much attention to the hustle and bustle of what was happening in the hallway. She only ripped her eyes away from the page when she heard the teacher speak. “Alright class, we will be making our way down to the auditorium for an assembly. Grab your belongings and make your way there.” Stuffing her book into her backpack, she slipped the pack on her back and walked in line with her class. “Principle Shiretsuna scares the shit out of me” Lacey said as she walked beside Akiko. “I guess, I just try not to pay much attention to him” Akiko said back. Stepping into the auditorium, Akiko looked towards Lacey “I’ll talk to you later.” Sniffing the air, she searched out for Alex. Finding her in the third to last row, Akiko stepped over the chair beside her and sat down quietly. With her abilities she was able to accomplish this without Alex even noticing. Akiko laughed when she heard Alex notice her. “What the fuck, when? How? Don’t do that, it is scary as hell when you do things like that!” Bringing her hand up to her mouth she laughed. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it sometimes. It is just how I move.” Akiko got quiet as she watched Mr. Shiretsuna come out onto the stage. //Together// “ Hello and Welcome students, We have finally started our second semester in Shiretsuna Academy. I am so excited to see you all here, such gifted and talented students you are, which is indeed proven with you all appearing here today , Anyways, we're going to start this year off with a game. In here, is a… animal, and I’ve given you all the chance to chase this said animal into the garden of the Eden. To, retrieve it’s collar, In this collar is a key to the grandest suit in Shiretsuna academy ! If you catch this animal. The suite , is all yours. “ Akiko gasped at the sight of the creature that resided in the cage “Is this some sick joke?” Shaking her head in response to Akiko’s question, Alex leaned forward to look at the beast. “I don’t think so Akiko”. Akiko sat there as still as can be, just watching the beast take apart both of the guards. Alex took hold of Akiko’s hand, reassuring that everything was going to be alright. As the beast stared at the students, they all moved out of the way so that the beast could run into the Eden Garden. But of course there was one fool in the crowed already, which tempted the beast. “ You have 24 hours students ! Gooooooooooddd Luck !!” Akiko watched as other students went after it, excited about the suit and the chase. “There is no way that I would be able to overpower that thing. I don’t even have my Tachi, it is back at my dorm room.” Akiko blurted out. Placing her hands onto her shoulders, Alex looked into Akiko’s eyes “I will play it safe but I have to be honest, I am curious about this whole deal. You stay here and I am going to go hunting.” Letting go of Akiko she tossed her, her bag. “Wish me luck” Shaking her head, Akiko gripped onto Alex’s bag. “Good Luck” Alex took off in a run out of the auditorium and into the Eden Garden.

Lucifer: The Beast felt the girl call out to him; He eased in closer, he felt her words they were soothing and comforting. Soon as he was in the midst of submitting, he heard a whistle. It’s ears, pointed upwards and it’s eyes startled and Rapidly it ran; at such heightened speed,even the crusading winds failed to keep up. The dog was in a league of it’s own, branches fell at the awakening of its speed. His polished-white fur riddled with blood; but not blood in which it came pouring from the veins of his own. no, instead this blood was instead the blood from the last two guards who met the wrath of his blood thirsty teeth, unfortunately they lacked the intensity to quench its thirst.Therefore ,like an irksome thought or a pestering remained, it kept at him with no sign of a halt in it’s behavior. Oddly enough, though it ran, it seemed almost out of fear. Almost as if, its actions was out of fear and not purely out of savagery and ferocity. It almost seemed...afraid, Using the scenery to it’s advantage it ducked,stopped and rolled. Evading,the Gardens defense.. run doggy run it’s paws triumphed a natural beat, upon mothers favorite - natural soil like a baby's heartbeat, it ran., but, unfortunately every heartbeat meets silence sooner or later. Whether, it;s the first beat or 10th is completely irrelevant. Only, the notion that it always.. came, to an end, cause like it’s once said everybody dies but not everybody lives. It’s feet,’ dangled unrestless as it remained hanging over the ground fighting for it’s god-given right. The chance to live, It’s eyes. in resemblance to black beads. met eyes no being in regards to life should ever be allowed to share contact with. Caught, interfering with his breathing was the massive hand of a true demon itself. His eyes, remained keen; he ears, keener. and with that yelp, came a dying howl and the snapping of the neck.In, seconds the Dog lifeless body fell at the demon of a mans feet. He simply, walked over it. With, no remorse the figure held his coat out. His feet pushed out, cascading shoulder length apart. He snickered, as he open his arms. a thick dark fog of smoke came cascading from his sleeved. Its effect rested easy on the skies, which did quite applausable work on the skies. Which, was nothing but smoke and held little droplets of our common undivided sky. This, smoke was one with a hallucinogenic effect behind it. One, inhalation with this smoke, and all this man insisted you for you to see was all his doing. His laughs was heard loud and clear through the unsettled ambiance of the forest. “.. It looks as if our time has come my children. “ His voice sounded almost demonic. In a jiffy, people clothed in cloaks came crawling out the shadows of that man. “ You all understand your task, so do not fail me. I accept no failures at my side, I hope you all understand this all so clearly, do right by me children. Because, if you were to fail then your place within the future my eyes see so clearly, will not involve you. You will not be remembered for you valiant sacrifices for this team, your image will fail to ever be a fragment to my memory. Your existence would even fail to be acknowledged, you might as well be dead cause you will no longer find acceptance, anywhere. Heed my warnings clearly….children failure is not an answer. Understand ? “ He added, his arms still spread out as far as they’d allowed. They, all nodded before dashing off to their set locations, disappearing in a blink of an eye. “ HOSOH “ The man exclaimed, as one remained behind. “ Wheres Jax ? “ He asked in a somewhat disorientated voice. The boy in the hood kneeled before his oppressor, “ He went after the Kage boy without us. “ The figure in the hood exclaimed, “ That boy..tsh… very well, you know you’re objective. “ The man added, the figure quickly nodded. “ I do sir. “ he softly said before vanishing in the blink of an eye, using the thick sheets of the fog as it’s concealment.</p>

I got him. “ Lucifer shouted, lunging from tree to tree, eyeing down what he thought was the ravaged beast. But, in reality it was merely a illusion cause by any uptake by said fog. “ Shit, this food really going to fuck with me. “ Lucifer exclaimed cutting through whatever stood as an obstacle in his way, including the fog. only, till his fiery gaze weakened, and in brief seconds he came tumbling down a few acres of leaves. “ ooof ! “ He howled meeting a sickening landing. A slight groan pushed through the thickness of his lips, as his black hair cascaded over his face. Then, he saw him.. it was blurry at first. But, Lucifer saw him. A , little boy, he seemed lost and he was crying. All alone, in this harsh environment his long black hair met him mid waist. The boy, was in some type of all white uniform. A trail of tears followed his footsteps. “ Hey, Kid ! “ Lucifer shouted out to him. “ What are you doing out here alone ?! “ Lucifer added, chasing the kid his hand met the boys shoulder, Only to have had his hand completely phase through him, Lucifers heart dropped into the pit of his stomach. The boy turned, his eyes the same as his. “ Lucifer ! “ The shocked young boy turned to see a younger Shiretsuna reach out to the boy, His hand passing through Lucifers chest. “ Your doing well, let us go. “ Shiretsuna said as the boy reached out for his hand. The young Lucifer Creed, using his sleeves to wipe his tears as he followed. Lucifer stood there in utter disbelief, what was this ? He was having memories of things he had never experienced before. “ What..What the he - “ Lucifer was cut mid sentence by a shuriken that nearly missed his face by half an inch. “ You look lost.. “ Lucifer turned his head towards the male, he stood upon a branch of the highest tree within the area“ Well aren’t you the brightest cookie in the Jar. “ Lucifer swiftly responded.</p>

the male leapt and landed with an abrasive momentum, “ Hmph. Lucifer Creed, I’ve heard so much about you Im a fan. “ The man said, a bit more in view with his gentle long red hair, toned jaw intimidaing face. Bland red eyes, and a muscular upper body, He was quite handsome in a sense( , ) “ Do you throw ninja stars at all your fans.” Lucifer stated with affirmity now. “ Only with hopes they’ll throw it back with an autograph. “ He responded, Lucifer snickered, “ Well, I apologize I forgot my favorite pen.” The tensity between the two held an uprising, the patiently waited for the other to strike. “ Excuse me .. there's a suite calling my name. “ Lucifer, softly said before brushing past, the man. He quickly, intercepted Lu pushing his hand at his chest, forcing Lucifer to quickly react flinging his body back at an heightened speed. Lucifer, summoned his blades which acted as stingers for his Hornet persona they began pushing between his knuckles meeting a length of a good 7 inches. They, looked intimidating as ever, do to it’s ragged ends due to it’s boney structure with great strength behind them due to his peak human endurability. “ Didn’t your mother tell you not to play with sharp objects ? You can lose an eye. “ Lucifer softly said standing at full height. The red headed male gave off a soft and gentle chuckle, His arms began to harden he planted them forward reeling the boy in. “ I am Hitzagi and I’ve never been one to play with sharp objects. “ His arms blackened and hardened, “ Simply because there child play. “ He added, Lucifer quickly shot forward, allowing his leading foot to act as leverage to his following arm which he focused at plundering through Hitzagis chest. But, it simply stopped at his chest, due to Hitzagi hardening it. Using, this time to launch a fierce blow at his temple, Lucifer launched his forearm up. -c-

Allowing the punch to connect with his knuckles, whereso, Lucifer would contract his blades. Only, to unsheathe them again, through Hitzagi knuckles. Lucifer, then swiftly pivoted his foot between Hitzagi legs and lunged him over his shoulders, allowing Lucifer to attempt to lunged his blades down at his forehead, which proven as failure. Due, to Hitzagi’s heightened reflexes allowing Lu’s blade to penetrate the ground instead. Hitzagi quickly lunging his head upwards at great speed, forcing it to connect with Lucifers nose one good time. Lucifer tripped among his feet, only to have fallen flat on his back. Hitzagi, pulled his hand from Lucifers blade, pulling himself back to his feet, only to have quickly leapt. Lucifer leapt along with him, to the point where Hitzagi stretched his arm out to meet a branch, Lucifer would have intercepted him. Puncturing his blades, through his chest to where they began to struggle and fight mid air only to have both fell.</p>

Due to the smoke, each individual student would have seen the Dog; mindlessly chasing it. Unaware of it being a mere illusion. As, the anonymous villain set out his own pack of hounds to attack each individual “ Exceede”.</p>


">Connor: ) “Where are ya big guy! I know yer around here somewhere!” Connor’s body darted too and fro through the trees of the garden of eden! While he didn’t have a lot of sensory advatages like most people might have, Connor did have a notion to pay attention to detail! The grounds keeper had been quite lazy as of recently when it came to taking care of the grounds, as such there were quite a lot of sticks, debreies and pine cones along the grassy floor. In this particular situation, Connor would just look at the dented steps in the ground, which would only fit those of a beast, and follow along those! There were various other steps around as well, however none of them were this big or deep into the ground…Connor could still hear Yumi behind him if she still was at this point, and connor would laugh a bit. Fun. He was having fun chasing a bloodthirsty beast, and his “rival” following along side him. she was pretty damn egar for just another run of the mill tough girl, but why she had the notion he was any match for her was beyond him by any and all means. Connor would stop for a moment, as he’d hear something else coming from behind him this time around. He’d squat down, forcing his right hand twoads the ground and using the friction from that and his feet to stop him in his tracks! “Know what…I’ve got a better idea. Since you’re my rival and all…why don’t we fight to see who has the right t even chase the beast down. I mean clearly, I think I’ve more credential to do so.”Connor would’ve shuffled his feet in place before spreading them shoulder width apart and leaving his hands down by his sides…odd for a fighting guard. He’d focus his gaze on hers before something odd picked up in his ear..”Shh! Hold on Yu Yu..” Connor would stand up…hearing a blood curdling noise. A growl…similar to the one that had already been coming form the bat dog. “It’s…behind us?” Connor would’ve turned around and if Yumi did to she’d see it right off bat! The bat dog coming full swing! Connor would grit his teeth and take a step back, putting his arms beside his waist and scowling. “So you decided to trick me eh? FINE!” Connor would’ve ran towards it, and lunged his right arm back! “you punch a shark in the nose it goes away! LET’S SEE IF THE SAME LOGIC-“ Connor would’ve thrown his right hand towards the snout of the beast….only for it to phase right through with no repercussion. This would lead Connor to stumble forward a few feet and then to look around for a second. Yumi was gone. (yumi at this point would see an illusion of the bat dog devouring connor since all of us see something different. ) “Huh?” Connor would look left and right. The area had gotten misty…foggy….like incredibly foggy and thick. Connor was on guard, completely.( ) Not sure of what the hell was going on he wasn’t going to let his guard down, spreading his feet shoulder width apart and looking around. “HEY! YU-YU IF THIS IS ONE OF YOUR TRICKS, THIS SHIT ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!” Connor would look forward and see Shiretsuna. Shiretsuna? He’d be standing up, dragging a little boy by his black hair. “Gah let me go! You big fore headed bastard! I wanna go home! My mama needs me! Let me go!” “Shut up ingrate. You’re doing this for your mother don’t you get it?” the small black haired child would stop stuggling, finally breaking shiretsuna’s grip only to look up at him and point. “You promise?! If I do this me and my ma will be taken care of?! She works harder than anyone I know and I wanna do my part!” Shiretsuna would smirk and hold his hand out towards the young black haired male. “I will give you something. Something not only to help your mother, but the world at large. Just trust me.” The black haired kid would take Shiretsuna’s hand hesitantly and they’d walk off into the mist. Connor would’ve hand his hands on his hips and sighed. “Cool story bro. Where’s the happy ending eh?” “haha, I don’t think there is one for people like us.” The fog slowly started to clear as a voice broke through. It’s as if the mist disappeared on command. Connor would be able to see Yumi, or rather she’d be able to see him, and in reality they would’ve have moved very far from where they were originally. “You’re starting to piss me off…whoever you are..’ A black cloaked figure would emerge from a shadow along the ground. His outfit was literally one cloak, a fitted one with sleeves, and a hood that completely shadowed out his face but revealed one golden eye. (</p>

Connor would, start to roll his sleeves up.”I thought this shit only happened in animes…what mysterious organization do YOU hail from eh?” “huehuehuehue…” The figure would’ve folded it’s arms and laughed. “ You’re a smart…ass. A real foul mouth. That’s not exactly a social likeability.” “Bite me. Cut the crap, and reveal who you are already.” “Maybe…let’s make a game of it. You’re not to old for games now, are you kid?” a dark green ether would’ve fumed form the black cloaked figure. Connor narrowed his eyes. He’d reach up and begin unzipping the upper half of his jump suit, and stop it at the base of his mid section, only to let the sleeves and entire upper half falloff his body, and hang by his waist. His white wife beater cloathig his athletic body type, he’d spread his legs a little bit more than shoulder width apart, bending his arms at the elbow and glaring. The figure would keep talking. “Well good then. If you make me say uncle…I’ll let you in on an entire secret! Something that’ll rock.your. world. HOWEVER.” The figure would wave it’s finger. “If you lose, and I -c- [2/11/2015 3:05:54 PM] Double D: make you quit or render you unable to continue. Then you’ll only get a teeny tiny part of the secret. Got it memorized?” Connor would flick his nose with his thumb and take up a make shift fighting stance. Placing his right hand at his chin level, bent at the elbow and his left hand a little lower twaords his waist, also bent. “Let’s get it cracking!”////Leon////( ) Leon would’ve been walking with his hands I his pockets, looking from left and right around. He could see the clear prints left behind by the beast, but there were various other small details that some might miss. Tuffs of hair. Drops of blood. The over whelming stench of rotted flesh…the clues were there, it was now just a matter of going to find them. Leon walked for what seemed to be like minutes…until he came across a series of trees. “Hm. A development.” Leon would’ve run his hand down the 3 slash marks left in the trees. All of these trees had identical slash marks and blood stains accompanying them. Leon felt it with his left hand, the only hand he could feel with, and then proceeded down the path. He was being watched…as a figure stalked him from the tree tops above. His noise silenced completely averting all forms of detection that one could possibly use. Leon continued forward, as he’d clench his automail fist closed and let it reopen before reaching the end of the slash mark trail. Leon would then look to the ground to see some leaves. Just plain dark green leaves, contrasting the grass. They were everywhere of course, but these still had some dew on them. Leon would then step back a few steps and tilt his head up. “Alright…enough games. I know this isn’t the Bat Dogs doing…this was a sad attempt at misleading me.” Nothing answered. If anyone heard, they’d have just heard Leon seemingly talking to himself. “I don’t know the bat dog creature per say, but I do know of the breeds that make it up. Bats nor dogs, mark their territory with claw markings. Rhino’s do that, but dogs, most, travel in packs, animalistic nomads. Bats seek darker areas, neither of which this forest provide.” Leon would look in another direction. “If that doesn’t make this obvious, batdogs have 4 digits, not three. This however struck me as stupid.” Leon would point to the leaves on the ground. “These leaves still have dew on them. Morning dew. Call it along shot, but you had to have taken refuge high above the trees to even disturb the trees closest to the surface area of the tree line. Also. These leaves haven’t been remotely stepped on.” Leon would clench his fist. “Come out here….” ( ) “Ah…you’re no fun.” A man would drop down from the bushes. His face was covered by the hood he was wearing, shadowed out completely except for a glint of silver in his eye. “I thought I was going after an idiot…not a fucking private investigator.” The man took some steps forward towards Leon, and would reach his hand into the sleeve of his hanging cloak. “Well lucky you I don’t really like social interaction. One of those “men of few words” you feel me? So let’s keep it trill and quick. “ the man would remove his hand from his sleeve and as he did a dark purple glow would eminante from his sleeve before he’d pull out a looooooooong and thick blade. It looked odd…almost like some kind of a broad sword, but the handle was the shape of a gun’s handle. On closer examination, there were actually two barrels on each side of the blade, which looked like protrusions for a gun barrel. “A…Gunblade?” Leon looked at the weapon with a sort of envy….he was rather fond of it.(

) “You’re’s...” “Impressive? I know right. One of it’s kind good friend. Well-“ “It’s a bit impractical. “ “wh-what? How would you know, you’ve never even used it before!” “I’m willing to be on occasion your gun jams. It’s cause the massive bulky blade, probably interfears with the revolver style chamber, which leaves you lag time til you’re next shot. I’m gonna guess…by your posture, and how you’re arms are built, you’ve similar training to me. A swordsman. You probably don’t even use the gun aspect that much.” “……you know I’m. Going to kill you now. Right?” Leon would keep his hands in his pockets, and cross his feet. "It's nothing personal...."-e-

Harley: As Harley whined over the adorable blood thirsty animal that looked nothing like a baby in need of many snuggles and comfort she overheard Milisa speak behind her. She turned to look at her with a crazy wide smile. “Oh of course I want one! Look how cute he is! Aw, I wanna name him noodles.” Harley had a talent of seeing such terrible and horrible things and looking deep inside, way beyond past the scary shit and she found deeper meaning and beauty. It was a very amazing trait but also a curse since now she sees beauty on the outside as something hideous especially if they’re hideous on the inside. She giggled like a school girl but quickly her laughter was stopped short and her eyes widened. “Maybe even if we lose they’ll let us keep him! Oh I sure do hope so--- Or I mean… I can get him myself even if I don’t find him.” Her voice got serious and a bit eerie, the thoughts in her mind were definitely sick while she thought of ways to get her hands on the puppy, and the sneer grin that appeared on her lips shortly after didn’t help the eerie look she gave off already. “Oh boo, I hate competing without my toys!” She pouted her bright pink lips, the guy behind her over hearing her laughed. “Oh? Your toys? What kind of toys, do they… vibrate?” He snickered nudging his friends beside him, Harley laughed along with them and turned around to face them. “I don’t know! You wanna try them out with me sometime?” She grinned widely, her bright violet eyes looked psychotic and somewhat mind controlling if you stared at them for too long. The boys got nervous for their immature minds only thought dirty, meanwhile Harley of course was thinking which weapon she’d use to blow up their dicks. She didn’t seem very frustrated with stupid boys and their comments, I mean clearly she dealt with them pretty well, but boy will they be disappointed when they find out what she really means. “You’ll just need to sign a paper that’ll allow me to use your body anyway I want to!” She continued to smile and the boys got super excited. “Damn you must be into that kinky shit, and you look like a freak too! Hell yeah!” Harley smiled pinching one of their cheeks. “Perfect! So I’ll find you boys later.” She giggled looking to Milisa, she they knew thought she meant sex toys but she also knew they had no idea she meant it in a way different way. As they walked away she giggled once again. “Boys are so easy to manipulate! Goodie, now we have play toys Milisa!” She smiled clapping her hands together and jumping up and down as her long blue braid swayed behind her. “Oh but yes, let us participate! It’ll be fun.” She then heard her quote and tapped her chin. “That sounds about right.” She nodded, and stepped aside with her as a girl ran past them. She blinked doe eyed. “Ooooh, I would love to see that cute little munchkin feasting on the students, but let’s remember that poor animal is definitely already scared shitless, let’s not anger it too much.” She smiled and looked around with her big wide eyes. She proceeded to skip into the Garden of Eden like an excited child going to an amusement park hoping Milisa was right beside her as she skipped in excitedly. In the distance she heard a yelp and she paused, her eyes twitched a bit. “Did you hear that…?” She bit at her lip softly and she smiled once again. Her mouth gaped open slightly as he browsed around. “Hm…” She shrugged a bit and in the corner of her eye spotted a tall man with dark hair jumping up into a tree in the distance to catch the animal but instead was met with a puff of smoke. She tilted her head in amusement as he fell and disappeared into the garden since he was a bit farther away. She laughed softly. “This is gonna be so much fun!” She laughed as she continued to skip and paused suddenly. She heard a soft noise in the bushes and her eyes lingered all around but it was too hard to see since the fog was so thick… but she heard something and it irked her.

Kage: -( ) The foot came skinning down my forhead and right over my left eye as I just barely had enough time to back up. Still keeping my guard up, I watched him slam his foot into the ground putting him back in his original guard. As I paused not sure of how to react so this time I stepped whie throwing a jab moveing an inch forward, the jab missed but I knew it would not hit I just didnt want him comming at me while I tried to get in range. Ruby how ever was not having it, he burst forward as I braught the fist back and three a left but it skimmed right past m head, he then used that momentum to bring his leg up and snap right into my skull. I snapped my head to the side and the sheer force made me drop to my knee. Fresh blood dripped from the cut above my left eye. I leaned my head to the side so the blood would not get in my eye, the action caused me to realize the pain in my neck from the kick. I stood up and resumed my stance only to look to him and see he was already back in his. Ruby now puzzled me, he kept letting me get back up when he could easily finish it.-”Oi I aint no dead carcas for a buzzard like you to pick away at...fight me like im alive.”-He grinned.- “As you wish.”- With that he bucked down low and fired off a punch at my gut, I merlly had to twist slightly not even breaking my guard to absorb the blow. My arm tingled as the force of the blow numbed it, and pushed me back sending me skidding acroos the damp grass. I slidd to a hault dropping to my knee again as I stuggled to remain up right with one bad leg. I looked up to see a foot nearly end it there but I ducked and rolled under it riseing off of my knee I threw a savage right upper-cut, his momentum would have sent him flying into it letting it connect to his chin;however, he leaned back as he fell foward causeing me to miss. It was fine, I simply threw and strait jab connecting with his gut and snapping his body forward. I almost got in the grove...almost ready to fight but he used the force of my punch to help swing his body forward and sling shot his right fist forward right past my face as I turned my body off to the side causing it to miss I then rolled ducking down and swinging a left hook as I turned to the right. He jumped back but I simply pursued throwing straits and jabs to keep him at a distance. He couldn’t get a clean shot in against my guard and neither could I against his dodging. It went on like that for some time until I pushed him against a tree. As a boxer I was and am trained to corner my opponent and I now had him in range he could not go any where and so I moved in and threw a hook, he tried to move off to the side but I used a classic trick and over extended and grabbed his head throwing it by turning my full body weight to one side. I threw/hooked it right into a savage right upper-cut. His head exploded back up and into the tree trunk and I t-ed off. Sharp hooks and uppercuts every time he was sent stumbling one way Id send him the other and then bam. I over rotated with my back injury (the broken vertebra.) and falter in my pain. Its all it took for him to regain all the damage I had inflected. He ducked down and whipped his leg right into my bad one and I immediately crumpled.-”GODARRRRHHHHGGGGGG!”-I roared as I slumed down into an uppercut the hit sending me dizzy. He then grabbed a branch above him and pulled his body weight up kicking me with both legs in the face. I was put on my ass, or more painfully my back. I could only let out a weak moan as I lay there arching my back in tremendous pain not sure which to grab, my leg or back. He put a foot on my broken ribs and applied a decent amount force.- “AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!”-”Look the name is Jax. Id saty down this time and just listen.”-Jax paused and spit out a tooth and a wad of blood, I looked up at his face as it began to swell from my repeated punched but he didn't seemed fazed. I looked up at him with my one good eye, sturggleing against his foot despite the pain it caused.- “I figured you would still try, your just...chaos, with out order and you can’t function like that. You rebelios like I once was. Though that flame...that flame in your eyes I have to snuff it out, for your own good nothing will come off you simply fighting against order. You should join me… join the others we could show you order aply some...method to your madness we could use you.”-I could not beleive my ears infact I was infureated. Snuff out my flame...Method to my madness.- “If you dont get your fucking foot off of me...Im gonna rip it off… spare me that bull shit...your only saying that shit to make excusses for your not wanting freedom bad enough...or not taking it.”- “ Honestly I was hopeing you would fight still, cause Im gonna dragg you down and chain you to earth...lets see how you love your “freedom” then.”-I then decided to say one last thing before we resumed fighting.- “You cant hold me with chains...Im a natural born bolt cutter.”- With that he stomped my ribs and I reached up as I yelled out grabbing his ankle thinking to myself.-~I told you Id rip it off!~-I pulled down to the right and then to the left causeing him to trip over my body and I rolled onto my feet and started dragging him while I started twisting his ankel he yelled out when it broke, but I was not done yet I kept trying to twist but he rolled under him self and whipped his leg down makeing me let go or be thrown into the ground. He was now face up with his head at my feet. I relled back a punch and dropped on my goood knee aiming to punch his lights out. Another lightning fast kick fired off as he pulled his lower body over his head and clocked me one good. My vision began to blurr, which didnt help the fact that I had one eye filled with blood as well as a fog that seemed to be setting over the area. I could barely see him get up and throw a punch all the way from the “other side of the world” and he clocked me, I had never been hit so hard, by anything in my life. The punch launched me five feet back knocking me horizontal, and even before I could hit the ground he ran up to the side of me and punch my head down while I was in mid air causing my head to hit the ground with so much force I flipped twice before laying face down in the dirt. My head was spinning and I could not tell which way was up nor could I see as my vision blurred so terribly bad that I couldn't see. I couldn't even yell its like those two punches had shut down my bodily functions but I was aware. Aware to his cold even toned foot steps approaching me, aware to his icy grip grabbing be by my head lifting me off the ground and kneeing me in the gut. I wanted to I wanted to run I'd die in a fight like this there was little to no hope of winning at this

exact moment, and I counted the seconds which were all that was holding me awake. I knew if I endured long enough I might be able to stand and try to move, anything just...anything was better then the hell I was being put through.-

Akira: Akira would have kept walking while cyan and his brother came along though suddenly the creature was coming straight for Cyan and immediately Akira's eyes went void of emotion and his demeanor became cold and his body language became like that of a male lion when another lion comes into his territory. The sheer ferocity that poured off him was insane and his left arm would have began to grow bigger and large vein would have appeared on his arm and he was about to charge in to kill the creature though he stopped in his tracks when Cyan was standing there trying to calm the creature down and it seemed as if it was actually working, his eyes would then go back to normal and his arm would decrease in size going back to its original state and he'd then smile a bit though for some reason it didn't surprise him all that much if anyone could calm down a beast like that it'd be her, he'd then began to make his way over toward her though suddenly the beast would run off darting right in front of him though as it ran off Akira outstretched his hand and grabbed onto the side of the beast his body being slung right off the ground as he gripped the side of the beast once he got to a near by tree he'd let go , his body hitting the ground roughly sliding across the ground before he'd tuck his body causing him to roll right onto his feet and he'd take off right after the beast though the beast was out of sight it left a trail of broken branches and things of that sort begin so it wasn't to hard to follow and by the time he caught up he saw the beast dead on the ground yet he saw another one running through the trees and when he looked down the one that was on the ground before him was gone, He almost began to chase it but a familiar scent passed his nostrils it was the smell he knew all to well, though before his mind had the chance to process anything his eyes caught a glimpse of something above him and when he looked up he got the sole of a shoe directly in his face and his upper body bent backwards from the kick though his lower body didn't move an inch the male above that would have attack him would have literally been standing on his face in shock before he began to speak"Heh talk about crazy strength you actually took that blow and didn't budge and even crazier your holding my completely bid weight with just your lower back muscles" Akira would have then reached up with his left hand and grabbed onto the males ankle and literally whipped the males body through the air sending him into a tree, Akira would then wipe the blood from his nose"Thanks for the compliment now that thats out of the way mi d telling me who the hell you are" the male would then laugh before standing to his feet"you already know who I am" Akira eyes would shift slightly and just as he did the male charged at him closing the distance between them quickly and threw a right handed hook which Akira ducked under before swaying to his left dodging a knee.

Though soon as he swayed left he was about to counter though he was caught with and right hand to his cheekbone which sent his neck and hand one way while his body went the other which caused hellish pain to going through his neck though he managed to jump out of the way of the next blow the male threw his way, though the male was right back on him throwing pinches left and right , followed by kicks towards his hand mid section and legs which Akira was doing a good job of blocking though the male hand speed was overwhelming the guy wasn't overly fast in fact Akira could tell he was faster than him but the amount of pressure he put on with these end blows made it almost impossible to counter punch not to mention these guys punching speed, so Akira was reduced to defense blocking what he deemed to be the heavier blows while taking the lighter ones when he couldn't block them, Akira then ended up backing into a tree unknowingly and instantly the guys punches became even faster and not only that the blows where even heavier it was insane and Akira's body looked as if it was about to give out on him and his arms finally did and the male wasted no time delivering a hellish kick into Akira's chest, and he felt his rib crack and brake and he could tell his sternum was cracked though he didn't make a sound he just stood there with the males foot pinning him to the tree pushing harder and harder on his chest"That was pathetic heh I didn't even have to try hard" the male said while continuing to push on Akira's chest and the sounds of even more bones cracking was heard, and Akira just stood there pressed against the tree his body limp and unresponsive which seemed to piss the male off and suddenly the males knuckles would become studded"I know your still conscious" the male said but still got no response so the male began to punch Akira rapidly his fist digging into Akira's body repeatedly leaving puncture wounds through out his body some small and others large though still Akira done nothing, and the male would press his foot on Akira's chest again though this time repeatedly kicking him in the chest"Aggrhhh the hell you actually passed out tch your a disappointment so much for the angel of death I'll do you a favor and kill you now it'll save you the pain later on" the male said though just as he said those words Akira would have grabbed onto his ankle with his right hand( ) the lighting would have caused a shadow to drape over Akira's face as he stood there pressed against the tree , and suddenly two glowing red eyes would pierce the shadow over his face and the male would try to get away but Akira keep a grip on his ankle tightly so he couldn't move,"You know you talk a lot" Akira would say his voice deeper and whisper like and held a almost god like tone to it, and suddenly a loud crunch was heard and the male looked over at Akira's left arm and not only did it double in size [2/13/2015 12:38:42 AM] Keizumai"The Trouble Maker" Oda: But it changed, his arm turning white with a long dull dark red streak coming from the shoulder down to his hand and a small bone sticking out from vertically from the top of his shoulder about three to four inches"you talk a lot" Akira would say his voice deep and whisper like and held an almost godly tone to it, and the lighting would have caused a dark shadow to drape over most of Akira's face covering everything but the area around his mouth, and then out of no where two red eyes would pierce through the shadow and the male would try to run but Akira held on to him"Time for you to meet Amida(the Japanese god you meet after death)" Akira would then draw his arm back and launch it into the males chest"La Muerte!!" Akira would yell out and the males body would be sent flying backwards into a small tree his body going right through it and slamming into a thicker one his body bending unnaturally around it the sounds of crunching was a mixture of both his bones crushing and the tree creaking, Akira would have then took that opportunity to make a retreat , while the male laid there slumped down at the base of the tree his body looked distorted. Akira would have been bleeding pretty bad and his chest hurt like hell though nothing compared to his left arm , the process of it going back to normal was so intense that it was almost crippling, and Akira could feel every bone shift and expand and change and after about ten minutes his arm went back to normal and the pain was gone at least from his arm, Akira's other hand would have been pressed against his side clutching and pushing on the large puncture would on his side making his way back towards the school building-

Cyan: -She’d give a warm welcoming smile to the animal her hands still extended outwards as a gesture of peace to the creature hoping that it did understand that she truly meant it no harm, wanting nothing more than befriend it, if that was even possible at this point unaware of just how tense Akira has become behind her at the sight of it moving towards her but she could feel a negative shift in the air.- “Akira…its okay he won’t hurt me…will you lil guy?” -she coos softly to it her glowing lunar orbs peering down with such softness and kindness that would be pretty hard to doubt her words just by looking at bat-wolf moving towards her almost happy in pure relief that at least one of these brats understood that it was only trying to protect itself. But then suddenly out of no where it stopped its steps towards her and instantly diverted its path off into another direction just as Akira made its way over towards her. Cyan would suddenly become dazed and confused at the animals actions jumping up to her full height of 5’6 in order to run off after it, Akira already ahead of her as the trance she’d fallen under due to her strange power slowly starting to fade away back into her interior revealing a softer more calmer nature to the raven haired girl’s personality.- “Hey wait, where are you going lil one?” -she called out, listening out keenly for any sounds of the animals foot steps before looking down in order to see if there were any visible foot prints on the ground below to which their were a few most of which belongs to Akira himself, the others to the animal. Crouching low to the ground Cyan examined the dirt carefully with her delicate finger tips ascertaining that the track were fresh and knowing exactly where the bat-wolf went allowing her childhood friend to take the lead chasing the animal for a bit. Also hearing the two tussling like crazy some where off in a distance even from where she was.- “Akira! Don’t hurt him!” -she’d call out all in the hopes he would have some how heard her pleas on behalf of the animal knowing better than any one just how rough he could be as he didn’t have a clue about his strength at times shaking her head some as she remembered the last time the two of them wrestled one another. She’d almost ended up in the ICU thanks to the idiot allowing a soft chuckle to move pass her lips so that she could stand upright once more so she could following him calling out,- “Hey wait for me asshole or else you’re gonna loose something vital to it!” -but the moment that she got up onto her feet in order to give pursuit she quickly got a cold foreboding chill right now the center of her back that cause her to stop right dead in her tracks at about the same time the man in black along with his peers emerged from out of no where and with them a very un-natural fog to boot. Its presence alone was eerie and unsettling, and what was even worst no matter how hard she tried to move her body towards it, it wouldn’t budge at all! What was worst when she tries to do so for a third time it literally drags her backwards in the opposing direction once the fog begins to spread. ( One of the Ghosts did this )- “Hey what the…..” -she shrieks unable to believe her eyes at what’s happening here. It was as if something or someone within the very cords of nature or other worldly were warning her that she should not enter by holding on to her very essence. To Cyan it was alarming to say least after found herself in the spot she’d been in moments earlier when she was trying to call the animal to her. With nothing more to do than look on in dismay at the unknown veil that now shrouded the yard all Cyan could do was sit there and wait for Akira to either come back with or without the animal so he could show her around since this was her first time every staying on campus before completely unaware of the battle that was taking place beyond the dark veil.- [2/13/2015

Yumi: Yumi was keeping up rather well, making sure to keep close tabs on Connor since he’d be right behind the beast and she could catch up and beat him to it! She jumped passed trees and over bushes and tall grass before her gaze caught sight of Connor who was sliding to a stop!! She smirks, doing the same as she keeps up some dirt around them, locking eyes with him and cracking her knuckles. “What’s up Ryoji? Wanna go one on one eh?” He told her it was time to see which one even deserved to go after the monster and she scoffs, going to get in to her stance but he stops her, telling her to hold on. She blinks and straightens herself out, looking around calmly. “What is it?” She asks, wondering what was going on since she couldn’t really pick anything up around them. Suddenly Connor was attacked!! She hadn’t even seen or heard it! He might have heard the growl but she didn’t pick up on any of it which she found to be odd. What was worse? Connor headed right for it! “Wait Ryoji, don’t!” But he wouldn’t listen and the next thing she sees is the animal ripping in to him. She glares, screaming out as her hands become engulfed in flames. “OH HELL NO!” She didn’t pick a rival just to have him get eaten alive by some rabid infested animal on the first day! Just as she goes to attack, a fog settles in so thick it confuses her positioning and she frowns, shaking the confusion off. The bat beast vanishes and the body of Connor is no longer visible, making the girl uneasy. “What the fuck. Ryoji?! Where are you?! Are you dead, idiot! We haven’t fought yet!!” This wasn’t making any sense to her and the fog decides now to clear, blue hues catching sight of him again but he wasn’t as close as before. She goes to rush over to him but a fallen branch twice her size lands right in front of her! She jumps back, her hands still ignited and frowns fiercely, shifting sharp eyes to and fro to see who else was with her in the area. “You got my attention. Now what?” She speaks in an annoyed tone before a charming chuckle echoes through the piece of forest they’re in. That didn’t exactly answer her question and she begins to calm her anxiety, doing rather deep and controlled breathing. Just in time as a sharp broken off branch comes soaring right towards her back side but the girl does a complete split, so both legs are resting against the grass, bending her upper body forward so she was now fully laying down. The spiked branch pierces just a foot away from her and this one was on fire! She quickly pulls herself up as to not get licked by the flames, turning around to try and face her attacker. Not a second after the redhead does this, a man in a cloaked hoody appears before her with rather alarming sharp claw like fingers in purple gloves. “My little cherry bomb. Don’t give me such a nasty look.” The tone of voice was deep much so it could vibrate ones ears but that wasn’t what sunk Yumis stomach in cold shock. She knew exactly who it belonged to as she sneers. “Cade. The hell are you doing?! Trying to kill your own fiancé, I know we dislike each other but this is going a little far.” The cloaked figure removes the hood and exposes the truth to her suspicions. A tan male with spikey white hair shows himself to her and continues to chuckle as if uncaring that he was found out.

“Sshh, sweet heart. There are no need for harsh words! A man can’t see his beautiful bride to be? I wanted to surprise you!” Yumi scoffs and scowls with anger. “Such sweet words to come out of a serpents mouth. Fuck off, Cade.” Shit….this wasn’t going to go well at all. Though her parents frowned upon Yumi ever wanting to learn martial arts the opposite was said for her future husband. They found a man could do whatever he pleased and knowing Cade wanted to be taught kung fu they were so proud to have him as a future son…He didn’t disappoint. He too was a practitioner of tai-chi but she knew he was more advanced than she. Well fuck….

////With Milisa!!//// Milisa smiled wickedly as Harley teased and manipulated a rather daft boy into believing he was going to get something later. She’d like to be there for when that went down, please. Though Harley didn’t have any of her toys with her she’d make do with whatever she could and with that in mind she is off! Skipping with such joy! The purple haired student follows behind her, keeping up without a hitch….that was until a thick fog settled around them and Harley did not stop, Milisa losing her in the mist. She stops in her tracks, hand still curled around her only weapon and keeping it close to her side as she calls out softly. “Harley? It seems we have lost one another. Shriek if you’re dying, my pretty blue flower.” She did not want to lose her first living partner that did not mind her presence. But finding her would have to wait as a twig snaps in front of her and she is instantly put on high alert. “Ooohh you gonna cut me up with that knife?” A blonde woman comes from the fog, her hood around bare shoulders, with no intention of hiding who it was though Milisa had never seen her before. She wore a leather jacket underneath the cloak which she yanks off in shreds, showing off the rest of the rather revealing outfit. The knife wielder says nothing though a twisted smile continues to grow on the girls face. The blonde snorts at being ignored but gets over it, flipping golden locks of hair out of her view. “Well I don’t have all night. I have a date I need to attend after all.” “I suggest you cancel. After I have finished with you, your date will not find your face appealing anymore.” Milisa taunts which made the other fume and turn red before throwing her arm out and smirking. “You’re a mouthy bitch! Lets see how cute you are when I cut out your tongue.” Her fingers switch and morph into a metallic sharp point! The students’ eyes widen slightly as she tries to assess the situation. This blonde was indeed looking for a fight and though she was good with her custom weapon, any other weapon she did not enjoy using but at the moment she had no other choice. She didn’t know who this woman was or why she was attacking her but now was not the time to be asking pointless questions. “Lets see if you’re just as pretty on the inside.” Milisa further taunts which pushes the blonde to the edge as she shrieks at her and charges, Milisa doing the same with the knife drawn!!

Akiko: Running full force into the Garden of Eden, Alex moves close to the ground, hunting the beast. With the amount of people that ran into the woods, Alex was shocked to see that no one was around her. Coming to a slow jog, she listens for the beast, there is snapping of twigs and the rustling of bushes. Kneeling down in the wet, leafy grass; she peered through the bushes. What met her gaze were two glowing red eyes. “Woah, its ok, all I want is that lovely key dangling from your neck.” On the balls of her feet she lunges forward towards the beast. Just to find herself skidding face first into the muddy ground. “Oh just lovely.” Looking around, she tried to see where the beast had gone, there was no way that he could have moved that fast. But the beast was nowhere in sight, in its stead was a thin fog covering the ground and slowly rising up to engulf the trees. “Spoooky” Standing up and brushing the dirt from her knees and face, she knew that the beast that she was following was nothing but an illusion. But why? Was this still a trick put on by the Principle? No, he was mean but this must be the work of someone else. The fog grew thicker, becoming eerie as Alex spun around, watching the fog come at her from every direction.

“….So you walk around while my brother lies there like a vegetable….” Whipping around, Alex faces the direction from where the voice came from. “Who is there?” “….You know who this is….” The voice came from behind Alex, whipping around she tried to see who was talking but the fog was covering the area where she was standing. “Show your face you coward.” “….So soon you forget about the past…” Alex growled, not so amused by the fact that this person felt like this was all a game. “…But I remember everything…” The warm voice whispered the last few words into Alex’s ear. Reaching behind her, Alex gripped onto the hair of the female she feared most. The other female pushed away from Alex, ripping her own hair strands. Walking backwards away from Alex, the hooded female stood there, not taking her gaze away from Alex. As the female pulled her hood down, Alex came face to face with the sister of the boy that she sent to the hospital. //Flashback// Giggles came from the backyard, two children playing hide and go seek by the jungle gym. A 9 year old Alex was chancing a little boy around the yard “I found you!” “You have to tag me first” The boy screamed back to her. “That isn’t in the rules!” Alex ran and lunged forward, tackling the boy to the ground. Their giggles erupted even louder as then rolled around on the green grass. “I like you Alex” The boy blurted out in the middle of their game. “Well alright then” “Hey, don’t you like me too?” “Well I guess, I just always thought of you as my friend.” The boy leaned closer to Alex, placing his lips against hers. All of a sudden the boys face erupted into a pain stricken gaze. Alex doesn’t remember much after that; she remembers finding herself passed out on the grass as Ken’s parents were kneeling beside them. Ken was taken to the hospital and still resides there while being in a coma. At that time Alex did not know what she was. She had no idea she had the ability to take the life energy out of some. Ken was the first person she had done that to and ever since that day, the hunger grew each year. //Flashback Ended//

Now standing in front of her was the sister of Ken. “I saw the whole thing, the blue light being taken from my brother, you did it to him!” Screaming Mika took hold of a throwing knife from her belt and threw it towards Alex. With a swift movement, Alex was able to duck the attack but Mika was ready, with already another blade in hand she aimed it at Alex. Throwing the knife Alex rolled away from the attack but the blade dug deep into her calf. Groaning out in pain, Alex gripped onto the blade and pulled it out of her flesh. Hissing in pain she threw the knife back at the girl. The knife imbedded itself into her shoulder. “Damn you Alex.” With the blade still in her shoulder, Mika charged for Alex. Standing up Alex mustered up all of her strength and also charged for Mika. Both girls fists held up in the air, Alex’s fist made contact with Mika’s left cheek and Mika’s fist came up to punch Alex in the stomach. Both females back up away from each other, both taking hold of their wounds. “This is going to be fun” Mika said with a smirk. “I guess so” Alex said, rubbing her stomach.

Lucifer :

Lucifer panted heavily; His hands fixated through his own blood. His face beyond unrecognisable. “ FUSHUUUUU “ Went his competitor , with the tip of his boot swinging Lucifers way. Then came the sickening impact from the collision with Lucifers nose and that said boot Thus, blowing his body back a few feet causing him to crash through nearly a dozen trees. The young Creed, rolled across the grass. Sounds of mother natures gift to the surfacers began to snap crackle and pop beneath his weight. “ Say.. I am quite disappointed I was expecting more of a.. FIGHT ! “ The red headed menace shouted launching another heart stopping punch. Lucifer, was beat his arms render useless as he took the full assault of the blow. Then, memories began to flood back to him, Lucifer had been no bigger than 5 feet that night; the rain was heavy. But, even the rains, The rendering rage of the gods above him creating obstacles for his already unclear passageway failed to stop him. Every step he made, lights followed, they riddled the steps before him. Sounds, of leaves crunching beneath hurried boots and paws. The dogs growled, while huffing and puffing. “ He’s over there they shouted.” Little Lucifer, leapt from branch to branch attempting to evade his captors, “ No ! I dont wanna go back ! “ Lucifer cried before catching bolts to the back of the neck, his body suddenly rolled down a hill, his head meeting a sickening slam. Then, he was back to recent times. “ I don't want to go-..back.” He muttered.,,under the blood that showered his teeth and fractured jaw,. until finally feeling the heaviness of the red headed menace boot on his chest,, “ Please Don’t take me back.. “ Lucifer muttered. “ What in gods name are you muttering about ? “ Hitzagi questioned a bit curious now as he caught a firm grasp of Lucifers head., His head was caught like a simple ball in his hand. Hitzagi’s smile spoiled his crescent glare. Nothing more and god forbid anything less. “ You are weak, you don’t deserve to be one of us. you are a disgrace to your name .. your abilities, hell.. your every existence is a mistake. How does it feel to be weak ? to know you can’t save anyone let alone your self., hm ? How does it feel to know if the one person you loved was at the end of my blade and you wouldn’t know how to save her ? Tell me Lucifer.. how does it feel to be useless.. ? “ Hitzagi words sunk deep into Lucifers skin. He remembered as a child none of the elders gave him the time of day, “useless” a word he knew all too well.. A word, he’s learned to accept as a name..until, he was actually beaten of course.

Lucifers teeth began to sharpen as his eyes widened veins broke free around the awaken entity.. “ I.. am not WEAK ! “ Lucifer shouted , his blade broke free from between his knuckles but not with out a grunt skating through his soothing lips. Lucifer quickly planted his blade at Hitzagi’s neck. Hitzagis grasp loosened, his body wavered back. “ Shit ! “ he shouted Lucifer fell on all fours; Quickly lunging his foot out to remain at his built up momentum. Hitzagi took the full weight of his boot to the neck. Hitzagi body propelled back, Lucifer lunged forward, Directing his punch towards Hitzagi who quickly launched fis fist forward as well, allowing the two to have a sickening connection. Turning, to where they’d have their back turned to each other, both at the same instant would launch their elbow to which they’d both connect. Lucifer quickly converting his hands to the ground launching his knee at Hitzagi, but those simply met his forearm. ( ) Hitzagi’s feet studdered back. “ You’ve gotten faster and stronger, just what are you ? “ Hitzagi mumbled, Lucifer's eyes gave off a sinister verocity ( ) “ I am ,,, I am Lucifer.. Lucifer Creed ! “ Lu shouted launching a second ferocious blow.

Meanwhile, His feet rumbled the core of the earth; a more sinister sound.. than one of a dying heartbeat. All that his feet touched died.. His face buried beneath the shadows given to him by his hood. He snickered,l an eerie and sinister darkness followed him He could see the light from where he was standing, The one that gave him a clear passageway to the school, In that yard stood Shiretsuna and a few kids still to shook to run after the Bat-wolf. The man in black stood before his enemy; his cloak danced at the hands of the gentle winds, He quickly began to clear his throat, “ And to the Tyrant of a man; If Tyrants even deserve to be known as a man, more so a ragged dog.and Then the LORD said to Moses, "Go to Pharaoh and say to him, 'This is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: "Let my people go, so that they may worship For if you refuse to let them go and still hold them behold, the hand of the LORD will fall with a very severe plague upon your livestock that are in the field, the horses, the donkeys, the camels, the herds, and the flocks..,, your city will burn." the man in black opened his arms; men in red cloaks began to flood from the woods. All, with assault rifles in their grasp, they aimed it at the students who at this instance already soiled there pants. What a way to start a first day back ,eh ? Shiretsuna with his back against the wall gave the man a puzzled look. “.. What do you want .. ? “ Shiretsuna questioned him. “ I want to expose you, prove to these people you are a fraud; you are no king, you are weak a fool taking the role of god when you are no much of a man, how dare you ? Shiretsuna I want justice to be served your crimes and lies to these people will be brought to light. “ He said Shiretsuna chuckled, “ Get off of my property. “ He responded. The man in black nodded, “ how Predictable.. “ The man in black nodded at one of the men in Red; and at that instant a boy who was held at gunpoint from that said riflemen was shot dead point blank. “ His blood is on your hands, Shiretsuna. “ The man in Black smiled, before turning his back to Shiretsuna. “ Your time is running out… bodies will continue to fall, and for every body .. I want you to know it was your own fault, Shiretsuna of Shiretsuna academy. You will be held accountable, there blood will stain your hands forever. Remember this Shiretsuna..” The man said quickly disappearing in a puff of smoke. The man in black as wel as the students would have cleared the school grounds, Shiretsuna would have clenched his fist in pure frustration. “ Damn it… “

“ Don’t worry Lucifer.. we’re just running some test. “ She said, her voice held a melodic tone behind it so soothing. Lucifer had felt as if he fell in the arms of an angel, but what came next. Was no angels doing ? Why was her voice so angelic but her actions a complete opposite. 5 year old Lucifer would have been strung up to a machine. His body unable to be moved; Lucifer awakened to a group of people in white coats writing on their boards. Staring at Lucifer; They pressed buttons on their keyboard then began a countdown. And, as soon as they said “ One “ Lucifers body was caught in shock, volts being penetrated through his body. Then the monster was released, Lucifers eyes pure red, his blades punctured through his knuckled, Blood pinched it’s ends forming a puddle at the tip…. “ AGGGHHHHH ! “ Lucifer Cried. He was lost , in a world that showed him nothing but red; nothing but hate but what could he say. It was better then the darkness he was forced too. “ AGGGHHHH ! “ Lucifer cried, as he awakened in an opening field. A man stood above him, he looked like a tourist. A nice old man, with a calm and cool gestured; met Lucifers blades through the chest. “ NOO MOREEEE “ Lucifer shouted as he continued to ram his blades into the old mans chest. The mans eyes lost; fell onto his back allowing Lucifer to climb ontop of him as he continued to allow his blind range to take course of his actions. Continuing to claw at the man's insides; The man planted his dying hand on Lucifers chest, Then Lu stoped, his heart steady now. The veins around his eyes began to settle, Lu looked down to see a dying man and his blade riddled with blood, “ not again. “ Lucifer cried, tears ran down his cheek. He quickly picked up the man and gently laid him down in the comfort of his arms; “ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! “ he cried, Little did he know deep in the shadows remained Hitzagi, he snickered. “ My job here is done.” He softly said planting the hood over his head and disappearing into the shadows.


Connor: ( ) Connor would’ve looked at his mystery opponent and he’ d assume his mystery opponent was looking back. Connor would’ve been watching him. Studying his movements for everything they were worth…his keen sense of combat was kicking in…and then the guy starts running. “Huh? HEY!” Connor would start running parallel to his man! trying to keep pace with him! he was a we bit faster than him, and he’d had much better posture than Connor by a long shot, but Connor kept the faith up, letting himself use his body to whatever lengths he could to try and keep up with the guy! ( ) Connor flailed his arms, breathing through puffed lips in short “swo” breathes, trying to keep good cardio. “You getting tired already guy!?” the cloaked man would kick off of his right heel and dart towards Connor with his right hand drawn backwards and attempt to throw a punch! Connor would meet the charge and draw back his own right hand coming to meet the charge head on! both of their eyes widened as each of them had the word “counter”in their heads,, and when only a foot away from each other, Connor’s right hand would’ve been gripping his opponents left wrist, and his opponents right hand woud’ve been gripping connor’s left wrist! The two would look at each other before quickly disengaging and beginning to fight each other, with a series of trading and dodging blows. Connor would throw a right hook, only for it to be blocked by his hooded opponent who took a step back. That opponent using the same hand he blocked with to try and rock connor in the nose, but connor quickly pivoted, using his head to lean twoardfs his right side, letting the punch slide off of his left shoulder. In his now crouched position, he’d lower his right hand to the ground and push up in an attempt to deliever a fierce spnning roundhouse kick with his right leg towards his opponents jaw. The hooded man would duck his body , letting the kick pass over his head. ( ) Connor would catch himself, only to be caught in the face with a left hook! Connor shook it off and put his guard up.”This guys style is…odd. I can usually get a feel for it after the first few this but not this guy…” Connor would take steps back, avoiding and defectling each punch he could with the backs of his fist, but ah his opponents hitting speed was seemingly and strangely INCREASING. ( ) “you’re on the defensive end.” The hooded figure gave off a chesiere girn, before throwing a punch towards Connor’s nose! Connor would block the hit, or so he would’ve if he hadn’t just been faked out. The hooded man stopped his hand a few centemeters before it met Connors block, and he’d quickly girp Connor by the back of his neck and pull his forehead for a fierce knee! Connor took this knee head on (literally) and would push off of the hooded man’s upper body, only to try and use the temporary stun to move in with a reverse roundhouse kick using his left leg aiming to bash his heel against his right cheek! However the hooded man caught the foot as if it were nothing ( ) “Eh?” Connor raised his brows in shock. “I’m starting to think I don’t need to use my ether abitly here…” Connor would pull his foot away and attempt to throw a hoend two piece at the hooded man’s head to which he weved and threw two snap kicks with his right leg both connecting to connor’s left rib cage and the top of his left ear, causing him to double over a bit. ( ) Connor’s ear was ringing and his left eye was closed form the impact alone, and the follow up would’ve been a devastating back fist to the right side of his face that would send his body spiraing to his left and on the ground In a tumble. Connor would roll for a minute, trying to collect his thaughts on just what happened, as he’d place his hands on the ground and look up at the hodded male. The man would have his arms folded and be tapping his foot. “I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting.” Connor would move his jaw around and spit out some blood. Wiping it from his lip, he’d stand up, and pop his neck from side to side, rolling his shoulders before taking up his stance again. “C’mon then!” Connor would rush back in head first, and the hooded man would meet him! this time the two would clash fist! Connor using his right and his opponent using his left, as they two would strife around each other before clashing fist again! the hooded man went for a round house kick to which connor would’ve dodged by leaning his body to the side, letting the kick miss his upper half, and he’d recover using a flip, and attempt to kick his opponent with his right leg to which the hooded man would block with his left knee! ( ) “Not baaaaaad I see I just had to get you rilfed up eh!” the hooded man talked his trash, leaning in to catch connor in a muay thai clench! Connor’s eyes widened! He’d lost a fight to a guy who did this one time before and he wasn’t about to have a repeat experience! When the hooden man went t launch that first knee, Connor would block it with the palms of his hands, using that momentum to launch himself forward, and leap, placing his feet into his opponents abdomen as a makeshift stand, and grippng his opponents shoulders for extra grip. Connor would then bust into a friendzy of headbutts! Headbutting the hodded figure over and over and over again! “BOMP BOMP BOMP BOMP!” was all that could be heard, as Connor aimed to bash his skull repeatedly into the nose area of his opponent! “nyah! -c-

This isn’t martial arts!” the hooded figure spouted. “I know it’s called kickin’ yer ass!” the hooded figure tried to shrug connor off, but he had no avail!...that is until Connor suddenly felt a hand grip the back of his neck and the waist of his pants, and toss him way ward away into a tree! Connor’s back horizontally hit the tree and he fell to the ground groaing in pain, and rubbing his back. Peak human durability or not,pain is pain. Connor would stand up rubbing his back and a tad confused at what he was seeing…not sure if he was seeing double or not. The cloak of the man he was fighting had come off, to reveal…a boy? A young man more so, someone who couldn’t be that much older than he.he wore an odd attire…some kindof metallic vest, with matching guantlets. Baggy pants, which were tucked into some boots,and a sash around his waist. Like something out of a fucking video game. He had armor on in some assorted areas, and exposed arms, which were quite defined. Made connor feel a bit jelous. (

) “Damn, I didn’t mean to reveal myself…ah well..jigs up guy.” the other cloaked figure would’ve removed it’s cloak t reveal an exact duplicate of the man he’d been fighting. “This is my Ether ability. I can create physical living breathing copy of myself, to aid me in battle. seems useless yes? It kinda is..”he’d scratch his chin and smile. “At least it would be if the person being cloned wasn’t a trained fighter, and acrobat.” Suddenly pitter patters would be made through out the forest tree tops. Noises that sounded smilar to things going “poof’. That’s when copies of this man would literally begin raining down from the tree tops like a human rainstorm! Each of them falling and landing on the ground in a squat only to stand attention.


) Connor would look around, seemingly unintimidated. It was quite stupid that he wasn’t. Connor would look back at who he thought was the main. “That all the clones you wanna make?” They all laughed and Connor’s eyes would dart back and forth. “Trust me. 30 will be enough…more than enough. “ he’d raise his hand high above his head only to then wait with a dramtic pause….before uttering “Go.” And 6 of thee thrity clones would rush connor in a heartbeat! Connor would throw his guard up and instantly throw his elbow back, often finding it easier to take out the target behind you first to avoid getting a blind spot hurt. Connor would meet the bridge of the clones nose, only to then be judo flipped! Connor would flip his body with the momentum and land on his feet, twisting himself around and throwing a sidekick to the clones gut! This put some distance between then until connor would find both of his legs behind held to the ground and one of the clones would rock him with a flying knee! The metal hitting connor’s nose nearly breaking it, would make a loud “PING” as connor would fall flat on his back! “Shit!” Connor knew he was vulnerable, but he also knew he could turn this tide! He’d grip onto one of the clones legs, and trip him up, causing him to fall to the ground! Connor would then pull the body towards him only to roll over it and stand himself back up, throwing a right and left haymaker towards two clones side by side! The hey makers missed completely, and Connor would be dropped kicked in his back, tossed aside and would fall face first to the ground! “HAHAHAHAHA!” the clones would laugh in unison at Connor before he quickly picked himself up and looked around…so many of them…and Connor would growl. “I’m gonna get you..making a fool out of me eh?” Connor would crack the knuckles of his right hand before extending his right pointer finger out and thirst thumb. Using his left hand to grip his right wrist, he’d focus his ether on the end of his finger to reveal a glowing blue ball of ether, being gathered there. “2 shots…can’t even miss one…” The clones would all start menacingly walking towards connor and Connor would smirk. Pointing the blue ball towards the crowd before the guys would look sideways at Connor with surprise. “…Bang.” Connor would release a blue basketball sized ball from the tip of his finger! The clones expressions changgd and some managed to dodge, but the ones that didn’t would’ve had literally chunks of their flesh incinerated and blasted from their mid sections! Bloods splattering the green grass and falling everywhere! Connor nailed about 7 of them, but the other one’s had cleared the path! The ball collided with a tree, knocking nice sized hole in it enough to send the tree toppling over! Connor would smirk and blow the smoke from his finger. “Even if I go down…I still got 7 points under my belt.” ////Leon//// The man with the gun blade would’ve begun spinning it in his hand, wildly, tossing it up and twirling it around with little to any repercussion. Leon merely stared at the man, his hands in his pockets as he waited for him to make a move. “You’re not the offensive type are ya kid?”the hooded males spoke. “I actually am. The fact remains that you have a sword and I myself do not. It would be most unwise to charge in thinking I have the advantage when I do not.” “ohhoHO. Is the fear getting to you?” “No.” “Yes it’s okay to be scared little fella…I understand.” “I’m…really not.” “Tell you what. Here ya go.” “the hooded man would pull another sword out of his sleeve, but this time it was a regular katana. He’d toss it to Leon, and Leon would catch it with the utmost grace using his right hand. “Feel better? Less shaking in your boots?” “….” Leon said nothing this time,, before he’d grab the sheath of the blade with his left hand tucking I t by his left side, and grabbing the handle of the sword with his right hand. He could feel it…the measurements of the blade without -c-

even drawing it . how subtle the weight was. It was heavy enough to do damage, but for Leon’s strength it would only be used fluently by Leon. He’d draw the sword and let only a bit of the blade hang out…giving his opponent something akin to a death glare. ( ) “Heh...let’s go!” the hooded man shouted and one he let that go, it was on! Leon would’ve ran towards him, drawing t he blade out fully, and tucking his arm back so half of the blade would be behind his head and the other would be beside his face in a dashing like pose. The hooded man ran towards him with his gun blade held backwards and the two met in the middle with a clash of steel! “SHING” The two would match strengths for a minute. “Well aren’t YOU strong?’ “Stronger than you think”. Leon replied as he’d parry off of the man and come in, stepping his right foot forward and throwing a left and right horizontal sweep of the blade, aiming to cut his mid section. The hooded man parried these strikes with a single vertical positioning of his blade, holding it up side down, only to attempt to cleave a slash from this position shooting his blade upwards towards the center line of Leon’s body! “..” Leon diped to the left, pushing off of the ball of his right foot to do so avoding the stride of the large blade before coming in, with a 360 vertical slash from left to right, aiming his blade at his opponents jugular. Leon’s intention wasn’t’ actually to kill him, but rather to see how his opponent would handle his weak spots being attacked. The hooded man would hop back, centimeters enough to clear the path of the blade,before the two of them would begin trading sword strokes! ( ) sparks flying off of the collision of blade versus blade action, as leon used his experience against his new foe, who didn’t seem to let having a bigger sword slowdown his speed. “It’s odd…” Leon pondered. “that much weight on a blade would slow even me down.” Leon would parry another strike, causing his opponent to lift his hands above his head from the deflection. “I can do that…but when I go for the final blow..” Leon would go in for a clean horizontal slice attempting to end it all in one go! “SHIIIIING!” ( ) the counter the hooded man used this time was a bit different than before! Leon’s sword clashed with his blade, but his blade as stuck in the ground! The hooded man balancing on the handle of it with one hand as he’d spin his body around on the handle and clock leon right in the jaw with the heel of his left boot! “Kuh!” the sound effect Leon made as he was sent flyinig backwards, the sword in his hand as he tumbled along the ground! Leon stood up, and now had a nasty bruise on his jaw…Leon rubbed it. Fractured. Damn near could’ve been broken…whoever this guy was, he wasn’t trying to fight. He was trying to kill Leon…which was made more clear when he began shooting at Leon from a distance! One of the bullets grazed his bruised jaw, as Leon would’ve darted to the right and began running in a circular spirnt! The hooded man would wait a moment before shooting again, missing Leon and hitting a tree. “I was right…” Leon watched the hooded man as he spaced his shots out.”The blade interferes with the barrel…” Leon would roll behind a bigger tree while another shot made it’s way to the tree, going right above his head. Leon would close his eyes…listening to the man’s feet on the grass as he spoke. “What? We playing hide and seek now? Just let me kill you, and we can both go home. I can anyway.” “2….3….” Leon counted before the man shot another bullet. “1….2…..3…” the man shot again. “Three second time before the barrel roatates -c-

enough for another shot. Have to make that interval count for everything it’s worth….” Leon would’ve barrel rolled out on the ground, and looked dead at the hooded man as he pointed his gunblade at leon yet again. “Gotcha.”::slow motion:: Leon would’ve begun to run forward, watching only the man’s finger…the moment he saw the muscle tense in it, Leon would’ve gripped his suit jacket and thrown it up in front of his field of view and the hooded mans! “…damn.” The hooded man thought as his finger had already tensed to push the trigger. The bullet escaped the chamber and made it’s way towards Leon. Leon himself would be low to the ground in a strider like position. The blade being held by his left hand positioned at the hip as he dashed forward, the bullet passing through the jacket. Leon knew he’d gotten lucky and that he wouldn’t get another shot at this. “1..” Leon counted as he cleared the distance. The hooded man’s barrel began to rotate. “2…” Leon pushed his sprint forward now at regular height! His right hand hovering over the handle of the blade! The hooded man and leon both uttered in their minds “3”Another shot was fired! Leon took a bullet to the right shoulder however it pinged off much to the hooded man’s surprise. “wha?” “NOW!” with a low and gruff. “HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” Leon would draw the blade from the sheath in a battojutus like fashion attempting to completely cleave his man in half drawing the blade with his right arm! The hooded man’s reflexes were truly keen as he’d clash blades with leon posisitoning his own sword diagonally! The two would only clash blades for a single second however as suddenly a buzzing and whirring noise could be heard coming from leon’s right arm…his automail arm. Leon's automail arm is specfied as having a skeletal system composed of light weight steel alloy, while theoutter armor plating is made out of layered steel, not nessicarily with spaces or gaps between each layer, but stacked so peircing objects like bullets and blades having trouble outright peircing the arm itself. The grove of the automail has aerodynamic disigns and carefully placed gaps in it's the design to allow air to pass through actually making it faster than leon's flesh and bone left arm. It should also e noted this automail limb is equiped with a pressurized motor system, that when activated via the nerve bundles connecting the arm, that when nessecary can give leon temporary Enhanced Strength. This is by the motor either pushiing and pumping the skeletal structure along the groves, and creating an opposing force on said object (i.e whatever leon might be trying to lift) or by the motor retracting the elbow section of the arm, causing a small cylnder on the elbow of leon's automail arm to "jut out" only to then be tracted back, by the motor pulling the cylnder in reverse, to create a balistic effect to Leon's punches, similar to Big O's ballistic arms. This however is not a reusable function as Leon will be able to only to this twice per battle situation (twice per day for rp purposes). The motor in Leon’s arm would be running full blast giving his arm enhanced strength! Leon’s blade would literally cut and crack threw the thick broadswoard, causing multiple cracks until not only did Leon cleave the blade in half but he’d managed to sweep the hooded man with a clean left to right diagonal slash across his chest! sending his body soaring backwards, as Leon unleashed the wrath of his furious battojutsu sword style! (Swordplay_gif_%282%29.gif ) The hooded man would grunt before flipping a couple of times in the air, and leaning back to shoot at Leon a few times! Leon turned around, only to have a bullet lodge itself in the back of his right calf, and one clean through the left side of his abdomen. “kuh!” Leon would’ve staggered forward, limping over to and leaning on a tree. The hooded man landed…once he did his cloak would have a rather large slash in it, as it would’ve drapped down from his body and landed on the ground. A man now stood before leon wearing a long sleeve badge trench coat. He had -c-

short slicked back blonde hair with a scar on his nose and green eyes. ( ) “Impressive kid. You’ve got…an automail don’t you. A tricked out one no doubt…that was carbon steel you just sliced. And my favorite fucking blade.” The blonde mail would hold the broken blade iin his hand. “At least you fixed my bullet chamber problem.” He’d pull out another six bullets and pop them into the revolver style chamber. Leon would grunt a bit leaning against the tree and holding the bullet wound on his abdomen. “Hit ya didn’t I? in and out, the best type of shot you get. Think I ruptured your intestines, I’d wager. No matter. I’m gonna end you. Kinda my thing” Leon would focus…clearing his mind….using his ether ability….”Okay…analyze. gun shot wound to the abdomen. manageable when I stop the bleeding…back of my calf…tolerable. Okay.” Leon would rip the sleeve off of where his automail arm was revealing a jet black sleek metal arm. When he uses the motor, the synthetic spray steams off as the arm itself releases steam as it sits there. Leon would pull himself up and stand up straight, looking at the blonde male. Leon would say not a word as he’d put the sword back in it’s sheath and turn his back towards his opponent. Holding the sheath with his left hand, and keeping the blade on his left hip, while letting his right hand hover over the handle, spreading his legs a little over shoulder width and glaring at his opponent. The blonde haired male would narrow his gaze. “Hm…did he just get better?”////Back with Connor/// “So that’s your ether ability eh? Pretty…good. Impractical but good. How many times can you shoot that thing?” Connor would lick his lips and smirk. “Enough to take all you guys out!” “Highly doubt that kid. Well, it’s time to bring this thing to a close! Sick em me-“ The boy would’ve tilted his head up and his ear’s would’ve twitched. “Hm….incoming assistance. Cops. Interpol looks like it.” the clones would start to poof away and the smoke would all make itt’s way towards the kids body, seemingly going in through his pores. He’d then look back at Connor and hold up a switch that looked like a form of detonator. Connor raised a brow at the guy and tilted his head. “That’s…..some switch you got there.” “Don’t be so dim, it’s a detonater. Like the ones you see in the movies? Yeah my clones can make clones and I had a few of them stick to the originalplan of rigging this forest up with some fireworks. Celebrating the kids coming back and all that jazz.” Connor would reach a hand towards him. “Whoa! This is between me and you yo! Not everone else?” the kid would wave his finger at Connor. “oh ho hoooo but it’s quite the opposite. You see you’re just one piece of the puzzle. A pawn. What happened to you years ago is about to come back fullllllllllllll swing.” Connor growled. “The hell are you talking about?” “Just ask about “project: EX-SEED.” You’ll find out. Til then.” The boy would salute Connor before pushing the detonator. Suddenly in various areas of the forrest large and massive explosions would begin to go off that would have enough force to knock a crowd of people 20 feet away! If anyone was hit or caught in one they’d be sent flying or possibly hit by some stray debries! Connor was one of the unlucky ones to get blasted away point blank range , his body flung through the air like a rag doll. Even with his natural tough nature, explosions don’t come easy. His ears were ringing and he was disoriented as his body collided with a tree trunk and he went limp. A grunt could be heard before he lay face first in the dirt with some charring on his face. Leon on the other hand would’ve been running, dodging and darting through trees when he himself heard the explooins and so did the hooded man pursuing him. “Explosions? Here?” the blonde male would stop in his tracks,, as Leon dove down to the ground, turning around to face him, with the sword held horizontal. The blonde male would shrug. “You lucked out. That’s my cue looks like it. til next time Ryoji.” “How do you know my name.” “how could I not? We’re both Exceeds…creams of the crop and what not. See you.” The blonde maie’s body would sink -c- into a shadow and seemingly disappear. Smoke was beginning to fill the forest quickly and fires were erupting all over the place! Leon would watch as the man ran away…only to pull something out of his pocket. It was…the man’s wallet. “Yes….see you around indeed.” Leon would tuck the wallet back into his pocket and begin making his way towards the outside of the forest. Sirens could be heard from a distance as IPD agents rode in sleek black and white colored chargers, tricked out of course, and the fire department not very far behind! 10 vehicles total, 5 to each faction as they flooded the academy roads and quickly made way to the forest. Takng the lead a young woman with silver hair would step out of the vehicile driver side and slam the door shut. She had on a tight white leather outfit,with a black trench coat around it. a white headband supporting her silver locks as she pointed at the forest. “All units, strom the forest and search for any surviving students and or civillians. I want them alive, the best emergency medical they can get. Fire units, activate Cryo-hydro fusion pumps and begin targeting and putting out those fires.” Another man would walk up beside the silver haired woman and speak. “M’am, may I suggest the glide units for the fire squad. Cover more ground from above.” She’d nod. “you heard the man, let’s get a move on.” the fire squad Immidiately went to work. Each fire man put on a special gliding suit, and using the fans built into the boots, they’d each take off into the sky, deploying a special chemical compound of liquid nitrogen, but more so liquid, and pouring it into the select areas that were ignited. By this time if a student hadn’t made it out, they’d have been found by an officer at this time and escorted out where they’d receive a full medical check up. Connor luckily was hoisted over an IPD officers shouder and placed on a stretcher and carried out. They began strapping wires to him,moitoring his vitals. In that moment Connor thought about what the kid said to him. “Project…EX-SEED. “ the flashback Connor thought he saw played through his head as while he was being treated he couldn’t help but wonder weather it was connected or not. Leon would’ve emerged from the forest walking with his hands in his pockets, and the sheated sword resting on his shoulder while being held in his right hand. He’d catch glimpse of his brother being treated….and scoff. “Weak.” He’d look straight ahead, deciding to head back to the dorm. A couple of medics attempted to stop leon, but he turned them down. “Please sir, let us take a look at your vitals.” “I’m fine…focus on the people that need it.” Leon would feel a hand on his shoulder. It was Marie, approaching him now. “You alright son? You look pretty banged up with those gunshot wounds. Let the men at least get that bullet out of your calf.” Leon had almost forgotten it was there. The enhanced endurance put him in a low running setting and he could tolerate numerous amounts of pain,even at times forget it.”Ah…you’re right. Fine.” Marie would signal for more medics to come and look at Leon’s wounds. By this time all students should be crowded outside of the forest by now in the same area they started with. Possibly awaiting Shiretsuna to say something. Vice principal cruso would go around checking on students as well.-e- Harlee: This place was creepy and it gave Harley chills, good chills. She felt something was up... something strange. “Hey Mili—“ She paused looking around, she seemed to have lost her pal. “Oh no! Milisa? Woopsie.” She giggled softly as she heard a distant call for her. Harley tilted her head in confusion as she was about to turn around to find Milisa she heard the bushes rustle once again and soft footsteps behind her. A smile softly appeared on Harley’s lips. She knew there was someone there but she wanted to wait and see how long they would realize that she knew the whole time. Finally Harley turned to look at them with two small hand guns in each of her hands holding them at the two twins that stood before her in a fighting stance. One boy and one girl with wide blue eyes hidden in their dark cloaks you could see the girls long white hair peeking from the hood of her cloak and the boys black hair as well they looked identical except for the hair color, both very beautiful twins too bad they attacked out of knowhere and teaming up after Harley! Bad choice. They both stayed quiet looking straight into the gun. “You know, it’s not very nice sneaking up on people like that! You could… get really hurt..” Harley smirked cocking the gun but before she could shoot they both jumped up over her shoulder and kicked the guns right from her hands. “Oh my! Acrobatics! How fun.” Harley clapped as she giggled. The two twins glared up at her. “Fighting isn’t for fun foolish girl.” The girl said in a monotone voice. Harley gasped covering her mouth in astonishment. “What have you been thinking all your life!? I must teach you a lesson.” Harley smiled reaching into the back pocket, she pulled out a small smoke bomb throwing it at them, they coughed like crazy unable to see as Harley giggled twirling around them, the smoke and fog mixing made it almost impossible for them to see her, although as she twirled around them they spotted a blue braid from time to time. Harley then stopped short and continued to smile big. “Now, let’s play! Shall we kids?” Hey crazy violet eyes locked onto them both as they looked around for her blue braid they spotted once in a while, she jumped onto both the twins one foot on the girls shoulder and her other foot on the boys shoulder and knocked both their heads together. They got dizzy and frustrated as they let out a slight growl at the same time. “Man! Playing fair is way more fun isn’t it? I just wish you gave me a warning you were coming.” Harley teased jumping off the dizzy twins now. “I would have brought my toys to play with you guys.” She smirked picking up the two guns they had kicked. The boy then smirked at her. Harley was confused at his smirk. “Finally a smil—“ She was cut off as a long rope that the girl had thrown towards Harley’s ankle and tugged it forward towards the twins, Harley dropped her guns once again and fell back sliding towards them. She yelped softly and kickly she threw her hands back forcing her body into a bridge and back into a backwards handstand causing the girl who held onto the rope to fling over Harley’s body and the rope on her ankle flung her over, Harley now stood up straight as the girl collapsed behind her. The boy scurried over to his sister that was literally flung over her. Harley walked towards them slowly with the rope on her ankle, she untied it as she walked towards them and leaned over to them. “Why are you here attacking me, and where’s the puppy?” She ordered with a bit wacky smile and glowing violet eyes and she swung the rope on her side.

Kage: -I lay on the ground though not of my free will, my blurred vision began to clear and I had now regained my ability to since but I still could not get up. It seemed this Jax guy wanted to take his time beating the shit out of me.-”Get up...Kage...No one gave you permission to rest.”-:::( ) I remembered suddenly about a time I when I was younger much younger. I remember a white room, in which I was kneeled down chains attached to my arms which held them down so close to the floor I could not attempt to stand.-”Don't worry Kage were going to give you a shot now, so you can be like the other don't want to be left out do you?”-Some lady knelt down in front of me a warm smile on her face even at my incredibly young age I didn't respond...not out of aggression or attitude but I remember clearly the sensation of fear.-”See, I didn't think so.”- She stood up and walked away from me and beyond to perimeter of a large yellow and black ring around me. The sound of a machine behind me turned on creating a buzzing noise like a drill.-”NO! STOP! I DONT WANNA, NO!”-I cried out and struggled to loosen my bonds a creaking sounded as one of the chain’s links on my left hand began to bend and warp until, SNAP I grabbed my other arm and began pulling but before I could get out something slammed into my back pinning me. Then a stinging sensation like fire began at the base of my neck before spreading through my whole body.-”NOOOO!.”-I pushed up against what ever force it was that was hold me, lifting it just enough for me to getting a footing and dash out from under it ripping what ever was in my neck out as well as breaking the chain on my right ram at the expense of my wrist, time slowing down as I charged forward anger welling up inside of me, then in a flash of red lights and sirens I blacked out. I woke up one morning water surrounding me in the form of puddles as half my body was under some debris. I looked up to see blue skies, clouds, and the sun. I remember the colors being so bright they stung my eyes. I remember feeling as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I took in a breath despite my aching body and I get the feeling from the memory that for the first time in my life I was “free”.::: Then the memory left and hung at the back of my mind or at least that feeling of freedom did, it hung there like a mother not wishing to see her child go, like the after taste of something sweet.- “Get up Kage I wont tell you again.”- I looked up suddenly an emotion hit me that I can not describe, the closes thing I can put on it is the feeling of starvation but food is only a few feet away, extreme wanting is the feeling as best I can describe it.- “FREE-DOM!”- I shouted at the top of my lungs as I struggled to my feet.- “Oh so you're not de…”-I rocked Jax in the face before he could finish his sentence, straight right hand. His head snapped back from the force of the blow. He snapped back only to find I was no longer there.- “Where?”-”RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”-I yelled as I had turned my body to the side swinging a fist in an upward direction putting as much force as I could into it as I launched my body upward into a standing position amplifying the force. Everything slowed as I saw him looking down every detail of his swollen face and bloodied lips. His face was contorted with anger, annoyance, and a bit of surprise. I didn't blame him it was not me moving my body or it didn't seem like it I didn't think I could even move currently, I myself was surprised with my own sudden vigor. A savage left uppercut (

) connected with his chin, my vision still slowed allowing me to see the gruesome sight of my knuckles being pushed back into my hand and my wrist being dislocated as it pushed unnaturally hard against the bone in my forearm causing them to snap even with my durability. Jax’s jaw dislocated itself as to force of the punch gave him an under bite and broke several of his teeth, the shards rattling in his mouth causing blood to fly out of his mouth and straight up into the air. His skull moved faster than his skin causing everything in his head that was not bone to momentarily stay in the same spot before snapping up along with his head. His body began to fall back but suddenly he stopped at a 90 degree bend in his knee holding himself up. I was stunned but again I reacted without thinking and reeled back a my right hand and swung with all my might downward connecting with his forehead forcing his dome into the ground (

) , there was a loud crunch as my hand and arm buckled and snapped similarly to my left arm. I didn't even look to see him fall as the motion from my second swing sent me down on the ground again. This time I did not stand back up I let myself lay there in comfort and almost giddy with the fact I had won, I didn't have to fight, didn't have to run, in fact I figured I could even lay there and sleep a bit.-Rustle, rustle.- I looked over to my left to see Jax getting back up. any moral I had left was instantly crushed, it was not possible, it couldn't be possible I refused to accept it, yet there he was getting his ass up off the ground and I lay there stunned, all my energy was gone and I was in too much pain to even think about getting up. He stood up completely his jaw hanging from his skull, blood dripping from his open mouth like drool and his forehead was pushed in some. He looked down at me and took a step...he staggered surprise hitting his face like I had hit it only seconds ago as if he just realized he had been hit he stumbled backwards and with much effort tried to stay upright...He could not and as a result he fell down and I suspect he was out cold, but not dead. It didn't matter to me though because I soon joined him, as he was no longer a threat I let my body rest and eventually I was pulled into a deep sleep.