Escaping The TrumaEdit

Gri: “You know it pains me to do this to you…I love you. But I have a higher purpose to see through.” Cade began all the while his knuckles cracked and he prepared for a fight. Higher purpose? The hell was this guy going on about?? “My parents won’t think very well of you when they find out you tried to kill me.” Yumi tried, but he called her on her bluff with a laugh. “As if you’d tell them. So they find out what you are? A freak…a monster like me.” “Speak for yourself.” Yumi snapped before igniting her fists in flames hoping it would intimidate him but there was only one problem…Cade watches this and smirks, igniting his own gloved hands in flames, these much bigger than hers. “You’re playing with fire, sweetie…but mines hotter.” The redhead glares at her fiancé and gets in to a stance…there was no way out of this. She was going to have to fight her betrothed much to her dismay and without any more hesitation the two shift into blurs and head right for the other!! This wasn’t a means for offense, Yumi knew Cade well enough to see he wanted to do damage so she’d have to up her defense ten fold. The tanned male begins to throw palm strikes to her abdomen but she bends her knees and throws her hands out to block and deflect his strikes with the sides, eyes narrowed and focused on the flow of his movements. The two are fast!! Though Cade was more experienced, he showed it by speeding up his movements, giving Yumi some difficulty on deflecting and dodging the violent swing of his assaults! It helped that she could take the heat of his flames on her own hands seeing as they were also in flames but any other part of her was not so lucky as Cade throws a knee strikes to her chest. Yumi throws her hands in front of her to catch the knee and absorb the blow in to her core so it didn’t send her flying but it was all he needed to keep the momentum going, pushing further back before sending a tai-chi hook right to her cheek, slamming it into her and sending her soaring back!! She hisses at the burning on her face and catches herself, sliding her heels in to the ground. Damn that shit stung badly!! “I’m sorry baby…I shouldn’t hurt the best feature you got. Don’t wanna leave any ugly scars!” Cade mocked as he began to approach her with a demonic gleam in his eyes. Yumi wasn’t going to let him get away with making a fool of her but there was nothing else that could be done because a second after the fact explosions began to erupt all over the place!! Her eyes widen in surprise before looking to Cade for some sort of explanation. “What did you do?!” Cade frowned, placing his cloak back on his person as well as the hood. “Hm what a disappointment, I wanted more time with you. Well I wasn’t going to kill you but still…putting you in your place would have been nice. Until next time, beloved.” Yumi growls under her breath going to attack him but another eruption knocks her down to her knees and she gazes up quickly only to see him vanished! “Cade…you bastard.” This was the man she’d be forced to marry….if that happened she’d have to sleep with one eye open the rest of her life and she wasn’t about that life. Now wasn’t the time to think upon such things as one of the many trees fell around her in a brush fire but she wouldn’t allow the heat to bother her, giving the situation a glare. “Ryoji…you better not be dead.” ////Meanwhile!!!///Milisa clashes her knife with the girls metallic arm/weapon. It seemed she could manipulate her limbs into sharp points of metal which was giving Milisa a bit of a struggle without her custom weapon. The two had gone at it for what seemed like a while now but the blonde would not falter though Milisa did not plan on doing so either, moving quicker and quicker as the blade dances in her grasp, flicking her wrist to and fro with blinding slashes! The blonde is just as quick to react, throwing her arm/weapon out in front to protect the goods all with a confident smirk and snappy attitude. “Come on bitch! Wheres that smart mouth?!” Milisa pushes her off of the knife and takes a couple of steps back, catching her breath. She honestly didn’t want to go a 100 percent with this girl, she knew things….killing her would do no good but it wasn’t as if she could capture her and torture her for some answers…or maybe she could? Milisas eyes narrow before glowing red as she takes a much more powerful stance though the opponent scoffs and is unphased. “Oh is the wittle knife user getting all sewious?? Brrr I’m shivering in my boots I’m sooooo scared!!” Milisa said nothing to this and tightened her hold on the knife, taking a step forward before almost vanishing!! The blonde flinches in surprise and holds her arm up in time to catch the blade coming right for her, the impact was enough to knock her back as sparks ignite and go flying into her face, shocking her. “What the fuck?!” The strange girl says nothing to her surprise, slicing away from her arm only to murmur. “Thousand page slice…” Her offense becomes faster, Milisas arm flying in all sorts of directions as if she had more than one hand cutting away, moving so fast it left an after image of the swing and before long there were hundreds of after images of the swings, the blonde struggling to keep up before finally the knife knicks through the metal and she cries out, her defense now down as she becomes covered in cuts and slashes, blood gushing out from each and everyone!! Milisa was in her trance, no end in sight she was ready to kill the blonde just to end this but an explosion right beside them stops her as the two women get sent into the air! Only one lands on her feet while the other flips into some bushes and is knocked out. For those who wondered which was which well….Milisa is the one to land on her feet while watching the blonde crash into the shrubs in a bleeding frenzy of cuts all over her. The entire garden was going up in flames and it was exactly what Milisa needed to make this work….Her glasses give off a glare so her eyes are hidden as a gleaming smile is all that could be seen from the strange girl. “Heh…you will be donating your body for science, miss. This will give your life more meaning…” Making her way over she takes the girls wrist and with some resistance throws the knocked out blonde over her shoulder. Thankfully the girl was skinny and didn’t weigh much thankfully though because of her synergy she was able to hold up her weapon which was not as light as a feather so a blonde bimbo wouldn’t be much trouble…

Cheyenne: Cyan made several more attempts to try and enter the fog in order find Akira as the day was starting to set in and she really needed to report to her dormitory or else be marked as a no show. But like the first time she was always drugged away by a pair of unseen hands. Now like most who attended the school Cyan had heard the tales that the school was haunted and such but hadn't encountered any of the specters for herself, as if she really believed in any of it to begin with. Still she couldn't shake the facts that someone or something didn't really want her in those woods. "Hmm I wonder....if I can.." she'd think to herself gathering her feet up under her body again in order to stand as the last attempt to enter within got her knocked back onto his ass. "Nah. But it is worth a try...and it sure in hell beats waiting around here all day..." She immediately went off to dismiss the ideal if what her mother said about their family was even true to being with...that they were shamans, those who were believed to be able to speak to the dead and be bridges to the other side for living as moved once more in direction of the fog. Not to enter it directly as she had of course but try to take another approach to matter. Or rather use her ability to get a bit of help in neutralizing it from the elements themselves. Lowering her eyes Cyan permits her mind to slip into an empty state of consciousness void of thought and desire thus enabling her to enter a state that those of the Apache call, "the gate" the sacred doorway between one's self and spirit world her feet taking one step after another in direction of the foggy forest before her with both of her arms slowly coming forward from her sides so that the palms of her hand were face out in front her as Cyan concentrated on drawing forth what part of her shaman like power as she could in order pull off what she believed would be a simple purification right that in truth wasn't really necessary at all. For the moment the raven haired got close in range with the aura of a sea greenish hue encompassing her hands a strange wind blew by the young woman's body driving some of the fog back giving Cyan a somewhat clear eye view of what lay  beyond it once she reopened her glowing blue moon colour eyes and entered inside. The pathway seeming to stay opened as Cyan ventured forth under a pair of very watchful eyes from within the trees as the winds continued to blow passionately to their own flow as if they were being controlled. ///////Akemi/////// A girl a bit younger than the one who was below dressed in a long flowing kimono watched with great intrigued as Cyan made her way through the woods on mission to find the one she remembered as her 'new best friend' no doubt, her own dark violet hair blowing in the bellows of the wind that she herself was helping to create while rolling her silver colored orbs at the thought of Akira Tetsusiaga the man that forced she and Cyan to part ways as B.F.F.s back when they were little kids. "Hmph even after all the  trouble I went through to make sure she and I shared what was our old room together Cheyenne still comes barging into the boss' trap to save the likes of him instead of trying to find me. I tell you now it isn't fair!" The girl grumbles gruffly under her breath crossing her arms over her chest like spoiled little princess hearing Cyan calling out Akira's name against the gusts of the breeze but not getting any answer in return which in return somewhat pleased her as sat on the branches of a large oak tree over head. "Well no matter, God has promised me that if I do the task given me right that I will get Cyan back as my reward and Akira's head on a pike. Now that would be very lovely. " she muses to herself considering to do as the others had by meeting up with her old childhood friend in order to catch up on old times but in the end Akemi wagered she'd wait it out instead just see if indeed Cheyenne would in fact remember her on her own in time, that way they could be good friends again rather than enemies. <c>/////Back to Cyan////  Though her tromp through the terrain wasn’t a walk in the park the raven haired beauty still managed to keep in barings calling out the name of her friend all the while looking around for any sign of him along with the animal they both were chasing earlier or anything that remotely looked close to a person for that matter as the area was barely recognizable in the fog. Hell Cyan was starting to think she wasn’t even in the school’s main garden any more as she suddenly trips over several branches that were laying in the wake of the path she was trying to walk on before allowing her moon blue orbs to look upwards in order to see just where the fuck they’d come from if indeed they’d fallen from the tree tops in the first place and if not she’d take a glance around the area only to discover that there was quiet a bit of wreckage to place where she was standing. Like someone or something had gotten into quite altercation not to long ago, and from what she could tell upon examining the bark from the trees and the mounds of dirt that had been stirred up on the ground who ever it was surely wasn’t playing the around either. They were at their peak form when this fight happened but there was one question that she found herself asking. If the fight was so intense just where in the name of hell did everybody go? ‘Cause most certainly no one would have walked away from it on friendly terms that was for damn sure as she got up and began to resume her walk unaware that she was being followed by someone up above her head at the time but she did have a feeling that she was being watched though by a familiar set of eyes. Which in itself was strange as she didn’t know many here at the school besides Akira. Following the path of damage she saw in the area Cyan was lead to a small clearing where to her surprised she found both combatants, males prolly no older that she laid out in the grass completely exhausted and quiet literally asleep to say the least which of course made her laugh as they reminded her of Akira just a bit after a long day from work. Whatever that was for him. She thought with a chuckle carefully placing one foot in front of the other in order to keep from falling in on top of either of them as she reach out and grab the one with short dark hair first (Kage) hoisting most if not all of his body’s weight off of his challenger and onto her by draping his right arms over the back her neck and shoulders while the rest of him rested onto back before turning back into the direction in which she came. “I’ll be back in little bit buddy boy, just don’t go any where will you?” she teased a bit at the other guy who was still out cold even after all the moving she’d just done in order to move him then proceeding onwards back to the mysterious wind manned opening she’d come through earlier. On the way back though Cyan kept on getting those strange feelings of being watched by a pair of prying eyes and what was worst she was beginning to hear the faint whispers of children telling her, “Hurry..” “Quickly Cheyenne this way…” “Move faster it’s coming…” The more she heard them the more and more she hastened her steps with the boy she carried in tow for fear that she might be going mad all at the same time. But unbeknownst to the 18 year old girl some where in the far off distance someone had caused a massive ass explosion to occur and it effects were making its way towards her direction blowing, destroying, and burning everything in its wake even as she ran at her top speed with somebody on her back effects were still gaining on her. And by the time the blast caught up to them they were literally mere seconds away from the opening before being blown out like a cork from bottle of champagne into a nearby awaiting tree rendering Cyan unconscious along side the young man she’d managed to save. It would be only hours later after the police arrived and began to scour the grounds for any survivors that both would be found and taken like so many others to the school’s infirmary to be treated, and then questioned by officers if they’d indeed suffered no fatal injuries. <e>

Kage: -”Bright” was the word that hit me when I opened my eyes I was in a very white room with two blarring lights to illuminate it. The white room sent the light into my retina like a blade to the ribs, speaking of which I could faintly feel my ribs which i'm more than sure three or two of which are broken bandaged up. Infact looking myself over I could see that most of my rounds had been tended to. My arms and hand were covered in cast like material but it was lighter and less bulky. The same went for my leg and my back was as far as I could tell, as I could not turn to see it, was supported by a some sort of brace. My face had smaller little bandages here and there from the cuts I had sustained but rather than that I seemed...alive. I looked around the room from the bed I was on and gathered that I was in a sort of nurses office but way more high quality though far from any formal hospital room. I looked around until my eyes met another patient not to far from me but separated by two to three empty cots. She had black hair and exotic features as well as ,as far as I could tell, flawless bronze skin. She didn't have as far as I could did not have very many severe injuries across her well developed body. Though looking her over just once was all it took for me to understand how the word beautiful could be put to a woman, she gave me a curiosity very few other things have given me. She wasn’t much older than my self maybe one to two years, or maybe I had it wrong and she was one to two years younger than me. While I lay there thinking I suddenly realized I was staring. I looked away to the other side of the room to give my self a change in scenery. Though the young woman was now out of my sight she was stuck in my mind. That was until I found something strange about Jax, most people don't go around beating the shit out of other people for the hell of it and had to rake my brain, he was faintly familiar to me but I couldn't put my  finger on it. What reasons did he have for finding me and starting a fight with me, did I ever box him, nah I would remember such a lose a sloppy stance im sure. It kept nagging but to my dismay I could not remember him until the point where he kicked my ass outta the tree. Speaking of which where the hell was this ass hole I know I knocked his ass out, so why wasn't he here in the infirmary. Dont get me wrong I didnt want to see that fucktard if I could help it but Id also like to know where his is so he doesn't kick me outta more tree’s etc. I sat there a little bored until I decided I had enough of sitting down so I tried raising up a little bit to see if I was in good enough condition to hobble around. I noticed another thing about the brace on my back it was oddly flexible though it hindered me a lot I could at least move a little, so I decided I could get up and walk out and I swung my legs onto the ground and stood up making sure not to put much weight on my right leg. Though almost as if on cue two buff guys in white scrubs came out of no where.-”Hey get back in bed Sir you in no condition to be moving.”-I was slightly startled and confused so my response was.-”Eh”-and with that one of them came at me and grabbed me by my upper arm and began trying to push me back. Now you can imagine in my slightly confused state how I felt about some big buff mofo trying to push me into a “hospital bed/ cot thing”, while I was in my draws.-”The fuck?! Oi Get off OI!”-I reared up an arm and slammed an elbow onto his head which made him let go. I tried to hobble my ass outta dodge but the other mother fucker grabbed me by both arms while the other grabbed legs and picked me up.- “Hey Im fine let me go dumb asses, shit!”-I began kicking but that immediately beget pain in my leg. Struggling I found was doing more harm than it was worth but I struggled any way. Though I struggle I was still placed on the bed and pinned by both arms.-”Ight, let ME THE FUCK UP BEFORE I WRECK YOUR SHIT!”-I said as one guy pulled out a syringe. There was no joke the way he stabbed me with that needle felt like he hit bone, right in my upper arm. I dont know what was in there but it was like a tranq almost but I wasn't feeling tired my body just begin to feel oddly heavy like trying to move through quicksand or some shit. So in the end I could really fight back and they just sorta walked out of the room, as if nothing happened and there I was on the damn bed again stuck until apparently they decided I could go.-

Recovery Monitoring & InvestigationEdit

Milisa had gotten out of the fire without much problems…well except for the fact she was harboring a possible criminal on her shoulder and the place was swarming with police. That wouldn’t be so bad though as they were all focused on the chaos and taking people away from the fire which she used to her advantage, simply using the smoke to hide herself and walk off to the sides, away from the eyes of the law who were simply doin their jobs. It certainly helped that it was darkening outside so she could slip away easily thanks to her peak human agility, rushing past the trees and landscape currently not set a flame, moving back over to the academy as almost if not all students were still at the garden either watching what was happening or being rescued from the contest. The blonde begins to groan, currently bleeding all over Milisa but she ignores it in favor or creeping from building to building….The next half hour is a blur for the blonde who had begun to wake up little by little from all the moving around…at first she saw the outside, people screaming and then it got quieter nothing but the shuffling of someones feet on the pavement but it wasn’t her. She opened her eyes a little bit more to see she was at the academy….but how did she get here? She groans again and once more sees only darkness….she feels more moving and then she opens her eyes again only to see she was in some sort of cold damp cellar of some sort…a basement maybe? There were a couple of boxes here and there and some old school supplies like desks and book shelves but that was it… “Where..” The woman tries to make out the figure of her opponent but she had some things in her hands she didn’t know what they were…until she felt it. Her eyes widen at the icy cold and stinging sensation of alcohol as Milisa presses the rag into the bunches of cuts all over her. “Aaaahhh!!” She screams but the student does not falter, wiping away the blood before placing the cloth down and stitching the gashes up with a hook and string as the blonde tries to move but she would find her wrist and ankles bound to the back of the metal chair she was currently sitting in. “Wh-what are you doin bitch?!” Milisa ignores her again, digging the hook back into her flesh to close the wound up. The blonde bites her lip hard and takes it, wondering why she was even bothering. “I need you alive. For now…” The purple haired girl finally speaks as if settling the blondes suspicions. “Plus it’s going to be a long night and I need you well enough to tolerate high amount of pain.” To this the other girl grows nervous…what….what did she mean by that??? And that was hours and hours ago…now was the next day and Milisa finally stepped out of the basement of the storage building far off from the other buildings found on the academy…no body came around here and the basement door had a iron lock on it with Milisa holding the only key as she plays with it, covered in dry blood that did not belong to her. She would need to go to one of the many clinics to grab some more supplies for her guest to heal up those new wounds she’d obtained. It didn’t take too long as she pushes the door open only to see a boy struggling against the staff shouting a giant ruckus until he was injected and laid back out on the bed, unmoving. When they left she calmly approached his bed side, taking the clipboard hanging off the edge and reading through it as if she was given permission to do so. “Hmmm…they got you on some interesting pain killers.” She places the board back down and begins to go through the dresser right beside his bed to see what medical supplies she could find, taking some gauze and bandages. “Those broken limbs…you didn’t obtain them because of the fire am I right? Unless the fire grew arms and beat you up.” She wasn’t much to beat around the bush and was rather blunt though her tone was monotone and her eyes were always lowered in a dazed far off gaze. There was only one other there, a girl on a bed on the other side which she turned to face for a moment to inspect her as well, though she wasn’t saying anything she was thinking and processing many thoughts.

Ryoji: (  ) New Tokyo. A city filled with activity galore, and get rich quick schemes for those who don’t want to act like bitches to obtain it that is. A boy, a mile manor boy would be standing on the balcony of his parents apartment.  His foot perched on the railing of it, as his hands were crossed and his black shaggy hair showed the sun through his well groomed and conditioned hair. He looked outwards, to his left…and to his right…”This city….New Tokyo. Not exactly new Nagoya….but none the less people just don’t see it!” he’d spread  his arms  yelling out! “People here commit so many crimes! So many friggin wrongs and underhanded dealings go on under peoples noses…almost makes me sick living here! Hmph! Well guess what NEW” he’d inhale.”TOKYOOOOOOO!...a change is coming! That’s right soon I, the  great and valiant Kevin Chan will liberate this casino royal of a town and make New Tokyo a better place to be!” “Hey! Would you  shut up, up there?!?!” Kevin would find a shoe thrown at him, and he’d hold his forehead taking a  few steps back and recooperating. Kevin would grumble and glare at the balcony door in his room. “Fer cryin out loud….well…I guess I really can’t be announcing my identity to the rest of Tokyo. No no no….i must do this in secret.” Kevin would scratch his chest, and begin walking over to his closet. His casual night jammies of blue  and plaid coloration resting on  his body as he searched through  his closet for his “gear’ so to speak. Inside Kevin’s closet were hung up clothes and comic books. Lots, and lots, and LOOOOOOOTS ofcomic books. He was a comic book fanatic and had always fantasized about being one, but never had the means until the E-syndrome came along! Where others saw it as a hazard…a plague…kevin saw itt as an opportunity the stuff comic books are made of! He discovered that he’d had enhanced agility!........which wasn’t exactly…..something to brag about. Seemed kinda stupid at first, until he realized everything  even needed to make agility happen! His reactions were sharp, his balance was overly potent and he rarely fell down!....unless it was just some run of the mill accident. He ‘d dig into the dephs of his closet,and pull out what he dubbed his vigilante outfit….which was more or less, a ski mask, a long sleeve black shirt, some black slacks, and black air forces. The retro ones all be it. Kevin rubbed his hands together, before his mother ariel came into his door and spoke. “Kevin Chan!  Dinner has been ready for 45 minutes now and it’s getting quite cold!” Kevin would quickly shut his closet door and turn around looking his mom in the face. “Fine mom! I’ll be down in a bit to eat!” Kevin thought to himself. “Couldn’t hurt to  do some fueling up before the big night….” Kevin followed his mom down the stairs and his father Danny was laying on the couch sleep. Passed out from a hard day at work with the IPD stopping  a few underground runners, they were called. Parkur experts who traffic drugs, and other illegal and sometimes valuble  goods through the streets of new Tokyo. The IPD officers were all trained experts in the fields,but these guys would’ve had to have been something serious to really escape the cops. Ariel would’ve fixed kevin’s plate, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. “Thanks mom.”Kevin sat down and ate his plate at the table, going ahead and devouring it for everything it was wroth. “Honey don’t scarf so much! You’ll get gas!” Kevin would belch, before wipping his mouth and smiling. “Scuse me. I’ve gotta get ready to jet! I’m going to go look for a job again!” Kevin would rush back upstairs, packing his outfit  into his book bag, only to rush back down the stairs, and begun running towards the door. “Don’t go using your powers irresponsibly!” Kevin ran out the door not paying his mom much attention and darting down the busy Tokyo streets. (  ) slipping, weaving, and bobbing between pedestrians, kevin would’ve made his way towards Tokyo square. He didn’t live to far from it, and lucky for him it was the safest area to actually live in since -there were always cops patrolling through this area.  Kevin found a clearing, and made a sharp turn down an alleyway, letting his feet slide along the ground before he’d  dart down it, and leap up! hitting a good 15 feet thanks to his agility, he’d grab onto a water pipe and begin climbing his way up said water pipe. Kevin didn’t weight that much to begin with so he was lucky to have his weight supported as he’d come to the end of the pole and jump, hopping and latching ontoa window seal with his finger tips. He’d grunt, pulling himself up and bracing himself against the wall for leverage, as he’d begin ascending higher and higher, window seal by window seal,(  )before pushing off of the wall with his feet cutting a full moonsualt backflip and landing on the railing of a fire escape with both of his feet planted firmly on the rail before he’d turn around and begin monkey climbing the fire escape railing til he’d reached the top of the building., landing dramatically and looking to his left and his right to make sure he hadn’t  been  followed or anything of the sort,he’d begin changing into his outfit, tying up his sneakers and making sure his jeans were properly pulled up, he’d beat his chest twice before sighing. “Alright! Now if dad’s…police scanner was right….they were steaking out…at the local jewelry store…I thing it was Jay Jewlers. “Kevin would pull a pill bottle from his pocket, and pour a pill into his hand. He’d take one Adderall and close his eyes as he dry dogged the pill and looked back out into the world. “I know where that’s at…” Kevin would then take off! Getting a running start, vaulting over long ledges of ascending and descending rooftops, catching ledges whenever necessary, and rolling towards his left side to let momentum cushion his fall and keep him moving,  traversing over any obstacle in his way ( )

(  )

(  )

Kevin made it to drop zone, a stair case more like it, and he’d leap, clamping his hand to the stone rail wall, and letting his body hang off of it, planting his feet on the surface of it for a moment, in a sideways crouched position. His eyes observing everything and anything surrounding him and what he was doing…he’d begin to hop from stair well to stair well descending downwards, from one to the next, his hands catching the rail wall each time flawlessly as if he’d been doing this for e years, when in fact it hadn’t been that long since he’d started something like this. 

Parkour-gifs-20-gifs 19
Kevin had almost made it towards the bottom when he’d stop hearing police sirens in the distance pulling infront of a building that he was right behind. Kevin’s eyes looked to see inside just to see if he could get a peek of something! He’d finally made out two bodies after squinting hard and seeing their figures he’d also see…that they had guns. What looked like riffles since they were being held with two hands. Kevin’s eyes widened as he knew this was the moment to strike! “gotta take them down! Don’t know how many are in there exactly but oh well!” kevin would push to the building beside him, going air borne, and latching onto a outpoked brick, before hoping down one more time to a flat wooden surface, stacked upon a series of rails, that painters use to reach higher areas. Kevin would hit the ground with a  parkur roll, and  bust out into a straight sprint, only to leap into the air, in a forward arch, clearing the distance and landing inside, before rolling and reaching out to grab the backs of both of the heads of the men with guns and slamming them down into the ground! More men were there as they shouted “hey what the fuck is-“ “Don’t yell, SHOOT!” the men began to shoot rounds at Kevin, but Kevin would’ve scuffled along the floor, rolling and twisting dodging the line of fire…Kevin knew his reflexes and agility went hand in hand, but he wasn’t exactly about to find out if he could dodge a bullet today. No today was about efficiency! Kevin would’ve made his way out of the room they were in and squatted down behind the wall…one of the men would’ve kicked down the door, and turned in kevin’s direction. As he did, kevin would reach up and hit him in the throat, before hugging his head to his chest, and pulling back, smothering the man’s face in his chest. the throat hit caused the man’s breathing rate to decrease and kevin would sit his body down, grabbing his rifle…”billy? Where are you billy!?” the other man stepped out and kevin would ram the butt of the gun into his forehead! Hoping for a knock out the man would’ve fell back but still been gunning! “Damn, movies make it look easy!” Kevin would’ve pointed the gun at him, and the man would’ve pointed his rifle back! The man however shot at kevin’s feet and kevin danced in placed before throwing the rifle at the man’s nose. It connected! The man grunted, giving kevin time to rush over and kick the gun out of his hand and knock it away! Kevin would then mount the man and begin punching him in the face! The man took a few, before gripping kevin’s arm and looping his feet up trying to put him in an arm bar! “shit!” Kevin exclaimed as the man’s feet were wrapped around his neck. Kevin would lift him off of the ground before giving him the chance to do any more damage and run down the hallway. “AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!” Kevin would’ve sent them both through the drywall and landed on top of the criminal! Kevin would slam the back of his head into a toilet, and let his body fall to the ground, quickly mounting him before proceeding to slam his fist into the man’s jaw repeatedly! “Justice! Is! Served!” Kevin would wait until the man was knocked out, before he’d stand up. looking behind him in the long run he’d seen a line up of IPD men pointing there guns at him, and them being lead by a busty beauty in a silver outfit with hair to match. Kevin put his hands up and smiled through his mask. “No worries officers...I have assisted you in saving the day!” the silver haired woman would scowl. “you’re under arrest….Kevin Chan. For assaulting police officers, and interrupting a stakeout, which we’d been working on for WEEKS.” “Eh?” the men kevin k.o’d would’ve walked through the crowed and one of them would bop kevin right in the nose! Kevin’s body went flopping into the bathtub and kevin would shake his head disoriented. “fucking prick!”  the cops would jack kevin up and put him in cuffs before escorting him out of the building and down into  the back of a cop car. Kevin would lay in the seat and sigh. “….I still kicked ass.”/////Connor & Leon//////(  ) Connor’s eyes fluttered multiple times as he finally came to…he’d been in the clinic as well, but more so towards the back in the corner as his codition spanned pretty badly. He’d had multiple burns on various parts of his body, and was bandaged from nearly head to toe. He opened his eyes and looked up to the ceiling. Speaking a in a low and gruff tone he’d groan while doing so. “guh….my everything hurts.” “I’m willing to bet it does. You had second degree burns…the clinic literally had to recruit the medical ether users to accelerate your skin cell repairs. Even then, you won’t be any good until tomorrow comes around.” Connor’s eyes darted to the side to see his brother leon standing at his bedside. “…the fuck are you doing here.” Leon scoffed. “The police asked if you had any family...i lied and said you didn’t, but after you lost a lot of blood they came to me since we have the same blood type. Discovered my secret.” Connor turned his head away for a second grumbling. “shoulda been you in that blast not me…” Leon would turn away from his brother, and stuff his hands in his pockets. He’d had a bandage wrap on his leg, and around his waist, but hid them well with a dress shirt and black slacks. “In any case Connor, we were attacked. I’ve been trying to piece together who our attackers were, but no dice. These cops are so damn secretive. All I know is that the guy I was fighting was using a gun mixed with a blade…correct me if I’m wrong, but the person who attacked you. Was he wearing a black cloak as well?” Connor nodded. “Hell yeah.  Fucking pretty boy prick he was. He could clone himself…the numbers got to me. Gaaaaah if only I’d used my ether blast one more good time! I still had a shot left –OW!” Connor groaned from moving. He’d pained himself doing so. “Tch…fucking…..gaaah…” “You move to much you’ll tear your new skin. Not that it’s my problem but you’re the only one I’m familer enough to discuss details with. For now I’m going to go find the other kids and do my own investigation on just what happened.” A new voice broke the air as it entered the clinic, looking at the others who were there also. More than likely detectives would enter the fray there as well to go speak to them, or some form of authoritve figure if they hadn’t already. As for this particular individual, he’d had wind sped black hair, with matching brown eyes. He wore a simple white long sleeve shirt, even with the hot weather outside, with a  pair of jeans, and some sneakers. They were on the wrong foot, but you could tell he didn’t care. If anything his posture had a slight slouch, and his face contained a very big look of “I don’t care.” (  )(  ) “Don’t worry about that Mr.Ryoji. I’ll be the one doing the investigating if you don’t mind.” Leon turned his gaze towards this mystery male, and spoke firmly. “Who might you be good sir?” “My name is Detective Eric Foster. You can call me foster.” Leon nodded. “Good to meet you. Would you perhaps be wiling to answer my questions?” “did you don’t hear what I said?” “I did. Did you hear what I said?” Leon replied, hell bent on getting his answers. Foster chuckled. “Kids today. No matter the generation, they always have something to say. None the less, let me go ahead and lead here. The men you kids saw. You said black coats right?” Connor nodded. “Yuuuup. Real freaks, they didn’t even seem like they had an overall purpose or anything.” Foster would sigh. “I need to see if it’s the same group I’m thinking of…something incriminating. Did they say anything in particular to you guys at all? Something you might have questioned or didn’t know to much about to begin with?” They both thought long and hard, until Connor perked up a bit. “Ah well actually the guy I was fighting left me with the name of something…project….EX-SEED? Not like an exceed, but like e-x s-e-e-d.” Foster went silent for a moment. “…..huh. so that’s been brought up again. looks like the connection has been made.” Leon would fully turn to face this man. “Care to share detective?” The detective ran a hand through his hair. “Not really, but I can see you’re the persistent type so I’ll hurmor you. Project EX-SEED….was a program started by a man long ago. Not many know of this man or his history, it’s a mystery in itself, but he ran a facility where he ran supposed “test” on people. People with the E-Syndrome.” Foster would gesture with his hands while explaining. “These people supposedly were subjected to experimentations with their DNA. This to make them mature faster than their peers so unlike everyone else who reaches their Either ability during puberity, these kids if this project was a thing, would’ve been able to use their abilities much earlier on in life.” Leon’s gaze remained focus as in the dephs of his mind he was making connections…”Ah but even then there are plenty of occurences where even babies reach their E-Syndrome maturity early on in life. So that’s really not as credible as it could be. None the less, back to relevance I think I’ve found who you ran into.’ Foster would point to both leon and connor. “Ever heard of the Saints? Saints of Juda?” Leon and Connor shook their heads. “Of course you haven’t. I can tell you kids are ignorant to the negative of things. Let me give you a very vauge and brief description. Keep in mind we’ve only gathered this info via intel, we’ve never been able to catch one of these guys, let alone get any solid evidence that they’re doing anything wrong.”  Leon foled his arms. “I’m listening.” Connor butted in. “yeah what he said.” Foster cleared his throat. “The Saints of Juda, started as an ideal from a mystery man, shrouded in complete mystery. The saints themselves are all formed and lead by a man known as "The Man In Black"  who instilled within it's members the belief that their powers were given to them by a god rather  than a simple gift of astral science. This group firmly believes themselves to be special, that they have a higher and holier "purpose" or "truth" that compels them to do the things they do. Their main goal is not something as trivial as world domination or enslavement, or even anything that would remotely harm the people. They seek to "convert" others to their way of believing, showing them a better way and making them believe that they are not conformed to the norms of being simple accidents. Rather that they are here for a reason, and even shall they pass from their mortal life, the promise of a higher existence is promised to those who follow the prophet that is "The man in black." Connor would make fun. “ooooooooo sounds like a load of bullshit. “ “Really? Explain why the red cloaks of this “bullshit” are responsible for over hundreds of deaths in a month. This is serious business. These guys…the saints. They cover their tracks well. When we capture a red coat, their bodies are made weird chemically…they’re blood evaporates. Their cells die on contact, and we can’t even get so much as a DNA sample on them. It’s as if-“ “They’re pre programed to erase their exsistence upon their death. Making them immune to interrogation, and untraceable via techonological means.” Foster would glare at leon. “I don’t like you kid.” Connor would laugh. “Join the club, HAHAHAHA-OW!’ Connor would wince in pain, and leon would speak again. “you don’t have to like me. Hell, you don’t even know me. What you should know is that I have a very good memory, a descriptive memory, down to the last thing I ate 3 weeks ago, the time, and the texture of the table. I remember the face I saw very vividly, and can give you every nook and cranny to find this guy by description alone. “ Leon would stuff his hands into his pockets, looking up at the not much taller than him detective. “However, not until you get me info on this…”Project: EX-SEED.” I’d like to read into the file.” Foster chuckled. “you talk like your on the force. I can’t give you access to case files.” “Then I can’t help you. As far as I’m concerned I don’t even remember my attacker…” Foster shook his head. “There are others kid. There are always others. Remember that.” he’d turn away from Leon  and make his way towards the door. “I’ll send some more people in here to talk to the rest of you. Rest well children.” The man would make his way out of the door, and Leon wouldn’t waste a moment making his way over to that same door, and locking it. he’d peek out the window, and look to see if anyone was coming yet. “Clear…” Leon would take a chair, and angle it under the doorknob so even with a key unlocking it would’ve been difficult. Leon then raised his voice for all to hear. “Alright everyone in here, I need your assistance.” Leon would pace back and forth between the stride of the room to those who were awake to hear him, before stopping in the middle so he could see everyone, assuming the room was made that way of course. “I need everyone one by one, to tell me very vivdly about the person who attacked you, and anything odd or funny that might have been said to you. Weather it was personal or not is not the case. What is the case, is that the cops are not going to properly inform us of anything, but they’re willing to take our info. This is not acceptable. Some of us almost lost our lives, and we need to figure out who did it and why…I’d appreciate everyone’s cooperation.” Leon would move some of his raven black bangs from his face so he could scan the room properly, observing body language, and tendencies for future reference.

Sayu: Slowly she'd begin to feel her eyes opening, the sounds of ringing could be heard inside the inner most parts of her ear canals as Cyan's body began to stir some against the makings of the cot she was laying on before she finally regained control of its mechanics in order to attempt any kind of motions with her left arm, lifting it upwards some before bending it at the crook of her elbow in order to place her palm up against her forehead as with the terrible ringing in her ears Cyan also had a splitting headache. Which the blinding lights in the room once she was able to fully opened her moon blue eyes didn't help to make any better as she forces herself to sit up in order to ascertain just where in the hell she was. From her first glance of the place she could see she was in the school's infirmary a place shed been to once or twice before due to her suddenly passing out at the most random times, only to wake up hearing tales of a wild animal roaming campus during her stays but after two or more glances she could see that this place was more like a hospital than a school nurse's ward. Around for as far as the eye could there were cots lining the walls that were either occupied or emptied some more recently that others, it was during this observation that she lowered her hand down from her temple after giving it a methodical rub in hopes to ease the pain, which it didn't in order to look for the other that had been with her during the explosion. She didn't have look very hard though as she awoken to the fact that he taken to staring at her whilst she slept a manner to which she thought was rather rude of him to do but at the same nor did she object to it as he was rather handsome to her as she turns her head blushing a bit in other direction once all the commotion begins between the guy and the nurses. Cyan couldn't help but smile shaking her head a bit  at the scene while taking her own time to try and get her own bearings before moving first her right leg then the left from the bed and onto the floor. Using the bed as a balance she pushes up from it with ease her head starting to pulsate hardship causing Cyan to wince in pain slightly forcing her to reach out for a wall in order to stay on her feet. "Whoa, whoa take it easy there miss don't wanna over do it." One of the nurses would say running over to her and quickly placing a arm around her shoulders in order to help her maintain her balance. "You've been through a lot." "W-w-what happened why are we all here?" Cyan asks allowing her head spin around for a moment before turning her attention back to the boy she'd saved and a girl who she'd never seen before. The nurse went on to explain that there had a been a massive explosion in the school's garden of Eden and that many who were in the area had suffered some pretty major injuries, while others like herself had gotten off without so much as a scrap. And in truth it explained just why she felt so miserable to begin with. "Hey about that guy that was with me what can you tell me about his condition? " Cyan asked curious to know just what really happened out there in the hours before she stumbled upon him and his opponent. "Not much, except he’s got several broken bones. Why do you ask, are you his girlfriend? " Cyan's face immediately went beet red at the nurse's implication as she shook her head in a no gesture while waving her hands in protest to the very ideal. "N..n...noo what would give you that notion?" "Just the way you two were looking at each other is all, but if you want my opinion I think you'd both make a very cute couple" she'd reply back with a smile making sure that everything was okay first with the girl before leaving to tend to another patient. "Me and that guy, a couple as if..." cyan would huff turning head away some objecting even further to ideal only to open her eyes again to gaze upon Kage who was now heavily sedated thanks to the up roar. Again she couldn't deny that he was a looker an that she should at least check on him before she bolted to look for Akira again so she took a leap a faith and walked over to the two as they were talking. Waving to both Cyan says "Hi there, i'm Cheyenne Asagawa but my friend's call me Cyan. I just wanted to see if you were okay as I found you in the woods beat up along with some other guy and carried you out." Before addressing the girl. "You must be his sister or something right?" It was during her own questioning of the two in front of her that another one world be raised by a male with dark hair and green eyes in regards to explosion in the garden. choosing to respond back Cyan gives what input she has on the matter, "it might not be much but while chasing a bat wolf with my friend Akira this mystery looking fog rolled in covering the area separating us, but the moment I went to enter it I got dragged back from it but no one was around for miles and then several minutes later it lifted itself so that I could." knows that this sounds crazy but stranger things had happened today.

Kage:-I lay there sort of ticking away in terms of anger, I have never been the type to get angry very easily but I didn't like the Idea of being put anywhere against my own will. Though my brewing anger was capped when my mind focused on something else, a girl. See now nothing catches your eye like a beautiful woman, like the one from earlier but nothing causes you to focus so much that all things are blotted out like a girl covered in blood. She didn't seem in pain so I knew she wasn’t hurt and that sent me on edge. Now Ill say this now I was not scared but I was really confused as to what a girl covered in blood that was quite obviously not hers, was doing here. She walked over to my cot as if she did not have on blood stained clothes. She reached for the clipboard at the edge of the bed that had my apparent dosage on it and I guessed probably my injuries, blood type, patient info, that kinda stuff.-”Hmmm…they got you on some interesting painkillers.” -she remarked causing me to think to myself.-~I wish that was all I was on.~-Though you could imagine how I felt with a girl covered in blood reaching into the cabinet next to me for medical supplies. Yeah not safe, especially since I could not move but again nothing pointy came from the drawer just rudimentary stuff for bandaging etc. At this point my edginess had disappeared as now it seemed like I would be in no danger from this girl at any point.-“Those broken limbs…you didn’t obtain them because of the fire am I right? Unless the fire grew arms and beat you up.”-Those words hit my pride, and I made a mental note to beat Jax flat out next time, in fact thinking on it I had only won because he probably did not expect me to have any fight left, in truth it was all the fight I had left. I didn't know if there was any point of responding to her but I did anyhow.- “Fire? I dont know anything about something like that how ever I aint ashamed to say that yeah I got these in a fight, a fight that ended in a draw where I just so happen to come out a tad bit worse off.”-As soon as the words left my mouth I could hear some logical voice of reason in the back of my mind tell me.-~Dumbass thats a loss.~-But I wasn't so sure that was true in those last moments of the fight I had done some serious damage to be honest I was not all to sure Jax would ever talk or think properly again. I was going to ask why she was here but suddenly I noticed the a new set of might I say kinder nurses helping the woman I had caught my gaze before. It upset me a little that she got the nice treatment but somewhere along the way I felt happy they weren't drugging her up as well. I heard one of the nurses as they started explaining something about an explosion in the forest and it clicked thats what the purple haired girl must have been talking about. Then it also struck me as odd. It had to have happened after my fight with Jax, so how did I  end up in the infirmary. Naturally I looked to the purple haired girl my brain was working on a sort of autopilot giving me info and leaving it up to me to peace it together and I gathered this.-~Blood=working with patients, bandages=her doing, how I got there=mystery.~-I found it hard to believe she carried me all they way here or any ambulance would have arrived before I was a Kage-Steak. Thats when I caught onto the young lady who had just got up herself ask about some guy she brought in, misery hit me like a cannonball to the gut-~Damn, taken.~-Is the thought that ran through my mind. Then I heard the nurse ask if they were boyfriend and girlfriend and when she responded no in quite a rushed way I felt a little better."N..n...noo what would give you that notion?" "Just the way you two were looking at each other is all, but if you want my opinion I think you'd both make a very cute couple"-I thought to myself.-~NO LADY DONT EGG IT ON!~-Then she walked over to the cot I was on and I was immediately given the impression of a strong woman, maybe by her exotic features or the way she conducted herself, I could tell she wasn't some “girly girl” and that was damn attractive.-"Hi there, i'm Cheyenne Asagawa but my friend's call me Cyan. I just wanted to see if you were okay as I found you in the woods beat up along with some other guy and carried you out."-Im sure my face turned redder than the blood flowing through my veins. When I realized I was “THAT” guy. I abruptly raised my voice to the nurse.-”why’d you stop egging it on!?”-and then I shut up for a moment composed my self and in the sexest Idris Elba voice I could muster said.-”I’m Kage Anoki.”-I then stopped and cleared my throat and in my everyday voice said.”Ahem, I meant I’m Kage, but you may call me whatever floats your boat, really nice to meat you Cyan,if you don't mind me calling you by your first name, didn't get all banged up like that but saving me did you, oh and by the way thanks a bunch you didn't have to go through all that trouble though.”- I opened my mouth to ask the purple haired girl if she had been the one to patch me ups so I could thank her,though the interaction was interrupted by some guy who through the commotion of meeting the two women before me I had not noticed. He spoke up asking of detailed accounts of the people who attacked us. I pondered and decided not to describe my assailant but I did divulge as much as the following.-” My attacker knew my name though I don't recall ever telling it to him.”-Though that's all I can recall because I was jumped.-

“ Well, It seemed like it was just yesterday; Wait… Im pretty sure it was yesterday, huh ? Well, honestly I don’t remember quite well- I, pretty much hit my head fairly hard. Well, after the.. that guy, ehrm.. killed that old man, I tried my best to help him recover, but , suddenly. I caught a whiff of smoke, only to have turned to see the jaw of the god of fire himself snapping it’s wicked fiery teeth, waiting to get a taste of me, I was afraid.. sooo... I ran, but it wasn’t because it had teeth, no way, now this… this is going to get you, but.. it didn’t have eyes. I know ! weird right, like who doesn’t have eyes. Anyways, I couldn’t outrun the explosion. So, Yeah It all went black after that, and I woke up here. “ Lucifer poked, at his perry white teeth. His eyes, black as night with hints of red coursing through it like veins, he had awoken in the clinic that day. His body, riddled with bruises and patches. The two detectives, sat from across from him, here faces puzzled. They questioned Lucifer, as well as his motives. He wasn’t one who looked worthy of their trust, especially because of his background. Lucifer knew this; this way he didn’t really take the questioning that much serious neither. The, rather large cop with hint of jelly donuts stream and seeping like an infected sore. Bursting, and slight bubbling from the roof of his mouth.He gently nodded his head, His several chins kept at a beat or rhythm, like the Jackson five. “ Ahhh huh,,, so basically you’re saying these “ Men In Black “ Killed a bat wolf ? attacked you and the old man and set the woods into flames ? “ The man questioned with a puzzled look, his brows furrowed. Lucifer, gave off a rather pleasant nod. “ Thats what I said did I ? “ Lucifer responded with slight frustration. Meanwhile, On the steps on of the academy, were a group of people which, dowered those steps with cameras microphones questioning Shiretsuna, he stood at a podium, with a slight nod and gentle smile. Which, he practiced for in thoughts of those cameras. Fooling the world, with that wicked smile of his, he winked at the camera with his chest held tall and his back aligned. A black italian versace suit, with a black tie riddled with golden stripes. A, italian cigar at his side with David at his right shoulder. A woman, with blonde curls and a miss piggy vibe to her aimed her black as night mic at Shiretsuna’s bottom lip. “Principal Shiretsuna we are glad you finally came out to tell us what happened here the other day, the world is begging to know exactly what happened ? “ She aske, to which Shiretsuna gave off a slight grin and smiled. “ Well, first I’d like to start off with the fact that Kids will be Kids, lets get that out right now. We were playing a simple game, that just got out of hand, and I’m sorry you’ve heard so much only to come here and learn that : a group of kids just decided to play with the wrong arsenal in the woods. “ Shiretsuna softly said, eyes wide opened he stared into the camera stating these words. Not a misstep to his vibe, The reporter gave off a slight nod. “ Ahh.. mhm, alright well rumor has it … that there was men in black.. ?” The lady softly asked, to which Shiretsuna slightly shielded his eyes shut and gave off a soft nod. “ Well, The thing we have to understand here people, is that \Shiretsuna academy, is full of students from all over the world. They, are all very diverse, both in position and nationality as well as beliefs. We have some, from the slums of Brick wall fortress to the land of our great capital city new Tokyo. So, I completely understand, that they would speak of such men in black. But, I can assure you all there is no such thing, simply a rumor passed around by the students who escaped that explosion there distressed imagining things, Which is completely understandable; this experience was not meant for any child.. But, I ensure you I will fix this and bring Shiretsuna Academy back on it’s strong foot , once again ! “ Shiretsuna said with great courage and boldness. The crowd began to applaud and nod in approval, the great Shiretsuna did it again; he lied his way into stardom. An outstanding hero, the Infected children one and only savior.‏ Meanwhile, Lucifer turned from the tv and shrugged, scratching at his nose. His hair, grazing at the fairness of his skin. The detective slightly chucked his head o the side; “ So, what do you have to say to that ? “ The detective asked, Lucifer slightly shrugged his shoulders, “ Does it matter .” Lucifer, spoke back with a bit of aggression this time. The detective, lifted a brow once more. “ Explain. “ He softly said, where as to Lucifer, he took heed to the mans command falling back into his silver chair. “ It’s simple, You guys don’t believe me. That much is certain, I am a descendant of Black Jaw Creed, a man who fought of the nation you and your higher powers, you know ? the ones that keep there hands up your asses all the time. Ensuring that you go the direction, they command. Yeah, them , you and those people, hated Brickwall and all it produced, and you all wanted to nuke it, but he protected us from that. He understood us, he kept peace at bay until you all prepared his death bed. My position, shits on my words theres nothing I can say. Shiretsuna explained it pretty well, were all from different places we hold different positions. I … just happen to be lower than trash. Now , as suspected, I do wonder though, why you all haven't decided to put a bullet in the back of my head as of yet. Isn’t that what you cops are best at doing ? no one would notice. Let me tell you one thing Officer; back in Brickwall, we didn’t wait for no officials help, we handled shit on our own. and, thats exactly what I’ll do. Lucifer shouted, demanding his position on the whole case. The detective gave off a slight nod, “.. I see, very well then,” He softly said, tracing his fingers below his third jaw. “ you’re dismissed. “ The man said, his smile burning at Lucifers skin like torches and pitt forks with burned edges, Lucifer set his gaze at something quite odd, as the cops shirt began to roll above his wrist. A barcode was seen, with odd numbers imprinted at it’s head. Lucifer, gave off a slight nod. “ Yeah. “ He softly said before, exiting the room a bit with concern. He slowly pull the the door to have shut behind him. The detective turned from the door only to have risen up from his seat, smacking his fingers at the digits on his phone he made a call. “ The boy knows nothing he doesn’t need to expire as of yet.” The man on the other side of the phone gave off a slight groan, hidden in complete darkness his hood over his face. “ This is good news I suppose’; We cannot risk exposure yet, Shiretsuna knows this and he’s using it to his advantage. We mustn't allow him to meddle with out plans, do you understand ? “ The man on the other side of the phone exclaimed. “ Understood sir. “ The detective softly stated; “ Excellent. “ The man in black responded, “ Our Plan must be kept at bay. Also, keep your eyes on that boy; He’s not as foolish as he makes it seem. But, you don’t need me to tell you that, you’ll figure it out on yourself. Now hang up, report back to me with your status in two hours, The man in black's voice faded into the sound, we’d hear in encounterance of a missed call. The detective pulling the phone from his pocket, and quickly disposing of it. Lucifer, who remained in the clinic heard all this and lunged into the comfort of the clinic bed, sealing his eyes shut. Hoping, to fool the imposter into thinking he was asleep. The detective puzzled at first, Inched in setting his shadow over the boy, “ Hmmmmm…. “ He quickly murmured. Before, turning his back checking it off as a simple misguidance. The detective had made his way out the room… or So, Lucifer thought. Lucifer, quickly jumped from the bed in search of his attire. “ I need to get out of here.. and quick.” Lucifer shouted ransacking the clinic‏

Stringing It TogetherEdit

Ryoji: After hearing Cyan out an recalling a fog, Leon would nod noting this. He also noted Kage’s statement of how they knew us: a key detail. This means they researched them or followed them heavily. Leon would fold his arms, a small clink could be heard coming from his right arm. He’d actually knocked a screw loose and if he didn’t attend to it, his automail might be in some serious danger if he wasn’t careful. Leon glanced at it for a second, glancing back to the people around the room. he took note of the kid who’d been sedated earlier, and pondered. He might have some information to but he’s incapacitated. Connor would be struggling to pull out his IV finally ridding the damn thing tugging it out and letting it fall to the floor, along with pulling the wires off of him. in his hospital gown, he’d step his feet onto the cold floor and slip on the slippers the clinic issued. Leon would sigh. “Well in any case….i have a plan. If you’re all willing to take part. I believe we can dig up our own personal dirt. I’m going to round up the rest of the people who were at that event…if I remember correctly..” Leon would have a flashback to the roster list he’d take a glance at and remember every single ink stroke that was left on the page and the names that were spelled out amongst them. “I know who all to look for. Cyan, is there anyway you could wheel him along in that bed? Unless you can walk kage. It’s imperative we meet with everyone…no teachers or cops. I say that lightly because I’m certain privacy at this point wont’ be much of a th-“ “Leon check it out.” Connor would stagger over and point to the t.v behind them. There was a news report…with Shiretsuna making headlines. Delivering a statement on the events that took place. “Really now…” Leon would turn to face the t.v and anyone who was interested in what he’d have to say would do the same thing possibly. ///on t.v/// On the steps on of the academy, were a group of people which, dowered those steps with cameras microphones questioning Shiretsuna, he stood at a podium, with a slight nod and gentle smile. Which, he practiced for in thoughts of those cameras. Fooling the world, with that wicked smile of his, he winked at the camera with his chest held tall and his back aligned. A black Italian Versace suit, with a black tie riddled with golden stripes. A, Italian cigar at his side with David at his right shoulder. A woman, with blonde curls and a miss piggy vibe to her aimed her black as night mic at Shiretsuna’s bottom lip. “Principal Shiretsuna we are glad you finally came out to tell us what happened here the other day, the world is begging to know exactly what happened ? “ She aske, to which Shiretsuna gave off a slight grin and smiled. “ Well, first I’d like to start off with the fact that Kids will be Kids, lets get that out right now. We were playing a simple game, that just got out of hand, and I’m sorry you’ve heard so much only to come here and learn that : a group of kids just decided to play with the wrong arsenal in the woods. “ Shiretsuna softly said, eyes wide opened he stared into the camera stating these words. Not a misstep to his vibe, The reporter gave off a slight nod. “ Ahh.. mhm, alright well rumor has it … that there was men in black.. ?” The lady softly asked, to which Shiretsuna slightly shielded his eyes shut and gave off a soft nod. “ Well, The thing we have to understand here people, is that \Shiretsuna academy, is full of students from all over the world. They, are all very diverse, both in position and nationality as well as beliefs. We have some, from the slums of Brick wall fortress to the land of our great capital city new Tokyo. So, I completely understand, that they would speak of such men in black. But, I can assure you all there is no such thing, simply a rumor passed around by the students who escaped that explosion there distressed imagining things, Which is completely understandable; this experience was not meant for any child.. But, I ensure you I will fix this and bring Shiretsuna Academy back on it’s strong foot , once again !”////Connor would squint his eyes at the screen before snapping his fingers and pointing at the screen! “Shiretsuna..knew me as a kid.” Leon would raise a brow. “What?” “yeah! That fog Cyan talked about! When it happened I saw me and him when I was younger asking about my moms or some shit like that.” “sounds like typical childhood trauma. Wonder what mother does in her free-“ “Don’t you even finish that fucking sentence or I swear to god.” Connor gave his brother a glare. Leon returned it. “WE agreed…not to dis each others parent. Don’t do that Leon. I don’t care if I can’t move a fuckin finger, I will use every bit of my will to put my foot so far up your ass, the juices from my knee will quench your thirst.” “Stand down Connor. I will refrain from my comment…besides, the current situation outweighs our beef with one another. Come. Let us go. We’ll begin looking for everyone that was in the forest that day…and we’ll find out what project EX-SEED is. I have a feeling everything…maybe even everyone is connected on some form of level.” Leon would begin walking towards the door hoping everyone would follow him. he’d unblock it, and when he opened it detective foster would be at the door, with his hands in his pockets. “Going somewhere?” “Out. Everyone here is in the physical conditioning to move.” “Doesn’t’ look that way Ryoji. We’ like you all to rest up.” Leon would tilt his head up. “I’m not rude, that I’m not. But the interrogation as far as we’re concerned is over. We don’t have to answer unless we want to…” a hand would find itself on Foster’s shoulder. The white haired marie would look at him an nod. “He is right…we can’t get info if they refuse to give it.” Marie would look to everyone. “Just keep in mind that was a pretty bad scare back there. We will be placing a bit more security around the grounds of the school just to be safe. You all have a good day.” Leon would nod and begin guiding everyone to find everyone else involved. Leon thought to himself…”Me..Connor…Cyan..Kage…Melisa…we’re missing…Yumi…Lucifer…Akira…Harley…Alex…Akikko…this is going to be a hassle. But it has to be done.” Leon would traverse the rest of the large infirimy area with the gang, until he’d heard noises coming from another room. sounded like someone was searching frantically. Leon would stop at the door, before opening it, and letting it swing all the way open only to find Lucifer there. “Lucifer Creed. Top of the morning to you…we need you to come with us. Got some questions about what happened. I’m not a cop clearly…but I think after you hear what I’ve got to say. You might be interested. Do you happen to know where the others are? Or ones we can get to that are here? If this is it, we’ll make due, but we need to keep up with everyone who was present that day.” Connor would stumble in behind holding his side, but getting use to it thank goodness. Being at the back of the crowd, he’d be using a cane he’d jacked off an elderly patients bed for complete leverage. That guy really did a number on him, but it was the point blank explosion that got to him. “Frickin…hell.” Leon would stuff his hands into his pockets, that same metallic clink being made as he spoke to Lucifer this time. “Tell me. Did your experience having anything to do with a fog, a flashback of sorts, and any memorable details about your attacker or anything he said. Got some info on a group called the “Saints of Juda.” Our attackers supposedly. Anything valuable you can remember would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile Marie and Foster would’ve been looking at the kids from a distance. Foster looked to Marie. “They asked about EX-SEED…” Marie scoffed. “Of course they did…it would be the saints who ‘d bring something like this to light. Those kids have no idea…but. If our reports add up…and our file is accurate. Some among them may have been from “that” group.” “And we can’t tell them because?” Foster pondered. “Because it was made an unspoken code. Shiretsuna would have our heads…he knows that we know it has to be kept under complete wraps. Don’t’ know why, but he’s so protective of that academy it’s scary.” “Yeah well fine then. We need to re-open the “Man in black” file. We can’t put it off. The red coats attacked Shiretsuna, we’ve got the footage. We need to start making moves…before these kids get in to deep.” Marie would narrow her eyes…a couple other detectives, ones who’d talked to lu would come up to her, and give her a brief run down on what Lucifer had reported. Marie would fold her arms, and think to herself. “These kids might be able to figure it out on their own…but if they do. Can they handle themselves?” Marie would snap out of it. “Patrol the school grounds…we’re going to be busy for a while. Speaking of the school…bring in that Kevin Chan fellow. Enroll him as an exceed. We don’t’ need an E-Syndrome simply rotting in jail, he can be put to good tutelage here. “ with that, moments passed an Kevin would’ve been thrown into the back of a police car. a trip to his house and they cops would’ve been talking to his parents about what he did and why he was going. Danny would hold his wife Ariel with heavy regret, an they would look at Kevin. Kevin would look away…he never meant to cause any trouble, he just felt he had a higher calling as he’d put it. maybe he put it to use the wrong way however...Danny and Ariel made their way down and Kevin would step out of the car. Kevin would speak quietly. “Mom…dad….I’m sorry. I really am…” Danny would look down rubbing his hand through kevin’s hair. “Look…you messed up but. Me and you’re mother knew this day was coming where you’d be enlisted into the academy. We’d hoped it’d had been under better circumstances, but sometimes life throws these kinds of obstacles at us.” Ariel remained quiet. She wanted to cry for her son leaving but she didn’t want to look weak in front of her son. Danny would continue speaking. “you have a gift kevin. I want you to harness that gift for greater things. Things that make you happy and give you confidence to be who you are and what you want to be. You have an amazing power, but always remember with great power, comes great responsibility. “ Kevin would nod multiple times, feeling quite sad. Like he’d never see his parents again even though he knew they’d be right here in the city. “ Thanks dad.” Ariel would step up and embrace her son into her arms. “You be careful baby boy…show em what you’re made of out there.” Kevin nodded before stepping back into the police car and sitting down. The car cranked, and they’d drive off toward Shiretsuna academy. “New kid on the block huh…smh.” Kevin would lean his head against the window and just enjoy the ride, seeing as how it was all he could do for the moment in time.-e-‏

Cheyenne: She'd give Kage an awkward smile and a chuckle upon hearing his state his full name first in a rather deep foreboding tone of voice before informing her that it was alright to call him by his first in a tone that was more suited to him. "You're a strange one, that you are Kage and yes its cool that you call me Cyan most do." Cyan tells him softly having heard no reply from the female who was sitting in their mists still listening in on the others reply to the black haired gent that was at the entrance of room. Kage's own reply interesting her greatly as she was unaware that the other male that she saw with him in the woods knew him on a more personal level nor that he was real reason that he was so banged up to begin with. And things only seemed to get even more interesting once two more in the room added that the school's principal knew them as a child and so on. Almost at once Cyan could see the one they were telling this information to began to drawing his own conclusions from the tales they each wove, each part becoming an intricate piece in a tapestry that some how or way these people that they had come in contact with ( or in her case hadn't yet ) were determined to finished even if it killed them. From there this kid would proceed to call her out by name asking her if it were possible to move Kage into a nearby wheel chair so that they could get of here. Now Cyan knew that she could do this but as to how this guy knew her name and she not know hers irked her a bit and she made it know too playing slight attention to the one in hospital nightie and cane slightly wanting to laugh , "Tch not to sound so lucid pal but you seemed to know just we are but who are you?" She'd ask turning her lunar blue gaze towards Kage allowing them to ask if he was okay with her entering his personal space to do as asked as she was aware that most fighter got on edge when other did. If he'd grant her such permission Cyan would reach her arms out with ease to pick him up with what some would call 'amazon strength' which inversely cause her to press her soft feminine frame up against his own firm masculine one for a time as she transfers his body from the bed into the wheel chair near it, making the 18 year old painfully aware of her own vulnerability when being so close to a man. Something that made her unsure if she wanted curse being born a woman or not while fighting maintain control of her legs as she held onto him, the sound of the t.v. coming into okay as the head of the school and a woman who mostly spoke to the media about the event's. If she was accidently touched by him do tothe state he was in Cyan would only blush as she'd have no ideal that it was inappropriate for such an action to take place between a guy and girl ( She's nieve and a major tomboy lol ). Placing Kage in to the chair Cyan turned towards the machine finding herself unnerved and ticked off that they'd blame this while matter on students and those from New Nagoya no less. "Why that pompous ass, even if from the slums those from my home town would never try destroy their only means to excape it just for kicks. That would be just ludicrous on our parts." She explains whole heartedly the offense at the report showing on her lovely face as Leon went to remove the chair he'd placed to keep those outside of it out. But the moment the chair was gone Cyan would see a male standing there apparently a cop to whom other had spoken to earlier though she couldn't tell what was being said as went move around to the back of the chair in order to wheel Kage out if need be unless the sedatives were beginning wear off and could move it himself other than that shed proceed to walk towards the door pushing it out just time to hear a woman's voice say that they'd be placing more officer on the grounds to make sure they're safe. An ideal that brought very little comfort to her mind of course as Cyan got the feeling that things here were just getting started as the female and her partner step aside in order to let those who were leaving pass and for the mixed bred beauty that was an opportunity she gladly took wheeling Kage out the door with her.‏

Gri: boy hadn’t the foggiest about a fire which meant he was knocked out before it’d even happened. By his opponent no doubt she thinks before placing some more medical supplies in a small messenger bag until the girl from before makes her way over to introduce herself and ask if they were siblings. Milisa doesn’t change her blank facial expression as she responds with a simple. “He’s adopted.” Though with the way she said it so plainly you wouldn’t know if she was joking or not but she was sure it’d be ignored as she steps away from them to continue going through the cabinets, opening them to grab a couple of syringes all the while another person comes in, a young boy their age probably making his way over to one who shared some of his features…it was subtle but she came to the conclusion they were the ones who were related. She pays it no mind as she grabs a sterile bag full of scalpels and a bottle of alcohol as she’d run out. The boy began to talk to them asking them for information all the while she’d heard the one laying in bed speaking to one of the cops about project Ex-SEED to which she’d slowed down her packing, listening intently to the new information even more so when his brother or so she assume asked them to speak on their experiences. The other two she’d first met talk but their information wasn’t much but it settled her suspicions they were all attacked by someone with abilities. She wasn’t planning on telling anyone anything as her information wasn’t going to be useful…well not yet anyway and it didn’t do well to speak when the walls had ears listening from who knows where….just call it her paranoia or intuition whatever one works. Suddenly the T.v becomes louder and she hears the Dean speaking to the press but she doesn’t turn to watch, tossing a bag of cotton balls in to the bag all the while making note of what he says and smiling though even that looked fake. The boy asked them to follow him as his brother pulled out the IV from his wrist and started to get up….she had no business here, she would need to return to her guest in the basement though if she left now there was no telling how many cops were watching….no it’d be best to return at a later time thankfully the blonde wasn’t in too bad shape so the pain wouldn’t kill her. Cyan grabs Kage and places him in a wheel chair to roll him out of there but theyre stopped by a cop and some white haired woman….some words were exchanged but Milisa was busy thinking about last night events. When the cops stepped aside and the group of kids began to pile out, she’d stay right where she was with a tilt of her head. This boy leading them was asking the right questions…but she did not want to draw attention to herself. Playing slightly with her hair she curls it around a dainty finger and ponders on what should be done. She’d return to her new friend later but now it would do some good to simply wander in the background with the other students if only to see what this boy could figure out. Finishing with piling up on the supplies she turns and follows them only to stand beside Connor who seemed to still be struggling with his wounds. She looks out of the corner of her eye to him before speaking softly. “Your brother seems to be hell bent on finding out what happened. Has he always been the type to take charge and decipher every little thing?”‏

Kage: Its funny or at least it is to me how one person can simply voice their plans and that they would like to go along with it and people follow so easily. That was the part I have always had the most trouble with, don't get me wrong its not like anyone was following this guy (leon) into a trap or at least it didn't seem that way. Its just for some reason if a person took charge the others fell in line so easily, I guess its probably something humans have written on us, to follow a good leader for survival, somewhere its at the back of our minds and we don't realize it we simply go along with it. If this is the case how ever then I must be pretty defective, I've never been one to follow orders or request unless I felt like it. How ever in this case, I would follow but at some point I would break off, I really only care about getting to Jax and repaying him. Also I had to figure out what this Shirasuna was all about. I know damn well I hadn't caused an explosion and from the looks of it neither had anyone else in the room. So he ,unless there were others I hadn't seen, was making something up, and I didn't very much agree with that. I made a mental note to question the guy asking questions and making request for us to follow him. He knew an awful lot and that seemed strange to me. How ever he soon asked Cyan to put me in a wheelchair she looked to me as if asking my permission and I simply gave her a look back a expression on my face that expressed my permission to do so. Within a few moments with surprising strength she had gotten me from the bed and supported me up. I found it a little awkward that yet again she was helping me, how ever I soon forgot about it when i realized her frame was pressing against mine as she helped me into a near by wheelchair. The awkward ness how ever was soon replaced when, she was setting me down and may head momentarily lolled off to the side. I realized where it was going to land though even though the drug was wearing off I didn't have enough control to snap my head up before it fell into her breast. Though when I was in the chair I looked up ready to apologize only to see she didn't much have a large reaction which confused me but in the end I figured she hadn't noticed so I decided not to say anything. Though she seemed to have gotten behind the chair ready to roll me outa there while also seeming quite upset with the broadcast on the television. I mean I guess I could tell where she was comming from but I was more curious about why, Shirasuna decided to blame it on the students, I mean sure it would sound bad if he said he had done it but Im sure he didnt blow up his own school or at least the forest close to it. Though he could have said a number of things rather than putting it on the students. Any way before Cyan could start rolling me about I felt good enough to stand, “Felt” when I tried stand I had successfully gotten to my feet realizing the pain in my right leg I awkwardly tried to put the weight to my left but the drug made me do it all slow making me stumble off to the side momentarily. Thats when I decided to ask, not to any specific person but anyone who had an idea.- “Why, why do you think just now Shirasuna blamed the burning of the forest, on his own students?”‏

Eden Creed: At the mentioning of his name, Lucifer had rolled out of hiding from beneath the clinic bed .Lucifer, rolled his bloody red gaze side to side.” Shhhhhhhhh.. “ Alarmed, he quickly lunged to the groups range before sniffing a bit, taking a quick whiff of the the animosity, nudging past them he’d poke his head outside the door, swinging his head side to side quickly, closing the door behind him. Lucifer, kept a stern glare at the group, “ Are you all who you say you are ? “ Before, pulling at his chin a bit he turned his back to them. “ Never mind don’t answer that. “ He continued to scratch at his chin, as he walked the perimeter of the room. Setting, his gaze upon anything that seemed odd to him. “ They could be watching.” Lucifer , pulled at the draws, sniffing at the band aids, IV’s along with all the medicines, which stood out as display.. “ Those cops… I don’t trust them. “ Lucifer whispered, crossing his arms behind his back, he marched wall to wall. “ It was all so clear.. how could I have missed it, the details.. the solid facts.. It was all so clear.. how could I have missed it. “ Lucifer, pondered and whispered to himself. Lucifer, then responded to Leon. “ Others ?.. No, Im afraid not. Don’t have much friends, friends.. the people in black.. friends, I felt as if I knew him. Somewhere, I felt as if my bond was stronger to this people in black then I thought. “ Lucifer seated himself upon the base of the bed, he jumped at Connors question. “ Now that I think of it . “ Lucifer paused for a second his eyes, making note of his absence. Two minutes, passed and Lucifer was back to reality as he swiftly snapped his fingers. “ I had visions of a younger.. a younger Me and Shiretsuna, he was there he helped me out of the woods.. they were crowded.It was the one that just exploded…. Lucifer, moved towards the window. His, eyes caught by the wounded mother nature. “ He said.. I was doing a good job.. then another one… I was just being chased by dogs and men in suits then a lady-.. “ Lucifer held his head in pain. “ They were everywhere.. the dogs they barked, but.. that women she protected me said everything will be fine but.. she put me through the worst pain than any of them. I was in a lab, being operated by tons of men in white suits. They ,looked like doctors. “ Lucifer patted his chin, “ It all seems like so much, I can't put my finger on it. What do you say it is ? “ Lucifer turned to the boy Kage : “Why, why do you think just now Shirasuna blamed the burning of the forest, on his own students?” Lucifer, jolted up his index finger. “ Simple.” Lucifer nodded, “ Fear. Why is it easier, to say you’ve fell down the stairs then it is to simply say you’ve been beaten..defeated.. Fear, is all it is but fear.. of what ? “‏

Directives & CommunicationEdit

Ash !: Alex’s eyes fluttered open; she was laying down on one of the most uncomfortable infirmary beds. The bed itself was as stiff as a board, the pillow was flatter than a Sunday morning pancake, and the blanket was itchy as anything. Kicking her feet she pushed the blankets up off of her body, leaving her in her wardrobe from the day before but her calf, back, and shoulder were bandaged up. Flexing her muscles she did a quick survey of her bumps and bruises, just figuring out if she would need to feed at any point. Looking over at the bed next to hers, her face softened as she saw Yumi lying in the bed next to her. She watched as her chest rose and fell, happy to see her friend healthy and doing well. Peering at the table that sat between their beds, her phone rested there lifeless. Reaching out she grips the cool chunk of metal into her palm, swiping her finger she gasps at the numerous phone calls and text messages from Akiko. “Dear god, when your school momma gets scared.” Tapping into a text message she texts out a message to reassure her friend. –No worries dear, got in a little bit of trouble but I am here at the infirmary with Yumi but both of us are alright. So stay put in your dorm and I will come to see you when I get out.— Hitting the send button, placed the phone back down on the table top. Looking up at the TV Alex wanted the time to pass by, but what she saw on the TV shocked her. Reaching for the remote she turned up the volume enough to hear what the local reporter. “Principal Shiretsuna we are glad you finally came out to tell us what happened here the other day, the world is begging to know exactly what happened ?” “ Well, first I’d like to start off with the fact that Kids will be Kids, let’s get that out right now. We were playing a simple game, that just got out of hand, and I’m sorry you’ve heard so much only to come here and learn that : a group of kids just decided to play with the wrong arsenal in the woods. “ “WTF” Alex sat there shocked by what the Principal was saying, how could he blame it on one of his students. “ Well, The thing we have to understand here people, is that \Shiretsuna academy, is full of students from all over the world. They, are all very diverse, both in position and nationality as well as beliefs. We have some, from the slums of Brick wall fortress to the land of our great capital city new Tokyo. So, I completely understand, that they would speak of such men in black. But, I can assure you all there is no such thing, simply a rumor passed around by the students who escaped that explosion there distressed imagining things, Which is completely understandable; this experience was not meant for any child.. But, I ensure you I will fix this and bring Shiretsuna Academy back on its strong foot , once again!” Just as the Principals comments were finished the door was opened up by what appeared to be a detective. “Well Good Morning officer, I am guessing you are here for my statement.” The officer just nodded and took a seat next to her bed. She had to admit that the officer was pretty cute, scruffy facial hair, tanned skin, tones body... something Alex would love to see lying in her bed. “So do you mind sharing with me what happened in the woods.” “Not at all, especially after that lovely performance done by our lovely Principal.” She said with a wink. “So once entering the woods I was met by fog and an old acquaintance of mine. We fought, which explains my wounds. But our fight was disrupted by the explosion, now before you ask me, no I have no idea who started the explosions. All I know is that soon after, Yumi and I met up in the woods and we were able to make our way out. But at the cost of my friend getting hurt, so if you find out who did set that fire, please do share because they will be getting a lovely visit by yours truly.” “We advise that you not do that, Miss.” The officer expressed as his pencil went a mile a minute, writing down exactly what she was saying. “So there is nothing else you would like to share? Anything comes to mind when I say EX-SEED?” Scrunching up her brow she thought about the words. “Nothing comes to mind officer, but why don’t you leave me your card and if I do remember anything then I can give you a heads up.” Handing her a card, Alex took it and slide it behind her bra strap. The detective would make his way over to Yumi and if she gave her statement he would leave right after, not even looking back at the girls. “Damn, he can question me any day.” Just then, Alex would hear a commotion out in the hall. “What the hell is going on now?” Listening closely, she could tell that they were fellow students, probably also from the woods. Usually she wouldn’t care but the fact that they might have also experienced something in the woods. “Grr, I might hate this bed but that doesn’t mean I want to get out of it.” Sliding out of the bed, her feet flopped down on the hard floor. Walking up to Yumi’s bed she squished her cheeks in. “How are you feeling?” Alex asked as she peered down at her. “Maybe we can go check out what those other students are talking about?” Popping the other girl on the nose with her finger, Alex waited to see what Yumi would decide.‏

Ryoji: Connor being the straggler of the group as they made their way out would grumble the whole way there, using the cane he’d gotten as if he’d been using it for his entire life, he’d sigh, the backside of his hospital gown open and exposing his rear end…which explained the draft he was feeing, but he paid it no mind. As it follows, he’d continue walking, until a purple haired girl who also straggled towards the back would’ve spoken to him as well. Connor would look in her direction, and raise a brow when she asked about his brother. Connor would laugh with a single “Ha.” Before answering. “You don’t know the half of it. He’s a nosey inquisitive bastard, who likes figuring things out. What pisses me off is how right he is. Fucking prick…” Connor sighed through his nostrils. “None the less, I’m being a little generous because I actually agree with him. this…this is very rare. Never get used to this I tell ya. “ Connor continue to hobble along, walking like Dr.House as hopefully Melissa kept up with the group as well. Lord knows Connor was struggling. As the group met up with Lucifer, the answering of questions began to ensue. Kage now alert and awake also had a question as well, an Leon would fold his arms and listen intensively, happy that information was being relayed in the first pace. As Lucifer displayed a…..odd paranoia like persona, it gave off the impression he may have been more suspicious about the events of the forest than Leon himself. He was an odd fellow, an his overall look would’ve freaked anybody out, especially those irises. None the less, yet again Leon wasn’t going to judge. They were on the same side, at least this is what Leon would infer. He is not quick to trust anyone, it’s not anyone’s fault but his own. He trust his own reasoning above all else, his own personal belief of Darwinism that in the en if your strong you live, if you’re weak you die, and for both of those instances you have no one to blame but yourself. “ Others ?.. No, Im afraid not. Don’t have much friends, friends.. the people in black.. friends, I felt as if I knew him. Somewhere, I felt as if my bond was stronger to this people in black then I thought. “ Connor now leaning aginst the opening of the door would point and nod. “I felt the same way! Thought that guy was way to weired I fought. If I knew him, I probably pushed him in a locker or some shit…” “Shut up Connor.” “Bite me.” Their rude banter concuded as not to interrupt Lucifer any futher so everyone could listen to what he was saying. When Lu mentioned something about a flash back, Connor would bite his lip and look off to the side. “Common hallucenations….so it wasn’t just me going on some trip.” Leon took even more note of this as he’ nod. “Connor saw something similar as well.” Leon verbally notioned. “Why, why do you think just now Shirasuna blamed the burning of the forest, on his own students?” Lucifer, jolted up his index finger. “ Simple.” Lucifer nodded, “ Fear. Why is it easier, to say you’ve fell down the stairs then it is to simply say you’ve been beaten...defeated.. Fear, is all it is but fear.. of what ? “ Leon agree with this an began to speak again. “Agreed. Fear of the truth. It was clearly a cover up. I wouldn’t care, if my life hadn’t have been on the line. The way Shiretsuna said it, was void of all intention. It was an event he didn’t have control over…an independent variable. To further note, you and my brother both experienced flashbacks of this man. that can’t be a coincidence…at least I won’t let it be.” Leon folded his arms. “Might have something to do with that Project EX-SEED thing. If you don’t know what that is, join the club. Well to everyone here; there’s something going on an we’ve been directly involved. The people who attacked, attacked us specifically. This means we’re going to have to strike back, or at least know why. None of you in here have to listen to me. Let it be known I do not care if you chose not to. If you do however, you have my full support at your beck and call. I only ask if you find anything out, anything about the black cloaks called the “Saints of Juda.” Or this project…even if you find out why Shiretsuna covered it up, let us all know. It won’t be the last time, because we all survived. We’re targets. We’ll be harder to hit if we coordinate rather than isolate.” Connor would let out a fart, while at the door. A couple of passing doctors inhaled the bare ass gas, as Connor would look back. “Hey, don’t blame me; blame all the hot sauce you spike your chili with. Tell lunch ladies I said what up doe.” Connor would wave to them, and Leon would shake his head only to look back at everyone. “Thanks for coming. If you need me, I do not have a phone at the moment, but you can reach me on MyBook. My user name Is Leo…nothing more nothing less.” Leon would turn around and begin heading towards the door, fixing his shirt up at the collar and making his way out, speaking as he did. “Rest easy everyone…remember. Everybody Lies. Trust no one…not even the cops…” As Leon walked out he’d see Detective Foster waving lightly at him. Leon would ignore the man. the friction between the two was only growing and increasing….Connor would hobble himself up with the cane, and lick his lips, before sighing. “Whelp, gotta be hitting the old dusty trail. Got my ass handed to me, so I need to sit on this whopping for a while. Not to mention I’ve got an academy to clean…catch you all later. By the by weird guy.” Connor would point at Lu. “Cool eyes. Cool muthafucking eyes.” Connor would walk off speaking. “I don’t have a contact number, buuuuut you where there’s a mess around school I’ll be there. Just don’t’ do it on purpose….” Connor would’ve hobbled off into the hallway, deciding to head back towards his crows space and get himself fixed up with a nice long nap. There was a lot to think about. Investigations…conspiracy...and how he was going to get back at that pretty boy who whooped him with clones. At this point everyone could honestly do what ever with this information. Weather they chose to ignore it or pursue it, wouldn’t change the course of events about to hit Shiretsuna academy. Speaking of hitting it, the cab would’ve dropped kevin chan off at the front of the academy. Kevin would stand there, holing his suitcase in his hand and swallowing hard. “If I had a sixth sense it’d be tingling right now…..well! Here’s to adventure!” Kevin would hop in the air for a second before running straight towards the doors of the academy, keeping his optimism at an all time high and ready to face the challenge.‏

Gri: Yumi was sleeping soundly…it’d been a long night of being treated for her hand but thankfully they weren’t like normal kids, she’d begin to heal easily enough and in another day it would be a lot better; her hand that is which currently was under wraps with burn ointment helping numb the aching sensation that had kept her up some of the night due to how uncomfortable it was but thanks to Alex soothing her she was able to sleep late but sleep never the less….the sound of the t.v stirs her awake and she blinks away the blurriness when she hears the principal speaking to some reporters. “Mm whats going on??” She sits up slowly, careful not to hurt the bruises on her body from the fight with Cade and listens to what their dear old principal had to say about these events….it left the two girls in shock. Was….was he covering it up?! Yumi went to make a comment but a detective came in…a very handsome one at that but the redhead paid it no mind, trying to make sense of what the hell was going on. She turns to Alex, laughing softly at the part of wantin to find out who did this so she could kill em herself. She couldn’t blame her…seeing her in the fire all by herself like that made Yumi scared for her friends life but they got out safely and that’s what mattered but now the bigger problem….why was this happening? The officer turns to her to ask her the same thing but she merely shakes her head with a deep frown. “My friend here has told you everything I could have. We don’t know anything Sir….” He hands them his card and leaves and she sighs, leaning back to get comfy all the while turning back to the T.v to see if they had anything else to say. She didn’t get to see much of anything else because Alex gets up to come over to her, cupping her cheeks and mushing them making Yumi give her a funny face. She furrows her brows, pretending to be annoyed. “Cut it out.” She takes her wrist and pulls her into the bed with her only to turn on her side and sigh, hugging her friend. “No way, I’m not getting involved in any more crap….if I hadn’t gone in to the forest I wouldn’t have met up with my fiancé, I learned my damn lesson. None of this has to do with us, Lexi…I mean…I want to believe it doesn’t….”////Milisa///Milisa listened to what Connor had to say about his brother, confirming that they were indeed siblings…though very much opposites. That’s usually how it went though a night and day difference between brothers and sisters….The group is moved in to a boys room and he begins to go off, speaking in odd puzzle talk something she knew well seeing as she did the same thing. He was beautiful….dark black hair in a shaved style, blood red pupils and covered in ink with a cold tone of voice to him…she’d love to open him up and see what makes him tick. She begins to play with her hair, giving it a pondering stare to distract herself from such thoughts as Leon and the odd fellow begin to see if their puzzle pieces might match with the other. She was no detective, she did not know why this was happening….but what she did know was science….experiments…hypothesis….that is what she would contribute as Leon figures out all he can from the other and gives out a way to reach him. Connor farts and she turns with a tilt of her head, saying nothing and thinks what it’d be like if their brains switched for the day. Was the life of a janitor hard? So many questions….but she wasn’t really asking the right ones and began to wander off, leaving the group to return to her dorm, wondering if Harley had died in the forest….‏

Moko: Conspiracy, lies, Project EX-Seed, an explosion, and of course their was latter of the three which Cyan didn't bother telling the others about. Being dragged away be unseen or know forces was liable to get her the very same strange looks her mother White Dove did when ever she 'communes' with the spirits. It was that kind of scrutiny that she didn't need right now especially since she was kinda the new face on campus at the moment from what she gathered as she walked still pushing the chair Kage was in along, her exotic features catching the attention of some of the upper c lassmen while some of the girls just sneered. But still she felt like it was something she should have told everyone back there. Sighing to herself Cyan could tell that this was gonna be a "great semester" stopping just a few feet in from of one of the campus' water fountain her mind moving over what that guy back in the infirmary said. Not to mention the others that just might be classmates of hers for this term before turning her attention towards Kage. "Hey you okay there? Can you move yet?" She'd ask realizing she had been rather rude and reclusive towards him since having left the infirmary but the concerned tone in her voice quite possibly made up for it. "Realize that i'm bit of an Amazon strength wise so what I did might have been a bit awkward for you." Was Cyan's attempt at making polite conversation whether it was working or not she'd find if he replied her lunar blues orbs looking around for a moment all in hopes of locating Akira but again still no luck before glances up to the main building of the school itself sighing again. "I'm never gonna be able find my dorm room at this rate."‏