Reflection & CuriosityEdit

( ) His headphones on were on, and his Z-pod was blaring full blast. Standing on the Tier 1 hallway, with a bucket on his arm, and a long window washer handle in his hand, he’d be humming the tune of the day, all the while washing the windows from corner to corner. Thinking about the events that happened with the entire Garden of Eden event…who the fuck was that guy. Connor furrowed his brow, thinking about how that guy’s cloning ability was something he was in no way prepared for…even if Connor was used to  fighting groups, they were all trained martial badasses. It made Connor feel some type of way almost….”Fucking….ugly ass clones. “ Connor would sniffle, his nose still a little sore from being popped outta place, as he’d rub it tenderly before continuing like normal. He then thought back to the amount of Ether he’d actually put into that finger blast of his. It might have been a small miniscule difference…but it was definitely bigger than a basket ball. Maybe just a smidge. Connor’s right arm was still sore as he was prepared to fire off a third shot knowing full well he couldn’t nor did he have the physical capability to do so.” Connor wouldn’t even notice his work ethnic increased as he’d been lost in thought. He’d reached the last window of this hall way and sigh. “I wasn’t strong enough…it’s. Losing is something I’m used to…I learn from. So why does this one bother me so much.” Connor would look down at his feet…replaying the fight over and over in his head. His counters, his offenses, and his maneuvers.  Closing his eyes he’d inhale and exhale. “Room for improvement…” Connor would slam his right fist into the palm of his left hand and crack his knuckles, a scowl on his face while his eyes remained closed. “I won’t mope! I’ll look  at this like a true brawler. Figure out his advantages and mine. Then the disadvantages…weight them and kick some serious ass next time around!” Connor would pick up his materials and head towards the janitor’s closet a few feet down the hall, putting his window cleaning equipment.  He’d then dawn another bucket, but this time with a mop in hand instead. His favorite instrument of cleaning as he’d smile, clasping his hand around the handle. “I’ll figure something out.” Connor would step out of the janitor’s closet and shut the door with his foot. Proper janitorial mopping 101: position the mop bucket infront of you to move it forward, and mop the area behind you as you go, to avoid stepping in what you’ve just cleaned. Connor would continue humming to the beat of his own drum, and make sure this hall was spic and span. For a off day, he was probably one of the only few that were busy.  He still had negative thoughts about his so called “antagonist” but he wouldn’t loathe in self worthlessness, but instead he’d  replay the fight in his head over and over again, looking at what he could’ve done and what he should and will do next time.

Yumi hadn’t gotten much sleep, she couldn’t sleep! After the events that took place in the Garden of Eden she couldn’t shake off that horrible feeling. Cade was the man she was supposed to marry in the future after she graduated from this place…her parents and his had it all planned out. But neither of their folks knew the truth. Their children were monsters…Cade especially. She placed a hand over the bandage covering the burn mark on her cheek. The both of them were flame users though she’d admit Cade was a bit more advanced…she rubbed the soft fabric that kept the wound covered and sighed a bit. She couldn’t tell their parents what was really happening and the worst part was she would have to see him again at some point with the family. Would he try to kill her? Or pretend everything was alright? They couldn’t get married, there was no way he’d still go through with it just for the sake of their families making them. There were too many questions and the person to ask wasn’t here anymore so she’d brush it off. Her knuckles were still bruised from the fight but she didn’t mind it much, she’d placed some concealer on them and they didn’t look so bad. Just remembering those eyes though….those weren’t the eyes who had looked at her so happily the first time they met as children. They were full of hatred and malice directed right for the young heiress, that angry and dangerous scowl could strike fear in to Yumis very core and her arm began to shake, quickly grabbing it to calm herself and she sighed, trying to smirk and be tough. “Hah, get it together Ikeda…” Suddenly something or someone caught her attention and she gazes up from her spot walking outside in the court yard….ah Ryoji! It seemed as if he was busy cleaning around the area. She had tried to fight him during the whole chasing the bat-dog incident but they were interrupted by their unwelcomed ‘friends’. They hadn’t spoken since everything and she instantly cheers up, wanting to bother him some more. She begins to follow him making sure to keep her distance….hiding behind things and walls only to peek her head out to watch him. It was a rather amusing sight to see, a very well dressed girl of wealth stalking a lowly janitor but she saw more than just a custodian, especially after that fight he had with that clone boy. She knew she had chosen correctly…Connor began to clean the windows of the hallway and she doesn’t move, inspecting him silently. He was indeed handsome, he had a smug look on his face anytime he wanted to show off and he was tough! Not to mention his ability was something incredible to watch it made her want to keep working hard towards her fire too…it was a shame he wasn’t a student here though she’d been wanting to ask why he dropped out though she catches herself and frowns slightly. Hm, rival or not she did think an awful lot about this boy but he was the first person around here that had caught the redheads attention. She perks up when he starts to come over and she instantly hides behind a vending machine, slowly poking her head out to watch him some more.

Ah he was moping now….She stares at his concentrated look and can’t help the small smile, head tilting slightly to the side. He looked so funny cleaning that floor, like a monkey with a mop just slaving away and she couldn’t help the laugh at that before realizing she made noise and hiding back in the vending machine…ah but he had headphones, maybe he hadn’t heard her. She nods, crossing her arms and leaning her back against the machine with a sigh. Why was she being a weirdo for?? Honestly if she wanted a fight she should just attack him….it never took this long for Yumi to declare a challenge.

Connor kept up his cleaning habbit, not to far from finishing this section of the hall way. Eventually his eyes picked up something odd on the floor. “the hell is this?” Connor would squat down to see what this mystery speck was that took refuge on his floor. “is this a rice krispy or something?” Connor would pick at it, scraping it off the floor as he did. While in this position however, one of his headphones had fallen out of his ear. “Gah dammit I hate when that happens…” Connor managed to get the spec off of his spic and span floor, before his ears had caught a giggling noise. Now he was used to hearing the ghost wail and moans, but a giggle? Connor would look up towards the vending machine and that surrounding hall area. nothing there. Not so much as a soul…then Connor’s eyes darted towards the bottom of the vending machine just on a whime, when he’d seen a shadow casted there. This didn’t seem like much….except there were…2 shadows there instead of just the big bulky machine ones. Connor made a “-_-“ face, now spotting that someone was clearly hiding there. Connor would stand up, and point the dripping mop in the direction of the vending machine and speak with an authoritive tone. “Alright enough games. If you’re coming in here to step on my floor just know one of two things are bound to happen. Number one: I’m going to have to remop this hall because number two: I’m gonna be scrapping your teeth off of the tile! Now get out here and maybe if you say “Please” I’ll only break your nose…sick of you young punks messing up my floor. Didn’t yer parents ever teach you the meaning of clean?” Connor would wait to see if who ever was behind the vending machine was going to show face or not. “Tick tock. I’m getting angsty here….” Connor would begin twirling the mop around in a rapid fire fashion. Spinning it vertical on his left side before spinning the stick around his waist a couple of times, only to twirl it with his right hand, and place it over his head, where he’d continue spinning it until his mystery stalker came from his or her hiding spot. ( )

Getting PersonalEdit

She’d started to daze off, thinking bout what she should do next when suddenly Connors voice surprised her and she jumped slightly, turning her head slightly to hear what he was saying. She smirked lightly, unable to help herself, arms still crossed under her breasts. He thought she was one of the students who enjoyed harassing him which she found amusing but she didn’t move….until he threatened her of course. To that she laughed, this time louder and exposed herself from the hiding spot, giving him a smug smirk. “Big talk for someone who got his ass handed to him not that long ago. You’re not going to shoot me are you, Ryoji?” She joked, in regards to that weird blue ball that came from his finger. Her Chinese slippers were sure not to step on anywhere he had already mopped, making her way over to stand now a foot or two away from him, not minding the closeness if only to mess with him as she leans in, snapping her jaw at him playfully. “We got interrupted last time…” She plays with his headphones before placing one in her ear to see what he’d been listening to…something else she noticed from the boy was he sometimes said things no one says anymore, using words like ‘square or weak sauce’ not to mention using items no one used anymore….she couldn’t recall the last time she saw actual headphones that had wires. The song was of no interest of course but she enjoyed annoying him, they were rivals after all and she raises a brow. “How broke are you, I wonder?” she teases before moving away and crossing her arms again, smacking her teeth. “Ryoji I’ve been meaning to ask….why are you a janitor? You aren’t the only one whos dirt poor around here all of the students can attend some even get a free ride so I can’t imagine it was because of the money situation.” She didn’t much care if it wasn’t any of her business she was nosey and rather blunt and yeah they weren’t friends but he interested her and she wasn’t going to go anywhere he was stuck with the redhead now. “I’ve seen you fight and you’re really good but being a janitor is so beneath you and your abilities, it’s a disgrace to your true potential. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person who should be saying anything since I’m pretty rich but a janitor?” She inspects the floor he’d been cleaning and rubs her chin as if trying to figure it out on her own.

“Big talk for someone who got his ass handed to him not that long ago. You’re not going to shoot me are you, Ryoji?” Connor would scoff, putting the mop down beside him, and crossing one leg over the other “Chea whatever…he got lucky.”  When she made her way over to him, she’d gotten awfully close. She’d probably get a huge scent of pine sol and cleaning agent in her nose, which was at least subtle it could’ve hit her in the face like a fierce gust of wind. Lucky for her he hadn’t been there that long to see how it really comes off. When she snapped her jaw at him, he’d tried not to smirk, but it kind of just happen as he’d place his free hand into his pocket, and just take a moment to look at her. to really get a feel for her, and how she was. Connor wasn’t the brightest book wise, though he had plenty of sense and was fairly sharp if he concentrated enough. “We got interrupted last time…” Connor would pop his neck from side to side before continuing to look down at her a bit. “Chea. Won’t happen again though. We’ll get our bout, in one way or another.  You’ve got a few moves on you..” Connor watched as she played with his head phone, and popped one into her ear. He’d frown with one side of his lips, looking at her with a  “Really?” expression on his face. Not that she wasn’t attractive or anything. Lord knows that rack looked mighty refreshing, but she was all in his space and he knew he’d had a job to do, which she was doing a great job at keeping him from.  When she asked him how he was broke , Connor would shrug, raising his hand from his pocket to rub the back of his neck. “It’s called life. Shit happens.” She spoke again. “Ryoji I’ve been meaning to ask….why are you a janitor? You aren’t the only one who’s dirt poor around here all of the students can attend some even get a free ride so I can’t imagine it was because of the money situation.” Connor would sigh, scratching the side of his cheek and closing his eyes. An observant person could tell by his posture he wasn’t much one for giving  his own personal reasoning’s out for anything. Yumi was persistent as fuck, and those eyes would probably flatten the wills of most men, but lucky for Connor he was  much too stubborn to notice a good flirt unless they were trying to hard. Nothing wrong with a woman who was easy like Sunday morning…but some women are Mondays. No one likes Mondays. “I’ve seen you fight and you’re really good but being a janitor is so beneath you and your abilities, it’s a disgrace to your true potential. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m the last person who should be saying anything since I’m pretty rich but a janitor?” Connor would sigh and tilt his head up. “Bruh…” Connor would close his eyes for a second, taking out the headphone still in his ear and looping it around the back side of his ear. “I’m surprised that you haven’t  heard. I dropped out halfway through my first year. This wasn’t for me…this gig. This whole learning about your powers and such. Plus it wasn’t helping me or my moms pay her rent. I needed money not an education. So I quit.” Connor would lean his bodyweight on the mop, holding it with both hands and letting a breath flow from his nostrils. “Vice Principal Cruso though. Told me he saw a lot of good coming from  me, and that he didn’t want me to just up and leave. So with that he gave me an actual job here at the school. Im not complaining. It pays. I send half my paychecks back home so mom has less bills to pay and only needs to focus on her self. I can’t really afford meals and shit but I’ve got a master key to the place so it’s never but a chore to eat the teachers lunches and the lunch ladies are nice enough to hook me up.” Connor tilted his head towards the window. “It’s nice to be given free rides and everything but I don’t know. Something about the feeling I get knowing I worked to make things better just  makes me feel at ease. Especially when it’s for more than yourself.” Connor’s eyes made his way back over to her. “What’s it to you? Rich girl on  campus doesn’t usually associate with the broke guys. Plus with a body like yours, I’m pretty sure you’ve got someone’s arm around you at some point.” Connor would lean his cheek on the end of the mop handle, thus one of his eyes would be closed, while his other eye would be looking  into her eyes.  “No offense but if you talk to me to long, it’s gonna get around the school. Might even get you black balled. Though I won’t lie, you’d probably beat all of those snooty bitches asses if they even looked at you wrong.”

He didn’t look like he wanted to share which she figured but that was too damn bad! When she wanted to know something, she was going to find it out regardless and when he talked about her not hearing she shrugged her shoulders lightly. “I try not to listen to gossip, makes you stupid.” He talked about sending money to his mother to help her with the bills and she nodded, understanding a little bit better still though…seeing him mopping the floors and the students being a total ass to him, she didn’t feel sorry for him nor did she find him pathetic in any way it just made her mad, more so than she should have been to a boy she just met but it made her think about her parents who were given everything because of the old money and the other kids who didn’t need to work hard for anything. Vice principal Curso was right to think Connor had some sort of potential, Yumi thought the same thing especially after seeing him fight that one time. “What’s it to you? Rich girl on campus doesn’t usually associate with the broke guys. Plus with a body like yours, I’m pretty sure you’ve got someone’s arm around you at some point.” Her face falters a little and she looks away, uncrossing her arms and giving out a forced ‘hah’. “Yeah well I guess we’re both out of the loop then. I’m called Mistress Dragon for a reason. My family is Ikeda of the dragons, we’ve got more money than what we know what to do with and a lot of power in the social ranks and political side. People not at my level of riches stay away from me because they’re afraid of my parents and the people who share my lifestyle don’t think I’m one of them because of my ‘side hobby’. I love tai-chi, I love fighting and I’m not….like them. They can smell it a mile away and find me unappealing to their sensitive tastes.” She turns back to him and smiles a bit, shrugging. “And I got a bit of a temper on me, I’m easy to snap if pushed enough and I use my fists to solve my problems.” Uncaring of her bruised and injured hand she uses it to punch him playfully in the shoulder, getting in to a stance, her smile turning into a smirk. “Besides I’m a rebel! My cool factor won’t go down even if I hang out with you, if anything you should thank me. Maybe if you’re seen with me a girl might not think you’re a loser! You’re cute but that jumpsuit doesn’t match your eyes, Ryoji.” She goes in for another punch to his shoulder though she wasn’t doing it hard if anything it was just to urge him on and get him to stop working if only to play around with her! She enjoyed his company and it wasn’t like they had anything better to do…….well granted Connor did have to do his job but it wouldn’t kill him to take a quick break right?

Knuckle TagEdit

Connor looked at her intensely as she answered his question, and with quite the poise he’d add. He got the sense by the way she listened to him that she was real, which was more than Connor could say for most people. “Yeah well I guess we’re both out of the loop then. I’m called Mistress Dragon for a reason. My family is Ikeda of the dragons, we’ve got more money than what we know what to do with and a lot of power in the social ranks and political side. People not at my level of riches stay away from me because they’re afraid of my parents and the people who share my lifestyle don’t think I’m one of them because of my ‘side hobby’. I love tai-chi, I love fighting and I’m not….like them. They can smell it a mile away and find me unappealing to their sensitive tastes.” Connor figured she was on some rich girl status. What he didn’t figure, is that she practiced tai chi. That came as a shock to him, but he should’ve somewhat guess based on the clothing she’d chosen to wear. He’d nod in approval, a woman who c an fight is a good woman indeed. “And I got a bit of a temper on me, I’m easy to snap if pushed enough and I use my fists to solve my problems.” Connor couldn’t help but smile on that one. He was the same way, the exact same way. He preferred to use his fist to solve all of his problems as well. For some reason it just made things that much easier…”I think we just became buddies Yu-Yu.” Connor would smile lifting his head off the mop handle before she spoke again after she’d punched him in the shoulder one time playfully. “Besides I’m a rebel! My cool factor won’t go down even if I hang out with you, if anything you should thank me. Maybe if you’re seen with me a girl might not think you’re a loser! You’re cute but that jumpsuit doesn’t match your eyes, Ryoji.” Connor would  laugh a bit and when she threw the second punch, he’d raise his forearm to block and deflect it with a tease, only to attempt to shove her back playfully with the same arm he blocked with. “Ah c’mon. We both know as long as I’ve got this fucking mop in my hand I’m gonna be a loser regardless. And hey!...don’t  dis the jumpsuit. This shit right here? Is authority. Top flight janitorial servicemen of the world right here Yu-Yu.” Connor would beat his chest playfully, before taking a step back and looking at her stance. “Stance looks pretty solid…” Connor would look left and right to make sure no one was around. “Care to….show me your kung fu? I’ll tell you if it sucks or not.” Connor would smirk leaning the mop against the wall, and gliding his converse covered feet across the floor, to be a few feet away from her. his legs spread shoulder with apart, but his arms were down by his sides. His fist were closed, but not exactly clenched, by the hand posture…”Wanna play knuckle tag? It’s easy  you’re “it”. try and tag with a blow. If you land it then  I’m”It.” something I made up back in Nagoya. If you hear about it elsewhere, just know I made it first.”

It was her turn to laugh at him as her right hand swipes up to press against the assaulting fist to deflect its aim towards her and smack it lightly away. “Oh and you’re aaaalll on authority aren’t you Ryoji??” She teased him, her tone going on the sensual side. “Care to….show me your kung fu? I’ll tell you if it sucks or not.” She shakes her head, smacking her teeth at his cocky attitude but she wouldn’t lie, she liked that about him he wasn’t easy to offend which was hard to find around here. “Ah I can show you a couple things I’m sure you’d like.” What she implied with that would be left to his imagination but she made sure that wink she gave him would help as she furthered her stance, rolling her shoulders. “But sure, I’m game for some knuckle tag. I have to warn you though, I’m pretty fast on my feet.” Something she’d shown off when she fought against Cade, she did have peak human reflexes after all but this was all in good fun and there was no one around. This time they weren’t going to be interrupted as her feet slide out on the clean floor, arms swaying in a fluid graceful like motion. The way she walked like a heiress seemed to follow in to her fighting style but it was so much more than just a way of standing, no every movement she did was flowing just as she showed in her last fight, her demeanor changed entirely from cocky and head strong to calm and focused, inhaling from her core and exhaling in a controlled fashion, eyes lowered and on their target. Her fingers on her left hand pressed together and pointing downwards, all aligned together with her wrist bent and her hand in a tai-chi hook position, fingers curled slightly now. Though her movements were slow the moment she went in for the attack it was fast! Like a switch flicked on her speed turned from mild to impressive, aiming the hook for under his chin in several attempts all in quick motions, stepping closer to her opponent, step by step. Her free hand than attacks with a sideways assault of her hand aimed right to his neck, going for a pressure point to his throat, both of her arms dancing alongside the other to accomplish this attack. She seemed to be in a trance of sorts and although this was just in fun, both of them weren’t exactly beginners so to them this was the level of fun they wanted and it was only going to get more and more interesting!

Connor smirked as she spoke about showing him a couple of things she thought he’d like. There were many things he’d like from her most definitely…but those were just the fantasies of a 17 year old dropout. Connor heard her quip about being faster on her feet, but it was time to see just how fast she was exactly. Connor only briefly saw some of her move set from what was shown in the forest, but it was now time to see for himself just what she could do. Her demeanor changed completely…like instantly. The fierceness from her disappeared, and became calm. It wasn’t a relaxing clam however…it was actually somewhat scary to be frank. “This is gonna be a good one…remember to capitalize on your mistakes Ryoji…” after mentally saying that she moved! Rather fucking quickly one might add! When she launched her hook attempts at Connor’s chin, Connor would’ve retaliated, by ducking beneath hand, and arm entirely, deciding it better to avoid multiple placed attempts with one clean motion. However what he didn’t account for was the sideway attack of her hand aimed to the right side of his neck! The hit connected, and Connor’s head would’ve jerked over her hand and his shoulder on his right side would’ve risen up to. The pressure point rocked him for a bit and even made his face cringe up and his tongue stick out, but the reaction his body gave was one he’d used plenty of times when he’d been hit in the neck. If yumi tried to move  her hand she’d find it literally wedged between Connor’s head and shoulder. He’d smirk, before lashing his right hand up towards the back of her neck while placing his left hand on the bend of her arm, and in one unified motion he’d attempt to pull her towards him, while lifting up his right knee in attempts to knee her in the gastric. This hit would have not malice, but sufficient enough force to double her over towards his right side. If this knee did or didn’t connect, Connor would’ve kept his grip on her arm with his left hand, and in a smoothly placed counter, he’d pull her arm outwards, and turn his back to her, slinging the arm over his shoulder, attempting to jut his right foot into her right ankle to add to the lift, and throwing his upper body forward, resulting in her being thrown over his back and back first onto the ground. ( ) all of this being in attempt of course, as if the knee was countered, he’d attempt the throw immediately after. If it went through he’d place his a hand on his hip and smirk at her.”You’re it.”

Yumi although in her calm state couldn’t help the smirk when his reaction time came in to cue and just as she seen before, he could take a hit only to shake it right off and react accordingly. In the short amount of time they’d known each other she felt like she’d finally found someone who understood the good fight, they weren’t all that different sure one came from practically poverty while the other came from riches but they both had a love of fighting something she could guess they both worked hard for in their own way. Her hand was stuck in between his neck but she wouldn’t fight it, simply watching him with fast eyes to see what he’d do and as his hand reaches for the back of her neck and the other grabs on to the bend of her arm to force her closer, she doesn’t fight it still if anything she follows his motions and the direction he is taking her in, going in to the knee assault! But she isn’t planning on allowing herself to just take it! Her free hand decides now is the time to move, her wrist doing a rotating motion to prepare as the palm of her hand swings in between them and catches the knee, her body is moved backwards from the force. Her firm stance stops her from flying back, knees bent as her heel is planted on the floor, absorbing the blow in to her body before using the same blocking hand to push his knee upward in to his chest and forward, controlling his leg and taking his balance with him or attempting to by lifting him right up and off of his only foot keeping him standing. The still trapped hand now curling the free digits on his shoulder to help her with this motion, further pushing him back to slam him on his backside all of this of course being an attempt at a counter for his knee strike. If he hadn’t fought it she would have followed him down, in between his legs and hovering over him with a playful smile, their noses touching as she talks teasingly. “I think I’m getting the hang of this game.”

Right Where I Want YouEdit

Connor couldn’t help but find it rather suspicious that she didn’t  fight against his force in any way, shape, or form. It was odd…really odd. As he brought his hand behind her neck and went to drive his  knee into her gut, but he felt a mad amount of resistance…a maaaad amount of it. he then realized it was her hand! “Well now.” He thought to himself, as he’d then feel another motion counteracting his own motion. Next thing connor knew he’d been lifted, and while he did still have a firm grip on her arm, Connor thought about turning it into an armbar, but he’d been to slow on the uptake, and would probably have to wait til next time to do so. This time around he was sent back first into the ground, and would look to see their brand new positioning i.e her atop of him and between his legs no doubt. Their noses were touching…and  he’d look into her eyes, as she spoke in a teasing tone.  “I think I’m getting the hang of this game.” He’d smirk. “that you are…” he’d reach his hand up and touch her cheek with a finger, softly running it down to the base of her chin before turning that soft touch, into a thumb against the bridge of her nose. “You’re it Yu Yu…” He’d lick his lips casually, they were dried out from lack of chapstick, but on accident he’d lick the edge  of her lips as well. He knew what he did, and what it could’ve resulted in, i.e this girl slapping him senseless or repelling him, but  eh…Connor had never been this  close to another girl unless he was punching her…or vice versa. “You know you should totally give up. I got  you right where I want you…” Connor would put his arms behind his head, and lay back with a sigh of content waiting for her next move.

You’re it, Yu yu.” She hadn’t mentioned just how much she despised that damn nickname but she knew he’d say it just for that reason. Her smile turns in to a smirk as he thumps her nose and she was once again it though he placed his defenses down when he relaxed under her. Then things turned a different corner when he licks his lips and yes, that tongue touched her lips as she blinks down at him. That was an accidental lick at best, nothing really close to a real kiss and she doesn’t move for a moment. What exactly was she doing again? She was flirting, there was no doubting that and she was engaged to someone already but she hated him and he’d tried to kill her! But she was so tired of following orders of doing everything proper she wanted to know someone different from them she wanted to have some fun….with Ryoji. “I got you right where I want you.” There goes that cocky attitude of his again that brought her back from her thoughts as she laughs at his confidence. “Oh do you? I suppose I am a bit open in this position but then again….so are you, Ryoji.” She slides her slender fingers up his stomach, the fabric of his jumpsuit wrinkling only slightly, her breath tickling his lips before pressing hers against his jawline in a teasing kiss and then giving it a quick bite. “You’re it…and…” Fast hands grab under his arms since they’re exposed and turns him, going with him so she’s now on her back and hes ontop of her. She smirks up at him, taking his hand and guiding it to grip her neck while placing the other to hold her by her thigh just beneath her ass, wrapping it around his waist to let him rest in between her this time. She stares up at him now and her smirk softens a little, head tilting to the side. “Now you got me where you want me. Where I want to be…” She implied a little something right then but says nothing else on the matter, simply waiting to see what he’d do next. “I guess I’m it again…” She murmured softly, aqua hues not tearing their gaze away from those deep red ones. Connor was a custodian, life would never be any different for him, this was it…but Yumi couldn’t care less about titles, she was sick of titles, between the two of them they judged the other on how well they could fight and she liked that about him. She liked him! Well not in that way…..or….well…she’d never had a crush before. She could admit after watching him and how he acted she did have a slight crush on the boy. This being the first and all it made her a bit happy to actually get the opportunity to experience something normal like that.

“Oh do you? I suppose I am a bit open in this position but then again….so are you, Ryoji.” Connor listened to  the tone of her voice change…it got sensual. Really sensual…the kind that made his dick tingle even. Her hand glided up his jumpsuit,, and her breathe left a tingley sensation on his lips before she lowered herself to kiss his jaw line. Connor tried to hold his tough guy composure together, but he’d never had sex before and he couldn’t help but blush a little, his eyes darting off to t he side as her lips met his skin, only for her to then bit it a bit..felt good. Felt really fucking good. Connor would’ve sucked on his own lips  for the time being thinking about where the hell this was  honestly gonna go. That’s when shit got real, as in one quick motion, she re-manuvered her and himself, now switching the position to where he was atop of her, one of his hands was now cupping her ass cheek and with a reflex he’d give it a squeeze on sight. This brought his man meat to full attention, his hardened member resting between her open thighs right on the area of the womb its self, his head right where the clit would be, as he loomed over her slightly. His face was that of shock….this escalated quickly and he’d seen enough porn to know where this was going. Now you got me where you want me. Where I want to be…I guess I’m it again…” Connor would close his eyes and sigh…squeezing her ass yet again, but this time with some authority in his grip  as he spoke in a rough whisper. “Looks like you are…don’t quit the game on me now. Loser…” He’d lean in as if he were about to kiss her, but instead glide his tongue underneath her chin, all the way across from one side to the other, in the curve where the chin and nec meet. He had a fat tongue, so covering a lot of skin was easy for him one he’d done that, he’d keep a hand on her ass and loop another hand around her waist entirely, pulling himself between her thighs even mover, so his upward bulge would slide against the surface area of her womb from outside of her clothes…as inexperienced as he was,he did learn about neck tonguing from the shit he’d heard around school…he’d also heard about belly rubbing  but Connor wasn’t…..about that life. He’d swirl his tongue around in one central spot on her neck before returning the bite the skin of her neck with a slight growl. Tugging on the skin with his teeth before using his lips to soothe the red mark and hickie suuuuuure to come from it, all the while instinctually dry thrusting against her, occasionally pushing herr frame against him rather than pushing himself against her…just to see  how she’d respond of course. This beats a first kiss any day.

His expression seemed to be one of surprise and she couldn’t blame him…perhaps this was a bit fast forward? But the thought of losing her virginity to a custodian sort of made her a bit amused. Something she’d love to tell her parents one day just so they could lose their shit. But Connor as she mentioned before was more than just some janitor who cleaned up after these jerks day in and day out…she thought he was an idiot but he was cool and strong. She liked him a little bit which is more than she’s ever liked the opposite sex so who better to give it up to then with someone you don’t secretly want to murder? And he didn’t look like the type to brag about it to anyone though if he did she’d have to own up to her mistake in choosing him but she wouldn’t worry about that now…especially when he rests his hardon between her legs, causing her to shudder at the sensation. “Ah…” “Don’t quit the game now, loser.” Hah even in a situation like this he was still an ass but she just smirked, moving her arms to rest on his shoulders as his lips made their way down to her neck. The moment his tongue started on her flesh she gasped, instinctively kicking out her leg because of how good it felt. She squirmed lightly, not use to just letting a guy do whatever he wanted, her instincts told her to fight back and push him off but the girl in her was enjoying this too much as she moans when he lifts her body up to grind in to his. She turns red and murmurs weakly. “Ryoji…we should move somewhere more private.” That growl sent more shivers down her spine and god yes she most certainly wanted this to happen as smooth hands travel from his shoulders down to his chest and finally to the obvious bulge coming from his jumpsuit. She cups it, biting her bottom lip as she feels up the size of it, rubbing him through the clothes and it felt like a rock! She’d never done anything like this before but she wasn’t an idiot, she understood what sex was and how it worked and there were enough dirty movies in the world to sort of get the jist of it. She presses her lips against his ear and squeezes him pleasantly. “You’re it.”

New Game, New ObjectivesEdit

He was feeling it…he was feeling it haaaaaaaaaard, as he kept grinding himself against her. he could kind of feel a resistance…her body language wanting to push away, but at the same time she was melting into him almost. “Ryoji…we should move somewhere more private.” Connor would’ve been savaging he neck with his tongue, like a dog who hadn’t had water in years, pumping himself against her a little bit more . when she slide her hand down his chest and made I t’s way to his bulge he’d relax even more, and let out a low moan…his cock twitched in the palm of her hand and he’d shutter when taking in a breath as she said he was it. “Sneaky…bastard.”  Connor would hoist her up by her waist, and push her against the window, leaning his head beside hers and  speaking into her ear. “I don’t care who’s looking…let em look.” He’d wrap his lips around her earlobe and suck it, before letting her back fall against the window, and with his added assistance he’d place a hand on her shoulder, and sink her down to her knees. Looking around with raised eyebrows, he’d smile. “Time to take this game of tag to the next level. This one’s called “don’t breathe.”  Connor would pinch the bridge of her nose with his left hand, and wait for her to try and breathe through her mouth. If she did, he’d unzip his jumpsuit past his crotch area and let his hardened meat expose itself and smack   her in the face with a light “wack”. Connor would the maneuver His cock inside of her mouth, and push it all the way letting her embrace it for a second before pulling it out and stroking it in front of her. “Get the game? Think you’ll be any good it? heh heh heh..” of course if she rejected him at any time he’d just back off but if he got this far might as well continue…Connor was just doing what he thought would feel good to himself.

Yumi blinked up at the ceiling, a pleasured smile on her face as he molested her neck and she found how much she actually loved it. “Don’t stop.” She didn’t care if he left any hickies so long as he kept making it feel so nice. Suddenly she was lifted up and she squeaks in surprise as shes placed against the window. “I don’t care…let em look.” She turns a bright red at his comment but she just nods softly. “Okay.” Then she was placed down on her knees and she blinks, tilting her head up at him to say something but he pinches the bridge of her nose. Her eyes narrow dangerously at what it was he was trying to do and she opens her mouth to take in some air but not a second afterwards does a rather thick sized long meat go pushing past her tongue and almost down her throat. Shocked eyes widen as she coughs and pulls away, almost gagging. “Ugh! What was that, you ass!!” Well she knew what it was she wasn’t an idiot but she meant was why?! He begins to stroke it and even with her deadly glare she couldn’t help the blush and the stare at his dick infront of her….damn it was sudden but the taste was lingering on her tongue and she’d admit it wasn’t all that bad. He wanted a blow job right? She’d never given one before but she didn’t want to punk out. No way, this delinquent was going to make her look like a pussy. She wasn’t afraid of anything, the hell she’d be afraid of a piece of meat. Licking her lips she gives him a quick look before placing her aqua hues back on the intruder of her mouth. She didn’t know if she’d be any good but how hard could it be?? Leaning forward she wraps slender fingers around the base, giving it a couple of strokes just to see how it felt and the skin was smooth, pulling it back to expose the head better. Glossy lips lean forward to give it a kiss before a light liquid spreads on them and she pulls back to lick at it. It was a bit salty but not the worst thing shes ever tasted….must have been pre-cum. Yumi was intelligent in her studies, anatomy was one of them and being a practitioner of Tai-chi it was important to know the pressure points and such….so talented hands would begin to squeeze and stroke him faster while her mouth open wide to take the head and some more of him, her tongue laying flatly against the tip before swirling all around it as if memorizing the shape of it. She was a bit cautious to put all of him in her mouth but she’d noticed how it twitched when it hit the back of her throat which meant that it was pleasurable so without any more hesitation she lets go of his dick, her mouth still holding on as she pushes her head forward, nose buried in black curls as the tip hits the back of her throat again and she gags but stubbornly keeps still, swallowing as best she could with something so big blocking her airway. “mmmf….” Her hands were on either side of his hips, keeping herself balanced before finally she pulls back and gasps for air, shivering at the saltier taste. “Guh…” That….wasn’t so bad. It was actually pretty fun. Like sucking on a popsicle….she gazes up at him but doesn’t say anything simply opening her mouth again and waiting for him to make the next move if he wanted to keep playing with her.

Ugh! What was that, you ass!!” Connor laughed a bit,with his hand over his stomach, while still stroking his meat. Her rection was practically priceless at best, and he couldn’t even hardely beileveshe let him do it in the first place….she was a bit of a freak on the inside. He could feel it…either that or she just loved the challenge. Ether or, it looks like she was no where near done here. As she blushed and stared, putting a hand on the base of it and stroking it lightly Connor bit his lip. This had been his first time doing something like this, and he had to admit it felt soooo good….as she leaned forward and kissed his cock it’d  twitch violently in her hand. He let out a stutter…staring at her. as his precum kissed her lip back and she began making strokes on his cock he’d spread his feet apart a bit. His stomach breathing up and down, as his abs seemingly flexed each time she made a move on it.  she opened her mouth and there it went. She took him into her mouth and Connor’s mouth about dropped from his jaw! This bitch was hardcore!  As his cock made it’s way down her throat he’d flex his hips a bit aiding in that scenario, and pushing himself inside of her throat. When she stayed down he heard her gag and he’d lean his back going “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” When  she pulled back and gasped for air, Connor would place a hand on her head and leave it. “Good god Yu Yu…either you’re a part time slut or a really REALLY egar first timer…” Connor would stroke his cock infront of her again and slap the side of her  face with it a couple of times. “I think…you’re beginning to like this….am I right?” he’d  slap it on her tongue a couple of times and speak again. “Breathe in…I’ve always wanted to try this…think you’re tough...let’s see how you play the “don’t’ breathe” game on hard mode” Connor would place his other hand on her chin and keep his opposite  hand on her head and slam his cock down her throat all the way on the first go, holding her there this time around as he slide himself and out of her mouth. Depending on how she took it he’d draw any slaiva from the rims of her lips to her chin each time he plunged himself in.( ) He bit his lip hard, incredibly and kept a steady pace until a stream of precum made itself present in her throat and he’d it out of her mouth for a second, watching the strands of spit come from her open  mouth. “Wait, don’t close it. I’m going back in..” Connor would angle her head backwards a bit, so he could plunge himself further into her throat this time. His balls hitting her chin as he would pull him self all the way out and stuff himself all the way in putting pressure on her neck  and causing the muscle known as her tongue to stick out. ( ) “Ah man this beats masturbation by a loooong shot! Connor was trying not to be loud but one was here. He’d push the back of her head against the window and begin going to town, the area above His cock colliding with her nose and making a soft pat noise. “Game times almost up…ngh…gonna see how good  your taste buds are!” Precum spilled from his cock forming a little puddle in her mouth. He was gonna blow any second…

So she hadn’t done so bad with how he was reacting, she must have been decent since he continued to groan and push further down her throat. When the teasing began and he smacked his cock against her face she got a little shy and embarrassed, a flushed expression to her as she murmurs. “A little…” Was she getting in to this? Years of being obedient and docile with her family must have been showing but this was different. This was her choice to be obedient, she loved it…he’d not forced himself on her, he always gave her a chance to stop and that’s what she liked about him. She didn’t feel trapped….she had a choice. So she chose to stay on her knees and make him cum! Her tongue pokes out to quickly swipe against the playful cock before he makes his move and she perks up, looking a little nervous at what he wanted to do. “Breathe in…I’ve always wanted to try this…think you’re tough...let’s see how you play the “don’t’ breathe” game on hard mode” “Wh-what??” She stuttered almost adorably as she takes in a big gulp of air, her mouth still opened wide, eyebrows raised to give a rather hot display of an eager slut waiting for her prize. “Aaahhh…” Moments later he positioned himself and in he went! This time around it was slicker, probably because it was already wet but it glided right in comfortably back to her throat and her eyes widen before shutting and she shudders, struggling not to gag but she couldn’t help it and she does, whimpering around the thick cock though with Connors hold on her she couldn’t move much thankfully though he pulls out and she coughs again. But he didn’t give her much time as it went right back in and she whines, trying to think of what to do so she doesn’t choke. Looking up at him and seeing how into it he was she tries to relax her throat and the saliva begins to lube him up for her so the process was easier….he picks up speed and it doesn’t hurt that much anymore if anything it felt really slick and good like her tongue and mouth was being given a massage but with a dick. She’d returned the favor and closed her lips as best she could around it, tightening her mouth but making sure her teeth didn’t stab in to him. Her hands stay where they are on his hips, pressing her thumbs into his pelvis bone and moaning sweetly at the salty taste of more precum pooling around her tongue as she tries to swallow it. He was going faster and she tries to keep up, tears pricking the corners of her eyes from the lack of air and the assault currently being done to her throat….but to be honest?? She was loving it….he knew what he was doing and she wondered if he’d done it before? Spit and precum dribbled down her chin and fell on her cleavage but she couldn’t care less, liking the messiness and the fact there was no need to be so damn proper especially during something so nasty. “Game times almost up…ngh…gonna see how good  your taste buds are!” Her blue hues locked with his red ones and there were no words needed from her, by her expression alone it was screaming slut to him. Begging him to cum, to empty his seed all down her throat and ruin her innocence. Half of her face was already covered and she was a whimpering moaning mess, urging him on. With the way his balls were tensing and lifting she could tell he was close and she was very eager to see what pure cum tasted like what it felt like…though one thing she did wanted to say as she tried with a mouthful of dick. “R-ryoji…nnmmf….mm…my….mm hair…” She’d been trying to keep it out of her face for a while now but she had such long locks it was proving to be difficult and she had hoped he’d be nice enough to hold it back for her she wanted to experience being a slut but she didn’t want to get that messy! Not yet anyway….

Connor would grip two handfuls of her hair, panting with a wide opened mouth,  as he pushed himself in and out of her throat. It had gotten smoother, as if her throat was adjusting to the size of his cock and he was loving it. the way she looked at him, with almost egar eyes, as if she was literally begging for him to cum. Listening to him, and subjecting to his whims…he could get used to this if this was a more reoccurring thing. The spit falling over her luscious cleavage…Connor’s sexual appetite growing as  he looked at her as a whole.  Her lips…those thighs…those tits…an entire combination of things making him want to blow his load, and he was just about to do that. He couldn’t hold it any longer…When she mumbled about her hair, he’d nod, catching on,and grabbing all of her hair scooping it into a pony tail and holding it behind her head for her while he kept ravaging her throat holding her hair in place her skull occasionally bumping against the window. ( ) “I’m cuming....f-...fuck I’m cumming!” Connor would make 1….2….3 more hard pumps against her face before he’d inhale and push her face down on his crotch, making sure his cock was well placed into her neck almost even, while it busted forth. His cum, pouring from the tip of his cock, into her mouth like a soda being poured into a cup! Weather she chose to swallow or not, as his load would’ve poured form His cock for at least 4 seconds non stop as he’d tug her hair tightly enjoying the warmth and release he was pouring into her throat. ( ) Connor would suck on his own lips after holding her down and then finally releasing himself from her mouth, quickly grabbing his cock, and jerking it off a bit, so a few strands of cum would drape right over her left cheek, her nose, and her lip. Connor would back away, sighing and looking up at the ceiling. “FWOOOOOOOooooooo SHIT.” Connor would lean over and place his hand against the window looking down at her. “Well you wore me out…gooooood game Yu Yu…” Connor would tilt his head, and his cock would twitch twice still in her face. ”If that was your first time, kudos. Kudos indeed. Soooo the next question is:….how far you think we should take this eh? Not trying to peer  pressure you of course buuuuut if we’re turning this into a game, you could always go to the next level.” Connor would rub the back of his neck and tilt his head looking down at her if she hasn’t stood up already. “Plus I’ve never seen a wet vaj before. Kind of a fair exchange if you ask me.” Connor would shrug, prooding his lips a bit and waiting for an answer.

Her hair is lifted up and it feels nice having his fingers run through her scalp, almost massaging it as he tugs on her long locks of red. She sighs happily around his cock and he starts to go faster, warning her that hes about to cum. She gets excited, wondering what it tastes like and opens her throat further, eyes lowering into cat like slits when he finally shoots his load. Her brows furrow as she focuses on him and makes sure she doesn’t gag. He was really far down! She had no choice but to swallow repeatedly as to not drown in it and she whimpers, fighting him slightly so she could pull it out just a little, her tongue greedily lapping up what it could just so she could see what it tastes like….salty…yet fresh? It was an odd texture but the after taste was really yummy. He pulls himself all the way out and covers some of her face with it, her tongue sliding out to lick up what it could from her lips and she smiles sultry like. “Nnmm…tasty…” She gazes up at him when he hovers over her, talking bout how she wore him out. Her smile widens as she stands up, not minding their closeness as she wipes the cum off with the sleeve of her always Chinese styled dress, uncaring of getting it messy. “Mmm??” He wanted to have sex?!? She blushes and looks to the side, biting her bottom lip softly in thought. “It’d…be my first time.” Butterflys went through her stomach, he wanted to have sex with her? Well she knew she was beautiful, hell there was no point in denying that but she didn’t think she was really his type…snobby rich girl and everything but then again she might have just been looking too much into it….sex was just to feel good and Connor seemed like a simple minded guy so she was sure he just wanted to fuck for the sake of fucking….She thought of Cade and the thought of that asshole being her first time pissed her off. There was no fucking way that was going to happen and it fueled her hate fire for him as she grabs on to Connor roughly, tugging him by his jump suit and growlin softly. “Fuck me.” More of an order than anything else as she moves from her spot, pulling him over and looking around. “Though I want privacy, Ryoji. No ifs and or butts…” She might have been a submissive eager slut when there was a cock in her mouth but Yumi was still Yumi as she waited for him to take them somewhere they could be alone because this hallway was not it and if he wanted this to go any further oh he’d take them somewhere she could let loose.  And if he needed a little bit more persuading…she’d take his hand and guide it between her legs, under her skirt so he could feel just how wet she was against her panties which when he exposed her he’d see were lacey blue. She shudders softly at his touch and bites her lip again, putting away her shyness as she motions his finger against her clit, making her flinch and moan. “ahh….please…take me.”

The ThirstEdit

Her saying it was tasty shocked Connor just a bit. Popular gossip amongst the whores of the school had made Connor believed women hated this kind of thing claiming it was nasty and salty, but some actually liked it. Guess she was one of the bold few who enjoyed it after all…Connor watched as she wiped herself clean and listened to her talk about how it was her first time. Connor nodded and he respected that oddly enough. He’d watch her facial expression…see how she was taking it.. he wasn’t going to make her uncomfortable by any means. He could’ve treated her like a slut, which he was sexually, but more so on personal note. But he didn’t. Call it sexual infatuation, but he wanted to ravage her guts out, and all that thought went out of the window as he literally jacked him up by his jumpsuit and growled the words “Fuck me.”  That was a demand, no doubt about it., one Connor would be more than happy to oblige. “Though I want privacy, Ryoji…No ifs and or butts…” Connor would tilt his head and frown with one corner of his mouth. “Oh come ooooooon no ones he-“ She apparently knew he’d try and deny it and taking the initiative she’d jam his hand between her legs, and dear god her thighs her smooth…besides that he felt the lips of her womb, his finger rubbing against her clit. She flinched, and moaned and Connor could hear her begging almost. “ahh….please…take me.” Connor was as giddy on the inside as giddy could possible GET! He was excited and nervous all the same time! He’d let his finger gyrate her clit in a circle out of curiosity and instinct just to see how she’d react to it…how here body would react to it..depending on that, Connor would look around and take note of just where the hell they were. “Teachers longue.” Connor would take her by the wrist, and guide her, pulling out his keys and unlocking the teachers longue room, and pulling her inside, shutting the door behind them. Connor would take her by the waist and push her from behind over to the couch, and turn her, pivoting her and pushing her back first against the couch to sit down. Like an egar savage, he’d take grip of her thighs and pull her off of the couch a bit, sitting her on her back and her legs being suspended against connor’s mid body. He’d bit his lip, lifting the dress up and taking in her thighs….she was so fucking thick it was ridiculous. Connor ran his hands between her legs up and down, letting them glide along her inner thighs and outer thighs…his hand then shot to her crotch, pulling her panties to the side, and looking at her pussy. It was….cute. like a small opening ready to be ravaged, but ah it was her first time….Connor had to break her in before he’d plow her.”Never done this before…but I know I gotta be easy. At first.” Connor would take his soaked cock  and push the head of it against her clit. Sliding it down the opening of her womb and up it. his cock pushing the lips of her womb apart ever so slightly. “Grab on to me…” He’d  take hold of his cock with one hand and hold of her leg with his other and push himself against her opening. Wiggling it around a bit..he’d push…and push…the tightness was ridiculous, it felt like a vortex was sucking Connor ‘s meat in! Connor wanted to pull out, but the tingle in his cock urged him on and on, and with that being said he’d keep pushing himself forward until his  cock had finally FINALLY made it’s  entirety inside of her womb! Like kicking a hard door down, that was previously locked!  He’d close his eyes and put his  hands on the top of the couch panting. He’d never felt anything so amazing in his entire life. Letting his cock sit there and stretch her womb just to his fit, almost made him cum right then and there even having already done so prior. “God….damn Yumi! were a fucking virgin…” he’d lean over, now placing his arms beside  her head in the couch, putting his entire body weight into stretching her out. “Gotta…make this…ngh….fuck this is to good!”  ( ) Connor groaned with low moans pushing himself inside of her and out of her. One thrust at a time until he felt it was at least roomy enough for him to pick up the pace in some form of way. He’d  plant the  balls of his feet on the ground and continue his thrusting, pushing his weight behind every slow and paced thrust to make sure his cock went as deep as it would go each time. He wasn’t some monster, but  his 7 inches was thick in girth so he had to make it comfortable for himself along with her. (  )

She moans out more when he moves on his own! “H-hey…! Don’t tease.” “Teachers lounge.” Hah looks like it worked and he grabs her, pulling her towards one of the many teachers lounges found on the academy, smirkin lightly at his eagerness now. It didn’t take long for them to make their way inside and she looks around curiously, not having been inside a room like this before. “Ryoji where are we going to—“ But it seemed like he already knew what to do as shes pushed on to the couch. She doesn’t mind his forceful pushing and moving her, she liked how strong he was and she breaths slightly hard against him as he starts to move her dress up so its out of his way and her panties and yanked to the side. She blushes pretty hard, looking away as he stares at her pussy. It was a little bit embarrassing to have him staring so hard and she murmurs. “Well? Keep going..” She wasn’t exactly the most comfortable being bent like this on the couch with her legs up but Connor made sure to try and help best he could and well this was going to be as close to a bed as possible so she wouldn’t complain. The tip touches her clit and she gets nervous, instinctively grabbing on to him the moment he tells her to and she tries not to show shes a little bit scared…hell she’d go hand to hand with another fighter till she was bleeding and bruised but something like this was a bit nerve wrecking. Her hair lays all around her shoulders and the couch cushions, adding a little bit more plush to her head which helped a tiny little bit….her hands held tightly to his shoulders before gliding down to his arms and squeezing. She bit her lip hard, anticipating the pain and boy does it come…every inch of him she could feel as he starts to stretch walls that had never been moved before. She flinches at the stinging. “O-ow….ooww….” She couldn’t help saying how much it was hurting but shakes it off, not wanting to look weak infront of her rival and takes in a deep breath, gazing past him, at the ceiling and counting to ten. The pain would go away….she knows it would go away and be replaced by something that’d be worth it. Suddenly Connor moves so hes closer to her, their bodies almost touching and then…he starts to move in and out. Wincing again she continues to hold on to him, nails digging into his forearm, tears pricking the corners of her eyes again before they actually fall! It was such a surprise to her she blinks them back not wanting him to know she was actually crying…he was huge! This wasn’t exactly like pushing stick through a hole! What helped was his moans and groans….at least it felt good for someone. She watched him though even in the pain she was in, she enjoyed his facial expressions and she liked the fact it was her who was making him feel good. Suddenly one of the thrusts hits something and her eyes widen and she cries out. “Oh wow!” Before she knew it, the pain had been subsiding and was replaced with a very sensual pleasure and the thrusts that followed were nothing like before, she was beginning to feel full and so good. “D-do that….again…” She asked softly, he’d hit something that time and it was like fireworks going off but only for a split second. She was getting use to the size and it was still a bit strange but in a good way as she wiggles her hips a little to get comfier and shivers, moaning sweetly, the slick noise of her walls getting soaked mixed with his cock stirring her insides was erotic only adding to her pleasure.

Connor heard her noises of pain. It made him want to stop almost, but it somewhat sucked him in even more…like he liked hearing her squeal and revel…he could feel her fingertips digging into the sleeves of his jumpsuit as he’d let out a long exhaling breathe, looking at her eyes seemingly getting watery. He didn’t know wither or not to stop at this point ,and yet even if he wanted to it felt soooooooo good. His cock felt so warm and snug, like being tucked into bed for a goodnight sleep snug. When she changed her tone, Connor would grin, feeling his morale come up from unsure to now confident! When she asked him to do it again, he’d  spread his legs just a we bit more so he could take a more dominant mounting of her. Gripping her by the arms, he could feel her womb had become somewhat accustomed to his size at this point and he finally felt comfortable enough to give it his all! Holding her arms by her sides, so she could still claw him, low key he liked that kind of thing, he’d let her legs dangle loosely as he’d start throwing himself into her repeatedly! ( ) the soft pat of his hips colliding with her own was satisfying but it wasn’t enough…no he wanted to feel her flesh against his and he’d pull his arms out from his jump suit sleeves, lowering it and letting it fall to his ankles,  so now as he went in he’d hold her thighs to his chest, and collide his cock with the depths of her tight walls! “ngh….mmf….fuck….” Connor bit his lip holding her arms tighter and tighter, and tighter, his thrust causing her body to jump and jitter against the cushions of the couch, almost sinking her into it almost. The collision of flesh against flesh, where the top area of his crotch, along with the public hairs, would bash against her clit, while his balls slapped her asshole and his cock started to stretch any leftover tight areas of her womb, to the point where a light “thump” could be heard each time he went in. his pre cum filling her womb, before  his eyes went wide and out of nowhere, Connor would’ve grunted, before another load of thick hot cum had spewed froth from his cock and made a home Inside of her womb! His right eye twitched as he’d make a couple more thrust inside of her letting her womb literally milk him of any cum he’d had left for this round. “Gaaaah fuck that felt to good!...not over yet though! Nuh uh!” Connor would slap his face twice before  gripping her wrist and leaning himself back, proceeding to pull her entire body down upon the thickness of his cock! His motion started slow since his cock had an irreversible tingle from cumming twice already….he soon manned up, becoming more savage with his pulling of her as he’d push against her so hard, her breast would literally pop from their opening in her dress revealing them in full view, as he’d moan and groan, with a  bit of a higher pitch than usual. ( )His cock plunging the cum he’d just laid inside of her out from the sides of her walls. “SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP” went his hips agasint his as he’d cross her hands, one over the other and continue pulling her body to and from the thickness of his cock, as he’d watch her tits bounce, nearly slapping her in the face as the couch lightly rocked making a small wooden clonk noise each time Connor pushed himself inside of her. ( ) “Thaaaaaaat’s it...ngh...tell me you fucking like it yumi.” Connor would speak through gritted teeth between each thrust. “Tell! Me! You! Fucking! Like it!” Connor would place a hand on her neck, now pulling her by her throat onto him , and tilting his head up and looking down at her with something akin to a sensual death glare.

He began to fuck her properly and she squealed, squirming lightly under him at the repeated thrusting, the tip hitting her deep and then….there it was! Yes, god yes that fucking spot that made her toes curl as her sandals fell off, leaving her in just the black stockings that went with the dress. “Oh yess!!” Her tone was adorable, throwing her head with a wide smile as he keeps hitting it without missing a beat, pumping himself in and out of her. Oh god yes this! This was exactly what she was hoping for as he fucked her in to the couch, feeling so stuffed, she was still tight around him but it only added to their pleasure as the burning sensation turned smooth and made her stomach tighten. He moves his arms and it seemed like he was undressing himself, the redhead watching with glazed over eyes and the moment his arms are exposed and he reaches for her, she accepts, nails grazing his warm flesh only to scratch in to it once more and moaning loudly. This felt naughty, nasty….forbidden. Her parents were going to kill her but the thought of this being bad only turned her on more not to mention those balls hitting her ass, she was discovering what she loved during sex and it was all the naughty things she’d be wanting to do again. Then she feels him, he tightens up and grunts and she blinks, watching him before shuddering at the feel of his cock twitching and spewing out hot cum. “Aahh, R-ryoji! Wa-wait you’re going to make a mess….” But he wasn’t listening, not in the slightest as he dumps his cum all inside of her and she moves her hips slightly at the new sensation, turning her head to the side and sighing happily. Did….did this mean it was over?? He slaps himself and she watches him curiously as he says nuh-uh! He could still go?! Her wrists are grabbed and shes pulled back down on his cock and her eyes widen before she cries out. “O-ouch! Ryoji careful! I’m really full….yo-youll make it come out…” She really couldn’t sound as threatening as she usually did, all out of breath and half naked while looking up at him with weak and vulnerable eyes. But he wasn’t having any of it as he continued on, fucking her again at the same pace, her breasts bouncing now which made her blush and moan out in bliss. Stocking covered legs wrap around his lower back to pull him in closer, earning another loud cry from the fighter. Eager hands grabbing full breasts to stop them from hitting her chin though when she did this she couldn’t help but start molesting herself, pinching her nipple between two well manicured nails, enjoying the slight sting. Connor started to talk to her, wanting to hear her say how much she liked it to which she eagerly obliged. “I love it!!” The inner slut in her was beginning to come out again as she threw her head back and panted like a bitch in heat. “I love it so much, daddy!!” That last thing made her gasp and clasp a hand over her mouth in pure embarrassment but hell that wasn’t going to stop Connor as the thrusts continued and she looked to the side, trying not to make anymore noises for fear of saying that word again. She didn’t know where that came from! Muffled whimpers struggle to be heard as she tries not to make anymore noises but it was easier said than done!

Connor heard her quips and grubs about being careful and not making a mess, but he was to far gone at this point to to much care! His cock swelled inside of her, as he continued ravaging her for everything her pussy was worth, and boy was it worth a lot. When she pulled him in with her legs, closing their distance and called him daddy, Connor’s mentality shifted to straight beast mode. “WOOO say that shit again girl!” Connor would suck on his own lips, before using one of his hands to grab her by the chin, as he’d lean in putting his forehead against hers and speaking in a hushed growl. “Call me daddy again…don’t you fucking punk out on me.” Connor would pull back and tug her up by her hair, letting his cock slide right out of her and he’d take her by the hips and pull her over the edge of the couch arm, letting her ass hang off and her upper half rest on the cushion. Connor would crack his knuckles and slap her ass once….twice….looking at the ample thickness of it all he’d crack his neck from side to side. “Alright now THIS is the position I’ve been waiting for….heh heh heh!” Connor would run his hands up her back, and let the head of his cock prood against the walls of her womb, his head barely making it’s way in there, before he’d spring it on her! thrusting hard inside of her on the first go, moving the couch out of place as he did! He’d slam his hands into her lower back, making sure her ass was rested perfectly on the arm of the chair, and her back had the perfect arch in it. “I’m gonna stuff you full yu-yu…I’m surprised you haven’t tapped out yet. My first time though I’ll get the hang of it..yup…till then…time for the next round!” Connor would spread his feet shoulder width apart before moving his hips as if they were an assembly line appliance. His hips pulling his thickened meat all the way out of her womb before slamming it back in. Her luid juices only lubricating his escapade inside and out of her, as he could still feel the struggle of going inside of her even after taking it out for only a single moment. ( ) the rapid fleshy claps only got faster this time around since he was standing straight up and had more room for his thrust to jet outwards and more room to plow away at her womb like it was a punching bag. His cock only now angling inside of her sliding along her walls until it hit the back end yet again, but this time her ass would feel a massive tingle from the numbness that would come with his repeated assault on her private parts. Connor’s grip on her hips was absolute, he refused to let her move any further than what she was, being placed over that couch. The couch rocking and moving with their motions, as eventually with each thrust he began pushing the couch towards the other side of the room until it hit the wall and there was no where else for her to run. Connor mounted his hands on her shoulders and pulled her body into a “U’ like shape, just enough so she’d be able to hear his heavy breathing and panting in her ear. His lips would make their way to the side of her neck, leaving yet another lovely little hickie there for her to remember him by as the spaced pats became “KLALKLAKLAKLAKLAPS” relentless onlsoughts of damn near snare drum claps as his precum once again started to edge from his cock and leak onto the arm of the chair. “You want me to fill you up some more Yu-Yu? Hmmm? C’mon beg for it like you’ve been doing…I fucking live for that.’ Connor would lean over and wrap his right arm around her neck in a head lock of sorts, and pull her back so she’d be standing up but still hunched over, while using his left arm and placing it against the arm of the chair, now hunched over her and his cock tenderizing the inside of her walls repeatedly. The head of his cock had knocked on her cervix door multiple times, as now he was going to see if he could get her to nut this time around too. (  ) his body began to tense, and his cock started to swell  inside of her again, as he’d bite into her shoulder, gnarling almost at the sensation he was being provided by her pussy. “SHIT….do NOT know how much longer imma hold out..ngh gotta keep going!” he thought to himself.

Connor reacted rather happily to being called that name much so that he leaned in to grab her face so their eyes locked and he ordered her to do it again. “O-okay daddy…” He was right, she couldn’t punk out not this far into it and if he didn’t find it wrong she’d continue to say it. His hands were on her again and shes lifted up and moved to lay over the arm chair, exposing her ass to him which she wiggles to get comfortable before a smack is heard! She squeaks before crying out though it wasn’t in pain like she thought it’d be….it felt….really fucking good being spanked. When he does it again, she could feel her ass vibrate and she moans out in pleasure, hoping for another but she got something ten times better….a nice slick thrust back inside of her that instantly abused her spot, earning a sweet cry of bliss from plump lips. “Yes! Please keep going, Daddy. It feels so good!” She could get use to this, why would anyone want this to end?! Though thinking about it Connor had already cum twice? It seemed like he wanted her to do the same but she’d never experienced an orgasm before….doing anything like that was forbidden her parents made sure she knew that plus having a roommate sort of put off wanting to touch yourself. Thinking about it she hadn’t realized Connor angling himself a certain way and the very tip pushing into her spot, eyes widening as she cries out his name or well his last name anyway. “Ryoji! Oh fuck….” He didn’t stop, he kept hitting it and her toes began to curl, noses scrunched up cutely as she focused on that feeling alone. Fuck yes, that feeling was making her stomach tighten it was amazing….was this what it felt like to be close? Her walls unknowingly tighten up as she arches herself upwards so he could continue to thrust in just how she loved. Connors thrusts were animalistic! He didn’t miss a beat, there was no faltering or slowing down to the point where the couch actually moved! “Yo-youre gonna rip me in half!” Her smile though showed she didn’t much care if he did though as she shivers sweetly. “mmm please ruin me good…” She reaches her arm back, placing a hand over the one currently digging into her hip, gazing over her shoulder at him as she starts to pant. “Um….I think…I’m gonna cum..”  She wasn’t exactly sure but the way that hot numbing sensation continued on inside of her she felt funny which could only mean she was ready to explode. The boy then hunches over her and ravages her neck again, making her weak in the knees which makes her grateful she was on the couch as her eyes close and she whimpers at how much Connor was all over her with his tongue, his body and that wonderful cock she’d fallen in love with. A muscular arm wraps itself around her neck in a headlock of sorts and she squeals as she’s pulled up somewhat, the tip of his cock almost ripping in to her stomach as her eyes widen and she cries out. “Please! I’m so close, just a little bit more…I wanna cum, please make me cum I’ll be a good girl!” It didn’t take that much longer just a couple of seconds more and yes there it was! The overwhelming feeling finally exploded and her eyes widen before shutting tight and she throws her head back, creamy breasts bouncing as her panting gets louder, body being rocked by an amazing orgasm as she tenses right up, swallowing his cock in a tight hold as her juices spray out all around their thighs and his captured dick.  She could barely make a sound, only able to whimper weakly at the intense feeling before her body almost gives out completely, resting herself against Connor and speaking in a broken whisper. “Wo-wow…oh god..”

Back To BusinessEdit

Connor’s face scrunched up a bit, as the sensitivity he was experiencing was completely overwhelming to be quite frank about it. For his first time he didn’t think he’d been doing all that bad, of course. Each time she spoke in response to his dominance weather she knew it or not she was also stroking his ego mad efficiently hard…Connor looked at each time her ass had a ripple sent through it from his own collisions with her and he couldn’t help but smirk! Man his mom would be proud…holding her tight in this headlock position, he could hear her ask for a little bit more…just a little bit until it was time for her to cum! Connor nodded in hearing this and pushed the tempo, speeding himself up faster than he’d had this entire fuck session! As she made weak little whimpers, and Connor felt her pussy clamp down on his cock like a pair of pink pliers, Connor’s eyeballs widened as he bit his lip, as her womb literally began swallowing his cock whole, milkingit like it was a cow otter. He’d lick his lips, slowing down for just a second, before pumping her sensitive cunt a few more times before he’d let loose his own  load inside of her! ( ) “Ngh!.....ah....” Connor would release her body letting her fall to the couch as he’d wipe some sweat from his forehead and sigh. He’d pant afterwards and look at the puddle of his and her cum, sliiping from her wound onto the floor in splashes. “Ah man…this. This makes me love my job.” Connor would pull himself out of her, his cock finally going limp as he’d take a few steps back and let himself fall into a chair. He’d slowly start pulling his jumpsuit up, and slipping the sleeves back on. “Well I think it’s safe to say we can call that a draw. Good game Yu-Yu.” Connor would wink at her, and stand up, adjusting himself. “Let yourself out okay? There’s some napkins in the cabinet if you wanna wipe that little puddle up for me.” Connor would give her a thumbs, up, and begin making his way outta the room. “Challenge me again some time. You know where to find me.” Connor was actually blushing a bit his head turned away from her. He thought he had a crush on her…he was almost certain. Thought these things happened in steps? You talk, go on a date, kiss, and be done. Nah today, they fought, had sex, and to avoid any lingering feelings or awkwardness, Connor found it best he  make his way out of the room and let her clean up the mess….or he’d have to. Stepping  outside of the door he’d run a hand through his slick back hair. “I’d say a 30 minute nap is in order….” Connor would yawn, sweating not the thoughts and concerns he was having and making his way down the hall towards his janitor’s closet to get the hall way cleaned up where she’d slobbered everywhere.