Dirty Deeds & Summer NightsEdit

Milisa waited until it was late….very late. The cops around the campus had begun to disband little by little because honestly as much as their help was appreciated they didn’t have the time or the bodies to just keep standing around, they were cops not body guards. Leaving her dorm room she takes the small messenger bag full of medical supplies. The girl was in her usual uniform attire though as always this academy didn’t have any set uniform but she enjoyed dressing appropriately even so. She brushed long locks of purple from her vision and silently stepped out from the building as silent as a mouse all the while staring blankly ahead. Nobody was out this time of the night least far as she could tell and now was as good a time as any to continue the task that was waiting for her in the basement of the supply building on the far west side of the academy….it wasn’t very big or tall just a small location with tons of school supplies left to rot and dust over that were out dated…it was an excellent location to keep the blonde for now anyway but she knew she’d have to move her eventually to be able to continue any experiments. No one had sound the alarms so she must have not been found yet that or the girl was simply dead with the extensive wounds but Milisa did a rather accurate calculations to make sure that didn’t happen. Finally making it to said unimpressive building, she opens the front door and enters, shutting it softly and inspecting the inside….nothing, no sound or movement. She continues on and takes out the key to the basement, unlocking the chain and opening the rusted metal door that lead downstairs to the cellar like floor. Already she could make out the sounds of heavy breathing…so she was alive. Wonderful! Milisa shuts the metal door though it could only be locked from the outside and she descends downstairs, making out the outline of a trembling girl tied up to the chair. She flicks on the only light bulb and it struggles to light up but after a couple of zapping noises it gives the room a rather spooky dim atmosphere. The blonde who’d given out her name was known as Oriana. And Oriana was currently covered in dry blood, her hair was dirty and sticking to her face that sported little cuts here and there. Her wrists were bound to the arm chairs, fingers gripping the edge of said arm chairs for dear life while her legs were tied up on either chair legs. Her once sexy fishnet stockings were ripped and dirty while her jacket was completely off baring her cleavage and shoulders that also showed an array of cuts and slashes. “Hah….I thought you got bored…and left me.” Oriana began with the tough bitch attitude which Milisa ignored, opening the bag of goodies and curling her fingers around the bottle of alcohol, twisting the cap open while speaking softly. “You have a rather impressive tolerant for pain. Not surprising, a lot of us with the virus do…but when you add in pain with psychological trauma things change.” She approaches the girl in a cold and sadistic smile, Oriana struggling not to show the fear in her eyes but it was faltering as her captor begins to pour the icy liquid all over her, making her cry out and bite her lip in agony to stop from screaming. “I need you healthy to continue to take samples so I can’t allow these wounds to fester and become infected. Though you must cooperate with me….” “N-no!!! You stupid bitch! I can t-take this pain all day!!” Milisa places the bottle down on the table next to them and grabs for a cuticle pusher, a grooming tool one uses under the nail to get under the dead skin though she’d been using it for something different. She takes Orianas hand even as she struggles and slides it under the nail, slowly at first while the blonde begins to breathe deeply to prepare for whats coming. “Ive taken two already…personally I like how you keep them well groomed and it is a shame to mess with such beauty but….” She digs under it some more, splitting the skin from the nail before flicking her wrist, causing the tool to snap the nail off of her finger in one quick go as the girl screams and tries to kick her feet to no avail. Milisa pulls the nail off and holds it between two bloody fingers, watching as a pool of blood fills up the exposed skin quickly. “You have many fingernails, Oriana. And I have all night...” The girl begins to cry, dipping her head down as blonde locks cover her shoulders, trembling. “Fu-fuck you…” Milisa nods, not taking offense as she pulls out a rather uncomfortable metal mouth guard, forcing it between her lips and in to her mouth and turning the small knob that would keep her top teeth away from her bottom jaw as her tongue useleslly flops around. “I don’t need you biting your tongue off after all.” Milisa explained all the while messing with the knob and turning it slowly which forced her jaw to open up more little by little until it began to stretch as the blonde made a noise of protest but it was all she could do as her mouth is forced to open wide…until she noticed Orianas arm trying to shift and morph. “Mmm…it seems my serum needs more work. You’re already able to use your ability even after the shot I gave you last night….” She takes a syringe filled with a purple liquid and stabs it right into her arm, pushing the liquid in as Oriana whimpers instantly feeling a painful strange sensation…like gel was forcing its way into her blood stream and filling her up and before long her arms cease their attempt at turning into metal and she groans. Milisa takes note of this reaction in her notebook before grabbing for the scalpel again and leaning in close to her, the very tip of the small blade hovering just a mere centimeter from her pupil. “I need you not to blink okay? Or I’ll have to slice your eyelids off…” Oriana began to tremble, trying to push the chair back but it was no use as she pants heavily, trying to prepare for what she’d do next.

( ) Summer nights are always cool. There always has been something so relieving about the sun going down, and the stars making themselves present. The temperature was never to cold the point of uncomfert, but it wasn’t to hot to where you didn’t need a comforter or you’d sweat your behind off. It was the definition of just right. Especially tonight, as Leon would be standing in his dorm room, overlooking the school grounds. Since that incident, the security around the place had tightened up dramatically, so much so it’s almost intimidating….almost. Leon paid it no mind. While not sure if he could maneuver around everyone, that wouldn’t stop him from trying. He’d had a dorm room fairly high up, about 4 floors so to speak, but it was a bit above the tree tops so it wasn’t hard to get a good view. Speaking of a good view, something caught leon’s watchful eyes in the midst of street lights and dark cover. A shadow. Leon would’ve pegged this up to just being a guard, however all the gaurds on the night shift were registered males…Leon noticed that early on that day when he himself went around investigating the grounds on his own time. “hmm…” Leon noted the woman’s figure was dipping towards the area where the supply building was. An even more suspicious area. the only people who are even allowed over there, are faculty, staff, and Connor when he needs more cleaning supplies. “I’ll tale her…I can’t even identify her from this distance.” Leon knew he to would need to remain under the cover of darkness, as such he waked over to his closet, swinging the door open. putting on a back t-shirt, shirtsleeve, not his particular favorite, a pair of back cargo pants, and some black bedroom slippers. While seemingly impractical, the slippers had good grip, and were a silent moving shoe as long as you didn’t drag your feet when you walked that is. Leon would take a screwdriver, and begin making adjustments to his automail arm, not bothering to put any spray on it, as he didn’t know whether this confrontation would be lethal or harmless. He did however make sure to place a good few drops of oil in select areas to keep it from squeaking or clicking. After his prep was done, Leon would make his way to the balcony of his dorm, and perch himself on the edge of it. He’d jump towards his left side, a seemingly suicide move until he dug his automail fingers into the brick wall. The fingers made penetration, and leon began to slide down the side of the building, using the soles of his feet lightly for leverage, as he slid down 4 floors before landing on the ground in a squat. He’d look around, seeing a couple of flash lights move in way ward directions, before taking off in a sprint. Able to beat the lights that would’ve been on him, he’d silently run towards the supply building. Leon put a hand on the door handle, and felt the weight of it. “Open…so my eyes didn’t deceive me.” Leon would’ve silently opened the door, and shut it softly. He didn’t want to let the authorities in on any of this what so ever. They wanted to keep him in the dark, Leon would be more than happy to return the favor, hell even add insult to injury and solve the case for them. Leon kept his steps silent, as much as his body would allow, walking in a low crouch. His back coloration, automail arm included, bending in with the dark settings. He arrived at another door, which he took heed to feel the hande on it as well. More notably there was a lose hanging chain to show entry was done unforceful, i.e a lock and key. However after trying to open it Leon noted that he couldn’t. it was locked, but he knew common sense wouldn’t allow someone to lock themselves in. “It must only lock from the outside…Getting closer…” Leon thought as theories rushed through his head. Was it one of his fellow students who even gave the tip off to something like this? If so why? If not that, then who sneaks around on school grounds DURING something like this after everything that’s taken place recently? He put his ear to the door and began to hear sounds…someone taking. The door muffed the noises, but he could hear at least two voices. One that was vaguely famier, and another that had been completely new to him. that’s when the screaming started. Leon’s eyes widened. What kind of torture was going on down there? Leon wanted to bust in but his instincts told him better. Who was the bad guy? who was the good guy? he couldn’t bum rush the door because he wouldn’t know who to help. He could only pray this didn’t turn in a worse situation than what it could already possibly be.  A few more screams happened, before they were suddenly silenced…was it over? Had someone been killed? Leon decided now was a better time than ever. It’s one thing to think, it’s another thing to ACT. Leon would begin tugging  on the door, but to no avail. Even with his peak human strength, he’d only managed to budge the door, meaning the way they designed this pace they didn’t want students….E-Syndrome users more notably, getting in. Leon took a step back and sighed. “work smart, not hard.” Leon would rear his right arm back, the motor in his automail taking effect as he’d use it’s enhanced strength function to punch at the area of the door where the lock was! His arm would pierce right through it with a loud CLANG! As it did, leon would rear his right arm back and the doors would fly open! Leon would’ve hurriedly ran down the steps, by this time only to see that same purple haired girl he’d met with earlier on in the clinic seemingly torturing some blonde woman in a chair. Leon would look at the dim lit room, and speak with an authorize tone, quiet yet powerful. “The hell’s going on here. You. You’re that Milisa girl. From the forest event…” Leon pointed to the blonde. “Tell me what all of this means. I don’t wish to make the wrong assumption, but you’re looking might guilty right about now.”

The scalpel pauses right in front of the girls pupil as the sound of the metal door being broken in to distracts her and she frowns, giving a tilt of her head. “Mmm??” She places her arm down and awaits for the person to come rushing in, half expecting the police but no….it was the boy from before. Leon was it? The janitors brother….what was he doing here? No, she shouldn’t be so surprised he had after all taken things in to his own hands so him snooping around was to be expected but she didn’t take it in to account. He spoke hard, wanting some answers to which Milisa merely twirls the small blade in her hand before placing it down on the desk beside the two. Oriana hears another person and begins to struggle trying to ask for help but Milisa takes the knob on the tool in her jaw, tightening it some more and forcing the girls mouth even more ajar, hearing a slight crack which makes Oriana scream. “Sshh…don’t struggle.” She looks to Leon, eyeing him slowly before gesturing. “Guilty? You cannot judge me, you hold no authority…you are the same as I. A student…you’re just a boy who walked in on something that is not your business. It doesn’t change anything.” She did not have her weapon on her and this boy with his metal arm would prove to be a nuisance if he wished to throw down but he seemed like the more intellectual type so she ceases in talking and merely releases the girl from the mouth guard but her jaw was stuck forcing Milisa to pop it back into place making the girl cry out but she merely back hands her to cut it short. “Stop it.” Orianna glares at her before spitting at her feet. “Fu-fuck you!!” She turns to the boy and begins to beg. “Shes fucking crazy!! She kidnapped me! Help me….I did nothing wrong, shes insane!” Milisa crosses her arms and doesn’t shut the girl up, watching her reaction and seeing how her victim tries to win over the boy. Call it an experiment of sorts to see just how broken the blonde is. “You’d ask for help from a complete stranger, Orianna? How the mighty have fallen…” Orianna growls at the girl before gazing back at Leon and pleading. “Help me please…” Milisa turns away and lightly drags her hand along a dusty small bookshelf, allowing the girl to continue begging before speaking up. “She was the one who attacked me in the forest…when the fog came to be.” She stops and looks over her shoulder with a slow smile as wicked as it was it held no intention of danger to the boy. “You wanted answers…she has them.” Orianna looks at Leon and begins to do a mixture of a laugh and cry. “I don’t know anything! Shes insane she hasn’t asked me one question shes just….shes just been hurting me…she gets off on it!” Milisa turns and leans against the shelf, gazing at the room as if seeing it for the first time, not planning on explaining herself to either of them. “Its oddly welcoming in here isn’t it…? Like coming home….” She started, sort of drifting off in to a daze.

First ImpressionsEdit

“Sshh…don’t struggle.” Leon eyes her back as she speaks. “Guilty? You cannot judge me, you hold no authority…you are the same as I. A student…you’re just a boy who walked in on something that is not your business. It doesn’t change anything.” Leon would’ve folded his arms. She was right. This wasn’t his business, and as far as she was concerned he was nothing more than another snoop, just looking for something to tattle on. however Leon knew himself, how he was, and for some reason he wouldn’t ignore something he deemed as wrong. He’d always been the type to fix it if it could be fixed, even if it wasn’t his place. Though Leon isn’t ignorant, as he has common sense, which is rare seeing as how most intellectual people lack in that department. Leon heard the sickening crunch of the blonde woman’s jaw as some form of device was holding it open. Milisa released it, he’d hear her pop it back into place. Leon would’ve just shook his head and continued observing the situation for everything it was. Sick or not. “Shes fucking crazy!! She kidnapped me! Help me….I did nothing wrong, she’s insane!” Leon wouldn’t put that past her. however people are people. Leon couldn’t care if she was a serial killer, as long as she wasn’t harming the good of the community and imposing her will on other people…the situations wasn’t being explained, but hopefully this blonde girl would shed some form of light. Brighter than this dim bub hanging over the are that’s for sure. Milisa taunts her, as she asked for help once again. finally something interesting was said that changed Leon’s demeanor on the situation. “She was the one who attacked me in the forest…when the fog came to be.” Leon’s gaze went from Miisa to the blonde girl instantly. “Really now…” He uttered. He didn’t smile, but his outlook was uplifted as he’d found someone who had the answers he was looking for! “I don’t know anything! She’s insane she hasn’t asked me one question she’s just….she’s just been hurting me…she gets off on it!” Leon would’ve walked closer to the blonde girl as Milisia spoke of how this dim lit room felt welcoming. “It fits the ambience of the moment I’ll give it that much. Now then miss. “ Leon placed a hand on her shoulder. “how do you know you don’t know anything if you haven’t been asked? From what I can see…you and the other saints had no regard for any lives you imposed on. what if it hadn’t have been people that could’ve handled themselves? I don’t know much bout your clique except your willing to spread your “message” through any means necessary. That is not tolerable. If this girl wanted answers I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d have cracked by now.” Leon would stand straight up again and stuff his hands into his pockets. “I’m gong to ask  you a series of questions concerning your clique, methods, and internal affairs. Cooperate and you’ll get to walk out of here scott free right into a nice cozy, and safe jail cell. Disobey, and I’m going to turn around and act like I never found this place. As far as I’m concerned, the door was damaged in an accident my brother committed. No one will think twice.” Leon gave her an icy glare, void of all form of emotion or concern for her well being. “Ready? Go. The people you attacked. They were predetermined targets. Why. What is so signifigant about myself and the others you targeted. That being said, does that have anything to do with Shriestuna, and your groups relationship with him?” Leon stood tall, nodding his head down then up, to remove the bangs from his face, to show the fullness of his face and the serious look he’d had on it. he had all night to get answers to just what the hell was going on.

The blonde silences as Leon is now interested in what the girl knows….damn she sees he wont be of help at all as she snaps at him, giving him a glare. “I don’t know shit...” Milisa watches them for a moment this was troublesome. Leon was in the way of her experiment but he wouldn’t leave, not without some answers and things will move along smoothly if she assists with that task. “Suddenly I’m not guilty.” She teases all the while grabbing some rather impressive pliers and forcing the girls mouth open, avoiding the teeth and pressing the tool inside. “Orianna…I do not care for answers. I simply want to see how your body reacts. If I kill you in the process that will be my own fault…but I will sleep soundly never the less." The pliers squeeze on a molar and she looks to Leon with a stare, lips parted as she inspects him once more…he was handsome. Serious and to the point…normal people would have gone running for the hills but his mission was more important than anything else and she could respect that. “Your arm…does it hurt?” she’d ask, uncaring if it was an inappropriate question but she was curious about the metallic limb on the mechanics of that. Suddenly Orianna begins to struggle as Milisa tightens the pliers and starts to pull at the tooth, twisting it around until one quick yank, a sickening crack is heard and the molar comes all the way out, small little red veins included and Orianna screams, the side of her jaw instantly swelling up. The girl pulls the pliers out and inspects the tooth, bent on keeping it for dental examination. “Can you change your teeth into metal too?? Ah….just answer his questions first. I shall wait my turn….” Orianna begins to whimper, spitting out blood before shaking and gazing up at Leon, hell bent on keeping it shut but the amount of pain she felt on her face mixed with everything else she’d been feeling thanks to this crazy bitches torture was too much…plus she’d been left alone in pain for hours in the dark, she was beginning to falter. “Orianna.” Milisa spoke while waving the pliers infront of her to which the blonde laughed a little. “You have….mnmm…you have no idea…whats going to happen to you…you perfect little projects….” She spits up more blood as pieces of her jaw bone come up with it. “…I don’t see why youre so….so special.” Milisa calmly lifts her hand up and smacks the side of her jaw with the hard metal tool causing Orianna to wince and hiss in pain. “Do not try my patience, Orianna.” The blonde tilts her head to the side, eyes scrunched up in discomfort and pain as she takes in a deep breath. “Your high and mighty dean….this entire school…haaaa its all based on lies…and all of you are just mere pawns in his game of checkers…” “Pawns are used in Chess, Orianna.” Milisa corrected all the while picking up another syringe. The blonde rolls her eyes and spits up more blood. “Suck my left tit, bitch. Ask about where this school even came from….it’s origins….” The pain was beginning to make her tired as her eyes slowly closed….she needed rest, she ached for it. Milisa knew this, saw this and slammed a needle in to the girls leg, jerking her awake as she screams. “YOU BITCH! LET ME SLEEP!” It was adrenaline only a bit tweaked as to not give her any super human strength….it would induce hallucinations and paranoia for the night….to further break her down. Milisa says nothing as she moves across the room, taking the molar and inspecting it again.

Leon exhaled a breath through his nostrils as he could see how uncooperative she was going to be during this entire process. Leon saw Miisa come back over with a pair of pliers in the girls mouth. Tauanting her even more. She was good at that. it didn’t help much that she had a demeanor to match the fact that she would kill someone if she had the opportunity to do so. As the torture continued, Leon heard the question she asked. “Your arm…does it hurt?” Leon paused for a moment, thinking about the phantom pains he occasionally gets form the tragic event that took place in his childhood. Leon clenches his automail arm’s fist and speaks. “Only when it’s cold..” Leon replied with a short and sweet answer, not caring to go into detail on his persona backstory. He found it irrelevant to the mission he’d given himself, and as such he would disclose no personal details unless they benefited him for what he was doing. Leon watched as in a painful jerk motion, the tooth was literally pulled right from the blonde girls mouth. The sight of blood can make many people uneasy. Leon saw it as another bodily fluid. Replenish able and disposable. Her screams were becoming less and less intimidating and frightening to Leon. Leon didn’t like seeing the innocent get hurt by any means, but this woman was far from innocent…very far from innocent. “You have….mnmm…you have no idea…whats going to happen to you…you perfect little projects….…I don’t see why youre so….so special.” Leon’s eyes focused in on her facial expression and body language, as he’d speak. “Go on…” “Your high and mighty dean….this entire school…haaaa its all based on lies…and all of you are just mere pawns in his game of checkers…” “Pawns are used in Chess, Orianna.” Leon chuckled a bit at that tid bit. One thing about this Miisa girl; regardless of the outter appearance she was way to blunt to be dishonest. That’s a good quality, you don’t have to question where her loyalty is since she’ll tell you without a moments hesitation. “Suck my left tit, bitch. Ask about where this school even came from….it’s origins….” Leon would look up towards the light, his hands still in his pockets, as he’d speak. “The school’s origins huh…now that you mention it. I’ve never once been told how the school was founded. Never knew the history. You might have given me something to look for in the future.  One more question, and I’ll figure out weather that’s all you have to offer. Project EX-SEED. When you say “perfect little projects”. Were “we” these projects you refer to? If you don’t know anything about the project, then give me a yes or a no. “ Leon would await her answer, or what ever torture method had to be enacted to get an answer, before he’d look to Milisa. “You’re very through in this. Is this a line of work for you, or a hobby perhaps? I may employ your methods in the future to keep my own hands clean, that I will.” Leon would look around, before patting the blonde girl on her shoulder lightly. “Thank you for your help. I’ll make sure the cops come for  you…in the morning. That’s if I don’t leave it to chance my brother comes in here and finds you.”  Leon would turn his back towards her, before looking back at milisa. “You know, if you wanted to, you could help me scour the forest really quickly for any left over clues. It’s a big area, I’m sure the cops missed something. If we find anymore stragglers, you can help me question them on spot. If not, don’t worry about it. I’m only askng you once.” Leon would stand present and wait on MIlisa’s response to his question. If she agreed, he’d nod to her, let her do whatever to the girl before they left, as he’d make his way up stairs, traversing his way back outside the supply building and waiting for her to come out after she finished doing what ever it was she was going to be doing to her.


Orianna would only stare at him, un answering the question as she blinks back the sudden rush currently allowing her to hear her own heart beat right in her ears. “What….what did you give me…” She’d ask Milisa who merely places the molar down and stands behind the girl to run her fingers through the blonde locks, brushing it softly as she waits for the effects to take in. “Look down. There’s a spider on your leg…” She says and Orianna gazes down slowly, murmuring. “No there isn’t…” “Yes there is, it’s right there.” Though there really was nothing there she gave the impression there was so much so that the blonde believed it and suddenly started seeing spiders all over her legs which made her begin to freak out and thrash, screaming to get them off!! Milisa plays with the girls hair a little longer as Leon asks if she does this as a hobby. “This is my first time using a live specimen, I do it for science. I believe it’s gone rather well…I haven’t been able to do human trials with my serums before until now.” She places a rag inside the girls mouth to muffle her screaming and whispers in her ear. “There’s someone in the corner of the room watching us….when Leon and I leave, that person is going to come over and eat you. Do you see him?” Orianna was still panicking about the spiders but when Milisa speaks on the person she gazes quickly at the empty corner….there was nothing….until a shadow moves and suddenly there’s a man standing there, watching her with hungry eyes and a hunched demeanor which only makes the girl squirm and shriek behind the cloth blocking the noise. Milisa leans down and rubs the girls shoulders, smiling softly. “You are contributing so much for science, feel proud of that. Your body will not allow you to sleep as a survival method to not be killed. Someone will find you….maybe….or I will return and continue my experiments. If you haven’t been eaten.” She turns and nods to Leon, following him out of the basement and outside the building to speak more on what it was he asked of her. “I was actually going to wander off in to the forest to see if I could find anymore specimens. Or parts of them anyway…” Something catches her eye and she turns to face Leon, pointing to the black butterfly fluttering close to his person until it lands ever so gently on his metallic arm, its wings darker than coal. “Mmm…” She steps close to him, her fingers softly hovering over the little critter as to not disturb it. “We’ll be seeing death tonight, Leon. It’s an omen. A beautiful omen.” She places her hand to the metal, the butterfly crawling on the back of her finger as it flutters its wings but stays put as she inspects it close to both their faces, giving it a slow empty smile. “Are you prepared to find the answers you so aggressively seek? Even when you know there is certain death coming upon us…?” Her ocean blue hues gaze up at the taller boy and continues to smile, the butterfly’s wings giving them ghost like kisses on their chins. It isn’t a question he has to answer as she turns away from him, the insect struggling to fly as it shrivels up in her hand and she speaks gently to it, consoling it in its last moments of life. She couldn’t retrieve her custom weapon it was on the other side of the campus and it’d take too long, keep in mind there were straggling cops pretending to do their jobs. Thankfully though the carving knife she kept under her skirt would suffice…along with some other goodies.

Leon stood outside, scoping the area really quickly to see if he could see any more oncoming police men or random night time stragglers like milisa here. Leon’s head slowly shifted from left to right. He wasn’t going to wait around very long at all, as he knew darn well the night wasn’t going to be young for ever, as such he’d begin to head out until she’d finally made her way up. . “I was actually going to wander off in to the forest to see if I could find anymore specimens. Or parts of them anyway…” Leon nodded. Her business was her business, and his own was his own. Regardless of her habits, it had nothing to do with what he was trying to do. As long as it didn’t contradict him, as selfish as it might be, it wasn’t harming the greater good or his purpose, therefore not his problem. Leon would look to her as he saw a small black butterfly land on his metallic black arm, almost blending in of sorts. Leon looked down at it, only to glance up to see Milisa invading his space bubble of sorts. If he was uncomfortable he would’ve told her. truth be told it didn’t matter to him. Leon wasn’t often close to other women, female attention or not, he’s never much had time for them. The look in her seemed dead to be frank. “Are you prepared to find the answers you so aggressively seek? Even when you know there is certain death coming upon us…?” Leon’s hues met with her own for a moment. It was a cryptic question, but one that put a thought in Leon’s head. He didn’t believe in superstition, but he was aware that the man he fought that day was indeed tyring to kill him…would be he be ready to face something like death? Would that even be possible to just shrug off and deal with? Leon didn’t answer, or rather he didn’t’ get to as she turned away from him immediately after she asked. Rather than spend time pondering her omen and what she did with the butterfly, Leon would take a few steps past her, stuffing his hands into his pockets and causally speaking. “If we’re going lets go. No time for being idol.” Leon would continue his walk towards the forest. Instead of taking the long stoney pathway, he’d head for the lining of bushes, hoping over them and walking towards them that way as to avoid picking up any attention from any gaurds that might be coming, in which case, Leon’s ears picked up footsteps on the stoney pathway that neither belonged to him nor milisa if she was tailing him, and in a flash he’d squat down, taking shelter behind a large oak tree. If milisa herd the noise as well she’d be wise to do the same,as if the passing guard saw him or her, he’d be forced to apphrehend and question them both. The guard passed by whistiing, shining his flashlight. Looking both ways, he’d adjust his belt, so his gut could be more comfortable in his oufit, before continuing his way out of the forest along the stoney path. Perhaps heading back to turn in for the night. Leon peered through an opening in the bushes, and nodded. “Clear…” Leon would’ve taken a few steps back before turning around and heading towards the epicenter of the forest, at least where his photographic memory lead him to believe. He was heading for the area he fought the blonde male in. perhaps a hair sample or torn cloth, would help him find something. He needed to know more about this project, and the only other people he knew that knew for now were the saints…

The Revelation & The GetawayEdit

She places the body of the butterfly on the grass, allowing the dew of the late night to cover its little form. Leon didn’t want to waste any more time and continued on past her. The night breeze lifted up around them, cooling them off on this warm night and she watches him silently, a small smile to her features. “Lead the way…” The two make their way through a different trail, close beside him as a guard starts to make himself known. With quick feet she jumps up and wraps her hands around a low hanging branch, pulling herself up in to a tree and balancing rather well as the man flashes his light around simply doing his job. “Clear…” Leon announces and she climbs back down the way she came up, releasing the branch and nodding as she continues to follow him. This part of the forest was dead…trees were burned, their leaves completely gone, bushes once flourishing now nothing but veiny twigs sticking up the ground…Milisa pauses in walking and lifts her eyes up to the atmosphere, focusing on certain parts. “Our attackers planned all of this…they were assigned to certain students…aligned the forest with explosives and knew the principal would send us out here to chase after the batdog.” The fire was pretty extensive, any evidence that was here no longer existed thanks to the flames… “They were strong at least Orianna was well trained. I assume your attacker was no slouch either…so why come to fight us only to try and kill us with explosives?” She kneels down, poking her finger through the dirt absent mindedly. “Perfect little projects…” she understood science talk better than anything and gazes up to Leon. “What better way to see if a project works correctly than to test it?” Standing up she walks further into the destruction of the forest, placing a hand on the charred trunk of a tree. Suddenly a twig snapping grabs her attention and she calmly reaches into her skirt pocket, pulling out glasses and placing them on a moment later all the while speaking softly to Leon. “An omen is never wrong…” Reaching under her skirt this time, dainty fingers wrap around the handle of the carving knife, exposing it with a lazy wave of her wrist. Right behind her, they come in to view….the red cloaks. Milisa slowly smiles, laughing ever so softly. “Fighting us…is your way of agreeing to the terms of your passing. You are willingly giving me your body in the name of science.” She turns, eyes swiftly counting how many there were….only 6. She couldn’t make out their features because of their attire, men or women wearing red cloaks with hoodies on their heads. They seemed to talk amongst themselves as if deciding on what to do all the while Milisa was pondering why they were even here and why were they wearing a different color? Red this time…Suddenly the 6 scramble and run further in to the forest!! Milisa adjusts her glasses and speaks calmly. “That isn’t suspicious.” Well they couldn’t get away! Leon wanted answers and this was a wallop of a night for him! He was getting answers and clues left and right. Without another second to waste the strange girl shifts in to a blur and runs on after them, using her peak human agility to make up the head start the red cloaks were given. Thankfully because of how burned up the forest was, there was no vegetation to hide them and she could spot them not that far up ahead…they were trying to escape the island. The wind picked up again, almost giving her some resistance but she only enhanced her speed, eyes narrowing and glowing red as she jumps forward, slamming the balls of her feet in to the back of one of them, surprising the others as they all slide to a stop to watch their own get a face full of dirt, Milisa using him as a board of sorts as they crash and slide to the ground. In that moment she notices one or two are packing heat….guns? If they had guns why not just shoot them? She flips off of the downed red cloak and backs up, now in front of them and blocking their path as she flips her hair over her shoulder. They stand there, watching her closely and she smiles softly, waving her blade. “Don’t you hear it? Your demise is calling…” The one on the ground slowly gets up with a light struggle but they manage it and pulls out a switch blade, further making her wonder again, why not just use guns? Perhaps they didn’t want to make too much noise and bring the cops on the campus to them….So they weren’t here to fight that was obvious but why were they walking around here? She had no time to think on that as the red cloak rushes her with the knife in hand, jabbing it forward but Milisa merely bends back, side stepping each assault. They weren’t as trained as Orianna…this knife fight would not be much trouble but add in another red cloak and it was going to be troublesome as they pull out a machete and she smiles as they join in urging her to move and dodge faster, now throwing her wrist up, carving knife connecting with the machete while her free hand catches the wrist of the one with the switch blade, throwing her leg up to force the heel of her foot in to the first ones gut, pushing back before slicing off the others machete, sparks flying and she begins the offensive, charging him with impressive wrist work as her blade slashes to and fro in, pushing them back using their own weapon as her strikes become faster, more violent.

Leon continued his walk through the forest with Milisa. She began to speak, and point out various points, that ony made covering the case as a whole that much easier. He’d look left to right seeing the various firey damage done, but even then things weren’t as they seem…Leon didn’t want to think he was over acting, or over analyzing things, but at the same time he couldn’t help but ponder everysingle possibility of just what the hell could’ve been going on here. “Our attackers planned all of this…they were assigned to certain students…aligned the forest with explosives and knew the principal would send us out here to chase after the batdog.” “How though…” Leon spoke under his breathe. It seemed to set up…Even to the outside world, Shiretsuna doesn’t broadcast the afairs of the school for all to see. Meaning on this particular day someone would’ve had to have notified the saints they were even there…or they were being watched this entire time at the school, meaning it would’ve been an inside job.  Leon would’ve stopped, looking at a couple of foot prints that lay burned into the ground. As she pointed out that the only way to test the success of a project is to do just that : test it. Leon knew she was right, as he’d stuffs his hands into his pockets, and exhale a breathe through his nose. “There’s a piece missing…to all of this. There is still an independent factor that I cant place my finger on. we’ve got the what, the why, the how, and the when…but not the who. Someone tipped them off. They probably wouldn’t have known about us, if someone hadn’t told them in the first place. Meaning someone at this school has been feeding them information regularly…but who.” Leon would’ve heard a twig snap, and his eyes would’ve instantly darted in the direction the snap came from. His eyes narrowed as he saw men, and possibly women standing present wearing red cloaks. Red cloaks…a couple of students chammered about a group of red coats that attacked Shiretsuna. Then Detective Foster also mentioned they were abroad and committing crimes amongst the city…grunts to the saints so to speak. Leon’s fist clenched, and so did his jaw. They’d been discovered…the confronatation was about to get very violent, very quick. Leon heard her speak, but he’d quickly take a ready stance, not being to far from her. “State your purpose. We know who you are…you owe us some answers. Can you talk?” one of the red cloaks would tilt their head at Leon and Leon would take his hands form his pockets, and spread his feet shoulder width apart. “I’ll take that as a no…” Leon would take heed as he could see Milisa was somewhat well equipped..she had a carving knife looked like it. apperances could be deciving, so who knows? Maybe she knew what she was doing and just had an unorthodox way of doing things. Either way now was not the time to try and evaluate her mental psyche. As Milisa began to go to town, Leon was a tad bit hesitant…he saw they had guns. He wasn’t fast enough to dodge a bullet, so he’d have to play the range game. He wanted to try and nip it in a but, rock one of them with a punch from his enhanced arm and wail all three of them at once, but he could only use that motor one more good time before his arm would start malfunctioning. He had to play it smart…he couldn’t even miss  shot at using it if he could help it. he’d have to do something…he then saw, that the red cloaks approaching him, were throwing their guns behind their backs by their straps, and pulling out switch blades, dual switch blades to be exact. Leon would’ve crouched down a bit, getting into lower posistioing for his stance. “They don’t wanna draw attention…I need a meat shield. In case they get that desperate that is..” Leon would waste no time! Practicing bushido all of his life there were two things he was good at: using a sword, and disarming a swordsman. Leon would’ve rushed towards the center red cloak of the three, about to attack, when with the shuffle of ankle he’d twist his momentum, and juke around the middle man as if he were a football player, only to arrive behind the one on the left side. He’d wrap his left arm around the man’s neck, while his right arm slithered it’s way towards his assailants knife wielding hand, and using his right foot to push his opponents foot form beneath him, he’d take the red cloak down to the ground in one smooth judo motion a grassy THUMP heard as the red cloaks back hit the ground, all the while leon kept his knife wielding hand in his grip. Leon would twist the wrist, the casuing the red cloak to let the switch blade go, and when he did leon took it for himself, only to block a few on coming knife strikes form a second red cloak coming his way! Leon held the blade in his right hand in a reverse grip! Unlike these bozo’s leon had a metal arm, essentially giving him a means of offense and defense, as he’d rush in with a lunge towards a red cloak! The man would side step leon, attempting to drive a blade into his back, only for Leon to turn at the last second before hand, having his eye on the man the entire time, and rearing his right arm back to deliver a solid metal elbow point to the red cloaks jaw! A loud PING heard as Leon’s arm made impact! A sneak attack from behind however, put a slash wound on leon’s left shoulder however. He’d grunt with more so frustration than pain, as he’d whip his body around, throwing his left leg into the neck of the red cloak, sending his opponents body slumping over towards his right side and hitting the ground head first! Leon collected himself, before leaning back dodging an oncoming lunge, which quickly turned into the red cloak gripping Leon by his hair, and attempting to drive the knife right between his eyes! This was the only red cloak Leon hadn’t attacked, but that was about to change. Leon would throw the palm of his right hand up, the knife literally folding it as it was driven and crushed against leon’s metallic hand. Leon would then grip the red cloaks fist, using his peak human strength to literally crush his hand and all the bones that lie within. The red cloaks obviously had a voice, because the hooded one began to scream! Leon handled this by throwing a left hand knife chop to his throat turning what would’ve been a scream into a gagging noise, before leon would’ve gripped the red cloaks head, and forced him into a headlock, tucking his  head under his metallic right arm. “It takes 10bs of pressure to crush a human windpipe…with a flesh and blood arm. It only takes me 5…” Leon would choke the man out giving him this tid bit of information as he passed out. Leon was rushed again however, hearing rapid footsteps from behind! Leon would stand up and turn around to see one of the red cloaks, throwing dirt in his eye! “Tch!” Leon uttered as he’d been blinded! The red cloak would’ve tried to drive the knife right through leon’s neck, but Leon was much to smart. When blinded, his first instinct was to drop to the ground.  This is to avoid getting hit while standing, and on this particular night, not only did the red coak MISS but he tripped over Leon’s legs! By this time Leon would’ve made a solid recovery and lifted his right hand up, only to bang the back of the red cloaks head with it, grunting as he did so! Did he kill the man? he’d hope not. For his conscious sake. Leon would stand up, seeing there was one red cloak  left however, this was had drawn his rifle on Leon. Leon would stand still…he had no defense for a rifle, and the man was to far for him to attempt a disarm. Leon stood in palce, thinking of just what to do. “You fire that…the cops will come running. You’re going down either way..” The red cloak remained silent, and took the safety off, only to cock the gun, ready to fire….

Milisa caught Leon fighting the other 3 and watched him even as she catches the machete in her hand, the slicing sensation that goes in to her palm was rough and sent an icy chill through her, blood instantly pouring out from the open gash wound but she doesn’t stop that from watching the boy holding his own. The red cloak seemed to notice this and became annoyed at his opponent being distracted that even a strike from his weapon didn’t do anything, slicing away from her hand and going in for another strike. Milisa finally looks at him, flicking her hand so the blood splatters off as to not have it as slippery as she focuses on the task, the one she’d kicked down getting back up and a third joining in on the fun as he brings out a bat. A bat? These guys were grunts…they did grunt like things and fought in numbers…red cloaks meant the bottom of the chain. Still…3 against one wasn’t exactly a number she looked up to as she stepped back from a bat swing, weaving left and right to avoid her head being smashed in to. Milisa wasn’t much for hand to hand combat, she was a sword user and a carving knife didn’t exactly count as a master sword but anything in her hand became a weapon of use as she flips the handle, the tip of the knife now facing down her forearm as she picks up speed, tossing her wrist up to catch the switch blade with her own weapon all the while bending forward, the guy behind her swinging and missing before she kicks her leg back towards him, the soles of her shoe striking the side of his knee as a sickening noise is heard and he goes falling on his side, grabbing his leg in pain. She pushes the switch blade user off of her knife and turns in time to catch the machete wielder on his assault, their blades gliding against the other in another array of sparks. This wasn’t going to go any quicker, she needed a faster way of attacking and lessen the numbers to just one if she wanted to kill these fools. She steps back but the two surround her, one in front and one in the back. She assess the situation and realizes speed alone isn’t goin to help her. Which one would she rather take the damage from? Just then the two rush in, blades intent on slicing her to pieces as she turns to the side, the last second, wincing as the switch blade goes flying right through her shirt, slicing in to her side but not deep enough to cause alarm, the machete soaring right for her from the other cloaked figure but she doesn’t allow this one to make a hit, bending back just enough that the blade misses, taking the opening to throw her hand up, her knife making instant impact on his extended arm, stabbing it right through before kicking him back and snatching the machete out from his grasp as the cloaked figure steps back and shrieks in pain from the obvious weapon poking out his arm. She turns, swinging her new weapon over her head before coming down hard on the first assailant, slamming the edge of the blunt weapon right in to his skull and sending him to the floor, face first as blood spurts out and his body twitches. She gazes up in time to spot Leon being held at gun point from an intimidating rifle but she doesn’t hesitate as the red cloak with her knife still in his arm gets up to try and collect himself. She takes her weapon back from him, hearing the tendons and muscle ripping and being sliced as she aims and tosses it like a throwing knife. It wasn’t meant as such but it’d have to do as it goes spinning forward and imbeds itself right in to the red cloaks leg, behind the knee. She can’t wait to see if it was enough to give Leon the time to run because dude she took her weapon out of was mad enough to use the adrenaline to grip her neck tightly, lifting her off the ground and squeezing. Milisa was many things….strange, intelligent, an excellent sword user….but a strong woman she was not even with the ether, the synergy she possessed made sure she had her flaws and this was one of them as the life was being strangled out of her. Using her free legs she bends her knees and does a kangaroo kick right into his chest and though it makes the red cloak stumble he doesn’t let go until he wants to, turning and thrashing her body forward closer to the edge of the forest where the cliffs were. Milisa goes rolling but she catches herself before she makes it to said edge and forces herself to stand, coughing harshly. She’d dropped the machete the moment he lifted her now stands there, unarmed though she smiles through the pain, saying nothing and awaiting for the cloaked figure to come at her once more….she would fight until she was no more and her soul left this world. Until then…she would strike back.

The Light In The DarkEdit

Leon stood as the man was about ready to pull the trigger, and take his life away from him. that’s when however, something happened that would’ve prevented this altogether! The man who was pointing a gun at him shrieked out in a cry of pain, but Leon wasn’t aware of why!..until he looked at the man’s leg! Milisa’s carving knife! She’d saved the day, his ife rather, and given him just enough time to dart towards his left! The red coak however hadn’t been a slouch and would’ve immediately begun opening fire on Leon! Leon continued running, hoping, and skipping through he bushes avoiding the line of fire as a whole, eventualy unknowingly following and flowing to the area where Miisa and the other now defeated cloaks had ended up at. Taking place during and after Milsa’s brutal display, It was a bit of a clearing, that looked like it had an oncoming drop off….how big that drop off was, he didn’t know. Leon just knew he’d leap from the bushes going into a roll only to see Miisa backed into a corner! A few dead red cloaks surrounding them, meaning she’d done her job up until this one singe point here! “Damn…hang on!” Leon was about to go help her, but he made a rookie mistake. He took his eyes off of the perp who’d been chasing him with the machine gun! As leon ran towards milsa and the area she was at, he looked back and everything just seemed to slow down in an instant! The red cloak bursting form the bushes like a soilder from the rubble, his gun poised and held with the upmost proper posture as he took aim at leon! Leon took note of his position. “Probably less than a second..” Leon glanced at Milisa, glanced at the cloak infront of miisa, glanced at his feet, then glanced at the gun man, and saw his finger pulling on the trigger…”One chance..might not make it…” Leon would use every ounce of peak human strength in his legs to push himsef forward, in a low running position, he’d run past the red cloak infront of milisa’s positioning on the edge, and he’d grab him by his collar. Timing it just right to where the red cloak who was pulling the trigger would’ve already pulled the trigger at this point releasing a spray of 6 bullets! The bullets left the chamber one after another! The bullets pierced the red cloak leon used as a shield..which wasn’t a good thing because 2 of them would’ve pierced Leon’s left shoulder, and one would’ve grazed his right cheek. Luckiy because they had to travel through two bodies before even remotey going towards Milisa they’d have veered off avoiding her positioning and keeping her from getting shot. However things only went form bad to worse,  the bullets didn’t just pierce Leon. They had umph to them, and a lot of it. so much so, that when he was shot, his body was flung back towards Milisa’s body! This caused the both of them, and the red cloak to go flying off of the cliff, slowly falling down past them! Leon had  look of worry and concern. They would’ve lucked out if there was at east an ocean beneath them but there wasn’t…only more step and jagged rocks. Leon’s head whipped back as he could see clear towards the bottom…well that parts that werent’ shadowed out in the darkness, which only added to the dephs of how deep this gorge actually was. “Damn it…damn it all!” Leon thought to himself. “If we fall at this continued rate and height…we’ll hit terminal velocity…even if I did do something I’d rip my own damn limbs off in the process of it all!” Leon looked to her, and the red cloak. He always had a plan, always had a precaution..but this time he wasn’t sure. Leon wasn’t sure what the next step should be. He wasn’t sure what the logical move would be to make if he did something. He wasn’t sure…and it was this factor, more than anything that scared him. Leon didn’t want to die…but inside he’d cling to a hope, weather it be false or not that maybe he could get out of this one. maybe.

Milisa would ready herself to fight that was until gunshots distracted the two of them and the male turned only to have his coat yanked and as he’s forced in front of the boy, eating straight lead repeatedly. So much so that the force alone made him jerk himself backwards in a panicked flail to survive, knocking into Leon who then knocked in to Milisa. The purple haired girl grunted as her form goes flying backwards!! Everything had been done so quickly nobody really had any time to react as the girl eyes the night time sky blankly while she falls…this was how it ended then? Falling….again….from a grand height that could maybe kill her, who knew. Her enhanced durability made it hard for her to die or feel pain though the ragged rocks might just do the trick if they impale her kidney. Out of the corner of her view she spots Leon falling along with her and those dark ocean hues narrow as she uses peak human agility to move, twisting her body and slamming her hand down so it slides on the edge of the rocks, feeling the pointed edges slicing her hand open…just as her other one already was that was in the process of snatching Leon’s mechanical arm. Quick fingers wrap around the material though with how heavy the boy was and the velocity of which he was moving one thing was for sure…an object in motion tends to stay in motion, her hand proved it as he continues to fall, pulling at her arm and a pop is heard right at her shoulder!! She winces before crying out but somehow she’d stopped his fall, one hand holding him while the other caught them by digging in to the dirty rocky ground that was crumbling under her. She sucks in a sharp breath and clenches her legs, balancing herself since more than half her body was over the edge, rocks digging in to her stomach. She locks eyes with Leon’s and stares at him but says nothing, struggling to keep him up as she wasn’t known to be the strongest so she’d begin to wiggle back to get her body fully away from the cliff. That was the least of her worries as the red cloak who carried the now empty gun appeared beside her and started to kick her in the ribs, making her grunt but she didn’t tear her gaze away from the boy as if watching him helped distract her from the pain. “Do not let go.” She tells him and the red cloak goes in for another kick but she turns her body so shes on her back, still holding on as her arm cracks again and she grimaces at the pain. In this position it was ten times more painful holding on to him!! But that didn’t matter right now as the red cloak simply took a step forward and went in for another kick but this time Milisa was prepared, pulling a small object from under her skirt and just as the foot came in contact with the side of her face. She reached around his ankle, using the small razor blade in her grip to slice in to tendons right behind his foot as blood sprays out and the man screams, unable to stand properly now that the muscles used to stay up were shredded. He loses his balance and Milisa helps him along, yanking on his pant leg and sending him right off the cliff!! She catches her breathe and releases the small razor, turning back to her stomach ever so slowly and gritting her teeth. “Climb…” She told him hoping he could at least try to as she helps too, pulling back little by little while the only red cloak left was the one who’d come at her with a baseball bat still crying over his broken knee cap. She didn’t pay him any mind as the pain from both her slashed open hands were beginning to sting, her blood dribbling all over his metallic arm. Why she saved him? Well….she was a strange and sadistic girl but she had her reasons to be…that didn’t make her a monster though. Leon was a good guy, he searched out asking questions no one else was brave enough to ask and even knowing that there was death it didn’t phase him…she respected a person such as this. There weren’t many like him anymore and it’d be a pity if his life was wasted by such a trivial thing as gravity.

Leon was losing it quickly…he could feel himself falling and he’d had an idea! He knew he’d have to at least cut some kind of flip to gain ground and distance! He couldn’t let Milisa fall! He’d never been a hero, but he wouldn’t just let some random girl die on his account, and yet. Yet.  He wasn’t the one to make that sacrifice. No Milisa, took charge and reached her hand out to Leon, gripping his metallic arm. While light to him, it might be a bit weighted to other people….Leon would find himself stationary, as he ‘d be hanging on by her limb. Using the word limb figuratively as he could hear her arm pop. He knew she didn’t have much strength left in it as the sudden weight coming crashing down her all at once…doesn’t’ matte how strong you are, science is science, either way you look at it.  When she locks eyes with him, Leon looked back and pondered. He helped her…seeing someone like her reaching out. She seemed so non caring about human life or it’s value, it kind of shocked Leon to see she’d care enough to help him. He’d swallow hard looking down, before bringing up his good flesh and blood left arm to grip into the rocks firmly planting his feet against the stone, but finding it slippery to get a foothold. “dammit…NOT NOW!” he’d grunt as he’d look back up to see one of the red cloaks would’ve come back and tried to assault her. Dammit! Leon was never easily angered, but this girl literally saved his life. He was in his debt, a debt that may never be repaid, but he’d be damned if he didn’t put in his dues to do so! Trying multiple times to get a hold of himself and his positioning while she took the punishment, luckily she was a toughie, dishing it right back out and slicing the man’s heel cutting off his ability to stand, and even somehow managing to break his knee cap in the process! Leon gave a smirk to her skills, and he’d dig his fingers into the rock, using every ounce of peak strength, to crunch his fingers into the dirt! He’d being puling himself up, so she could release her grip on his arm, and climbing behind her. “I’ll pull us up. Get us out of here…” Leon woud’ve used his superior reach to climb over and behind her, about to pull himsef up and her next. That’s when he heard a “CH-CHICK’ sound. His eyes had fear in them as he’d look up to see the red cloak with the bad leg loading the rifle. Aparantly he had some ammo to spare after all. Leon then knew at that moment it was do or die! The red cloak poised and wasted not a single moment as he’d let go. Had he let go a moment sooner, he would’ve taken a terrible head shot! The bullets few from the barrel of the gun, as Leon would’ve pulled Milisa by her skirt pulling her down so she wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire. Leon and Milisa would’ve now been in full on free fall mode, but Leon would’ve fret. He was confident..the last thing he needed was to doubt himself. She’d saved him. it was time to return that favor. Not to one up her, not to repay her, but simply because it was the right thing to do. Leon would flip backwards, and open his arms as they continued falling, wraping them around her waist, and holding her tightly. “Hang on. don’t let go.” Pseudo quoting her, as he’d flip them backwards one more time as they continued to fall, the wind pushing against them and past them. “Few hundred more feet and we’ll hit terminal velocity…not much longer…can I…” Leon narrowed his eyes. “Yes.” Leon channeled his Ether energy and increased his endurance. Lord knows he’d need it….Leon amped up his endurance to enhanced levels. Pulling her body incredibly close to his, her head would’ve been resting on his shoulder, his hand accidentally resting on her buttocks, not for pervisim, but for good grip. He’ d then let the motor in his automail arm go to town as she could hear a noise similar to a jet engine rearing as he’d throw his right hand into the dirt and gravel! Their speed starting to slow down but not fast enough as rocks, dust and dirty would fly up in the wake of Leons’ arm! Leon could feel the very nerve bundles in his automail arm teraing, and he’d grit his teeth in pain but he wasn’t about to quit! Not now! He’d cry out a might deep voiced roar as he’d use everything in his enhanced power to tighten his metallic grip on the rocks and force them finally to a stop! The rocks would’ve fallen pas them…leon leaning his head over milissa’s to protect her from getting hit by random small rock like debries. After it calmed down a bit, Leon would lift his head back up. she could see he was sweating and had sudden bags under his eyes…getting automail installed was painful at best, but to have you nerves torn form it is one of the worst feelings imagingable. Even through this, Leon kept what grip he did have on her and his arm. His endurance and ability to endure harsh pain and conditions letting him hang there with her resting in his arms. He’d pant a few times before speaking to tired to be auidbile above anything but a whisper. “Thank you…Milissa. You saved me. I’m in your debt.” Leon would wince in pain, pulling his body and hers up a bit. “Tch…do…do me a favor alright. I have the strength to get us back up this cliff..if you hang on to my neck and shoulders. But I need you to rip my automail off and toss it. it’s…losing nerve connection and soon it’ll become just another piece of metal. Rip if off and toss it…then take my shirt and patch me up really quickly.  If you can just..stop the bleeding I can get us up from there. “ Leon would wince once more…the nerves occasionally sending his body in spasim. “hurry…not much time left..” Leon was counting on her athletic build and gymnastic like movements to pull this off. He was aware her arm was mess up as well…but maybe if they worked together they could figure something out.

Despair & The Silent BondingEdit

She nodded slowly at his efforts of climbing up the cliff so they could move from the danger. Just a little more…but the sound of a rifle re-loading made the girl give a dangerous gleam in her eye, features narrowing dangerously. Before she could think of something though she’d feel her body suddenly as light as a feather, the air becoming colder as the winds picked up but no sooner does she feels this that she realizes they were in the middle of falling! Leons arms would hold her close which she wouldn’t lie was only somewhat comforting at the thought their demise was coming….this would be the second time dying from falling…maybe it wouldn’t be the last either. “At least…I don’t have to die alone this time around.” That wasn’t exactly a cheerful pep talk but what would be the point of changing her tune now? Thankfully though Leon didn’t want to die either and catches them, the sound of metal against rock very loud in their ear as the arm sinks itself into the earth and slows them down. She hides her face into his neck, eyes shutting tightly from the rocks smacking down on them but the worst was finally over. “Thank you…Milissa. You saved me. I’m in your debt.” Honestly there wasn’t, he had just saved the both of them too so it was technically done moments later. Of course she wouldn’t argue with the boy who saved her life to which she was staring in surprise, it was her turn to be shocked…no ones ever done that for her before. Usually it’s the boy that does the pushing but this time around he was the catcher. Though now not exactly falling to their death there was still the problem they were almost to the bottom of this gorge and it was dark and they were wounded….so this was looking rather bleak. Whats even more worse??? He asked her to rip his arm off….like his actual metal arm. This intrigued her profusely, wanting to see exactly what it looked like when it came off, curious as to the mechanics but now was not the time!! “I will do so, Leon. Give me a moment, please.” Since her back was facing the rocks she was in a decent position and without any hesitation she slams herself back, her out of place shoulder impacting the dirt before popping back in to place! She grits her teeth through the pain and takes a deep breath, processing the pain as to get over it quicker. Her hands were numbingly aching, she was sweating up a storm and perhaps a rib was broken she couldn’t figure that out not to mention the cut wound on her right side that festered. When this was over, she was going to pull out a lot more teeth from Orianna if only to take away the frustration of tonights events. Now able to use both arms and maneuvering herself from his grasp, she ducks under his arm that had been holding her, hugging his waist and using her legs to dangle freely in the air as she shifts and turns so shes now on his back and climbs, wrapping one arm around the neck while the other lifts up to the metal arm, waiting for Leon to grab hold of the rocks with his now free arm before slamming her hand in to the messed up piece of his arm and pulling him right off of the thing! Blood and flesh immediately followed as it sprays out but Milisa did not allow this to freak her out as she hugs Leons waist from behind and uses him to balance herself, grabbing on to his shirt to rip it apart and then wrap it around the bloodied stump of nonexistent limb to stop the bleeding. It’d do for now and she presses in to it tightly, making sure to make a proper tourniquet. She wasn’t much worried that his blood was mixing in to her open gash wound on her hand…he probably didn’t have any diseases and the same could be said for her………..probably. “Leon, we are further down than we are up, it’s best to climb down the rest of the way. I will hang on to you in case we fall. You may use my body to cushion your fall.” Once again the pep talk wasn’t the best but at least she was showing a form of compassion as she focuses on the shredded shirt on where his arm use to be, monitoring his condition to the best of her abilities in such horrible conditons.

“I will do so, Leon. Give me a moment, please.” Leon nodded, keeping his eyes closed and keeping himsef in pace so she could use him for as much of a mount as she saw fit. He did hear the pop of her shoulder going back into it’s proper place. Leon knew he’d need to prep so she’d throw his flesh arm into the dirt as well, bending his legs at the knees and creating a fase like chair and /or stand for her to use him as. When she mounted him from behind , Leon would continue using his Ether to increase his endurance, but even that specific ability didn’t help him when the ripping of the arm actualy occurred. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Leon cried out, shoving his forehead into the rock to shut himself up. pain is pain, and nerve endings are probably the most painful thing anyone in their right minds could tamper with on the human body. Leon would breathe slowly, pacing himself. He wasn’t going to pass out, he was much to energy pumped for that. However she continued on with his instructions, by ripping his shirt off, continuing to maneuver herself, and tie the rip shirt around his spewing arm. The hole that let one see into his insides felt an oddy soothing tingle against the night air before she’d wrapped him up completely. Leon would continue his heavy breathing before slowing it down, into cool calm breathes, after a while taking the demeanor he’d had before of a cool calm, and collected genetlemen. All be it with the add on of sweat galore and ruffled hair. Leon, we are further down than we are up, it’s best to climb down the rest of the way. I will hang on to you in case we fall. You may use my body to cushion your fall.” Leon would shake his head back and forth. “You’re right. But you won’t be my coushin. If anything I’d rather take that role. Better suited, that I am. C’mon…let’s head down.” Leon would hopefully have her in a good holding posisiton to where she could freely support her self on his body and Leon would begin to manvuer himself downwards with one arm. Early on his life it was something he had to learn to adjust to quickly regardless, so it wasn’t anything new for him to do. As he made his way down, he’d speak trying to keep some form of idol conversation. “So, I’m assuming by your actions you have a form of compassion for the living after all? At least some more than others?” Leon would slide down the larger slope of the cliff a bit, making sure to catch him and her as he listend to her answer if she was going to give one. After about fifteen more mintues of intense reverse rock climbing, they’d finally hit a clearing. Leon would push off of the rock surface, and land on the ground in a squat, throwing his left hand on the ground to steady himself and land safely, allowing Milissa to step off of him and compose her self as she needed to. Leon would stand up and look at his missing right arm…he’d rub the spot for a moment, an almost somber expression on his face. “The phantom pains.” Leon would pause. “When you asked earlier if it still hurts. Every now and again…I still have the phantom pain of how I lost it. happens sometimes at night. I wake up and I can feel my arm being sliced off again, through the bone and all.” Leon would stop looking at his arm to look around the clearing they were in, scanning the area for some form or way out of this place. “Up ahead. I see a pathway. If I remember my north, south, east and west of hear, the school should be tworads the north side of where we ended up. we’ll have to get back at least before dawn to avoid suspicion. No doubt the cops found those bodies, and rushed to attend to the gunshots they heard.” Leon would look to MIlisa and nod. If she followed, they’d begin walking up the trail and heading into the forest, but as he walked, she’d be able to notice a sever limp in Leon’s right leg. What he didn’t mention is that his knee cap was indeed fractured, and it was his endurance factor keeping him mobile at this point. This however couldn’t mask the limp or the slowness of his pace.

He told her he was better suited for the fall but in his condition now she wasn’t so sure. Of course between peak human endurance and peak human durability she felt like hers was a bit more likely of not dying. Still that was only if they did fall and she held on to him, keeping her hand on the shirt wrapped up on his shoulder while they began to descend further down in to the ground below. Then he asked her an odd question and she tilted her head, reaching her hand around to wipe the sweat from his eyes and to push the bangs out of his face. “People in the academy have changed my name to Malicious Istigar…they stay away from me for fear of being cursed or tortured. I care for the living...I just have an appreciation for the dead as well.” Her tone never changed, it was soft and empty as she held on closer to him….this wasn’t the first time being close to a boy, as creepy as kids found her she was still a girl and was good for one thing…you could imagine what that was. After some time they finally made it to the bottom of the cliff and Leon landed steadily, giving her time to release him and stand on her own two feet. The both of them were pretty wounded but Milisa pushed aside her own wounds to check on his arm, speaking calmly. “We need to get you back to the academy or you’ll start to clot. Don’t know which will come first though…the blood loss or the clotting. Neither is good.” She begins to gaze up, inspecting where they even were before tearing off a piece of her blouse to wrap around both the palms of her hands to stop the bleeding. “The phantom pains.” What? She turns to him when he spoke, listening to him speak on the pains of his missing arm and she nodded slowly. “As to be expected from a traumatic experience.” They choose a path to take which was north and they had a bits way to go through thankfully they weren’t at the very bottom of the island, this was just a gorge found at the ends of the garden of Eden so if they made a steady pace they’d be home by morning…the only problem was Leon was missing an arm and limping something awful. Milisa says nothing and makes her way beside him, wrapping his only arm around her shoulders and placing her hand to his waist to keep him balanced. “Allow me to assist you. We’ll make better time.” She wasn’t the strongest but she could do this much, uncaring if he argued with her she wasn’t about to let go any time soon and they started to walk again. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward…if anything she was sure they were both accustom to it. At least she was…her eyes lower as she begins to ponder on the situation…or she was trying to but she was too concerned for Leon to think about that right now. The last thing that mattered was those red cloaks that tried to take their lives, she wanted to make sure he survived this. “Leon…why are you doing this? Risking your life to find answers no one wants to find?” The moon was shining bright over them, almost full and giving them the proper lighting to see in front of them. The air was a bit humid which didn’t help their sweating but even the breeze was somehow able to reach down here to give them some help though not much. They had to watch their footing, the ground was rocky and slippery with all the disturbed ground they’d sink in to but she didn’t falter in helping him, carrying him close to her.

( loves this song xD)Malicious Istigar huh? Leon scowled at the after thought of that. he didn’t enjoy it not one bit. Maybe all she needs is for people to leave her alone…or…it could be the opposite. Maybe what she needs more than anything is something or someone. Leon couldn’t peg her, not off bat, but that’s one reason he enjoyed her company. Leon was good at predicting, analyzing, and taking everything in. it was nice…to have an enigma around. Someone he had to work to know, or he couldn’t just guess off the top of his head. Mystery’s…Leon’s number one fetish, though he’d never verbally come out with something as ridiculous as that. The thought of his arm clotting didn’t exactly increase his spirit either…but he couldn’t deny that as a possibility of what could happen. “Allow me to assist you. We’ll make better time.” Leon looked over to see she’d mounted his good arm over her shoulder, and she wrapped her arm around his waist. Leon didn’t deny the help. At this point in time, he had no pride to keep him going. He needed help. It hadn’t even been an entire week since he’d been shot once, and already he had one in his shoulder, a missing arm, and a broken knee cap. On the bright side, Leon would occasionally glance up at the moon, and the stars that surrounded it. they were beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous…Leon always felt at peace in the night. It was quiet, minus the predators, and what not, the serene beauty of how everything becomes shaded in the white light of the moon is a dark peace. A dark but loveable peace. Leon was snapped out of his thoughts…the bloodloss was beginning to make him woozy and a bit disoriented, but he’d keep on trucking. He’d heard Milisa speak. “Leon…why are you doing this? Risking your life to find answers no one wants to find?” Leon paused for a moment and would look over at her, turning his head a bit to do so. “Moral values Miisa. Not to sound like a comic book character, that I don’t…but I’ve always had this overbearing knack to fix things that go wrong around me. My own attempt to see if I can better a situation, wheter it be stopping a crime, finding a lost dog, or cleaning up an elderly womans house. I have a tendency to do the right thing, but I often go overboard and get invoved in things I have no business.” Leon would close his eyes continuning to walk forward. “Even then, I usually end up doing the thing I set out to do. Humans. So concerned with themselves. The though of dwarinisim is imbedded in our genetic coding. The strong live, and the weak die. But I don’t think it has to be that, that I don’t. Even the best fall down sometimes (HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAH XD) and just need a helping hand. We all do, no matter who you are. I play the role of that helping hand, that I do. Even when I shouldn’t…my own personal vice you could say.” Leon opened his eyes again to lick his lips and rid some of the sweat from around his mouth. The salty taste irritated him as he was a sucker for sweet foods, notably chocolate. Leon would ask her a question this time. “Am I wrong to want to that, I wonder? What do you think? Someone who see’s life for what it is, an what it isn’t…I’m interested in your opinon of me, that I am.” Leon was very straight forward in his speech. Not one to stammer around women or anyone for that matter. His voice octave however lowered slightly, showing signs of on coming exhaustion…even then…his mentality would push him as much as need be.

( ) Leon answered her question with a bit of trouble she could notice he was beginning to grow too tired but keeping him talking meant he stayed awake long enough to make it back to the academy. Hopefully. She figured he’d have this….thing about him. His reasoning fit him so well it made the purple haired girl smile softly. “Am I wrong to want that I wonder?” She shifted his arm over her to get a better grip and lifts her head up to watch him, her smile never leaving. “Yes. I think you are a fool…seeing the good and wanting to fix everything. I see a lot of death in your life and problematic situations…a lot of pain and suffering. But that is merely what my realism sees. The other part of me that still exists as an optimist believes it’s a refreshing way of living. Thinking you can be the hero at the end of the comic…wanting to be and knowing right from wrong, never looking in between the lines and being biased. It’s old fashion…but maybe this world needs old fashion again.” There was a clearing up ahead…the levels of the gorge was shifting and they were walking higher and higher right out of the steep ground. She takes a couple more steps forward but loses her footing and goes crashing down, legs weak and they land roughly on the ground. She winces and turns on her back, gazing up at the sky as she tries to catch her breath…truth be told she was struggling to carry him for this long. “This world can be cruel and conniving. When I was younger….” She continued to talk just to make sure he doesn’t pass out while she sits up and begins to help him get up. “I had a crush on this boy. I told him on the roof of my school…and he was so appalled he pushed me off. I died for a little while I believe…but I survived.” Standing now she assists him in getting up and continues to carry him, not planning on stopping now. “When you die even for a moment, your view on the world sort of becomes morphed. Emotions, decisions, free will…it feels empty, like a made up story. I still care for the living but science has been my answer for almost everything…and where science fails, the dead show their faces. I see spirits I can speak with them…imagine someone as myself who can see such things but instead of picking a side I chose to mix the two together…I believe science has its connections with the after life. I am the way I am because I see two sides to a coin….so who am I to judge you on how you are?” Finally able to move again she had started walking with him back in to the pathway, the school would soon be up ahead and thanks to all the talking and trying to distract them from their suffering it wouldn’t be long now until they reached the school….the sky once dark would begin to ever so slowly light up in twilight, stars mixed with a hue of pink and blue as they faded away. The night guards would be going inside to change shifts with the next ones and it’d give them enough time to make their way back on campus…of course they might have stopped a couple of times just so Milisa could catch her breath and Leon could do so as well. “We’re….almost there.” Her muscles were aching but she wasn’t going to give up, helping him along the main building where many of the clinics were. Thankfully there were elevators they could take to bring them up to the third floor and after some more struggling Milisa helps him out of the small elevator and out the hallway, reaching for the first door she saw, turning the knob and inching them in to the empty medical room. She continues on over to the closest bed and as soon as Leon can reach for it she releases him and falls on her ass, gritting her teeth in pain. “Next time an omen presents itself…best to be better prepared to face it…”

Recovery & Unfinished DeedsEdit

“Yes. I think you are a fool…seeing the good and wanting to fix everything. I see a lot of death in your life and problematic situations…a lot of pain and suffering. But that is merely what my realism sees. The other part of me that still exists as an optimist believes it’s a refreshing way of living. Thinking you can be the hero at the end of the comic…wanting to be and knowing right from wrong, never looking in between the lines and being biased. It’s old fashion…but maybe this world needs old fashion again.” Her words rang true to his ears and lingered there to say the least. He kept his head low, exhausted beyond all physical and mental means. Hearing her speak something about compassion in itself though acted as a bit of a motivator and for her to label him in the category of “Heroes” made him happy. Leon smiled,  a rare sight in itself, and something one shouldn’t get used to as long as they know him.  As they continued upwards, Leon could feel her sudden weakness coming on and when she collapsed, it wasn’t until a moment later that he himself collapsed as well, falling on the ground beside her as a result. He however forced his right hand against the ground, letting it sit there and hold his body up. his knees hitting the gorund first, and he’d wince, at the fact his broken knee hit the ground with such a thud. It wasn’t her fault by any means…she was tired. She was tired, and he was tired, it was a wonder they both hadn’t decided to just lay there and pass out. Leon contemplated it. if he caught a power nap he might recover the nessecary energy he’d need to get up and go on, maybe reaching the school grounds before class started for tomorrow. However he knew better…the way the registry system works, they’ll see if you skip class, or are late, record it, and question your thoroughly about it. Even then, some kids still manage to pull it off because some faculty and staff are just that lazy. Leon could feel…see his vision getting hazy before he heard her speak, pushing her own self to help  him up and off of the ground. Leon was hoisted up as she continued her story. He listened. She’d had a crush once…and was pushed off of a school building for it. the things people do now adays…just the thought of something like that made Leon wretch on the inside. How could people honestly be that crude, and expect to get anywhere in their life spans, with any form of good karma to their name? what she says next was confusing at first, until leon sat and deciphered what she was saying for what it was, not what he’d over think it to be.“When you die even for a moment, your view on the world sort of becomes morphed. Emotions, decisions, free will…it feels empty, like a made up story. I still care for the living but science has been my answer for almost everything…and where science fails, the dead show their faces. I see spirits I can speak with them…imagine someone as myself who can see such things but instead of picking a side I chose to mix the two together…I believe science has its connections with the after life. I am the way I am because I see two sides to a coin….so who am I to judge you on how you are?” Leon nodded to her query. They’d both established they honestly had no right to judge the other, creating a mutual form of respect for one another in just that small instant of things. Time passed, and one elevator, and infirmary trip later, they’d both cooperated to get this far. Milisa would’ve tucked Leon onto a cot bed in the medical bay, and fell flat on her ass, warning Leon to be prepared next time when an omen presents itself. Again, Leon wasn’t one for the supernatural or supersticious, but considering what he’d just heard, and experienced as far as “omens” go, he couldn’t disbelieve them anymore. “So much more…to this world. To the way things go…damn. Couldn’t be simple.” Leon thought to himself as he closed his eyes. “I think…I’ll be fine until the morning. I prepared for this…I have a spare model arm in my dorm room, but I’ll need outside help attaching it. you’ve come this far with me. I’d be honored if you’d be willing to go a little farther and help me get back on my game. Only if you want to, that is.” Leon would close his eyes for a moment, before exhaling, fading quickly. “You….you think you can find a syringe of a adrenaline, some galls and wraps, and some proper anesthetic in here? Rooms not far from this point on. “

Milisa made her way back up to stand, glasses taken off as she sees only a blur in front of her, rubbing her eyes with some discomfort…her eyesight was getting worse little by little it seemed. Placing the glasses aside she turns and begins to scour the clinic for the items she’d need. The sunrise was imminent but that simply meant it was about 5 in the morning maybe….they’d have time before classes though in all honesty she wouldn’t want him to attend, he needed way more rest. ) At this thought she paused, head tilted slightly to the side… “Leon. I will make sure you are well again.” Her fingers lightly danced among the many bottles of chemicals and medicines, all labeled different things. He had a spare arm…she was curious to see this and the mechanics but she needed more time. Grazing fingers finally rest on one of the drawers which she pulls open to expose the many syringes packed up to stay sterile. Taking one and ripping the plastic off of it, she takes a bottle, hidden from sight thanks to her back facing him as she fills the liquid inside of the syringe, humming a soft tune. Once that is finished she takes the bandages, gauze and many other items needed to patch him up…among other things. Taking a stool she sits herself on it and is now at his bedside, flashing him a small smile. “We certainly had an adventure tonight…didn’t we?” She takes his arm and begins to rub it, feeling for a vein before tapping on the inside of his arm to expose it better. “I’ve never met anyone like you before Leon…it’s been a while since I’ve liked someone. You’re different from the others…” She spoke softly to keep the atmosphere relaxed all the while sliding the needle in to the flesh and pressing down on the syringe to release the tranquilizer in to his blood stream. Pulling the needle out slowly, she puts it aside and takes his hand, placing it on her cheek and nuzzling in to it affectionately.  “I want to keep you with me always…” The tranq was strong, enough inside of him to knock out a baby elephant though it was only because of the ether inside of him, she calculated just how much would be needed to knock him out. She would wait until he was asleep before kissing the palm of his hand and resting it back beside him. “You know a bit too much about my little secret in the basement….and I have no more use for her…alive anyway. I don’t want it to haunt you how you could have done something to stop me…” She brushes his hair out of his eyes, caressing his face until going to work on him, opening up a bottle full of who knows what with a rather strong smell and pouring it on his wound after taking off the ripped shirt. It didn’t take long to patch him up, it hadn’t been the first time doing something like this and injecting an I.V in to his arm along with some morphine to assist with the terrible pain in his broken knee cap. She planned to make sure he was doped out long enough to allow his body to heal…Wrapping the bandages around the nub below his shoulder she finally stands and lightly rolls the bloody bullet around just as bloody fingers…she’d removed this from his shoulder and smiles. “Now then…” Turning away, she leaves Leon to sleep...taking the useless shreds of shirt and wrapping it around her elbow long enough to smash it right through the emergency glass that held a very intimidating fire axe. There was no alarm that followed, it was simply meant for fires and escaping them and she wrapped stained fingers around the cold handle, a gleam in her eye. It was time to cut loose ends….Lowering her arm, the blade lightly pressed against her leg as she leaves the clinic, shutting the door softly………

“I’ve never met anyone like you before Leon…it’s been a while since I’ve liked someone. You’re different from the others…” Leon was to tired to be shocked, but he could see she was being awfully sweet, and a tad bit  affectionate. He knew it’d be in there, but he didn’t really think of all people he’d be the one to bring it out. As Leon relaxed his ether, the pain came back and was beginning to take him…he was fading into unconsciousness already, as she unwrapped him and began cleaning his body up, before taking what looked like a syringe and prepping it for insertion. Leon then felt the needle drive inside of his arm, and he’d look to the ceiling before looking at her one more time…his vision and hearing became burred and distorted. His vision fading by the second…he felt a touch on his hand…and heard a very vague phrasing but he couldn’t make it out. “guh…uh….mmmm…” Leon would let his head flop to the side, dead to the world in figurative terms, as he passed out, unware of the events that would transpire. He’d take his sleep, his well earned heroic rest, until the next day.///That morning///(play this with this  Leon’s eyes fluttered open.  He could hear the song of the birds playing outside of the window. The window… looked at the window. The clinic window. He was still in the clinic? Probably where Milisa left him from last night. Leon would reach up with his right metallic arm, and rub his forehead. Then coming to another realization. His eyes widened as he saw his arm was back on. he wiggled his metallic fingers a few times, getting the feel of his hand again. sure he couldn’t feel anything per say, but it was nice to be mobile again, and he felt great, in tip top shape and ready to face the world. Again. he felt a tad bit heavier though, like a weight was on him. turning his head to his right only to get a face full of purple hair he’d find Milisa cuddled up with him in this bed. Leon would furrow his brow a bit, confused. “I’m…surprised. I didn’t even tell her how to properly wire my arm but…it feels good. Almost better than before…interesting girl you are Milisa.” Leon would look back at his hand, making a fist and clenching it a few times. He’d look at the time. 10:00 A.M. Leon would sit himself up, propping his arm under Milisa’s upper body and sitting her up as well, shaking her lightly. “Hey. Istigar. Wake up. It’s morning time…we have to get back now..” Leon looked at how she looked while sleeping and she didn’t seem so intimidating. She looked peaceful, if anything, as odd as it was, she looked happy when she slept. Leon would use his left hand…hesitantly brushing some hair out of her face.  Her features were subtle…she was a pretty girl, even if people wouldn’t want to admit that. Leon couldn’t help but be mad at the people who’ve pushed her this far in life with such negative constructs. It wasn’t fair…who knows what her life could’ve turned out like if she’d just had someone there…friend or lover. Just someone to be there period. If she’d woken up by this time to look at him, Leon would smile lightly, again a rarity, but he’d smile at her with a welcoming sincerity in his voice. “Thank you again. For everything.  I couldn’t have made it this far without you.” Leon would just kind of hold her there for a moment, before sitting her up completely beside him now. Leon himself would’ve stood up, and began stretching his right arm, moving it in wide striding circles, while his left hand held the shoulder. Making sure the gyro’s and the motor was still in tact, he’ grunt as he messed around with it a bit. “Do you…have some way I can get in contact with you again? or you could tell me where your dorm is. I’d like to enlist your help for further investigative methods, that I would.” Leon wouldn’t have been looking at her, as he’d drop to the ground, and begin pumping one handed push ups with his metallic arm, checking the brain synapses for proper connection and functionality.