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Living a Double Life?Edit

Kage: -I paused mid swing after throwing a straight right still holding the fist out in front of me. I was pausing for breath until it snapped into me why I couldn't afford that now. I worked about five times as hard I usually did in fact I had been doing so since I had gotten out of the hospital and my injuries were constantly the things pushing to work harder. Each rep peach imaginary punch reminded sent pain through my body and each small impulse that made me grunt reminded me who had done it, Jax. I can't say I was angry no in fact I was oddly happy, it had been far too long since I had a match, or in this case a real fight a real rival to push me. Now I had one and I was hoping he wasn't dead, I was hoping he was training his ass off at this very moment for the next time we met. It wasn't just him though, I had more enemies in fact every one who had participated that day had been thrown into a fight and I was gonna be the spear head. These saints...the red coats. I had plans now and I had to get ready for them so there was no time to take a breather. I started shadow boxing again punch as hard and as fast as I could keeping my head moving, weaving in and out, slipping, sliding every detail of a gym was coming back to me a heavy bag, the smell of sweet. I was loving it the idea of another fight and I had been working out all morning since two and it was now five thirty one. It wasn't until six thirty when I actually stopped because I collapsed on the floor in a puddle of sweat panting, as if it were my first time breathing fresh air. I tried getting up but my body wasn't having it and the puddle underneath me was making getting up that much more difficult; eventually, I got up. I went to my desk and grabbed the gallon jug of water and drunk half of it and picked up my phone. I looked at the picture on my phone ( ) I knew if I called this woman my life would change, there wouldn’t be a seconds worth of rest for the rest of my life until I got better than her teachings. I sighed and did what I always do when I have tough decisions and didn't think about it I just clicked call, waited for a few seconds and she picked up.-”KAGE! How’s it going its been what… ages? Hows it going?”-I paused once again sighed and held conversation I didn't want to ask her for this favor just yet.-”I'm fine...I uh have been staying in pretty good health ya know life is good and all that jazz how have you been Riko?: Ive been fine Kage.”-Her voice took a chilling tone and I realized lying like I had just tried wouldn't work so I decided to come clean.-”Look Riko I have a favor to ask: Yeah, what is it?: Well see I got into a fight recently as you know I quit boxing, err… well I got beat or I'm not gonna except the way I won, I know Ill be fighting this guy probably more than once for the next few years… and well: Kage...say no more I'd love to come and help you kick some ass one one condition: Oh whats that?: You start a boxing club at your school and Ill coach you then, you'll also take boxing back up: Damn it Riko you know I don’t box any more, wait… how do you know I’m going to school?: Kage I dont just know you're going to school, I know which one, you should know I would keep tabs on one of my most promising students. In fact I moved to the island because I knew you were bound to find a rival there and I knew it would hit the spark that you as a fighter have, also you going to box again or you're not going to have me as a coach understood?: Err yeah...but I don't want...: Yeah but you want to have me coach you right? I only coach for people who are serious about a sport f you are not then we can move onto the next subject: Fine Riko when can you get here?: I just moved to the island so in about a day or two:Ok Riko see you then, nice talk.:Same to you as always Kage.”-With that I hung up and sighed I knew it was a mistake but what had been done could not be undone so I went in the shower got washed up, cooked breakfast and went on my way to school.-

Cheyenne: Cyan made her way out of the Black Diamond gentlemens club with ease her book bag in hand filled with what was needed for class and along with her other gear as her shift inside as a "waitress" ran a little later into the night than she'd like. From behind her any one could see the towering form of Bruno, a dark skinned male with dreds in his head standing at 6'2 about 280lbs rocking a black tank with the locations logo on it, a pair of dark jeans and boots walking out as well as one of the club's many precautions in the protection of its staff. Especially for those who had accumulated the clientele that she had in the short time that Cyan had been working there. "Alright Bruno I'm off, thanks again for walking me out last nights crowd was rowdy as fuck and for helping me with my Calculus homework haha I owe you one." the raven haired beauty says softly with a smile on her semi-pink colored lips turning to the left for a bit in order to face the man. "Aye don't mention it just stick with it okay, you don't want a place like this to be permanent. " "Ain't that the truth." Cyan chuckles raising her hand up to give him a wave of a fond fair well before turning to face foward again in order to make the hike back to campus. She wagered she had just enough time to hit the showers as to wash away the make-up that Mystic one of club's dancers painted her face up in, change clothes, switch out the contents of her bag, do a bit of practicing on a dance routine for work, and hit the cafeteria in for a quick bite to eat before first period. Providing that she didn't run into her crazy but cool roommate Akemi on the way there, an ideal that made Cyan frown as she'd taken great care to make sure that no one not her best friend Akira knew she worked as a dancer in a strip club cause if they did....ooooo she knew they'd never let her live it down not to mention what would happen to patrons too as a result of the discovery. But Frank the clubs owner assured her since she was of legal age his lips were sealed and that she was safe to explore the more feminine sides of her personality. Something that Cyan desperately believed she needed in order to be considered a normal girl in the eyes of a guy she really did like continuing to make her way towards the campus trying hard not trip up in the heels that she was wearing but being far from successful at it before finally deciding to take them off once at a cross walk. cyan would bend at the waist as the shorts she had on were a bit short riding up some as did so, while she took great care at unclasping first the left foot's shoe then right, stepping out of both onto the concrete onto her bare feet before picking them up off the ground as to cradling both of them between the thumb and forefingers of her right hand before tossing her arm back casually over her shoulder some once the light gave warning that it was safe to for pedestrians to cross in which she did. The air of the early morning reminding Cyan that she'd forgotten to pack a jacket the night before once she was several blocks into the perimeter that encompasses the school. around her she could see others like herself arriving for work, from it, or others as she makes her way further in opting to take another path in order to avoid any looks from her peers or staffs this of course took her through the gym area of the building which was only accessible to student via their id's. taking hers out cyan allows the security system to scan it before hearing the door unlocked and letting herself in to make a b-line dash for shower in the girls locker room.

Kage: -By the time school was in sight I had a new duffle bag I bought on the way there and plenty of clothes, two new hand wraps, a new mouthpiece and two pairs of boxing gloves one heavy one light. I had it in my mind to go to the principle first thing and ask if I could start a boxing club and I was walking down the side walk to school I pondered how I would go about it I was interrupted. I realized a shoe was untied by stepping on it and stumbling and with the duffle bag in the way I stumbled a good yard and almost fell on my face. I caught myself and walked forward a good foot or two to play it off before stopping and tying my shoe. However my day changed quite drastically as I looked up and stood up, id like to add I was still crouched as I was also staying bent to grab my bag as I stood, see now I don't think I was supposed to see any of what I saw but because of where I stay I usually had to walk around the school to go through the front entrance instead of the gym. To my surprise I saw the girl who had rolled me out of the infirmary at school that day when I was drugged. Though that wasn't odd after all we attend the same school, it was what she was wearing that threw me off guard. She was wearing some rather tight clothes that expressed her form rather clearly and she was in heels though she wasn't doing too good in them and so I suppose she decided to take them off when she got the chance and that what I saw. Now keep in mind I'm not fond of make up so today she didn't “speak” to me like she had the other time in the infirmary but regardless she was still beautiful. I'll say this she must not have see me because I was on her left near the wall of building and she bent over to pick up her heels she had just taken off, long story short he tight clothes got slightly more revealing and my have made my cloths a little too tight as well. I watched her walk across the street and I almost yelled out her name but she was in an apparent hurry so I decided not to hold her up instead I composed myself and decided I would ask what it was all about then. Though something in me had been clicked as if intuition told me to check it out for myself why ask later when I could do so now all that jazz. So I hoisted my duffle bag and started a brief walk after her as she opened the door. When I arrived and opened it she went off into the girls locker room so I simply shrugged and went to go relieve myself in the guys restroom which was in the guys locker rooms which was slightly closer to the gym area then the girls locker room. So I figured i'd probably get done peeing before she got done changing and would have walked near the girls locker rooms right as she came out and then I could ask her what all the haste was about. I dropped my bag near the door and went into the bathroom and took a piss and begun washing my hands and then a thought came across my mind, how the hell would I ask her about whatever she was doing she obviously didn't want people to know about. I shrugged too late now I thought came out of the bathroom after drying my hand and picked up my bag and started the slowest most casual stroll I could muster.-

Cheyenne: Stripping down to nothing but her birthday suit from what she was wearing Cyan proceeded to give the knobs in the shower a quarter turn to the left with her right hand first in order to allow the water to get hot before moving it back towards the right so that the cold mixed and mingled in just right while her hands released her long raven hair from the style it was in then proceeding to her assigned locker in order to retrieve the change of clothes she’s stashed there which were a red mid-drift shirt and a pair of black leggings that covered up her feet along with a dark colored bra and some panties both wrapped up in a large towel with a wash cloth. Her bare breasts bouncing inadvertently as she gathers them up into her arms along side some other personal hygiene affects that were in a caddy before turning on her heels to head back towards the shower room part of the locker room. From there Cyan would proceed to sit the items onto a bench that sat in a nearby separating each piece with a careful eye before laying them all out onto it, her lips humming a simple tune she heard in the club during the previous night as she allows her hips to sway rhythmically to its beat is doing this task. Unaware that during all of this she’d been spotted entering the gym wearing the ridiculous get up she’d just had on by one her classmates as she pulls back the shower curtain and with one foot in front of the other with her rag and caddy in hand she enters its warm spray with ease allowing it life giving flow to wash over her amber brown skin starting from the waist down before slowly allowing its flow to work its way up her spine to that it began wet her at the spine then shoulders. Cyan would then proceed to lean her head back some into the spray of the nozzle letting her back length tresses become heavy from the water that was soaking itself into each dark strand while each droplet that splatters begin to kiss her lovely face washing away the mask of night that had been placed upon her face as she turns to forward with lashes lowered in order to take the waters flow head on completely cleansing it from the powered illusion. Raising both of her hands, her palms pushed together in an upwards manner she gathers some of the water within it and begins to splash some of it onto her face to complete the cleansing before finally opening her eyes again in order to reveal her blue lunar hues as she turns her head away for a moment in order to retrieve the wash cloth that lay against the caddy she’d brought in with her and a bottle of her favorite body wash which was hinted with the scent of fresh jasmine extracts turning the bottle downwards in an attempt to open it in order squeeze its contents onto the cloth before proceeding to apply it to her wet skin starting at the neck then working its way down to toes. Once completed Cyan proceeds to gather a bit more from the bottle in order to apply some to her face washing away what might remain of things there before moving on to wash her hair. It was during this that she would hear the sounds of water rushing from an adjacent side of the room, a sign that someone else was in fact in the gym or rather in the boys locker room of it to say the least. It made Cyan wonder if someone had in fact seen her enter within but that ideal she’d quickly come to shrug off as it was too early even for the biggest of fitness buffs to even be up or so she had thought. Emerging from the shower refreshed and invigorate the 18 years quickly dried herself off with the towel she’d brought, lotioned down her smooth soft skin, and dressed in the attire presented before heading back to her locker again in order to throw the clothes she’d taken off into the back half of it and extracting what was needed from the top, namely her books and such for classes pulling out the outfits she wore at work and tucking them safely away in their place underneath her gym clothes while putting her books inside of bag. Cyan would stuff the bag inside of the locker as well taking out a pair of ballet flats that she wore from time to time her hand going for the caddy in order to comb her hair out as to braid it up in order for it dry sitting the caddy back into the locker with ease as with a simple twist of the wrist she pushes the door shut letting the digital lock seal it up tightly as she made her way back into the open area of the gym where unbeknownst to her Kage stood awaiting on her to emerge.

Kage: -I have to say I have never been to keen on waiting long periods of time and as a result ended up doing some rhythmatic shadow boxing nothing serious like earlier in the morning just rhythm and form really but when you're wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a black hoodie vest over it with an owl’s skull on the back, black jeans and black boots its not exactly comfy. I paused mid swing looking down my left arm where I had nearly connected with the back of Cyan’s head by about an inch or two I paused and immediately popped out of my stance feeling a bit embarrassed as well as startled, If I had hit her I wasn't sure what I would have done, ”Oh Im sorry.” would not have made anything better. I was almost 100% sure she hadn't seen me but it was awkward to shadow box in front of a singular person especially a girl, but not large crowds large crowds were easy, you can't really tell who is watching, but it's especially embarrassing to almost hit the person. I rolled up my sleeves and picked up my bag and backed up a bit away from her, taking a moment to let the sight of her sink in, I still didn't understand her allure she was indeed beautiful her high cheek bones and strong yet elegant features were something I hadn't seen in very many women in my lifetime and once again I found myself staring as I stood in awe, I didn't know how to explain it but maybe it had something to do with her sorta looking different that made me stare it was like someone seeing snow for the first time. She was wearing clothes I hadn't gotten the impression she would wear but I most definitely did not have an issue with her wearing leggings and I definitely had a lot of learning about her to do. I first snapped out of it and made an attempt to start conversation by saying.- “Oi Cyan, good morning.”-In a sort of friendly-neighbored kind of way. After all I was trying to make it look as if I had just bumped into her on my way to do god knows what; in fact, it just hit me I really didn't have an excuse it was to early for classes to have started. So just incase I came up with the idea that I was here before her...I didn't want her to know I used to box but I guess since Riko was coming back everyone would know I boxed, no that wasn't right they would think I was just starting, I kept forgetting none of these people knew what I used to do therefore it would look like I was just starting off. So that was my excuse I had just started boxing and I was practicing and after wards I went to get changed.-

Cheyenne: Something in the back of her mind told her to stop on the dime as she emerges from the locker room looking like a breath of fresh air her long dark hair still semi-wet from the shower then to slowly turn around. Most would have called this a sixth sense or a reaction but Cyan herself knew better forcing her the heel on her left foot to suddenly drop flat onto the polished wooden floors turning at the waist with the absolute quickness with her right arm extended and her hand fully open in attempt to catch the fist that quite possibly would have nailed her in the back of the head. Luckily for her though the owner of said fist had reacted much quicker than she, avoiding contact with either of the two. Almost at once Cyan began to bark out, “Hey pal why do you….” But mid-way through her sentence her eyes caught sight of Kage’s face which immediately caused her to blush and panic mentally all at the same time. Had he seen her earlier when she left the club, did he know that she was a dancer, and if he did would he tell any one about it…were just some of the thoughts that were running through her mind as she stood there utterly embarrassed for yelling at him and even more so if he’d seen her walking in her dressed like a complete and utter hooker to boot. She’d watch Kage roll up his sleeves for moment before going for him bag backing away from her a bit as she herself tried to maintain some sort of normal composure in front of him before saying, “Kage…its you...uhm when did you get here?” trying play things off like everything was cool though she did take note of his lingering gaze upon her physic which made her painful aware of a lot of things as growing up she never did see herself as a thing of beauty that the opposite sex would even looking at. Since she was such a grease monkey and all. But all of sudden now she felt differently about that with Kage who was quite a looker himself ogling her down from head to tow. It almost felt…well right. This thought made Cyan divert her own gaze for a moment just as he spoke his morning salutations towards her bringing her back to the matter at hand. “Ohiyo gozaimasu,” she replies back giving him a smile like she did back in the hospital soon followed by a teasing chuckle. “You’re up pretty early so I take it that the battle for who gets to use the bathroom first in the boys’ dormitory hasn’t commenced yet?” Remembering the other morning on their first day back when she went to pick Akira up for classes what a battle royale it was in there.

Kage: -What happened next was a flurry of actions of which startled me slightly as Cyan first yelled after she reached out to grab my arm though I had already taken it back, but everything settled down.-“Kage…its you...uhm when did you get here?”- The question didn't register in my mind but I just almost began to tell her the excuse I came up with then suddenly she diverted her gaze, afterward she looked back to me with that same smile from when I had first met giving me a sort of lose warm feeling and she gave off a small comforting chuckle as she went on to ask-“You’re up pretty early so I take it that the battle for who gets to use the bathroom first in the boys’ dormitory hasn’t commenced yet?”- A grin crept across my face and I quickly decimated any hint of mischievousness that had caught it self within the grin. I went onto answer both of her questions in a rather mellowed out tone, which in fact I was beginning to feel a little bit relaxed and pleasant, to the point where I had forgotten about my excuse.-”Well, I saw you cross the street on your way to school...”-I don't know what had gotten to me but you know that feeling when your about to do something gutsy well, I got that feeling, luckily I caught myself and cleared my throat before finishing.-” and I felt like talking is all and I don't stay on the dorms I stay at my house, why fight over a bathroom when you have one waiting for you all to yourself at home.”- I said with a small little hmph as a chuckle.- “In fact what are you doing here so early if you don't mind my asking.” I said trying ask her what she had been doing before school with out saying something stupid. In fact I realized it was none of my business so depending on what she said next I decided Id try and drop the subject. I shifted my bag on my shoulder and took a few short steps back to the gym.-”If you want to sit down and talk I'm going to sit on the bleachers.”-I said already sitting down about three yards away on the nearest set of cool metal bleachers.-

Cheyenne: “True. That place was a mad house the other day haha.” She laughs hearing Kage state that he was gonna stay at home for this terms before going on to say that he saw her crossing the street heading towards the school which concluded Cyan’s worst fear that he had seen her in that very explicit get up she was wearing that caused her face to give him a look of reluctance blushing again. “Though if you would have just hit Akira in his right side just below his rib cage he would have been on the ground for about ten minutes or so give or take. The only reason I know this is cause he broke two a while back, doing god knows what and then came to my place begging my mom to patch him up” Cyan points out giving him a bit of in sight into her own personal experiences in fighting her bestie over the years while trying to keep the conversation simple as she soon realized that incidentally that they were in fact alone in each others company something her father, Akuma if he were alive would have never allowed her to do. Period. But then again she figures that he couldn’t be helped since most of the students were prolly sit asleep or fighting against the noise of the alarm clocks going of her moon blue hues glancing casual back at the large fenced in clock on the back of the gymnasium wall to see that the time was now 6 am and just two hours shy of the school day beginning before returning her attention to the person that she was with, taking note of his smile. Something that she herself hadn’t been able to see the other day when they were in the hospital after the fire due to all the commotion that was going on at the time her ears picking up vaguely on him questioning her about why she was also in the gym so early herself. To some extent Cyan wanted to give him a classic “its none of your business” type of look but in the end her mouth beat her to the punch before she could even move the muscles in her face to speak for her other wise. “I just left work a little while ago, and coming here to shower in order to get ready for classes is a lot faster for me than going all the way back to my dorm, plus it gives me a chance to work on my moves for the ‘office’…” she gives a general shrug of her shoulders in a nonchalant manner as if to say ‘so here I am’ still smiling at Kage. All in the hopes that her words would answer his question and that he wouldn’t pry any further than that but in truth there was something else she wanted to ask him that was work related rather it’s just…well she was too embarrassed that he’d think ill of her for doing so. Cyan watches him shift the bag he's holding on shoulder for a moment before taking another few steps back asking her if she’d like to sit down on the bleachers and talk a bit more to which she replies, “sure why not we’ve got about and hour and half to kill before the cafeteria opens up for breakfast, just let me get my bag from the locker room. Plus there’s something I want to ask you too…” Turning on her heels once more to re-enter the room, access her locker once more in order to retrieve it, locking it back before emerging again to find Kage already sitting down on the nearest seat in the stands. Making her way towards him Cyan tossing her back pack onto her right shoulder, the arm pulled all the way through the strap while the left one dangled idly against her back with her hair moving against a faint breeze that her body created as it moved brisk fully form point A to B, stopping only when she reached the bleachers in order place her bag down beside him first before taking a sit on the opposite side of him carefully pacing her thoughts a bit in order to say what was on her mind.

Kage: -I was thrown about by the look of reluctance that crossed her face and her blushing, I mean yeah sure she had been wearing something that was more than slightly revealing but damn, it was sexy. I had half a mind to tell her to be proud of her body as most women would kill for it, though I figured that would have sounded a little rude on my part, as I didn't think I knew her well enough to tell her that.-“Though if you would have just hit Akira in his right side just below his rib cage he would have been on the ground for about ten minutes or so give or take. The only reason I know this is because he broke two a while back, doing god knows what and then came to my place begging my mom to patch him up”- This bit of info threw me off as well, why tell me that this Akira guy had an injury that I could have exploited if I had been in the room. I brushed it aside but also kept it in the back of my mind just incase someone needed a couple of hook shots. Though Cyan then seemed to realize something of what I can't possibly guess, but she soon seemed to get over it as she then went onto answer my earlier question.-“I just left work a little while ago, and coming here to shower in order to get ready for classes is a lot faster for me than going all the way back to my dorm, plus it gives me a chance to work on my moves for the ‘office’…” -Some where, I kid you not I felt like someone had played that one tune from horror movies that is always used-Dun DUN DUUUUNNNNNN- Work of her moves, what could this mean if she had just been coming from work dressed as she was, then what did she do? Now I was curious, well more so than I already was. Her smile and nonchalant shrug however suggested she didn't do what I was thinking; I mean who could possibly associate a wild, beautiful looking woman as her self with anything like “social working”. So I grinned back a little embarrassed at my previous thought, and I rubbed the back of my neck. By the time I had neared the bleachers she had agreed to join me as well as informing she had something to ask me. I instead of trying to kill myself to figure out what she could possibly ask me I simply sat and waited for her to return as she walked off to the girl’s locker room. She soon returned with her back over shoulder, she walked again with a feminine gate though not girly, just natural beauty is all I could seem to gather in the way she carried her self. She plopped her back on one side of me then sat upon my other side and I looked over to her as I awaited her question. Now Im a patient person but for some reason even ,though I could clearly tell she was having some sort of issue with the question in her head, maybe the wording, or how it would come off, I still ended up kinda blurting kinda asking.- “So whatcha wanna ask, eh?”

This Little Game that We PlayEdit

Cheyenne: “Well…I..I kinda need a male’s opinion on something from work but I know if I ask Akira he’d prolly want to blow the joint high as he doesn’t know that I’m…a dancer.” Cyan would respond back nervously twiddling her thumbs one over the other in a circular motion not allowing her eyes to make contact with Kage’s face when she states this, a true sign that she was either very ashamed at keeping this a secret from her friend as they had none between them or embarrassed to tell a guy she barely knew such a thing to begin with. “And before you ask why I chose to be a dancer, verses all the other gigs we students could have here in the city near campus I’ll just tell you this much. I’ve been a tomboy since I was little so I really have no clue as to how a girl or rather a woman should act when it comes to the opposite sex and I was hoping that this gig would give me a bit of insight into that. Though I must admit it’s taken a lot of me just not to be embarrassed even a little bit.” Her admission being an honest one not aware that Kage himself was new to the subject matter in which she was speaking of. Despite not knowing this tad bit of information Cyan remained hopeful that he’d let her use him as her subject in a lap dance she’d been trying to work on for the past few days for her debut in the club when she finally took the stage on her own rather than with a partner. An ideal that still scared the daylights outta the beauty as she had seen how some of the clients could and would get with the other girls at times but most of them didn’t have the fighting skills she did or the nerves to kick a man down if need be as she began to limber up her body again by doing several leg stretches first bent down towards the floor towards the left, then moving towards the right. Standing upwards only to repeat similar measures only this time by pulling both of them up back behind her with both of her arms before making her way towards a make shift pole that was simply grounded into the makings of the gym floor for purposes unknown her right hand clasping it as she lets her mind slip into another world whilst she waits for him reply back, her body going into a slow winding motions to a beat that only she could hear first to the left then the right as she slowly walks around it in a circle allowing her feet to leave the ground once she’d picked up enough tempo in order hoist her form up into the air, her hips never once faltering in their erotic like motions once her left hand joined it mate on the pole in front of her.

Kage: -“Well…I..I kinda need a male’s opinion on something from work but I know if I ask Akira he’d prolly want to blow the joint high as he doesn’t know that I’m…a dancer.”- ( ) It took me about five minutes to register what she meant exactly and when it did I had to wipe my face and blink several times in order to confirm that yes indeed I was awake. Dancer, Opinion, Male. Still I heard thee words but the meaning had not yet slithered into my mind. I watched as she twirled her thumbs in apparent sweet innocence. She wouldn't make eye contact either but that was for the better I was teetering on the edge with apprehension and she was nearly pushing me off and the last thing I needed was a clear look at her face to send me on my way. Knowing this I still did not look away myself, I was mesmerized and some part of me was daring her to give me an excuse that she was hinting at what indeed I thought she was. If I was teetering before, I was now flailing my arms desperately to catch my balance“And before you ask why I chose to be a dancer, verses all the other gigs we students could have here in the city near campus I’ll just tell you this much. I’ve been a tomboy since I was little so I really have no clue as to how a girl or rather a woman should act when it comes to the opposite sex and I was hoping that this gig would give me a bit of insight into that. Though I must admit it’s taken a lot of me just not to be embarrassed even a little bit.”-We all have a side of us that we lock up for long periods of time, I apparently have two anger...and lust, lust had just knocked on my door and I was letting her in, some instinctual part of me telling me that I could very well teach her how the opposite sex deal with each other. Though that was my perverted side that I was currently still fighting against, my gentlemanly ways how ever was keeping from making any direct moves as I didn't want to give her the impression that, that was all that was on my mind even though at the time it was. I was also inexperienced my self in this verse of life but hell I was sure willing to learn with her.-”Embarrassed, you shouldn't be, if it helps at all you're a beautiful woman and you shouldn't be embarrassed to show that off.”-The words had jumped out mindlessly and I simply allowed it to happen yet I was still holding on by a mere thread on decided. I was having terrible tearing of the brain I could be nice and just be honest with her and tell her it was probably for the best I said no, yet I couldn't when I tried to use my mouth to do so I got really hot all over and it felt like id die but uttering the word. Though even then I still didn't want to say yes not fully I was trying as hard as possible not to lose it, you have to understand I dont usually end up with alot of females and here I was being offered by one, of extreme exotic, and wild appearance to dance for me so I could give feed back, at the same time however I wasn't trying to be a horn dog. Though little did I know my dilemma would be answered shortly. Cyan stood up and warmed up for what my brain didnt dare anticipate until it happened. She in the most provocative way at the time approached what was probably a basketball rim yet I was to focused on her to tell. She clasped a hand upon the pole of the rim and it struck me what was about to happen.-( )- She then went into action, her body going into a slow winding motions to a beat that only she could hear first to the left then the right as she slowly walked around it in a circle allowing her feet to leave the ground once she’d picked up enough tempo in order hoist her form up into the air, her hips never once faltering in their erotic like motions once her left hand joined it mate on the pole in front of her.‏ Those events caused a grin to creep upon my face enough mischief in the grin it self to last a life time. I would have wiped it away but I found my self no longer being fully aware of my actions, I leaned back oh the bench behind me and hoisted my arms on upon it stretching out to either side of me. I felt oddly relaxed as my eyes took a sort of lethargic glare to them that would soon reflect in my voice as I finally gave my response.- “Lets see what you’ve got.”- (stop heartbeat.) Perhaps it would not have been directly known to her because she was inexperienced as was I, but I knew my body language was speaking in a different tone then it usually did beckoning her, as well as my tone of voice. Perhaps she would pick up on it, perhaps not but I had stopped caring about that, you could say my rational was replaced with a primal curiosity and there I sat awaiting her next action like an hungry man getting ready to chomp on prime steak. I had fallen very very far off the edge and If I knew anything about falling I would only fall deeper into the hole that had swallowed me. At that point in time I didn't need to know anything my body did all my work for me and it was trying its hardest to be as welcoming to her as possible.-

Cheyenne: -Cyan continuing to sway her hip rhythmically to the song that’s playing inside her head acknowledging Kage's words about her body and her needed to show it off more mentally before she curls her left leg around the base of the goal allowing her right descend slowly in order to give Kage the appearance of just what it might look like softly pressed again his own as she presses her lower body up against the cool metal that was in front of her, winding it up against it in matter that slightly turned her on as the pole was pressed firmly up against the flowering bud that lay in between the pillars of her thighs. The sensation alone making her bite back a moan the moment her other foot touched the floor unaware that her actions were starting to set Kage a flame with a primal curiosity that some what rival her own since this wasn't the first time it had happened before as lets go of the goal post in front of her before placing her delicate hands up against her chest as her heart rattles on in its cage. Despite the 18 year old having experienced few sexual delights whilst growing up though none of them lead anywhere except to first base mind you and that was mostly always due to the awkward nature of things between herself and her supposite partner. Something she didn't like reflect on much hearing Kage's voice telling her to go for it which did make Cyan happy but all at the same time nervous as hell too, though she fought like hell to keep from letting him see it as she makes her way back towards him making one stop at a radio that was nearby in order to turn it on for the song inside to play (( )) allowing herself to get close enough to finally take notice of the change in his body language. It raw and pure, and drew her in like a moth to a flame causing Cyan to throw off any precautions once the soft tempo of the song began. Her approach was soft but sensual almost like a wild cat on the prowl for its prey as her moon color eyes began to give off a allure glow once her hands found their rhythm and began to caress the inner most workings of her thighs, the hint of rouge hitting her cheek as they began their accent up the flat of her belly towards the curves of her breasts in order to caress them softly a slight moan moving over her lips as she draws herself ever closer allowing if he so desire his hand to reach out and touch her while her body gyrates under their embrace.

Kage: -I watched as her sleek form pressed up against the pole as she wrapped her left leg around it her other leg lowering, the action sent what felt like an electrical assault along my spine filling me with a passion that soon erected itself with in my pants. Her rubbing against the pole sent me with a mental image of what it may look like if instead it was my pole she was riding. I sat there my grin still upon my face. When she stopped to go to a near by radio and turn it on it was very apparent she was still nervous, yet she seemed to be doing well enough without. She stalked closer to me her hips swaying in a near hypnotizing way as she moved forward like a wild animal closing in upon prey. I no longer felt extremely dominant as I was beginning to feel, yet at the same time I didn't feel like this seductive back and forth would end in her favor. I simply sat and awaited her arrival. ( ) Her blue eyes enticed me as she began to feel upon her self moving from her plump thighs to her ever so ripe and luscious breast. When she moaned still closing the distance between her I found myself no longer willing to await her next move. I reached out calmly for her thighs where I would apply a little pressure in my direction to get her closer and allow for a better grip to her ass as I slid my hands upward. If she allowed it to happen I would then pull her forward, yet gently in a way letting her know there was still time to back out and away if she ever felt the need to. I would then slide my hands upward more to her waist and apply a downward tug to my lap the end result being she startled it. I knew by now there would be no mistaking my intentions, it was an all or nothing moment so I put as much into it as I could in order to entice her. Id shift one hand slightly into her leggings and the other to her spine pulling her in even more as my roaring erection agreed with every movement. The music on the radio could be no more true to what I was feeling I was ready for what was to come I wanted this and in the moment I wanted her more than I had wanted anything for a while, I was aware where we were in the middle of a gym and that anyone could walk in on the situation. I however didn't care In the moment my pulse was racing and the testosterone was raising. I’d do it in the middle of class, the middle of the street, anywhere and the feeling would reflect in my savage yet gentle movements as I caressed her form all while pressing it against my own. Her movements from earlier had pushed my rational deeper into the void. There was a darkness and recklessness that I wanted to explore with her, she had already given me a sip but I didn't want just a sip I wanted the whole damn jug, and I was trying to get in a few gulps, my hand gripping her ass a bit roughly as my throbbing passion begged for attention. However I was also aware that there was an hint that I wasn't the only one worked up she had began to open herself up when she was on the pole, I knew she knew what I was think when she began walking over the nervousness reading clearly on her body and that more than anything was driving me and I wanted to hear the moan, her lustful music echo throughout the gym as I tried to strike the right chords.-

Cheyenne: Cyan closed her eyes allowing her thoughts to slip away to a place where she knew she would no longer be afraid, and distract herself away from the male who sat patiently before her ready to receive her. Giving each of her breasts an amply squeeze she flicks the tip of nail over the harden peaks lowering her hips towards the floor still rotating them from front to back, before thrusting them outwards then wiggling them in a side to side motion the moment she turns around with back facing him. Unaware that her earlier actions sparked something utterly raw and completely unprecedented inside if Kage as he went reach for her his fingers successfully latching onto her waist line the moment she went to turn back around almost startling her out of her zone once he began to apply enough force in order to get her body to move towards him. Cyan could feel her face suddenly turned several shades of red as his hands moved about the full thickness of her waist trying their damnist to reach her supple bottom and upon doing so clasping her right cheek rather firmly with his large palms she'd find herself being lured towards him like a fish on a hook. Though parts of Cyan's mind bid her go him the other part; the half that contained her rationality knew that this whatever it was, was wrong as she resisted begin tugged down onto his lap which was rather unsuccessful to say the very least. If this didn’t add insult to injury Cyan became even more alarm at the warm feeling of something thick warm and ridged poking her stimulatiously in left ass cheek causing her to inverted to shift in a manner that could be considered more provocative by Kage that evasive. Though she was starting to have second doubts about asking him her curiosity also was getting the better of her as he goes on to press her ample bottom against his groin.

Resisting TemptationEdit

Kage: -I hesitated, the sensation threw me off guard the sudden relief to my aching hard on, I didn't know how my advances had been going until that moment but it seemed I was doing something right. The hand that I had allowed to slip slightly into her leggings went further in my thumb catching the lip pulling them down slightly. My other hand gently and lightly moved down her spine as I clasped her non-occupied cheek and I like as before with the other hand I shuffled her leggings down even more while I slowly pushed my hips upward applying more pressure to my shaft. I moved my left hand from her right cheek and with my skin still in full contact with hers moved toward her breast, rubbing lightly as I went across her ribs and into her shirt. Yet even with this, it all felt weirdly awkward I mean in my mind I'm pretty much yelling to myself HELL YEAH! Though things just didn't seem right, I didn't want to stop but at the same time I felt I could do better under a less sudden approach. It’s funny that it was popping into my mind now but I had felt resistance earlier which told me this probably was not the best situation or she wasn't fully comfortable with the situation. The idea had pretty much slowed me down I didn't feel as aroused any more. At the same time however I didn't want the situation to just end in fact how the hell would I end it I had already started a simple.-”Oh Im sorry.”-I don't think would have cut it in the situation. While I sat there struggling with my conscience my body was rejecting every thought of quitting mid way nothing changed I was still squeezing and touching the works and I was perfectly fine with going along with my body if that was indeed what she wanted, however I didn't feel like she knew very much so I slowed down and eventually slid my hand down to her ass again and rested it there in order to see her reaction. I didn't want this to happen if she fully didn't, that was in a way some form of rape in my mind. So I took in a deep breath and let it out and leaned back looking up to Cyan. This was my attempt of slowing things down so she had a chance to think, to do what she wanted. A part of me was sitting there thinking THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING and another part was like THIS AINT RIGHT MAN and in the end my compromise was to let the woman decide because I realized in the end it was not my decision alone to make. I tapped her with my thumbs on her lower back to get her attention if she hadn't already been looking down. I tried to organize my words and in the end decided I didn’t have any outstanding things to say and just sorta said what was on my mind.- “Cyan, I don't want to go through with this if you don't, correction I would rather not do this now, Im sorry for my actions.”-With that I removed my hands from her pants and rested them off to either side of her thighs though I made sure I didn't touch them.-

Cheyenne: Again she began squirm against him shifting her body to his left some what in order to deter his hands from moving any further into the leggings she had on. But with no success at all as his thumb caught the material with this thumb before proceeding to pull down on them some. While his other hand sought to undress her from the waist down, Cyan could still feel the warmth of his other sending chills up her spine once it began to descend cupping fully her unoccupied buttocks in the palm of his hand as the latter tries to still shuffle the leggings down even more. The contact between his erection and sweet spot causing the young woman to finally let the words, "Kage no...please...not like this." Fall from her lips just his hand move her right cheek up towards her breast. Caressing it lightly through the makings of her shirt before feeling the warmth of hands against heart of her as Cyan fought hard to maintain whatever control she might have left regardless of how much her shallow breathing made Kage think other wise. Inside her body she panicking, torn between her ration and instincts 18 year old found herself unable to move out of fear that he would think she was being a cheap tease the moment she'd try to stop him. But in truth if she didn't she'd loose her virginity to someone she barely even knew! And again it was this fact caused her to pull away again this time using her knees in order to push up and away from his lap as she looks back to him with an apologetic look in her moon colored eyes that says it all. Cyan took note of his own hesitation once she moved, having felt his pace slowing down bit too which made her get the feeling that this wasn't the way he wanted it to go down either too as he looks up at her with his thumb tapping at her lower back. Cyan would keep her gaze on Kage's face letting him know that had her full attention as waited patiently to see just what was up before hearing him tell her that he wouldn't do this unless she wanted to or really he'd rather not do this at current point and time before going on to apologize for his actions as he went to remove his hand from waist band of her pants resting them at the side of her frame. A look of complete and utter relief casted itself onto her lovely face as she carefully thinks out reply to his word before parting her lips to say, "I would like to Kage, but after we've gotten better acquainted with one other. Right I now I think all of this is just much too soon and I’m sorry too. I should have realized that my dancing would have given you this kind of reaction. " Her honesty behind it showing off in a full red color in her cheeks.

Kage: -"I would like to Kage, but after we've gotten better acquainted with one another. Right I now I think all of this is just much too soon and i'm sorry too. I should have realized that my dancing would have given you this kind of reaction. "-I paused should it have though was a thought that ran through my head.- “No, that was pretty much all me, I shouldn't have acted the way I did I went to far. Also...could we like I dunno, separate.”-I said referring to the fact she was still in my lap and I didn't want to go and get any more Ideas in my head. Just then I got a vibrating in my pocket which at first threw me off, that is until I realized it was my phone. I reached into my pocket and pulled the phone looking at the caller id and answered the phone.-” Yo Riko what is it?”-There was a few minutes pause and some panting in the background.-”Err...Riko thats some creepy shit to call someone and do.”-”On sec Kage.”-There was some rattling then I heard a loud knocking sound.-”Yo Kage answer the damn door.”-”Eh...wait you're at my house!?”-”Well duh didn't Id tell you Id stop by to check you over?”-”No you didnt I thought...wait why the hell do you know where I live, I can sorta understand the school thing but my house is a little suspect Riko.”-”Don't worry about that, where are you?”- “At school? Wait what do you mean don't worry about it because I am worrying about it.”-”Why are you at school this early.”-”Don't ignore me, and I'm not at school early I'm at school exactly on time...I arrived exactly when I wanted to.”- “Sounds like you're hiding something.”- “I ain't, besides you're the one hiding something...why do you know where I live?”-”Kage if you come over I can tell you, oh better yet Ill come to you, I'll be there in five minutes.”-She hung up almost as soon as she got the last part of “minutes” out. Then I realized I was sitting there staring at my phone as if it were some foreign object as I remembered why I used to find Riko so creepy but before putting my phone back in my pocket I texted Riko.-”No stay at the house we can talk there.”- I then put the phone away and looked to Cyan.- “Oi...I uh...have to go.”-