Akira:  Akira would have been walking through the Hallways with nothing but a towel around his waist and one on his head which he was using to dry his hair off using his hands to rub the soft white towel around his head, he'd then make a left at the end of the hall walking into his Room"Man its been awhile" he said to himself. he had stayed over at Ro's house for the week to get a little extra training in. Akira would have walked inside of his room closing the door behind him and casually flipping on the light switch and walking over to his dresser and pulling out the second draw on the right grabbing a pair of all black boxers letting the towel drop off him before sliding his legs through them and pulling them onto his waist before reach down again and grabbing a pair of black and grey camo cargo pants jean putting them on and connecting a chain to the side of them which hung down by his pocket, he'd then kick the draw close before moving to his right opening the first draw and grabbing all white v-Neck slipping it onto his Muscular Frame causing the shirt to fit a little tight which made his muscles pop even more, He'd look up into the mirror that was postioned onto of his dresser grabbing a comb and running it through his hair before taking his hand and messing it up again giving it a wildly groomed type look, He'd then grin before grabbing some colonge off his dresser spraying it on his neck and chest before tossing it onto his bed and exiting his room streching his arm into the air grabbing a black and white jacket off the top of the door as he walked out of it closing it behind him once he left the room he'd walk over to the elevator pressing the down button waiting for it to come down once it got to his floor he'd step into it and press the"G" button which took him to the garage area, once it stopped the elevators doors would slide open and right in fron of him would be his all white air force one waiting for him, he'd step into his shoes before proceeding foward outside and hopped onto his harley, and drove to school which as usual he was late for today he didn't feel like dying it so it remained its natural blonde color for the time being, once he made it to the school he'd park his bike and walk through the doors and make his way to classs it was around fifth period by the time he got there, and when he stepped inside the teacher chewed him out for being late which he really wasdn't pay any attention to though once the teacher got all his ranting out of the way, Akira would have taken his seat leaning back in his chiar while looking outside the window.

Akiko:  Waking up early that morning, Akiko always made sure that she had enough time in the morning to get ready and still make sure she could relax before classes. Waking up that morning Akiko dawned on her fluffy teal rode, slipped on her equally as fluffy slippers, and trudged down the hall, towel in hand. Her shower was long and leisurely, making sure she took enough time to wash away the sore muscles from her training last evening. Even still with her coming to the academy, she made sure she made time to practice her art. She feared that it would displease her father if he saw her loss all of what she has trained for, all of what she has accomplished in the name of her father. Stepping out of the shower, she had dried herself off and yet again, dressed as if she was a nun that could not show an inch of her body. Walking down the hall, she shuffled along, hurrying to her room. Opening up the door she smiled as her roommate was fast asleep, looking at the clock; Akiko knew that the girls alarm would be going off in a few minutes. Opening up the closet doors, Akiko scanned her side of the closet for something to wear. “Hmmm hmmmm” Pointing her finger at the different pre-made outfits, Akiko decided to pick a grey sweater and blue jeans. Bending down she took hold of her black boots. “Perfect” Opening up a drawer, she pulled out a navy blue set of under garments. Slipping her legs into the blue panties, she pulled them up over her butt. Then taking hold of her bra and slipping her arms through the wholes, clipping it in the back she made sure that everything was nicely placed. Finally she was ready to put on the rest of her outfit. With a natural smooth skin, all she needed to do was brush out her long black locks of hair and continue with her morning. That was her morning schedule; it usually went that way every morning, except on the weekends when she felt comfortable enough to sleep in. She was out the door as her roommates alarm was going off, wanting to get out of there before her ear was talked off by the other girl. With her backpack slung over one shoulder, she again hurried down the hall and took the stairs down to the main floor. Akiko then spent her morning in her homeroom reading. Following through her first four classes, she almost found it all boring, nothing was challenging her. She could make it through her classes but there had to be something in these classes that could spark her interest. Even her language arts class wasn’t holding her interest and that was unusual for her. Her next class was history and having tons of conversations with Alex’s parents, Akiko was comfortable with that subject. As the bell rang, Akiko grabbed her pack and walked out of the room. Coming into the room she settled down in her seat, close enough to the front to pay attention but far enough away that the attention was not put on her. With her book resting on the desk, she was reading the next chapter. Her head only picking up to watch as the finally students came into the classroom. She had to admit that he was pretty good looking, definitely Alex’s type but possible hers as well.‏

Akira:  Akira would have shifted his attention from the world outside and back towards the teacher who would have grabbed a chair and slide it in front of the class and taking a sit in the chair facing the whole class"Now im sure all of you are still in the whole spring break mode and im not gonna barrage you with work but know that now things are gonna pick up as the school year is coming to its end, that being said ill keep it light for today, underneath your desk I want you all to pull of your text books and what your going to do is look over chapters eight through chapter twelve, thats four chapters you'll have to read and im going to give you all a digital worksheet assignment you'll have to the end of class to finished it you all may work with a partner and I prefer you to keep your conversations work related though im not gonna start removing people for talk so at the very least keep your voices lose to a whisper and every will be fine you all get get in your pairs now and you'll each need to open the laptops on your desk and access your school email to get the worksheet" the man would say before sliding the chair back under one the desk and stepping behind his own desk and began to work on his lesson plans. The students all would have began moving around from desk to desk as if they were playing musical chairs, Akira would have simply scan the room causally not searching for a partner or anything but just glanced around briefly though his eyes lingered a little longer on one of the girls she had long black hair and purple eyes and she was rather pale but not the sickly looking pale but she was rather beautiful if anything and she seemed to captivate his senses for that brief window of time he took to glace around the room, he then went back to work opening his laptop and logging in using his first initial them his last name and the password was his school idea and he'd then open up the browser and open his email and then opening up the file worksheet and began doing the said assignment, before he heard his voice come from the teachers mouth"Tetsu why don't you work with miss Yano you'll get your work done faster that way, is that alright with you miss Yano" the teacher would say while looking up at her if she were to agree then Akira would grab his materials and walk over to her and would set his things up again though he didn't say anything to her and fact didn't even look her way but instead was focused on his computer screen, if she were to disagree then Akira would have simply continued to do his work.

Akiko:  As the teacher slide the chair across the floor, Akiko didn’t pay much attention to him. She continued to read as he spoke to the class. Her ears perked up, she was able to multitask because her ears could pick out the important information. “underneath your desk I want you all to pull of your text books and what you’re going to do is look over chapters eight through chapter twelve, that’s four chapters you'll have to read and I’m going to give you all a digital worksheet assignment you'll have to the end of class to finish it.” That was all she needed to know, none of the rest seemed to be that important and just the teacher running his mouth. Reaching down into her desk, Akiko pulled out the thick hard covered book and laid it against her desk. Pulling her tablet out of her bag, she logged into her account and got right to work. Knowing that if she got done with her work then she would have enough time to read some more. Rolling her eyes, Akiko used her peripheral vision to see several girls frolic to each other, it was obvious that they would not be getting their work done and of course would be lost. Opening up her book to chapter eight, Akiko read the title “Ancient Egypt” Laughing to herself; Akiko thought about Alex, she would just love this topic. Whenever Ancient Egypt came up, teachers thought it would be interesting to share that Alex’s name is also a famous city in Egypt. If they only knew that was why her mother named her that. "Tetsu why don't you work with Miss Yano you'll get your work done faster that way, is that alright with you Miss Yano" Looking up from her textbook, she looked at the teacher and then to Tetsu. “Ummm sure” Shurgging, she didn’t really feel like it would be appropriate to downright say no but she did work better by herself. To her relief the blonde haired boy grabbed him materials and came to sit beside her and actually get down to business. Without looking over she would speak to him in a hushed voice. “The first five questions go along with chapter eight, then the next five with chapter nine, so on and so forth. I read faster when I read to myself so how about we read a chapter do the questions together and then move onto the next chapter. That appears to be the most effect way of completing the worksheet. But I do not give answers to slackers, so if you choose to sit there like a bump on the log then by all means do that but none of my answers will be on your paper. Equal partnership or nothing.” Akiko was a smart girl and was once taken advantage of when she was younger. Other students thinking they could partner up with her and automatically get the answers. Alex was the one to sit her down and tell her to grow a pair, telling her to stand up for herself and not allow people to take advantage of her. Well Akiko didn’t play it that way anymore; she didn’t mind appearing as a bitch. Looking down at the textbook se scanned along the words, taking note to anything that might resemble what the questions were asking.‏


Akira:  Akira eyes would shift over towards the girl once she started though it didn't lat long as Akira eyes would have shifted back towards his computer while she was in mid rant saying speaking saying "The first five questions go along with chapter eight, then the next five with chapter nine, so on and so forth. I read faster when I read to myself so how about we read a chapter do the questions together and then move onto the next chapter. That appears to be the most effect way of completing the worksheet. But I do not give answers to slackers, so if you choose to sit there like a bump on the log then by all means do that but none of my answers will be on your paper. Equal partnership or nothing.” and Akira wouldn't have even looked her direction but would ave simply responded "You talk too much" and would have continued to ook over his assignment and if she were to look at his computer screen she would have noticed he already had the first set of questions done and was already workign on the second set of questions already and if she really was paying attention she'd proabably notice that his text book wasn't even open"The less you talk the more you could focus on your work and i can be out of your hair" he'd say in his typically laid back tone and it wasn't that Akira was trying to be an asshole or anything it was jsut his personailty, Akira always studied Ahead in every subject and he works extremely hard on his grades despite his laid back lazy ass personality and the only reason that he does is because school for him is the key to getting his life together and making a life for his sister, if he gets a good high paying job he wouldn't have to work for that man anymore and he could take care of his sister himself and when he's gon his sister will have enough money to do whatever she wants , really every action Akira makes in his life is centered around her , he cares little for his own well being and would do anything to keep her safe and he has done many things to do that, things thats he's surely going to hell for but for him that's okay along as he can see his little sister with a smile on her face thats all he needs. after a little while of selince Akira would stop and glance towards her though he still didn't say anything, she was a cute girl and her out burst eariler surprised him a bit as he didn't expect that from a girl like her but it also intrigued him a bit"What set of questions are you on, im finshed with them all except for the last five im really not sure what the answers to them are so mind helping me out a bit" he'd say with a blank expression on his face.


Akiko:   “Maybe you talk too little.” Akiko’s head was in the book, reading over the pages, worrying more about getting her own assignment done than the boy next to her. "The less you talk the more you could focus on your work and I can be out of your hair" Flipping her hair away from the right side of her face, filling out the first few sets of questions. “You were the one that came over, you didn’t have to if you didn’t want a partner, no one is forcing you.” Typing away at the answers, Akiko always enjoyed reading her history text books, always learned something new when she read it. With a vibration her cell phone indicated that she had a text message. Quickly taking a glance at it, she noticed that it was a text message from Alex. Pulling out the phone she read the message “SOS!!” Laughing quietly to herself she smiled at the message. It was obvious that Alex was not enjoying her science class. With her thumbs moving along the screen she messaged Alex back. “Suck it up girly girl, you are doing great now keep it up or I will kick your butt.” Sending the message, she placed the phone down on her bag with a smile. Alex seemed to always have a way of brightening her mood, even just a small text like that made her day. "What set of questions are you on, I’m finished with them all except for the last five I’m really not sure what the answers to them are so mind helping me out a bit" Placing her arms on the book she looked over at him with a cocked look. “Oh so you are talking to me now? Interesting Mr. Talkative.” Putting up her finger, she finished the last few questions that she had on her paper. “If you would like to open to page 125 you will find three of the answers there. Pointing to the subparagraph about the concurring of Egypt. The next two are on the next two pages. Pushing her paper forward, she explained her reasoning and where she found those answers. If he listened to her, then both of their worksheets would be finished. Submitting her worksheet to the teachers email, she turned off the tablet and pulled her book back out of her bag. “Great working with you, you have been a peach.”‏

Akira:  Akira would have done as instructed opening his book to 125 as she asked him to and began flipping through the pages of the book stopping one he got to the designated page, his eyes shifting from left to right over the wording history wasn't exactly his favorite subject in fact he didn't have a favorite anything and then he'd begin to feel in the answers as he read before responding to her"don't say it as if I was the one being an ass here your the one who pretty much just assumed that I don't do my work and slacks off or whatever, in any case thank you for the your help" he'd say while cleaning up his area and gathering his stuff into his arms, standing up and walking away but stopped when the teacher told everyone to stay in the seats they were just at till the bell rings so he'd sit back down in his seat next to her leaning back in it while placing his arms behind his head He is usually expressionless and very rarely does he get surprised or enthusiastic, and whenever he does, however, it's often at the minimum level. Though Akira is intelligent and analytic. His emotions are broken to say the least , one in particular becoming especially sensitive. Thanks to this, he can easily and quickly categorize people into two distinctive groups: hostile and non-hostile while normal people would see 3 types: hostile, neutral and friendly. They would have a hard time to know who is a friend and who is an enemy. He doesn't possess the ability to hate nor could he feel any strong emotions like fear, despair, envy, hatred, disgust, love etc... Though Wrath seems to be the exception fucking with Akira's sister or his one friend Cyan is his trigger. The only aspect of him that is norma, is the only emotion that remains and that's his love for his sister. Because of this, he tends to either spoil her too much, or be overprotective and completely ruthless when there are threats towards her safety. For him, his world revolves around his little sister and he loves her dearly. In the eyes of her friends, Akira plays favoritism with her but thats normal for any big brother-‏

Akiko:  "Don’t say it as if I was the one being an ass here you’re the one who pretty much just assumed that I don't do my work and slacks off or whatever, in any case thank you for the your help" Bringing up her pointing finger, she finally stared into the eyes of the boy next to her. “Correction, I stated a fact that if you choose to be a slacker then there were going to be consequences. I have learned not to assume when it comes to people because they can surprise you, I would not like to make an ass out of u and me.” Looking back down at her book she giggled, she loved using that saying. Her mother would say it to her father on a daily basis. The buzzing on her desk caught her attention. Looking down at her cell phone she spotted another text from Alex. “5 MINUTES LEFT!!” Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she placed the phone back down on the desk. What was she going to do with Alex? Looking over the boy had finished his work as well and was packing up; he was asked by the teacher to stay in his seat. Without picking her head up from her book she spoke out loud. “My name is Akiko, Miss.Yano is a tad too formal for me.” Akiko was almost socially awkward. Never knowing how to start up a conversation and it appeared that the both of them didn’t make the best first impressions on each other. “I’m sorry if I appeared rude, I just like getting the formalities out of the way.” Biting her lip she didn’t want to start a rant about how she use to be treated. Not like he would care in the slightest anyway. “Alright, class, 5 minutes left of class you better get those assignments in.” The gasps that echoed throughout the classroom made Akiko laugh. There appeared to be a lot of people that didn’t take this time to actually get their assignment done, these were the type of people that Akiko were use to.‏



Akira:  Akira would have heard her speaking saying that she didn't say he slacked of but was saying IF he was a slacker expect no help from her and then saying she learned not to assume anything of people cause she didn't want to make a ass out of him and herself which held just enough humor to make him smile slightly, she then started to bite her lip which in his opinion was pretty sexy but he knew she wasn't doing it to be erotic or anything well at least he assumed she wasn't trying to be she then proceeded to look at her phone and Akira would stare out the window out the window from his seat he really couldn't wait to get out of school "man this is such a drag" he'd say to himself before hearing the girl speak again saying sorry if she was rude and that she just like to get the formalities out of the way" "don't worry about it" he'd reply and soon the teacher would tell the class that there was only five minutes left he'd then turn towards the girl "Well anyway The name is Akira now what's your" he'd say not even looking at her but instead his eyes focused on what was going on outside the window.

Akiko:  Arching her eyebrow at the boy, she rolled her eyes once more, finding that she was doing that a lot lately.  “ I already introduced myself, so if you were not paying attention that that is your own loss, Akira.”  Akiko was in one of her moods, like the littlest thing was beginning to upset her.  That was the down side of the gifts that she had obtained.  She was like a landmine, perfectly fine one day but another she was blowing up.  Looking down at her cell phone she just watched as the clock tickled by, waiting patiently for the class to end.  “Alright class, if you are done with your assignments you can head out early.”  With that statement Akiko grabbed her materials and shoved them into her bag, with a swift movement the strap of the bag was around her neck and arm and she was headed towards the door.  Being the first to leave, Akiko was met in the hallways by a set of familiar green eyes.  “Hey Sexy,  I SURVIVED!”  Akiko found herself being grabbed and squeezed by Alex.  “Yes you did” Akiko said as her sides were squished together.  “OK, I don’t know about you but I am starving and so ready for lunch.”  Laughing, Akiko punched her arm.  “Yeah, let’s get going” If and when Akira would leave the classroom, Alex would peer over Akiko’s shoulder and whistle.  : I wouldn’t kick that one out of my bed.”  Alex said as she spotted the blonde tall hotty.“Alex you wouldn’t kick anyone out of your bed.”  Being curious, Akiko wanted to see who she was talking about.  Spotting Akira she laughed “Oh yeah, I was partners with him today, he is definitely your type.  A man of few words.”  Looking at the boy, Alex gave him a wink before walking off with Akiko.

Akira:  “ I already introduced myself, so if you were not paying attention that that is your own loss, Akira.” Akira would have cocked and eye brow "Eh well then that’s fine I'll just call you "It" from now on" he'd say standing up and packing up his stuff once the teacher said they go early if they had already turned in their assignments for the day, and with that Akira would walk over to his desk placing the various materials down where they belong, making sure he'd didn't damage the laptop at all before seating it on the desk and grabbing all his belonging placing them inside his bag before stretching his arms up and walk out of the class room with a few other students that got their papers in to the teacher early, once outside the classroom his eyes spotted "It" and some other blonde haired girl with green eyes she was beautiful as well but she had a different type of charm than "It", though his train of thought was briefly interrupted by the sight of a young male walking by, the two of them exchanging a glance at each other which only lasted a few seconds and he passed by Akira, and when he looked back towards the blonde haired girl she was winking at him and a small but devious grin would appear on his face as he turned and walked the other direction placing both of his hands in his pockets.