Yeeee-HA! BABY! You ready to take your Twin Revolvers and do some bounty hunting? Or are you up for setting up a pose and taking over town after town then Sun Set Valley is for you! Welcome to hell ! The CowBoys are a very diverse group of men, who takes b disobedience to a more so extreme measure. Cowboys are more worrying about ridding into the sunset, taking the girl and the gold than worrying about self respect. They are also technologically advance, in every way, like the Pirates but they don't sport tradition clothing like the Pirates, Cowboys depending on their race usally wears ponchos and Sombrero. The Cowboys, fight for money and honor. They hate the government, They've also hold a very long rivalry with the Pirates


known as Metro city, one of the most advanced cities within Japan itself the industrial lifestyle this city had caused people to leave their small farms and move into Metro city. This was because this new was of living there was no use for farming or corping the machines could make the natural goods faster than any farmer. This advanced world produced life saving technology that changed Japan as a whole but that was all gone once the flood attacked, destroying what was once a heaven for all was now an empty wasteland filled with the tears of regret. This caused people to become more nomadic due to them not having a surplus of food this was until people who lived in Metro city found out that the flood had caused their soil to become rich which gave them the choice to farm and become more settled again, Building a civilization once again, buildings began to be build but not advanced as it once was the people of Metro city felt the flood was a sign from their gods to be more with the earth so they listened.

Jack -Randell-TessaigaEdit

Jack "Randell" Tessaiga is one of the most legendary Cowboys of the 21rst century. He can be quite a gentleman, as he acts considerably polite towards women. Tessaiga was a very rich and powerful man but when people behind the forests wanted to turn Metro back into an industrial city, Jack being very religious believed Metro city deserved to stay a simple town creating his own army of Cowboys he fought off the soldiers and kept peace in the vallley, but with every great win comes a price to fully keep the town Simple Jack was put to death. Before Jack was killed he told everyone who watched him that he left everything he owned in the center Sea and from then Cowboys and even Pirates has set sail to the grand line searching for his gold.