Welcome to the Etherion Denfese Force; Japanese Division. The E.D.F  is an organization which was specifically created as to use Exceeds and Advanced Insigns as weapons of war, training their potential and ability to be able to carry out full combat missions, recon missions, and in all  forms of espionage and infiltration ability. Founded to combat technologically advanced threats/Bio/Viral Terrorist threats on world security E.D.F has, throughout the years, remained on the front lines fighting terrorism and E-Syndrome related menaces as an international intelligence and combat agency. The faction obtained it's start during a the long yearly period before the great flood hit not only japan but the rest of the world already falling at this time. As such each remain country that had the ability to still be considered a world power, would gather up Exceeds and train them, hording them like nukes, similar to the state of the world during the "Cold War'. Every nation had nukes, but no one would unleash them upon the other for fear of everyone releasing their weapons at once. Unlike nuclear missiles which sit in silo's unuessed however, E.D.F Personal's continue to train day in and day out, carrying out Exceed and E-Syndrome related viruses.

This is the Japanese Navy Division, E.D.F.N is the Naval Warfare service branch of the Etherion Defense force. The Navy’s primary role is to ensure that the seas are free, and that Japan is able to make use of the seas, when and where it is required, by national interests. To add to that, the Navy will also supplement the Air Force power, when the need arises during conflicting times. Navy ships are used to launch an attack on a land target from miles away, using very heavy guns and cruise missiles. Stealth attacks on enemy targets can also be carried out using the Navy submarines. Another primary function of the Navy is to transport Marines to the place of conflict. The Naval reserves will provide assistance to the Navy when it is required. During the great flood the Navy helped it's country in the greatest time of need.