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Jeremy In His weighted Trainning Uniform

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Jeremy Evans

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Je-Remy Ev-ans

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The Blue Haired Demon

The Blue Lighting Beast

Appearance Edit

Messy Dark Blue Hair

Eye Color: Blue


Weight:179 lbs

Build: Muscular

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Zodiac Edit

Leo zodiac ephemeris project by relotixke-d5omeng

King Me Bitch

Kind and big-hearted:The Lions are always admired for their kindness and helpful nature. Big-hearted that they are, the Leo graciously shower Love and affection on people. Energetic:Since they are ruled by Sun, the source of infinite energy, the Leo are energetic individuals, and spread the Positive Vibes around. 

Optimistic:Ones to see the glass half-full, the Leo don’t get easily disheartened by disappointments and setbacks. They will always try to come on tops. 

Straightforward:People born under the Zodiac Sign Leo are quite frank about what they want to say. Mincing words is not their thing. 

Loyal:While they demand loyalty from the people associated with them, the Leo themselves are also loyal and trustworthy individuals.

Negative Traits 

Headstrong:The Leo are opinionated and headstrong, and it takes a lot of convincing to make them change their stance. 

Egoistic:They have a huge and fragile ego, which often gets hurt over trivial matters. Their ego sometimes become a hurdle in their path to success. 

Possessive:Since they hold everything that is theirs very closely, they tend to become possessive and prone to jealousy. They are giving, but sharing doesn’t come easily to them. 

Dominating:The Leo want to be in control of situations and expect people to follow them. Their dominating nature may not go down well with everyone.

Impatient:They want to get thing done and over with as soon as possible. But their impatience leads them to unnecessary anxiety and even failures and disappointments. 

Arrogant:They tend to become so self-centered at times that they would become harsh and say things without considering the fact that they would hurt someone.

Personal Characteristics Edit

Birth Date: July 23 

Birth Place:

Reputation: Love-able Jackass

Fighting Style Edit

Special attack:

Signature attack:

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When he Sings:

The Chris Brown Medley by SoMo

The Chris Brown Medley by SoMo

Jeremy's Voice when he sings

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SmackTalk! Edit

Prefight: Lets see how long you last  

Post fight: Oii you dead Already?